20+ Best Study Telegram Group Link [FREE PDF NOTES STUDY MATERIAL]

Have you been searching for the Best Study Telegram Group Link? Then you have clicked on the right post! Today, I will provide you with several Telegram group links that will help you to get free study resources.

Generally, it isn’t easy to find a suitable Telegram channel since not all of them give proper notes or textbooks.

Also, some get banned since they share copyrighted materials. Hence, I personally researched a lot and finally made a list of 20+ Study Telegram Group Link

So without further ado, let’s begin the list of Best Study Telegram Group Link!

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Best Study Telegram Group Link

Study Questions GK Quiz UPSC
Channel Size – Big
Study-Telegram-Group-LinkAbout: This is one of the biggest Telegram channels for UPSC aspirants. It is a subject-specific group that provides relevant General Knowledge quiz questions. So, if you want to practice solving MCQs in Hindi, this is a suitable group. A plus point of this channel is that you daily get GK quizzes that will help you develop logical reasoning skills.

Study for Civil Services
Channel Size – Big
Study-Telegram-Group-LinkAbout: This is another Telegram channel dedicated to UPSC candidates and has around 2.9 lakh, active subscribers. You will get a good range of free study resources such as notes in Hindi and English, past papers, and exam updates. Also, if you are looking for helpful video lectures, you will find plenty of them here.

Education and Jobs
Channel Size – Medium
Study-Telegram-Group-LinkAbout: This group benefits you if you are a fresher graduate looking for a suitable job opportunity. They share many job openings from various sectors by India’s top companies. You will get the best off-campus job alerts from this channel. The best part of this group is that the openings are entry-level and perfect for fresher candidates.

Why should you join a Study Group?

Before I share the channels’ links and their descriptions, let me quickly brief you about a few reasons why you must join a study Telegram group.

  1. Get free resources: You will get plenty of premium quality notes and textbook pdfs that students can use for reference.
  2. Get exam updates: Aspirants that have applied for competitive exams will receive timely exam alerts that are authentic. 
  3. Learn new skills: Telegram is a great learning platform; you can ask questions or suggestions in a discussion group. This will help you develop better communication skills.
  4. Practice: One of the key things in studying is to practice; however, you will require several sets of questions. In telegram groups, you can participate in quizzes and see how you perform.
  5. Receive job opportunities: Another useful advantage of telegram groups is getting relevant job opening alerts from India’s leading private companies and government positions.

Telegram Group Link for Study

Static GK ™
Channel Size – Big
Telegram-Group-Link-for-StudyAbout: This channel provides several General Knowledge questions if you are appearing for UPSC, banking, or railway exams. As you know, GK is often a tricky section in the paper, and mastering is quite important. Hence for practice purposes, you can join this group. All the content shared here is in Hindi only.

Study GK plan
Channel Size – Big
Telegram-Group-Link-for-StudyAbout: This is another helpful Study Telegram Group Link for learning General Knowledge and practicing solving MCQs. If you are interested in participating in quizzes and mock tests, this is an ideal group for you. They share questions for various subjects in which subscribers are allowed to participate.

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Telegram Study Group in Hindi

UPSC/BPSC/दरोगा/B.P/SSC/GD/&/Railway Study Group Study
Channel Size – Big
Telegram-Group-Link-for-StudyAbout: This is a quite helpful Telegram channel for aspirants planning to appear for competitive exams. You will get a selected time slot to participate in a quiz. If you want to practice solving MCQ questions daily, this is one of the best groups to join.

Study IQ Telegram Group Link

Study IQ Education
Channel Size – Big
Study-IQ-Telegram-Group-LinkAbout: This Telegram channel has more than 3.6 lakh subscribers and provides valuable study resources for UPSC candidates. You will get several video lectures, notes, and free live classes. All these resources will help aspirants get a better understanding of solving questions. You can find this Study Telegram Group Link from Join Now Button.

Study Govt Exam
Channel Size – Big
Study-Telegram-Channel-LinkAbout: This is a popular exam update Best Study Telegram Group that provides alerts for aspirants. If you are looking for a group that shares the latest government exam notifications in Hindi, then it is a reliable group to join. You do not need to constantly search for news as this channel will give you all the relevant details.

Channel Size – Medium
Study-Telegram-Channel-LinkAbout: This is another well-known Study Telegram Group for AIIMS PG aspirants, with more than 40,000 subscribers. They provide textbook pdfs, news articles, quiz questions, video lectures, and much more. Overall, there are several study resources here. Also, since it is a discussion group, users can share their doubts and notes. However, you cannot post irrelevant messages or external links as the admin will remove them.

Study Telegram Channel Link

Angular Developers
Channel Size – Medium
Study-Telegram-Channel-LinkAbout: This is one of the best and growing Study Telegram Group for Angular developers, with around 25k subscribers. It is a discussion group where users can ask their queries and learn how to develop better skills. However, you are strictly allowed to discuss Angular development only and not go off-topic, so overall, it’s a beneficial group.

Channel Size – Small
Study-Telegram-Channel-LinkAbout: This Study Telegram Group is worth joining if you are just looking for PDFs and notes for UPSC. You will get various notes on current affairs, general knowledge, and past paper with solutions. They also provide key resources from The Hindu newspaper.

Best Telegram Channels for Study

Ask Me
Channel Size – Big
Best-Telegram-Channels-for-StudyAbout: This is a famous telegram channel dedicated to sharing valuable general knowledge information. This group is quite useful if you want daily brief common facts about science, history, politics, nature, space, and technology. They share a wide range of topics and talk about them in-depth. The best part is they cover the latest discoveries and basic points.

eBooks – Self Help | Educational Books
Channel Size – Medium
Best-Telegram-Channels-for-StudyAbout: If you are a book lover, this Study Telegram Group is a gem for you. This group provides free ebooks that revolve around self-improvement and motivation. Even so, you will find a good range of genre books here, along with their rating and release dates. A plus point is they share a few audiobooks too.

Channel Size – Medium
Best-Telegram-Channels-for-StudyAbout: This is a specific telegram discussion group for CA students only. You will get free study resources and guidance from other users. However, this channel is not strict, so sometimes subscribers go off-topic. If you want to get study materials, You can simply ask for them here.

Students club
Channel Size – Small
Best-Telegram-Channels-for-StudyAbout: This is a small Study Telegram Group that provides daily general knowledge MCQs. You will get numerous questions from here that will help you in practice. All the content given here is in Hindi only.

Students Telegram Group Link

Education Key86
Channel Size – Small
Students-Telegram-Group-LinkAbout: This is a regional telegram channel for students from Bihar, but even other aspirants can join. You will get many live classes and video lectures from which you can learn. Also, you get the latest exam updates.

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TradingLab – FREE Intraday Trading Education
Channel Size – Small
Students-Telegram-Group-LinkAbout: If you want to learn stock market trading, this Study Telegram Group is helpful for you. Although it is a small group, they share lots of valuable content for beginners. You will learn about various chart analyses, price movement, buying/selling indicators, etc.

Educate To India Group
Channel Size – Small
Students-Telegram-Group-LinkAbout: This is a helpful Study Telegram channel for MPSC aspirants. You will get many free video lectures and resources. This group covers several subjects of the paper and sends notes in Marathi. If you are struggling with maths, this channel will help you ace it.

Disclaimer: This post is just for educational purposes. We are strictly against piracy. We are not connected with the channels mentioned in the post. Please browse and join the above channel on your own responsibility.


Overall, these were some of the best Study Telegram Group links that I found. You can tap the join now button, it will directly redirect you to the telegram group page. All these study channels are quite helpful for students, especially those appearing for competitive entrance exams. You will get proper motivation, free study resources, tips, and career guidance. So, let me know down in the comments which group you like the most.


How can I find a study group on Telegram?

If you want to find a study group, simply type the channel name on the search page. The results will show all the relevant Telegram groups.

Is Telegram used for the study?

Yes, Telegram is a suitable platform to study, get resources, and receive exam tips and guidance.

Can we study through Telegram?

Yes, Telegram has a video call option from which live teaching classes can be conducted. Also, it is a great platform to share relevant study materials.

Why Telegram is best for students?

Telegram is a user-friendly platform for students, they can easily download resources, get exam updates, participate in quizzes and receive helpful guidance from experts.

How Can I Find the Best Study Telegram Group Link?

You have to find which Study Telegram Group is Beneficial for you from the above groups. Then Click on Join Now Botton you will get the Study Telegram Group Link.

Can we have online classes on Telegram?

Yes, teachers can conduct online classes on Telegram smoothly.

Is the Telegram group safe to join?

Yes, all Telegram groups are safe to join but it is advisable to be a subscriber of a strict channel that does not allow users to spam.

How can I learn English from Telegram?

If you want to learn English then join Telegram groups that provide free video lectures, resources, and textbooks from which you can take references. Also, participating in quizzes will be helpful for you.

Is Telegram mobile app expensive to use?

Not at all, Telegram is a free mobile app and anyone can use it without paying. All you have to do is create an account on their platform and voila!

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