50+ Best Telegram Channels for Stock Market in India 2024

Are you searching for the Best Telegram Channels for Stock Market in India in 2024 to increase stock market Knowledge? Then your query will be solved here. I picked up some of the best telegram channels that will help to enhance your Stock Market Learning. By joining these telegram channels you can easily understand Market Analysis, Chart analysis, Intraday Trading, Positional Trading, Future & Options Trading, etc.

Also, you can get Stock Calls daily. Educational resources and free training, News related to the Stock Market. You should always explore the channels for getting Intraday Nifty, Bank Nifty, and stock option views.

Telegram App is a highly demanding app nowadays due to its brilliant features. You can join various Stock Market channels to get notified about daily profits, chart analysis, stock tips, etc.

These Telegram Channels are run by experienced Stock Market analysts who will help to increase your knowledge about the stock market.

So, Let’s Begin the list of the Best Stock Market Telegram Channels in India.

Benefits of Joining Stock Market Telegram Channels

There are a lot of advantages to joining the stock market Telegram channels.

  • You can find SEBI Registered telegram channels that are trustworthy.
  • It is the fastest and most secure method for getting knowledge about the stock market as you’re connected to an official and reputed messaging application.
  • The above Stock Market Telegram Channels help you to save time and effort.
  • You can learn from various experienced people to enhance your stock market knowledge.
  • You will get the Best Telegram Channels for the Stock Market in India to enhance Your stock market Knowledge.
  • You will also get free Educational Resources and free training, Daily stock market news, bank nifty, Intraday Nifty, and stock option views.


Best Stock Market Telegram Channels

The table shows the Best Stock Market Telegram Channels. Join them according to your interest. These Telegram Channels provide Bank Nifty option calls, Intraday calls, option calls, and other stock market-related courses.

Telegram ChannelsLink
Options Analysis Wizard (Recommended)Join Now
Zerodha BankNifty freeJoin Now
Market Master Join Now
Tech Intraday TradingJoin Now
Profit WaveJoin Now
Bull ThriveJoin Now

Best Telegram Channels for Stock Market in India

Get the list of all Stock Market Telegram Channels. By joining these Telegram Channels you can learn Stock Market terms, Chart analysis, candle stick patterns, trading strategies, and other valuable things that will help you to grow your Stock Market knowledge.

1. Zerodha Banknifty

About: This is one of the most active telegram channels that share their investing and trading ideas. Although they are not SEBI-registered, you can learn the different types of trading and stock market analysis. They post buying and selling calls for various stocks (high or low risk). If you are unsure of how the market functions, you can get an understanding of basic concepts such as price movements and volatility.

2. Market Master

About: This Stock Market Telegram Channel is the best if you are looking for a telegram channel that shares active investment calls. You can check their target calls and how they performed in the market. Overall, this group is beneficial for Nifty stocks.

3. Trading Wallah

About: This is another best Stock Market Telegram Channels to make you profitable. 95% Fail in the Equity Market and 5% have success because their losses are small and gains are huge. Trade with ALGO and no Emotions. Algo-based trading can help you do better trading with a higher RISK REWARD RATIO. The channel has helped many people recover their losses and gain capital back

Join Channel: Link

4. Jackpot Tradex

About: This is one of the popular Telegram channels with more than 75,000+ members. You will get daily equity and Nifty intraday investment ideas. If you are a beginner at trading and want to know about portfolio management, this group can be useful. Apart from this, they share quick pre-market updates that give you a headstart idea of how the market will behave.

5. Options Analysis Wizard

About: Options Analysis Wizard is another Bank Nifty Telegram channel that provides daily investment calls. These calls include Nifty and intraday trading ideas. However, they primarily share intraday calls, so if you are looking for an active group, you can join this one. All content given here is for educational purposes, so be careful before exchanging.

Join Channel: Link

6. StockPro®️Official (SEBI Registered)

About: This is the official Telegram Channel of StockPro handled by founder Dr. Seema Jain, a renowned SEBI Certified Research Analyst. It is also a great channel for providing insightful trading ideas and information. This group is quite helpful for beginners as they often share YouTube lectures, live trading sessions, the latest market updates, and chart analyses of stocks. However, they sometimes promote their premium course that you can purchase, but everything else is free.

7. Stock Phoenix

About: This telegram group is yet another big channel with over 2.8 lakh subscribers! The main reason behind their popularity is they share detailed stock market analysis, weekly reports, free webinars, investment calls, etc. Another interesting feature of this channel is that you can use a bot to suggest calls based on your profile. Also, if you are unsure of how to use it, click on their YouTube links to help you trade with the bot.


About: If you are interested in exploring chart analysis and would like to learn it, this channel will be quite helpful for you. Also, you will find informational YouTube videos and the latest stock market news. Other than that, this group shares investment calls, target price alerts, and price movement trends. 

Join Channel: Link

9. Groww

About: Groww is a trading platform with an official telegram channel dedicated to the stock market exchange. You will get authentic market updates from this group and gain knowledge about the technical analysis of stocks. After joining, you can also learn about several trading strategies and tips that you can apply.

10. Nifty 50 & Stocks

About: Nifty 50 & Stocks is an emerging telegram channel that provides high-accuracy investment calls. These include Nifty and equity trading ideas, but since they are not SEBI-registered, you must consult a financial advisor before investing. Moreover, they share the latest stock market news and training programs to teach beginners core trading knowledge.

11. Banknifty Masters

About: This Stock Market Telegram Channel is suitable for both beginner and professional traders, a unique feature of this group. Therefore, their subscriber count is impressive, almost 50,000. They share brief stock analyses without the chart(chart analysis is available for premium subscribers only), Nifty, and Intraday calls. The best part is that this group has a fair amount of transparency regarding the stock holdings.


About: NSE stocks have many Stock Market Telegram channels; each focused on a certain type of trading. For example, this group mainly provides Intraday investment calls based on their analysis. However, they are not SEBI-registered, but if you want some day trading ideas, you can get them in this group.

13. Nifty50 & Stocks

About: This Telegram Channel is quite educational, and one can learn the fundamentals of trading here. Also, you will gain lots of practical knowledge through live chart analysis and video lectures to identify key entry or exit points in trading. They provide reliable investment calls, too, but they are not SEBI-registered.


About: If you want to learn more aspects of technical analysis of the stock market, you can join this group. Since this channel does not have registered financial advisors, all content will be taken for learning purposes only. However, they post insightful and constructive materials for reference, especially for support and resistance levels in charts.

15. Wealth Citi

About: This Telegram Channel is a simple group that shares Intraday trading calls or suggestions. You will get around 2-3 day trading ideas every day, but if you want to know more about different investments like swing trading, you need to purchase their premium package. However, all the content given is free and to be used for reference only.


About: NSE STOCK EDGE is another part of the NSE Stock Market Telegram Channel that I have mentioned in this blog. They simply give investment calls based on their analysis, so do your research before following it. However, they actively suggest buying/selling stocks, but if you want more calls, you need to purchase their premium subscription.

Sebi Registered Stock Market Telegram Channels

17. Usha’s Analysis

About: Usha’s Analysis is an upcoming growing telegram channel for stock market trading. They mainly give short-term and long-term investment advice along with calls. You can see their performance or suggestions and compare them with your own; this will help you make better investing decisions.

Join Channel: Link


About: This Telegram Channel actively shares its chart analysis of stocks on YouTube. You can get the links to the same in this group. Other than that, they provide nifty calls, but they are not a registered channel, so mindful of that before investing.

19. Eagles Bank Nifty calls

About: This channel is mainly focused on providing Nifty trading ideas. You will get them daily and receive tips as well. However this group is not registered with SEBI, so consult an expert about these calls before making a decision.


About: This Share market telegram channel gives a few trading calls with tips. You will get live updates on investment ideas to show how the stock market works. However, you often will be bombarded with promotional messages and screenshots.

21. Faadoo Stocks

About: This Share Market Telegram Channel is amongst the best when it comes to proper technical analysis and identification of price trends. You will get brief chart reports and investment suggestions based on them. The best part of this channel is that you’ll learn various charts such as line graphs or candles and trends as a beginner trader. They also share the relationship between the market and stock price.

22. Fundamentals Study (Long term)

About: Do you want the latest market updates that will impact the stock prices? This Share Market Telegram Channel will help you with just that. You will be given important alerts and news about top companies so that you can invest accordingly. Since research is a main element of trading, join this group to analyze the market movement yourself.

23. SGSSL YVCBPL Research

About: This is another telegram channel for stock market trading. The admins include SEBI-registered advisors and members of BSE, NSE, MCX, and ICEX. You will get investment calls with their chart analysis. This channel is suitable for you if you are looking for reliable equity calls. Also, they have other regional stock telegram groups that you can join.

24. Best Stock Choice

About: This channel is handled by SEBI-registered Research Analysts. You will get various investment calls but remember to do your research before trading. They give small market updates along with investing ideas. Also, you’ll receive motivational tips too.

25. IMV Stock Market Update

About: This Telegram Channel gives brief market updates along with investment calls. You will get pre-market, mid-market reports, and stock market news. If you want detailed live market updates, this group is suitable. Apart from this, they also share several technical analysis levels like support and resistance.

26. Aliceblue

About: You can join this telegram group if you want to know about the latest market updates but in videos. You will get a complete pre-market analysis that will help you invest in stocks. These YouTube links are available in Hindi. If you are a beginner at trading, you can learn about the fundamentals from their lectures.

27. NRJ Finance

About: This Telegram Channel provides trading ideas and chart analysis. These calls will be mainly for mutual funds and stocks. However, the content given here is for educational purposes that you can use as a reference for your research. Even so, you will get good stock market technical analysis knowledge.

28. Stock Market Ninjas

About: Have you seen a discussion telegram channel for stock market trading? Stock market ninjas are one of the very rare groups that allow users to interact with each other and give opinions on trading ideas. You will get chart trends and investment calls, but not all are useful. Also, sometimes you will see spam promotional messages that you can ignore.

29. Buzzing Stocks

About: This telegram channel shares trading ideas differently. You will get certain stocks you need to focus on and related calls. In short, they have a small system to share investment ideas with users for free and reference purposes. However, they only post a limited amount of buying/selling calls.

30. Stock market in Hindi

About: Only a few Hindi telegram channels provide stock market analysis and investment calls; this group is one of them. You will get live chart trends, trading calls, risk levels, and tips. A bonus point is that you can also get some motivational quotes to boost your confidence in trading.

31. Stock Market News (Hindi)

About: If you want an authentic telegram channel that shares valuable news updates regarding the stock market in Hindi, this group will suit you. They mainly give news article links that have the market analysis concerning the current happenings of the world. You can quickly refer to their short descriptive links to get an idea of the market.


These were some of the best telegram channels available to provide beneficial knowledge about stock market trading. The main point you need to remember is to do your research with the help of these telegram groups. Also, you will learn tons of best trading strategies and technical analyses that you can use to identify good stocks. If you are interested in becoming a financial analyst or researcher, these groups will be quite useful. Happy trading!


How to find the best stock tips telegram channels?

I provide the list of best telegram channels for the stock market. Explore them one by one, and choose one of the best channels that provides the best tips for the stock market.

How to rectify which stock market telegram channel in India is genuine?

Choose a bigger channel from the above list. Stay for one week, observe, and analyze them.

SEBI registered telegram channel list?

Here is a list of all SEBI-registered telegram channels.

Stock Market ninjas telegram channel?

Get it from Here

Not finding a US stock market telegram channel in the above list?

Don’t worry I provided it here. Please go through it.

Share Market telegram channel Marathi?

Yes, you can also get share market tips in Marathi. Please join it from the given link.

Which one in the Short term calls telegram channel?

I found one of the best telegram channels for Short term calls. Explore USHA ANALYSIS from the above list.

Who provides free stock market courses Telegram channel?

I found this please check.

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