How to make a Bot on Telegram in just a FEW MINUTES with this step-by-step guide!

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Today, I will be sharing how you can make a telegram bot within minutes. However, for those new to this concept or platform, let me brief you quickly.

Telegram is a messaging app with over 200 million active users. It’s popular for its low-cost, fast, and secure messaging platform.

Telegram Bots are a powerful way to automate your work and make your life easier. A Telegram Bot is a program in that you can create to-do lists or complete specific tasks for you.

You need a few things before you start creating your Telegram Bot. 

First, you need a telegram account and an understanding of how to use the messaging app. 

Once these things are set up, you can begin creating your bot for your channel and assign it tasks.

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What is Telegram?

First of all, Telegram is a messaging app with a large user base. It’s available on most platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and desktop browsers.

It is a very popular cloud-based app because it’s fast, secure, and easy to use. You can send and receive messages, photos, and videos with just a few clicks!

To use Telegram, you need to create an account. Once you have registered, you can sign in with your username and password.

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What is a bot?

Telegram bots are programs you can create on Telegram and send to other users. They can do things like play music, provide weather updates, or send you reminders about your upcoming appointments.

You can also create bots that work with other services, like Shopify or Slack.

When we talk about Telegram group bots, they assist in managing the content being shared in your channel. Another useful application is to keep group chats engaging for users and helps you interact with a community.

For instance, if you do not allow people to send external links to your group for promotions, a bot can help you instantly remove those spam links.

How it does work with Telegram?

Contextually, Telegram bots can be compared to speech-to-text bots. Speech-to-text bots are used to convert verbal inputs into text. They can be used to convert Telegram messages into other types of outputs, such as text or images.

You can also use them to automate a variety of tasks. For example, a bot can send notifications to a group of people or welcome newly joined subscribers. Some bots provide a way for people to communicate with each other.

How to make a Bot on Telegram with Bot Father Step-by-Step with Images?

I have shown detailed steps and images to help you make your bot. Since many of you will be mobile users, I thought phone screenshots would be best. So, let’s begin.

Step 1: Make a telegram account and connect with the Botfather

The first step is downloading the telegram app on your desktop or mobile phone and registering as a new user. After doing so, log into your account and find the Botfather.

You will see a cool Botfather icon (reference from Godfather); simply click on there to start making your bot.


Next, you will need to type /start to get the list of command actions for the telegram bot, as shown in the picture below.



So, many options help you manage your bot; however, we are interested in creating one today, so type /newbot. 

Step 2: Name the bot

The next step is quite simple. You will be asked to name your new bot and give it a username by the Botfather.

I advise you to keep a catchy or common name that your subscribers can see. Also, for the username, the approach is slightly different. A standard format says you need to put the word “bot” at the suffix (end) of the username.

To simplify things, I have given a name and username example for you to understand.


Name: Jack

Username: Jacktelegram_bot

After finishing these steps, you will be given a token. In short, it is how you can control your bot, so ensure it is safe and does not share with anyone else.

If you do so, it will give others the ability to control your bot, which you should avoid.

Step 3: Integrate your bot with FlowXo

Now that our bot is all set and ready for action, you will need to integrate it with FlowXo. It is basically a platform that allows users to make code-free online bots quickly.


So, you will need to open a new account with FlowXo; while doing so, select telegram.


After this, there will be a dialogue box, as shown in the image. It will ask you to fill in the details of your bot, such as name, username, and token. You can simply copy-paste them here. See the images for reference.


Step 4: Test the bot

Lastly, you will be shown a test and distribute window. This means your Telegram is all set and ready to be used! Remember to save it.


Now, you can add flows to your bot that automatically respond to messages. You can easily set the conditions by which the bot will be triggered to perform the said task or reply.

A setting also allows you to customize your bot’s appearance. Honestly, it is a great way to keep your bot in sync with your brand/project/company. It also helps people identify its role.

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How to add bot in Telegram Group?

Now that you have your all set and ready let’s quickly see the steps to add a bot in a telegram group. The process is overall quite simple. I will add the bot that we created earlier to make things easy for you to understand.

So, without further ado let’s add a bot together!

Step 1: Open Telegram


The first thing you will need to do is simply open the telegram group as shown.

Step 2: Go to contacts 

Next, on the left side corner, you will find the contacts icon. Click there and it will open a window as shown below.

Then go to the search bar and type the bot’s username to find it.


Step 3: Select the bot 

Once you have found the bot you would like to add, click on it’s name.


Then select the bot’s profile picture, you will see the last option as add to Group or channel.


Click the third option and choose the group you want to add the bot. Voila! It’s done.


If you are looking to use Telegram to brand yourself or network, having a bot comes in handy. It is a simple way to interact with people and monitor the activities in your telegram channel. Also, it helps regulate users and maintain a standard set of rules you give. So, a bot makes things easier and even completes tasks for you. The best part is you need to be a coding expert to create or manage a bot! It is certainly worth a try. Let me know in the comments if you have made a bot and how it worked out for you.


Are Telegram Bots free?

Yes., the bot API is free to use and add in groups. You can even create your own Bot on Telegram to perform tasks accordingly. 

How does Telegram Bot work?

Telegram bots work seamlessly for users. You can add them to the group where they will monitor the channel, or users can chat with them to solve their queries. The best part of these bots is you do not need to be a coding expert. 

How many Telegram bots can I create?

Telegram has a set limit of 20 bots per account, so that is the maximum number of bots that you can make. 

How to make a Bot on Telegram with BotFather?

I hope from the above given post, you got an idea about how to make a bot on telegram with Bot Father.

How to make a Bot on Telegram with Python?

From this tutorial you will get an idea about how to make a Bot on Telegram with Python.

Which Bot is best for Telegram group?

One of the popular bots used in Telegram is Dr Web. It helps to protect the channel and its users by removing malicious links or messages. Also, they can all files sent in the chats to ensure it has no virus in them. For an admin, it is a must-have bot to keep your group free of cyber-attacks or unknown files. 

Is Bot in Telegram safe?

Telegram bots cannot read messages since they are encrypted, so they are generally seen as safe, but some research has shown some bots can access or command malicious Android applications. Also, it is best to keep the token safe, or it can be misused. 

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