Are you looking to join some beneficial telegram groups? Then you have come to the right place!

In today’s blog post, I will be sharing 1111+ Best Telegram Group links and how you can share them with your friends. Whether you are looking for fresher jobs, news, or jokes, you will get all of them for free on telegram channels.

The best part is all the content given can be downloaded easily! However, if you are still new to this platform, let me brief you about it quickly before sharing the group links. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

What is a Telegram group?

As I have said earlier, Telegram is a cloud-based messaging app. You can text people and join channels that interest you! 

One of the popular uses of these groups is to get free study materials for entrance exams like UPSC, MPSC, CAT, CLAT, NEET, JEE, AIIMS PG, etc. You get premium content notes, the latest exam updates, and guidance from fellow aspirants.

Moreover, suppose you are an agency or e-commerce business. In that case, you will find numerous useful channels that share the latest market trends, tips, and video lectures to help you scale your business!

In short, they are a great way to connect with people with similar interests. You can join a group for anything from sports to politics to technology. Telegram groups are also often used for finding new friends and making connections.

How to share a telegram group link with friends? 

If you want to share a Telegram group link with your friends, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open Telegram and sign in
  2. Click on the group you want to share the link to and copy it.
  3. Copy the group’s link, which you will find after selecting the profile icon
  4. Open a new chat window and type the group link in the message field. 
  5. Click on the send button; your friends will be able to join the group and view the message.

1111+ Telegram Group Link

Jobs Telegram Group Link

About: These are some of the best telegram channels to find fresher jobs in multiple sectors! Also, they share brief job descriptions with links from where you can apply easily. In short, these groups filter out opportunities posted by leading companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Accenture, Cognizant, etc. If you wish to work for these top firms, join these channels!

Job Search WebLink
Intern FreakLink

Earn Money Online Telegram Group Link

About: These telegram channels share ideas to earn money online. A good method shown here is taking advantage of referral systems of apps. However, not all ideas here are authentic or non-promotional, so be careful before clicking any links.

Online Earning Money™Link
Online Money EarningLink
Make Money Online™Link
Earn Money OnlineLink
Make Money OnlineLink

Deals & Offers Telegram Group Link

About: Everyone loves discounts and deals, but it isn’t easy to follow all platforms and keep an eye on them. You can join this channel to get the best offers for shopping online. These are the most popular telegram groups that provide. The best part is their wide product range; you will get great deals on electronics, clothes, accessories, etc.

Amazon Flipkart Loots DealsLink
Offer zoneLink
Deals Point™ Link
Loot Deals Link
Shopping Online Loots DealsLink

Funny Telegram Group Link

About: You can join the following telegram channels if you want to see funny videos or memes to laugh at. You can share all the memes with your friends and have fun. From rib-tickling animal videos to the latest jokes, you will find it all here.

Best Funny Videos ‎Link
Hindi Jokes Funny Memes Desi ComedyLink
Funny VideosLink
Funny Memes Jokes Desi VideosLink
Funny Jokes Memes Comedy VideosLink

Entertainment Telegram Group Link

About: If you are bored or want to laugh, you can join these telegram channels. You will get many humorous videos and memes that you can share. Also, you will find other entertainment content here that you can explore through.

8world Entertainment & LifestyleLink
Entertainment MashupLink

Memes Telegram Group Link

About: You can join these telegram channels if you want to get funny memes and jokes. You will get several hilarious videos you can laugh at and lighten your mood since you know that laughter is the best medicine to cure stress and tension. So, get your daily dose of laughter and fun time from these groups.

Hindi Memes And JokesLink
Desi Indian Memes JokesLink
Kannada MemesLink
The Worst MemesLink
Gujarati Movies Memes JokesLink

News Updates Telegram Group Link

About: Do you want to get the latest news? Then you can use the following channels to know the recent happenings. Also, if you want to know about exam alerts and notifications, you will find the group below. Plus, these channels share newspaper PDFs so you can be updated about the current affairs that will help you study for entrance exams.

Telegram NewsLink
Newswala UPSC Prelims UPSC Mains News CurrentLink
Hollywood Movies NewsLink

English Telegram Group Link

About: Are you looking for useful telegram channels to improve your English proficiency? Then you can join the following groups and gain knowledge! This is quite beneficial for aspirants appearing for English exams. Also, if you want to enhance your communication skills to ace interviews, this group is ideal for you.

The English ClubLink
American EnglishLink
Smart Vocabulary | English WordsLink
Let’s Learn EnglishLink
English Speaking CourseLink

EBook telegram Group Link

About: It is either very expensive or tough to find books online, but you easily find them here on these telegram channels. If you are a book nerd, you will love the collection in the following groups. You will get a lot of resourceful material, from novels to textbook pdfs. Plus, there are tons of study materials for UPSC or MPSC candidates.

Books & MagazinesLink
Books | Top, Summary, Self-HelpLink
Computer BooksLink
E books & MagazinesLink
Civil Service BooksLink

Shopping Telegram Group Link

About: Do you love shopping online? Then you will absolutely love these telegram channels! They provide the best deals, offers, and coupon codes on various products such as clothes, electronics, accessories, home appliances, and more! So, if you want to save money while shopping for your favorite things, join the following groups and grab the opportunity.

India free stuff Deals & Coupons
Free Deals, Coupons, Promo Codes, Offers
Ali ExplorerLink
Passion Deals 25Link

Health & Fitness Telegram Group Link

About: Being healthy and maintaining your diet is a tough task but not impossible. The key is to have a focused mindset that you can get from joining these telegram channels. To learn how to stay fit and active, you will need the best tips given here! Also, if you are looking for gym equipment or clothing, you will see a good range of recommendations here. Plus, you will get diet suggestions and motivation to keep going!

Medical & Health Fitness VideosLink
Maths to Fitness: Amit PandeyLink
Gym workout motivationLink
Gym lover statusLink
Bodybuilder lifeLink

Travelling Telegram Group Link

About: Do you love to travel but keep searching for the best locations or discount offers? You can get all of them on these telegram channels! Get travel guides, suggestions and the best deals for travelling. Also, you can get lots of knowledge about the country or place you will be visiting. So, join these channels and make your dream trip.

Planet EarthLink
Best travel photographyLink

Utilities & Tool Telegram Group Link

About: If you are looking for some tools for editing or file compression, you can find them here. These telegram channels help you download files or create bots for translation. All of these utilities are free of cost. So, join these groups to get these tools and features.

Instagram DownloaderLink
Private BOX botLink
APK File DLLink
Text MagicLink
Subtitle TranslatorLink

Music Telegram Groups Link

About: These are some telegram channels that offer free music downloads and releases. Also, they share other types of content in these groups that you can explore. So, you will get many genres of music here.

Dj AseeL MusicLink
Infinity MusicLink
VK Music BotLink

Animals Telegram Groups Link

About: We all love to see cute animals and their funny videos! And that is exactly what these telegram groups are all about. You will daily get adorable animal photos and videos. Also, you can share these with your pets, friends and family. So, click on the link to join now.

Persian Cates IndiaLink
Animal PlanetLink
Dog N CatsLink
Real NatureLink
Cat ChatLink

Telegram Tips & Tricks Telegram Group Links

About: Are you new to using Telegram? If you want to know how to use it optimally, you can simply join these fun and knowledgeable channels! You will learn lots of tricks and tips for using Telegram. If you are looking to monetize your Telegram group, join the following groups to learn how you can do it. Also, you will find several helpful suggestions to improve your content.

Innovative Tricks | Telegram Tips & TricksLink
Telegram TipsLink
Tips TelegramLink
Telegram simple tricks™Link
Telegram tricksLink

Placement Materials Telegram Group Links

About: Are you a fresher graduate and looking for a suitable job? Then don’t worry; you will get the best placement opportunities from these telegram channels. Generally, all openings shared are from top companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys, etc. Also, if you want relevant study materials to crack the interview, you can find them here.

Company Placement MaterialLink
STUDY MATERIAL – Placement Jobs & MaterialsLink
CODING SOLUTION – Placement Jobs & MaterialsLink
JOB preparations | Coding AnswerLink

Blogging Telegram Groups Link

About: If you are a blogger and want insightful writing tips, you will get them from these telegram channels. Every blogger wants to monetize their content and rank it high on search engines, but it is not that easy. However, you can bring organic traffic to your website with the right guidance and tricks. So, join these groups to become a professional blogger.

Mr. Vyas – BloggingosLink
Blogging MafiasLink
Blogging OnlyLink
Blogger help togetherLink
Bloggers MindLink

Free Courses Telegram Group Link

About: Learning a skill that is in demand is quite beneficial, but usually, they cost a lot. However, you can find many free online courses from these telegram channels. Also, you will receive a certificate from them after completing a course. The best part of these telegram groups is that they provide a wide range of courses.

Udemy Courses Daily FreeLink
English Speaking CourseLink
forex coursesLink
Udemy Courses Daily FreeLink

Loots & Deals Telegram Group Link

About: If you want to receive the best deals and discount offers for shopping online, you will get them in these telegram channels. They share the links of various products such as electronics, clothes, home appliances etc., that are on sale. Also, you will get big sale alerts, discount coupons and vouchers that you can use while paying.

Offer zoneLink
Shop Deals Loots Free OffersLink
Loot Deals Alert – Online Shopping OffersLink
Technical Js ️️Link
Paytm Loots OffersLink

Govt Jobs Telegram Group Links

About: Are you looking for a government job? Then join these telegram channels! You will get the best job opportunities with their descriptions, salary range and links to apply. Also, they share openings for freshers and professionals in this field of work. You can choose to apply for any job pot directly from the given link and get preparation materials for the interview.

Govt | Defence | IT Jobs Alert FreeLink
Freshers LiveLink
Govt Jobs AlertsLink
Government JobsLink

UAE Jobs Telegram Group Link

About: If you want to work in UAE, join the following telegram channels to get the best opportunities. They share numerous job openings all over UAE along with their requirements, salary range, work experience and links to apply. So, whether you are a professional or a fresher, you will get relevant job alerts in these groups.

Dubai Jobs | Dubai Vacancy | UAE JobsLink
UAE Jobs Daily UpdatesLink
Jobs UAE & Middle EastLink
UAE JobsLink

Investment & Profits Telegram Group Links

About: Do you want to earn profits as a trader? Then, join these groups to learn the basics of investment and trading tips. You will get to explore concepts like technical analysis of charts and price movement of stocks. Also, they share insightful information on building a profitable portfolio and risk management in investing.

Mkj talks 4 investmentLink
Trading ViewLink
Cryptocurrency Investment ProfitLink
CoinEx – Making Crypto Trading EasierLink
Profitable trades & InvestmentLink

Engineering Telegram Groups Link

About: These groups will be useful if you want to be an engineer and are looking for the right study materials. They share entrance exam notes, revision PDFs, textbooks and past papers. Also, you will get helpful study tips and guidance from fellow aspirants in the group.

Mechanical & IT JobsLink
Interesting EngineeringLink
Mechanical Engineering JobsLink
Engineers Jobs WorldLink

Study Telegram Groups Link

About: These channels are the best if you are looking for relevant study materials for entrance exams! You will get various resources such as subject-wise notes, video lectures, textbooks, quiz questions, past papers with solutions etc. So, these are must-join groups if you want to practice or crack the entrance exam.

Study Questions GK Quiz UPSCLink
study for civil servicesLink
Static GK ™Link
Study GK planLink
UPSC/BPSC/B.P/SSC/GD/&/Railway Study Group StudyLink

Paid Promotion Telegram Groups Link

About: You will find them if you want to run paid promotional ads on your telegram channel. Also, you will learn about other telegram features that you can use to make your group engaging and grow your channel.

Paid PromotionLink

Free Promotion Telegram Group Links

About: If you want to promote your products or channel for free, you can join the below groups. You will understand how to post about your products/offers or Telegram channel here. It is a great way to get organic traffic to your website/channel.

Free promotion groupLink
Naukri PortalLink
Smart Promotion 5kLink
free promotion links shareLink
Free Cross PromotionLink

Home Decor & Architecture Telegram Group Link

About: If you want to learn about home decor as a hobby or pursue it as a career, you will find many helpful resources here. They share numerous inspiring decor designs that will help you get an understanding of the latest trends in the market. Plus, you will know how to work out color combinations and enhance the look of your house.

World ArchitectureLink
Interior | Design | Architecture |Link

Technology Telegram Group Links

About: You can join these channels if you are looking for interactive telegram groups that share valuable content for technology. They share the latest news in the technology field, scientific achievements, and cool facts. Overall, you will gain a lot of knowledge about technology’s fundamentals and current affairs.

Technology BoxLink
Geeks ChatLink
Science and technologyLink
Tech ByteLink

Furry Telegram Group Links

About: You can join these channels if you are looking for Furry telegram groups.

[SFW] Reddit Furry Chat

Fem Furry Stickers™ (SFW+NSFW)Link
Furry stickersLink
Furry StickersLink

Education Telegram Groups Link

About: You can join these telegram channels if you want free online courses or get better at studying. You will get the best studying tips, exam updates, and free resources. So, if you are a student and would like to acquire useful skills, then these groups will benefit you.

Study IQ EducationLink
Education UpdateLink
All Free CoursesLink

Competitive Exam Telegram Group Link

About: If you want to get some practice questions for competitive exams, you will find them in these telegram channels. They share free helpful study resources for several entrance exams, along with exam updates and tips to score well. So, if you are an aspirant, join the given telegram groups.

GK QUESTIONS HUB – GK & Current Affairs QUIZLink
Utkars Classes – pdf free downloadLink
Chanakya quiz groupLink
All Competitive ExamLink

Quotes Telegram Group Links

About: If you are looking for some amazing quotes, you can join these telegram channels. They share many quotes on motivation, life, inspiration, wisdom, etc. You can easily download them and use them freely.

 Quotes and FactsLink
Movies QuotesLink
Quote – wisdom, inspiration, happinessLink
Quotes | Love | LifeLink
Inspiring ImagesLink

Motivational Telegram Group Link

About: If you are looking for motivational videos and quotes, you will find some of the best ones from these telegram channels. They share several helpful videos and positive quotes that will motivate you. You will also learn a lot about self-improvement from these groups.

Spiritual GroupLink
MN MotivationLink
Motivational Quotes ShayariLink
Motivational ThoughtsLink
Think Positive WordsLink

Cryptocurrency Telegram Groups Link

About: If you are a cryptocurrency trader, you can join the following channels. They share many investment tips, ideas, and analyses to help you build a good portfolio. Also, you will get an excellent understanding of the market and key insights.

Forex FX Signals Crypto CurrencyLink
Fx Axe Crypto TradingLink
Cryptocurrency Investment ProfitLink

Trading Telegram Group Link

About: You can join these telegram channels if you are a stock market trader. They share many trading tips and investment ideas for educational purposes. You will learn a lot about chart interpretation and technical analysis of stocks from here. Also, you will get the latest news on the stock market.

DLavrov Trading Ideas & TipsLink
Minish PatelLink
CoinEx – Making Crypto Trading EasierLink

UPSC Preparation Telegram Groups Link

About: You can join these telegram channels if you are looking for free preparation material for UPSC. They share many study resources such as e-books, subject-wise notes, revision notes, quiz questions, past papers with answer keys, etc. So, if you want the latest exam updates and preparation tips, click on the links to join.

Vision IAS (Official)Link
Vajiram & Ravi Official ChannelLink
UPSC – CSE 2022 PreparationLink
Selfprep – UPSC, IAS PreparationLink
Shankar IAS Academy – UPSCLink

Telugu Telegram Group Link

About: If you are searching for Telugu telegram channels, then you will find them here. They share several types of content here, including news and entertainment. Note that all content posted is in Telugu only.

Telugu Link
Movies HD NewsLink
Telugu TamilLink
V6 News TeluguLink
Adhan TeluguLink

Gujarati Telegram Group Link

About: Are you looking for Gujarati books? Then you can join these telegram channels. They share many e-books and magazines that you can read in Gujarati. Also, you can get entertainment content from the given groups as well.

Gujarati Books & MagazinesLink
Gujarati MoviesLink
Oneindia GujaratiLink
Gujarati ebooksLink

Punjabi Telegram Group Link

About: Are you looking for telegram channels in Punjabi? Then you can simply join the following groups. You can download the posts and videos for free. Also, you can watch Punjabi content for free.

Songs Mp3 Hindi Punjabi EnglishLink
New PunjabiLink
Punjabi New HDLink
New Punjabi Songs mp3Link

Marathi Telegram Group Link

About: Are you looking for some beneficial telegram channels in Marathi? These telegram groups below will undoubtedly help you. They share current affairs news, job alerts, study materials, and entertainment content in Marathi. You can download the posts for free.

Current Affairs MarathiLink
Marathi NaukriLink
HD Movies KannadaLink
Marathi VyakaranLink
Marathi MoviesLink

Tamil Telegram Group Link

About: If you are looking for telegram channels in Tamil, you can join these groups. They share content like news, study materials, and entertainment. So, you can download the files and videos for free.

Oneindia TamilLink
Naam Tamilar KatchiLink
News18 Tamil NaduLink
CC Video LibraryLink
Movies HD Tamil latest TeluguLink

Malayalam Telegram Group Link

About: You can join these telegram channels if you want content in Malayalam. So, you will get news and entertainment content from the given groups. They share or post daily in Malayalam only.

OneIndia MalayalamLink
Entri App – MalayalamLink
Movies MalluLink
Malayalam Christian songsLink
Malayalam LatestLink

Hindi Telegram Group Link

About: If you are looking for content in Hindi, you can join the following groups. You will get news, entertainment, and study materials for entrance exams. The best part of all these channels is that they are free to download, and you can refer to them anytime.

Hindustan- Hindi Official ChannelLink
South Movies Hindi Indian DubbedLink
Incredible IndiaLink

Betting Telegram Group Link

About: These telegram channels are the best if you want Betting Telegram Groups.

Betwizards MaxbetLink
TNLP Toss PredictionLink
Fix Betting Reports BetWayLink

Business and Startup Telegram Group Link

About: Let’s come down to business; if you are looking for the latest financial and business news, these telegram channels are a great source. You will get an article link and headlines of the day that will keep you updated about current affairs. Also, they share brief broadcasts to summarize the news.

Mint Business News – Official ChannelLink
Business Standard OfficialLink
The Business TimesLink
Business InsiderLink

Arts & Design Telegram Group Link

About: If you are a designer or artist, these telegram channels are for you! You will get exposure to various art forms and learn tips for creating better. Also, it is quite helpful to get inspiration for a project or work. Whether digital art or graphic design, they share several great posts.

Graphic DesignerLink
NFTs & Digital ArtsLink
Telegram DesignersLink

Finance Telegram Group Link

About: These telegram channels are the best if you want to keep up with the latest happening in the finance and business world. You will get news articles, blogs, and headlines globally. This will help you understand the global financial situation and judge its economic impact.

LaunchZone (LZ.Finance)Link
Finance EducationLink
Business and Finance NewsLink
Business & Finance News USA EditionLink

Fashion & Beauty Telegram Group Link

About: These telegram channels are quite beneficial for fashion bloggers and enthusiasts. You will get to know the latest clothing and beauty trends in the market. Also, they share many online shopping offers and discounts on various clothes and accessories. Other than that, if you love trying home remedies for skin care, you will have tons of DIY recipes to try.

Fashion & dressesLink
Fashion JunkieLink
True Beauty [Sub Indo]Link
Beauty FactLink
Fashion Offers Clothing WatchesLink

Food Telegram Group Link

About: Are you a foodie and love to cook? We have the perfect telegram channels for you! Also, you will get the best recipes, videos, and cooking hacks. They share many cuisines such as Indian, continental, Asian, etc. So, whether cooking is a hobby or a passion, these groups will help you make delicious and flavourful food.

Cooking and CookingLink
Foodtech networkLink
Indian Street FoodsLink
Indian FoodsLink

Games Telegram Group Link

About: If you are playing online groups, you should join these telegram channels below. You will get to know the latest popular PC games. Also, they share recent game launches, teasers, and news of the gaming world. So, if you want to be a part of a gaming community, these telegram groups benefit you.

Andro GamerLink
Pc GamesLink
Clash Of Clans OfficialLink
change games 4 pcLink

Mod Apk Telegram Group Link

About: If you want Mod Apks for certain apps, you can find them here. By accessing them, you can view content released in other regions. Also, since they are modified versions of the app, you can then use features available that you previously couldn’t. However, ensure that the source of the Apks is verified.

Easy Mod ApkLink
Easy Mod Apk PrivateLink
Hotstar Netflix Modded Apps ApkLink
Modded Apk Spotify Mod AppsLink

Self Development Telegram Group Link

About: If you are looking for the best self-development books, these telegram channels are the best. They share e-books for free that will help you to become a better version of yourself and learn how to tackle daily life problems. It will also motivate you to be a person who can face challenges. Overall, you can download a good range of novels from here.

Books | Top, Summary, Self-HelpLink
Self Help BooksLink
Self Help Courses [ SHC ]Link
Self Development.Link

MBA & BBA Telegram Group Link

About: If you are a BBA or MBA student, these telegram channels will help you! You will get textbook PDFs, subject-wise notes, and tips for studying. Also, if you are planning to give the entrance exam CAT, then you will get lots of free study resources from these groups. You can also ask for doubts in discussion groups.

Commerce BCom BBA CA MBA CS JobsLink
CL – MBA 2022Link
BBA Jobs, MBA Jobs, Management JobsLink
Maharashtra MBA CET JBIMSLink

Coding & Programming Telegram Group Link

About: These telegram channels will benefit you if you want to learn in-depth about coding and programming. They share insightful video lectures, tips, free courses and relevant study materials. All of these groups are beginner friendly so you will not feel excluded. Plus, you will learn many cool coding tricks.

CODING SOLUTION – Placement Jobs & MaterialsLink
C LanguageLink
Hacking Python Course CodingLink


Altogether, there are many useful telegram channels out there that you can use! I have selected some of the best ones that you can join. Generally, telegram groups may contain lots of spam messages, but not all are like that. After researching a lot, I came across these telegram group links online and thought I would share them with you! Let me know down below which channel did you like the most?


How can I get the Telegram group link?

There are a few ways to get a telegram group link.

  1. Open a group and click on their profile picture; the first thing you will see is a telegram link.
  2. Join a telegram group and ask the group administrator if you can have a link.
  3.  Use a telegram search tool to find a telegram group with a relevant topic and request a group link.

Where can I find the best Telegram groups?

Right here! You can get the best telegram channel and group links on our website.

How can I join the Telegram group for free?

Anyone can join a telegram group for free. All you need to do is find the group you wish to join and tap on the “Join Group” button.

What is a public link on Telegram?

A public link on Telegram means a group’s shareable link that you can send to your friends or post on social media platforms to invite people to join your channel. 

How do I meet people on Telegram?

If you have joined telegram groups, you can see the subscribers list and speak to anyone. Also, if you are a part of discussion channels, you can easily interact with people there.

Is Telegram an Indian app?

No, Telegram was made in 2013 by a Russian Billionaire named Pavel Durov and Nikola, who are brothers.

How can I earn money on Telegram?

Although Telegram does not show paid advertisements, you can still earn money from this platform. All you need to do is make a channel for your target audience, and once it becomes popular, you can earn it by posting paid ads on your channel.

What is the biggest channel in Telegram?

The biggest Telegram channel with around 8 million (80 Lakh) subscribers is Telegram Tips. It is an official telegram group that shares the latest features and updates of the platform. 

How to Conduct Quiz in Telegram Groups?

You can easily conduct the quiz in telegram groups by @vote bots. These bots can post polls and conduct the quiz on the channel.

How many Telegram Groups can I join?

You are free to join as many telegram groups as you like. I have given you the list of several telegram channels you join; if you want, you can also search for groups through their usernames on the telegram app.

Can Others See my Telegram Groups?

No. Others can’t view the telegram groups you have joined.

Are Telegram Groups Safe?

Yes, telegram groups are quite safe, but if you join a public one and chat there, it can be viewed by anyone. Hence, to avoid that, you can join a private telegram group.

Is Telegram Better than WhatsApp?

No, Telegram has similar features to WhatsApp, but WhatsApp is a better app since all the messages sent are encrypted.

How do I create a group and channel in Telegram?

You can make a group in easy steps. Open the telegram app and click on the top right corner to start a chart. There is an option called “new group”; select that and choose the people you would like to add to the channel. 

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