Top 10 Best Kannada Youtube Channels

Are you finding the Best Kannada Youtube Channels? Then you are landed on the right page. In this blog, you will find various Kannada Youtube channels that will help you in your day-to-day life. After the Covid-19 pandemic, digital creators around the world gained massive popularity. Kannada YouTubers were one of them!

So, if you want to know the latest Kannada YouTubers that you can watch, keep on reading! You will find many rising creators who post daily vlogs, educational content, or entertaining videos to keep their audience engaged.

From tech reviews to travel vlogs and tasty recipes, there is a wide range of YouTube channels in the Kannada language. This is why, I have made a list of all of them so you can easily explore them.

Today, we will see the top 10 Best Kannada YouTube Channels! Let’s begin!


Benefits of Watching YouTube Channels

Before I start with my list, let’s quickly see some advantages of watching YouTube channels. They are as follows:

  1. Entertainment: YouTube has a wide collection of content that you can watch and enjoy.
  2. Learning: YouTube is an amazing resource for learning new skills, getting knowledge about a certain subject, or watching free courses. You may find channels on everything from fitness and food to technology, etc.
  3. Inspiration: You can be motivated and inspired to follow your own objectives by watching one of the many YouTube channels that provide encouraging stories and their struggles. It is also a good medium to get free tips on how you can improve yourself.
  4. Community: There are many regional YouTube channels that can help you connect with a community with similar interests.
  5. Accessibility: The best feature about YouTube is that it is completely free to use and is available 24/7. So, you can watch your favorite channels anytime and anywhere.

Now, let’s move on with our Kannada YouTube channel list!

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Best Kannada Youtube Channels

Best Kannada Youtube ChannelsLink
Dr. Bro Link
Tech In KannadaLink
Vlog in Kannada Link
Unbox KarnatakaLink
Rekha AdugeLink
Flying passportLink
Needs Of Public Link
Satish EregowdaLink
Sudeesh KottikkalLink
The Geek IndiaLink

Best Kannada Youtube Channels List

1. Dr. Bro 

About: Dr. Bro is now one of the biggest Kannada YouTube channels with more than 1.54 million subscribers. It is handled by a 22-year-old vlogger who travels around the world and shares his experience. All of his videos are quite fun and engaging as he has a unique style of vlogging and thus, this community is growing in popularity as well.


  • Watch cool travel vlogs in Kannada
  • Full information about the location shared
  • Get fresh content

Watch Channel: Link

2. Tech In Kannada

About: As the name suggests, this YouTube community deals with the field of technology. This channel is managed by Sandeep Gowda who actively reviews various devices and shares his opinion. So, if you want to know about the features of the latest smartphone, you can subscribe to this channel. He also has a massive subscriber count of 837k which shows his popularity.


  • Aims to give honest tech reviews
  • Check out the latest gadgets and their specifications
  • Best to see smartphone reviews

Watch Channel: Link

3. Vlog in Kannada 

About: Vlog in Kannada is another fun YouTube channel made by Sandeep Gowda. He usually uploads travel vlogs, unboxing technology, reviews, etc. This community also has a good subscriber following of 123k and has about 127 videos. So, if you want to see another cool side of the tech vlogger then you can watch his videos.


  • Travel and life vlogging
  • Get unboxing and humorous content
  • Watch Sandeep Gowda’s new side

Watch Channel: Link

4. Unbox Karnataka

About: Unbox Karnataka is a food vlogging channel on YouTube that is handled by two best friends Vikram and Harsha. They generally explore the most popular and unique places in Karnataka where you will get authentic food. All of their videos are super enjoyable to watch as they show their love for good cuisine. Plus, they even try various kinds of dishes to entertain the audience.


  • Food vlogging channel
  • Discover amazing eating outlets in Karnataka
  • Watch interesting dish reviews and challenges

Watch Channel: Link

5. Rekha Aduge

About: If you want to get some lip-smacking recipes in Kannada then you must subscribe to Rekha Aduge. This channel has a whopping 2.29 million subscribers and over 1.3k videos. In short, there are many creative and yummy cuisines that you can try out. You will get some amazing recipes for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.


  • A wide range of cuisines recipes shared
  • Non-veg and Veg dish preparations are available
  • More than 1.3k videos posted

Watch Channel: Link

6. Flying passport

About: Flying Passport is another travel community on YouTube that is managed by a couple named Asha and Kiran. Their channel has more than 278k subscribers and has posted 258 videos. Until now, they have traveled to 5 continents and also covered around 76 countries! This is a truly dedicated international traveling Kannada channel where you will get to watch adventurous and inspirational journeys.


  • Watch an Indian couple travel to international locations
  • Focuses on experience
  • Visited more than 76 countries worldwide

Watch Channel: Link


7. Needs Of Public 

About: This is yet another tech YouTube channel that talks about recent news, digital gadgets, smartphone reviews, etc. It is a famous community with a big following of 1.13 million subscribers! He provides great insights about a product and even gives useful tech-related tips. Overall, it’s a beneficial channel for tech lovers.


  • All digital product reviews including smartphones posted
  • Learn about the latest trends and news in the tech world

Watch Channel: Link

8. The Geek India

About: The Geek India is an emerging channel on YouTube that is becoming famous. Akaash is a cool motorbiker who loves to travel and explore the world. He tries to vlog his journey and shares great insights about bikes so if you also have an interest in this vehicle, you can subscribe to this community. There are even some funny content, challenges, and unboxing videos that you can watch.


  • Watch Himalayan biker Akaash explore Karnataka
  • Check bike riding vlogs
  • Lots of fun content and challenges shared by Akaash

Watch Channel: Link

9. Satish Eregowda

About: Satish Eregowda is a fastly growing channel that shares different types of vlogs. He is an active traveler and often shares videos about his car and bike. Apart from that, he even documents his entire journey along with food vlogging which is funny and entertaining.


  • Active travel enthusiast and vlogger
  • See fun videos on Satish meeting new people, trying different foods, and exploring.
  • Get funny content on his car and bike

Watch Channel: Link

10. Sudeesh Kottikkal

About: Sudeesh Kottikal is an interesting community on YouTube where you will get to some rare and beautiful spots in Karnataka. The admin of this channel is a travel enthusiast and loves to discover less-popular places and local food. He also enjoys trekking, ancient architecture, nature, and bike riding. If you want to get detailed information about a place then you watch his videos.


  • Check out the unseen/less popular parts of Karnataka
  • Get information about a location in detail in his series
  • Best to see travel reviews or experience

Watch Channel: Link

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Altogether, these were some of the best Kannada YouTubers that I found! All of them are diligent and fun content creators who are adored by their audience. So, you can watch or subscribe to them if you like their videos. To know their best aspects, you can simply read the features which highlight the key parts of that particular channel. I hope liked my list, if you want to add any more artists, let me know in the comment section.


What are some of the best Kannada YouTube channels to follow?

The most well-known Kannada YouTube channels are as follows:
1. Dr. Bro 
2. Tech In Kannada
3. Unbox Karnataka
4. The Geek India
All of these communities have lakhs of subscribers and are loved by many people.

Which is the most subscribed Kannada YouTube channel? 

Rekha Aduge is one of the most subscribed Kannada YouTubers who has more than 2.29 million subscribers. She shares some tasty and delicious cooking recipes of various cuisines.

Who is the No 1 YouTuber Karnataka?

Dr. Bro is becoming one of the most famous Kannada channels with around 1.54 million subscribers. It is an active community that shares terrific international travel vlogs in a unique manner.

Which is the most popular Kannada channel?

If we look at tech YouTubers then Sandeep Gowda is certainly a well-known content creator with 837k subscribers. He also has a personal channel where he posts travel and other fun vlogs to keep his audience engaged.

What are some underrated YouTube channels in Kannada?

Sudeesh Kottikal tries to find unpopular places or locations in Karnataka and shares them with his audience. His travel vlogs are creative but are underrated so you can check out his channel on YouTube to know more.

Who is YouTuber in Karnataka?

A YouTuber in Karnataka is a content creator that shares online videos or vlogs on various things. For example, Satish Eregowda posts about his bike riding vlogs where he travels across Karnataka.

Is it free to watch on YouTube?

Yes! YouTube is an absolutely free platform that you can use to watch online videos in any language. There are lakhs of content available which is available for free and you can also subscribe to them to see more from that YouTuber.

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