3 Easy Hacks To Transfer Data From An IOS Device

Freeing up some storage is very important and a necessity if you are upgrading to a new iOS and you must be demanding a secure method of data transfer especially if you are very conscious and protective about the data in your mobile.

Some extra space in your mobile can also make the up-gradation process smooth. It is generally asked by many Apple mobile users that how can they transfer their data from iOS to desktop. Previously, people used …

What is a blog – Comparison Free Blog vs Paid Blog

When I had started my blogging journey most of my friends asked me that, can we really start a free blog? I simply replied yes. Then they asked me why you are spending money on your blog if you can start it for free.


I think this question is also in your mind, right huh?


So in this post, I will tell you how to start a blog for free and what are the advantage of the self-hosted …


How to mirror android Screen to PC -Step by Step Guide

Want to play android games on the big screen or want to mirror the android screen to PC. If yes then you are reading the right thing. So how you mirror android screen to PC, the answer is monect.

Monect is a very good app available in google app store to mirror android screen to PC. There are lots of other features of Monect which are very helpful. But in the latest update, the mirror feature is introduced which I …

How to Share Files Wirelessly Between Two or More Laptops

Let me ask you a question how you share files between android phone. The answer is simple by using WiFi or through apps like Shareit, Xener etc.

But one second how you share files between two laptops or PC’s, most of the people do it by using LAN cable, harddrive and pendrive.  But the old days are gone now the world is following wireless technology so why we can’t.

So you want to know how to share between two laptops …


Top 5 Google Adsense Alternative in 2017 you must try.

Google Adsense is very strict of their TOS and can ban your account without prior notice even if you break a single rule. Most of the bloggers quit blogging because they don’t get Adsense approval.

If you are one of those who doesn’t get approval or banned for some reason from Adsense no worries, there are many google adsense alternatives you can work with. There are many advantages to working with different ad networks, some of them are