10+ Best Kannada News Channels

Are you looking for the Best Kannada News Channels? Then you have to the right place! In this post, I have come up with the latest and best Kannada News Youtube Channels that will keep you updated every time. There are plenty of YouTube news channels available today that share the latest headlines from business, finance, technology, politics, etc.

So, if you want to hear all the important updates from Karnataka first then check out my YouTube channel list!

I have researched and added all the best news channels on YouTube for you so that you do not have to keep finding them. So, let’s see the top 10+ Kannada News YouTube Channels! Let’s begin!


Advantages of Watching Kannada News YouTube Channels

So, before I start to list all the channels, let me quickly share the benefits of watching Kannada news communities on YouTube.

  • Get the latest local news in Kannada
  • Watch national and international news reports from reliable resources
  • Receive important new notifications related to exams, jobs, business, sports, technology, weather, etc
  • Read informational articles on the recent headlines
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest Kannada news such as election results

Now, let’s move on with our channel list!

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Best Kannada News Channels

Best Kannada Youtube ChannelsLink
Tv9 KannadaLink
NewsFirst KannadaLink
Asianet Suvarna NewsLink
TV5 KannadaLink
YOYO Kannada NewsLink
News18 KannadaLink
Public TVLink
Tech in KannadaLink

Best Kannada News Youtube Channels

1. Tv9 Kannada

About: Tv9 Kannada is a regional channel on YouTube where you will get the latest updates and news. They actively share daily headlines and top bulletins that are currently trending in India. You will get relevant news from business, finance, politics, etc. All of their videos are available in the Kannada language so it is best to watch this community for getting local news.


  • More than 9.44 million subscribers
  • Get quick news bits and headlines from Karnataka
  • Live news bulletins are available

Watch Channel: Link

2. NewsFirst Kannada

About: NewsFirst Kannada is another Kannada news channel that actively covers regional and national headlines. This channel has approximately 2.78 million subscribers as of writing and is quite popular. From daily news bits to big reports, you will find all important national broadcasts in Kannada. You can even watch their channel live to get real-time updates.


  • Get the latest regional news in Kannada
  • All local news updates are shared
  • Watch their live session for real-time news

Watch Channel: Link

3. Asianet Suvarna News

About: This is one of the biggest Kannada news channels in Karanata and they have an official YouTube community with 3.77 million subscribers. They cover the latest political, regional, national, and entertainment news. To get a quick brief, you can watch their breaking news segment and stay updated always.


  • Get national and regional news
  • Political, local, and entertainment sections are covered
  • Best to know breaking news bits

Watch Channel: Link

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4. TV5 Kannada 

About: This channel mainly gives regional news of Karnataka and provides the latest updates. With 2.04 million subscribers on YouTube, they actively share big headlines coming from Karnakata. Whether it is election season or general news, you will find all relevant updates from here. However, there is less international or global news coverage.


  • Know the latest news coming from Karnataka
  • General and political headlines shared
  • Less international news posted

Watch Channel: Link

5. YOYO Kannada News

About: This is also a well-known channel on YouTube where you can watch the latest headlines of Karnataka state. They constantly upload breaking news, important bulletins, weather updates, etc. It is a free platform so you can easily get live news or watch content from your phone or laptop. Apart from that, there are some useful health tips provided that you can check.


  • Popular news channel with 732k subscribers
  • Watch the latest news of sports, politics, weather, entertainment, etc
  • Useful health advice videos posted

Watch Channel: Link


6. News18 Kannada

About: News18 is a famous news broadcasting group and they have a regional news channel in Kannada. You can access this channel on YouTube which has about 2.21 million subscribers and has uploaded more than 105k videos. Their community posts live news segments that cover politics, sports, entertainment, crime, etc.


  • Hear the latest and live news
  • Sports, crime, politics, and important regional headlines covered
  • Free to access and watch breaking news segment

Watch Channel: Link

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7. Public TV 

About: Public TV is an established Kannada news channel formed back on 12th February 2012. This channel aims to provide real news and claims to showcase true journalism. So, if you want to get more informational insights about a headline, you can watch this community on YouTube. Plus, they also cover crucial breaking news and brief news bulletins.


  • A reliable news channel in Karnataka
  • Aims to provide real news headlines without bias
  • Best to know in-depth bulletins

Watch Channel: Link

8. Tech in Kannada

About: If you want to hear the latest from the tech world then you can watch Tech in Kannada. It is a big community on YouTube with around 844k subscribers and has posted more than 1.7k videos. This channel is handled by Sandeep Gowda who is an active vlogger and loves to share his reviews on technology. His videos are very engaging and help you choose a suitable smartphone, laptop, or gadget.


  • Get the latest tech reviews and industry news
  • Insightful reviews and vlogs on tech gadgets
  • Best to know product specifications

Watch Channel: Link

9. KANNADA TECH – ಕನ್ನಡ ಟೆಕ್ 

About: Kannada Tech is another Kannada news channel that is dedicated to providing the latest technology reviews. There is a wide range of unboxing videos, phone or gadget reviews, and tips shared. Moreover, the admins also give free online courses on several tech-related topics such as making a website. Overall, it is an educational and active community on YouTube.


  • A wide range of tech product reviews
  • Receive helpful tech tips
  • Free online courses are available

Watch Channel: Link


About: Classic Education is a channel that mainly shares daily current affairs. So, if you are a student that is preparing for any upcoming exams such as UPSC then this community will be very helpful for you. They post key news from ” The Hindu Newspaper” which is a reliable medium to get complete current affairs. Plus, there are many news analysis videos also posted here.


  • Daily current affairs posted
  • All news shared by “The Hindu” newspaper
  • News analysis was also posted

Watch Channel: Link

11. KAS Guruji

About: KAS Guruji is another Kannada news channel on YouTube which focuses on giving the latest current affairs. They even share relevant study materials for IAS, KPSC, KAS, PSI, FDA, and PC examinations. So, if you want to quickly see the latest current affairs or updates in Kannada then watching this community will be suitable for you. However, they only cover important headlines from the exam’s perspective.


  • Check the latest current affairs every day
  • Solve relevant questions on current affairs
  • Best for IAS, KPSC, KAS, PSI, FDA, and PC exam aspirants

Watch Channel: Link


Altogether, these were some of the best Kannada news YouTube channels. With these communities, you will always stay up-to-date with the latest headline. Also, the majority of the news channels are reliable so you will authentic information regarding various events. Moreover, if you want to get daily current affairs, you can watch their quick bulletin stories.

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Which is the most popular news channel in India?

Public Tv is one of the most popular Indian news channels that share important headlines in Kannada. They have been broadcasting the latest bulletins since February 12th, 2012, and claim to provide reliable news and journalism.

Which news channel is best for UPSC?

If you want to get daily current affairs from “The Hindu Newspaper” then you can watch Classic Education. They share newspaper analysis along with the latest current affairs in Kannada.

Which is the best news media in India?

Generally, TV9 Kannada is seen as one of the best media in India for the Kannada language. Also, channels like Public TV are known for sharing true journalist and unbiased news bulletins in Kannada.

Is the Hindu newspaper enough for UPSC?

Although there are many Indian news publications that print newspapers but not all are suitable for preparing for the civil service exams. Generally, IAS students prefer reading “The Hindu Newspaper” or “The Indian Express”.

Where can I follow current affairs?

One of the best resources to get daily current affairs is by watching YouTube channels. Classics education is a helpful community on YouTube that provides the best current affairs and newspaper analysis in Kannada.

How to crack current affairs?

If you want to ace in the current affairs section of an exam then you should be aware of all the latest news. You can do so by watching YouTube channels, reading newspapers or magazines, or articles on the internet.

How to prepare for current affairs without a newspaper?

To prepare for current affairs without the help of newspapers, it would be best to watch YouTube channels such as KAS Guruji that share vital current affairs in Kannada every day.

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