11+ Best Option Trading Telegram Channels in India

Are you searching for some of the Best Option Trading Telegram Channels to learn free option trading tips and tricks? If yes, then go ahead with this blog. You will get a list of all Telegram channels that will help to boost your trading knowledge.

The Telegram channels and groups listed in this blog will assist you in obtaining the best option trading tips and tricks.

Telegram is rapidly expanding. You can join these Telegram channels to be notified about the most recent Trading calls and tips.

You will also learn from various experienced people who will help to increase your knowledge about the stock market. So let’s start the list of 11+ Best Option Trading Telegram Channels.

How to Choose a Strike Price in Options Trading?

Choosing the best Strike Price in Options Trading is based on Trading Strategy and Market conditions. We will consider some factors that will help you select the Best Strike Price before trading.

Underlying Price: The first important thing is to decide whether you are Bullish, Bearish, or Neutral at that time.

  • Bullish – Think about call options with Strike Prices at or below the current market price. (ATM or ITM)
  • Bearish – Think about put options with Strike Prices at or above the current market price. (ATM or ITM)

Volatility: Find the Strike Price that has high volatility. There are very high chances of increasing the premiums, if you choose High Volatility Strike Price.

Risk Tolerance: Deep In the Money (ITM) Strike Prices are very expensive but give good intrinsic values. Deep Out of The Money (OTM) Srike Prices offer very cheap premiums but have high risks.

Delta: One must consider this option Greek before choosing the Strike Price for trading. It will affect the final profits.

Implied Volatility: See if implied volatility is high, you can consider selling options to take advantage of premium decreases. Vise versa, if implied volatility is low, you can take buy options to capitalize on price movements.

Best Option Trading Telegram Channels

Telegram ChannelsNo. of Subsribers
Options Analysis Wizard (NISM)20000+
Profit Wave10000+
Market Master 20000+
Tech Intraday Trading10000+
Bull’s Thrive20000+
Zerodha Bank Nifty20000+

1. Profit Wave

About: This is the best Telegram Channel that focuses on investment calls based on their analysis. Although they are not a SEBI-registered group.

Even so, you will get active trading calls on this group and their premium package promotions that you can ignore. To understand the market, you can identify spontaneous price movement trends.

2. Options Analysis Wizard

About: OAW is another Bank Nifty Telegram channel that provides daily investment calls. These calls include Nifty and intraday trading ideas. However, they primarily share intraday calls.

So if you are looking for an active group, you can join this one. All content given here is for educational purposes, so be careful before exchanging.

3. Tech Intraday Trading

About: This is a famous and Best Options Trading Telegram channel that shares investment tips for various types of trades. If you are relatively new to the Indian stock market, you can learn the fundamentals here.

Apart from that, they share setups and guides that will give you an understanding of how to gain profit.

4. Bulls Thrive

About: This Channel is one of the fastest-growing Telegram channels. They are not SEBI Registered but they are the best for Options Trading Tips and tricks. In this channel, you will get Live Chart Analysis & Ideal Setup for Trading, Buying, and Selling Ideas and much more Knowledgeable content.

5. Market Master

About: This is another growing SEBI-registered channel that shares brief market views, Nifty investment calls, and chart indicators. In short, you will be able to understand the price trend.
There is no fixed number of free Intraday trading ideas, but you can get more than 6-8 calls in one week.

Also, you will find weekly Nifty market chart performance, which is a great source for research and analysis. However, they give a limited number of free trading calls since they have a premium membership plan.

6. Jackpot Tradex

About: This is one of the popular Telegram channels with more than 75,000+ members. You will get daily equity and Nifty intraday investment ideas. If you are a beginner at trading and want to know about portfolio management, this group can be useful.

Apart from this, they share quick pre-market updates that give you a headstart idea of how the market will behave.

7. Intraday Tips

About: This is another Best Option Trading Telegram Channel focused on the Indian stock market. You will get investment tips and targets from this group. However, they do not share any chart analysis or news updates but actively post investment calls.

Plus, their subscriber count is approximately 1.5 lakh as of writing. All of the content given here is for educational purposes only.

8. StockPro Official

About: If you search online for the best stock market telegram channels, StockPro will always be on the list. This is primarily because it is handled by Dr. Seema Jain, a renowned SEBI Certified Research Analyst.

Also, they have a massive following on many social media platforms, including Instagram and Telegram. From technical chart analysis to trading tips, they share several types of investment knowledge and calls.

9. Stock Gainers Training

About: If you want to learn stock market trading from scratch or want to become a research analyst, this group is the best. You will get different study materials to become proficient in interpreting charts and price trends.

Altogether, they share core knowledge of trading for free through webinars, and you are allowed to ask doubts as well.

10. Usha’s Analysis

About: Usha’s Analysis is a channel that provides investment ideas; however, they are not SEBI-registered, so be careful. They share trading calls sometimes along with tips on the market. Occasionally, you will see their premium subscription plan messages, but the content given here is free.

11. Trade Order

About: This telegram channel is focused on sharing short-term or long-term investment ideas. It is quite an active group with over 50,000+ Members. They also share chart analysis along with trading calls, but all information given here is for educational purposes only.

You can explore their premium package if you like, but they are SEBI-registered.

12. Nifty50 & Stocks

About: If you want to learn about trading analysis, this Options Trading Telegram Channel provides that. Right from video lecture links to fundamental stock market analysis, they share various information related to the market. Also, it is a friendly group, not a formal one. However, this channel is not SEBI registered.

13. The Second Call

About: The Second Call is a channel that provides daily nifty calls for trading. Remember that these signals are purely investment ideas based on their analysis, so you should research before trading. Apart from this, you get certain tricks and tips related to investing that will help you understand the market.

14. The Option Club

About: This is yet another Best Telegram Channel for Options Trading that only shares trading calls. In short, they do not send technical or chart analyses but actively post about signals. However, all the content posted here is for educational purposes only, and consulting a financial advisor is suggested.

15. Supreme Markets

About: This small yet beneficial telegram channel rarely posts its premium package offers or promotional messages. The investment calls or signals are always given along with the chart trends. Since this group is not a SEBI-registered channel, it is wise to do your own research before making any exchange or trade.

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Finally, these are the telegram channels list that provides the best Option Trading Tips to increase your Stock market knowledge. Kindly join them according to your interest.

Best Stock Market Telegram Channels for Options Trading on Youtube


Which is the best Option Trading Telegram Channel in India?

You can choose the best channel from the above list. I have listed the best Options trading telegram channel in India. Join in and stay for one week to analyze the predictions.

Which is the best free telegram channel for option trading?

All Telegram Channels are free in the above list. Join it.

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