Exploring the Top Bank Nifty Telegram Channels for Traders

As you know the banking sector plays a vital role in our Indian Economy. Tracking the Trends and movement of Bank Nifty is very crucial for making an informed decision for traders. Therefore I have come up with some of the best Bank Nifty Telegram channels that will help you to become updated every time.

Searching the best Telegram channels for Bank Nifty options is very time-consuming work, that’s why I researched and curated the list of some of the best Telegram Channels that provide Free Sureshot calls, Daily Profits, Zero to Hero calls, Intraday Live charts, Bank Nifty Predictions, Chart Analysis, Candlesticks Patterns, and other knowledgeable content.

So, Let’s Begin the list of Best Bank Nifty Telegram channels to join in 2024.

Bank Nifty Options Tips


  • Only take calls from Analysts and Experts.
  • Invest in options as much as you bear the losses.
  • Take and test demo calls for one week before subscribing to paid services.
  • Consistently watch an option call after taking it.
  • Follow stop loss and targets strictly.
  • Be patient.


  • Don’t trade on your own.
  • Don’t invest all your capital in one call.
  • Don’t take multiple calls at the same time.
  • Don’t greed and exit once the target is achieved.
  • Don’t expect huge profits in options trading.

Bank Nifty Telegram Channels Link

The table shows the Best Telegram Channels for Bank Nifty Options. Their owners have many years of experience in the Stock Market that can help you to make good profits in the long term.

Telegram ChannelsLink
OAW (Recommended)Join Now
Zerodha BankNifty CallsJoin Now
Bull’s Thrive (BankNifty Option)Join Now
Market Master (NISM)Join Now
ProfitWaveJoin Now
Mishraji TradesJoin Now
Trading Yatri (FREE CALLS)Join Now

Best Bank Nifty Telegram Channels for Options Trading

1. Options Analysis Wizard (SEBI Certified)

About: This Stock Market Telegram Channel is the best if you are looking for a telegram channel that shares active investment calls. This is why their channel is growing very fast. You can check their target calls and how they performed in the market.

Overall, this group is beneficial for Nifty stocks. This Telegram Channel was Certified by the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) which is a good thing.

2. Tech Intraday Trading

About: Tech Intraday Trading is another Bank Nifty Telegram channel that provides daily investment calls. These calls include Nifty and intraday trading ideas. However, they primarily share intraday calls, so you can join this one if you are looking for an active group.

All content given here is for educational purposes, so be careful before exchanging.

3. Bull’s Thrive

About: In this channel, you will get BankNifty calls, Sure shot calls, Chart analysis, Technical analysis, and Options Strategies daily.

They also owned a Premium telegram channel in which they provided Trading calls with 90% accuracy. So I would recommend this channel to join.


About: This is one of the popular Telegram channels with more than 80,000+ members. You will get daily equity and Nifty intraday investment ideas.

If you are a beginner at trading and want to know about portfolio management, this group can be useful. Apart from this, they share quick pre-market updates that give you a headstart idea of how the market will behave. 

5. Trading Wallah

About: One of the fastest-growing Telegram channels. They are not SEBI Registered but they are the best for Bank Nifty Trading Tips and tricks.

In this channel, you will get Live Chart Analysis and ideal Setup for Trading, Buying, and Selling Ideas.

6. Market Master (Recommended)

About: This is another growing channel that shares brief market views, Nifty investment calls, and chart indicators. In short, you will be able to understand the price trend. There is no fixed number of free Intraday trading ideas, but you can get more than 6-8 calls in one week.

Also, you will find weekly Nifty market chart performance, which is a great source for research and analysis. However, they give a limited amount of free trading calls since they have a premium membership plan.


About: This is another Bank Nifty Telegram channel focused on providing Nifty stock trading ideas. They post technical analysis, market updates, stock news, and video lecture links on trading strategies.

Overall, you will have a lot of resources to gain knowledge about investing and tips.

8. TradeOnData

About: TradeOnData is a popular telegram channel with around 45,000+ members. You will get live trading analysis and Intraday calls. Since it is an active group, you also get the latest market updates.

However, this channel is not SEBI-registered so do your research before investing.

9. Vijay Wealth advisor

About: This is another Bank Nifty channel with around 2 lakh+ members. They share Nifty bulletins and market news.

You will get investment calls based on the stock market news and analysis. Also, you will get good guidance on trading, so if you feel confused, you can ask your queries and learn a lot. All content here is free, but it is wise to consult a financial advisor.


About: This Bank Nifty channel provides daily investment calls and trading setups. You can learn the basics of trading here.

Also, they have around 30,000+ members in this group. The investment ideas are brief, unlike other groups that just post calls, so this is a plus point of this channel.

11. Nifty F&O Traders

About: This channel shares many trading ideas daily. You will get calls and their performance evaluation too.

However, all investment calls given are for educational purposes only, so do your research as well since this is not a SEBI-registered channel.


About: They are not SEBI Registered. This telegram channel gives Intraday and Nifty trading calls. They share various ideas and free content for stock market investing, but you may see their group is often bombarded with promotional messages.

You can choose to see what investment ideas you like and check whether it matches your research.


About: This Telegram channel also gives Nifty trading calls and strategies. If you want to learn more about stock market investing, you can watch their YouTube videos to gain an understanding. They have 14,500 Members on their YouTube channel. However, they provide more content in their paid group.


About: This channel provides trading ideas and setups based on their analysis. You will get Nifty and intraday calls in this group. However, they are not SEBI-registered and sometimes send promotional messages. If you want to learn about price movement, you can get a good understanding from this group.


About: This telegram channel specifically shares trading calls. You will get investment ideas for equity and Nifty stocks. They have almost 30,000 Members in this group that receive free trading ideas. You will need to purchase their premium package to get more trading ideas, so the content given here is limited.


About: This Telegram channel also primarily provides investment ideas and calls. However, all ideas are for educational purposes only since it is not a SEBI-registered group, so read the pinned message before investing. You can learn about how the market functions and get a deeper understanding of stock trading.

17. Stock Market Big Bull

About: Best Intraday Tips: Intraday Trading Tips and Strategy. Free Calls Bank Nifty & Nifty future commodity.

Best Intraday Tips: Intraday Trading Tips and Strategy. Choose the right stocks. Freeze the entry and exit prices. Always set a stop-loss level Book

Top 10 Bank Nifty Telegram Channels

  • Vijay Wealth advisor
  • Eqwires Research Analyst
  • Stock Gainers Training
  • FIS Learning
  • Patel Wealth
  • CA Jagdeesh
  • SMT
  • Stock Pro Online
  • Equity 99
  • Stock Times


So, these are some of the Best Bank Nifty Telegram Channels. By joining these telegram channels you will get daily Bank Nifty calls, Bank Nifty Options strategies, Option Tips, and tricks.

The main aim of joining such telegram channels should be to increase stock market knowledge. Please consult with your financial advisor before trading and investing to avoid losses.


Which is the best Telegram channel for Nifty options?

GHANSHYAM TECH ANALYSIS In This channel, you will get Bank Nifty Prediction and Options Strategy, Bank Nifty Intraday Live Chart Analysis, and an ideal Setup for Trading, Buying, and Selling Ideas.

Best telegram channel for bank nifty calls?

Vijay wealth advisor. This is Vijay Wealth, A team of passionate traders, investors, trainers, and advisors Giving our views here about all stock market activities. It won’t be a buying recommendation, so use your wisdom, They give in-depth training on the stock market.

What is the best strategy for Bank Nifty?

The stop loss ought to be placed at the low of the closing candle. Almost like the previous bank nifty option trading [ ]strategy, another bank nifty tip is to position the target at doubly the peak of the candle. For example, if the candle is 50 units, your target ought to be set at 100.

Can I buy bank Nifty for the long term?

You cannot hold Nifty futures for long. They are available for 2–3 months prior (the later ones square measure there however, they are illiquid). thus if you’ve bought nifty futures at low, then you’ll be able to hold on for 2–3 months until the expiry, then sell and head home with the profit!

How many lots can I trade in Bank Nifty?

The lot size of Bank Nifty is 15 so one can buy/sell a maximum of 48 lots in Bank Nifty in a single order.

Which timeframe is best for Bank Nifty?

One to 2 hours of the open stock market is the best intraday trading timeframe.

How is profit calculated in Banknifty options?

Banknifty profit loss will be calculated like this:
Banknifty future buys call 23600 to 23800 minted profit +200 points and its 1 point is equivalent to 40 rupees. So if the bank’s nifty buy position achieves the target of 23800 then the trader will earn a profit of 200 points * 40 quantity lot size = 8000 rupees per lot.

Is there any no-loss options strategy?

No loss options strategy: “In this strategy, You have to write extremely in the money call and put options simultaneously and hold them till expiry. This strategy forever pays 10-20% average come on capital”

Which are the Best Bank Nifty Telegram channels?

I picked some of the best Bank Nifty Telegram channels. you can easily join them from above.

What is the most successful options strategy?

The most victorious option strategy is to sell the out-of-the-money place and call options. This options strategy features a high likelihood of profit – you’ll be able to conjointly use credit spreads to scale back risk. If done properly, this strategy will yield ~40% annual returns.

I didn’t find any Bank Nifty Telegram channels which will I trust.

Please be patient. Join one or two Bank Nifty Telegram channels from the above list. Stay for one week and analyze them.

How is the Trading Yatri Telegram Channel?

Trading Yarti is a new Telegram Channel that gives Bank Nifty calls, Options Calls, etc. free of cost.

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