2222+ Best Unlimited Telegram Group Link to Join in 2022

Are you looking for some beneficial telegram channels? Then you are in the right place!

I have shared a big list of unlimited telegram group link in today’s blog post.

There are proper channels focused on entrance exams, job opportunities, free study resources, motivational content, business news, lifestyle tips, shopping deals, and more.

Generally, it is tough to find valuable telegram channels just by searching. Hence, I did the research and compiled the Best Unlimited Telegram Group Link to Join in 2022.

You can explore and join these groups by tapping on the links. So, let’s begin.

Join Telegram Channel


Unlimited Telegram Group Link

Jobs Telegram Group Link

About: Are you looking for relevant job opportunities? Then these telegram channels will help you find them! Whether a fresher graduate or professional, you will get tons of job alerts from major sectors. They provide the job description, salary range, and experience required along with the link to apply. Also, there are plenty of valuable internship openings too.

Job Search Web Link
InternFreak Link

Entertainment Telegram Group Link

About: These telegram channels will cheer you up if you are feeling bored. Some of them share funny videos, memes, or entertainment. You can also share these humorous memes with your friends and family by downloading them for free. Some channels in this list provide the latest news buzz.

Memes™ Link
Entertainment Link
Sarcasm Link
8world Entertainment & Lifestyle Link
Entertainment Mashup Link

How to join a Telegram group

You can join any telegram group in a few clicks, and I’ll share the steps.

  1. If you have the invite link of a group, then by clicking on it, the page will directly open the telegram window. However, in case you have the name, type the username on the search bar on Telegram and press enter; the search results will show the group name.
  2. After you have redirected to the page or found the group, you will see a join group button below in the center of the window.
  3. Click on that icon, and now you are a subscriber of a group!

Memes Telegram Group Link

About: If you want to see hilarious memes in Hindi or other regional languages, you can join these telegram channels. You will get the latest funny videos and jokes that you can freely download as well as share the laughter with others. If you are a fan of desi memes, you’ll love these groups.

Hindi Memes And Jokes Link
Desi Indian Memes Jokes Link
Kannada Memes Link
The Worst Memes Link
Gujarati Movies Memes Jokes Link

E-Book telegram Group Link

About: These telegram channels are one of the best for students to get free study resources and e-books. You can download the materials and use them for reference purposes. So, numerous book pdfs are available, from novels to UPSC and civil service study materials. If you want to read top publications for self-improvement, you can find them here.

Books & Magazines Link
Books | Top, Summary, Self-Help Link
Computer Books Link
Ebooks & Magazines. UPSC Books & Magazines Civil services Books ️ Link
CivilServiceBooks Link

Travelling Telegram Group Link

About: Do you love to watch traveling videos? Then you will find some of the best ones here! They share stunning photographs and close-up videos of the best locations around the globe. If you want to explore some traveling options, joining these groups will be immensely helpful as you get location descriptions that you can note. Also, their suggestions include photos and short briefs about the place.

Travel Link
Nature Link
Planet Earth Link
Best travel photography Link

Benefits of joining a Telegram channel

Before I provide you with the links, let me quickly state some key benefits of joining a telegram channel.

  1. Free material: Telegram is a great platform to get free resources, especially when it comes to academics. You will find several such channels(links given below) that share premium content notes, textbooks, and past papers.
  2. Learn new skills: As I mentioned before, telegram is a reliable source to get materials and free content. You can also get various popular online courses from where you can develop in-demand industry skills.
  3. Get exam notifications: Many telegram channels post important exam-related alerts such as application date, exam schedule, etc.
  4. Relevant fresher job alerts: Another valuable benefit of telegram groups is they provide the best fresher opportunities for aspirants. You can get the link to apply along with the job description.
  5. Promote your business: Telegram is a great platform for small businesses to promote or run marketing campaigns. There are many active users; hence you can drive organic traffic from here to your website.

Telegram Tips & Tricks Telegram Group Link

About: If you are a regular telegram user and want to expand your channel, you can join the following groups. They share tips and tricks for managing your group and keeping subscribers engaged with your content. However, you can also learn about some fun Telegram features and use them accordingly.

Innovative Tricks | Telegram Tips & Tricks Link
Telegram Tips Link
Tips Telegram Link
Telegram simple tricks™ Link
Telegram tricks. Link

Placement Materials Telegram Group Link

About: If you are a fresher graduate looking for placement materials, these telegram channels are useful. They provide several interview tips, questions, and exam preparation resources. Also, you will get relevant placement drive job alerts. All these materials will give you an upper hand in cracking the rounds of hiring.

Company Placement Material Link
STUDY MATERIAL – Placement Jobs & Materials Link
CODING SOLUTION – Placement Jobs & Materials Link
JOB preparations | Coding Answer Link

Blogging Telegram Group Link

About: If you are a blogger and want to learn better skills, these telegram channels will greatly help you. They share several writing tips, SEO practices, content marketing, and increasing reader traffic. As a result, you will enhance your performance and rank your content. In the discussion groups, you can clarify your technical doubts.

Mr. Vyas – Bloggingos (Group) Link
 Blogging Mafias Link
Blogging Only Link
Blogger help together Link
Bloggers Mind Link

1111+ Telegram Group Links

Educational Career Finance Crypto
MPSC Fresher Jobs Stock Market Crypto Trading
Current Affairs Private Jobs SEBI Registered Crypto Signals
Hindu Newspaper Intraday Trading
GK  Option Trading

Free Courses Telegram Group Link

About: Certificate courses are the best way to learn in-demand industry skills. These telegram channels share the best free online courses where you can access the resources, projects, assignments, and develop skills. You can explore many course options and become an expert in trading, data analytics, programming, English speaking, etc.

Udemy Courses Daily Free Link
English Speaking Course Link
forex courses Link
Udemy Courses Daily Free Link

Loots & Deals Telegram Group Link

About: If you want many discount coupons, you will find them in the following telegram channels. They share offers and vouchers for clothes, accessories, home appliances, electronics, etc. So, you can do online shopping and grab the best deals while saving money. Also, you will get alerts of the recent cashback offers and sales!

Offer zone Link
Shop Deals Loots Free Offers Link
Loot Deals Alert – Online Shopping Offers Link
Technical Js ️️ Link
Paytm Loots Offers Link

Paid Promotion Telegram Group Link

About: If you want to run paid promotional advertisements on influential telegram channels, you can check out the ones below. They allow businesses and agencies to promote themselves in their groups. This way, you can drive user traffic toward your website or platform.

Paid Promotion Link

Free Promotion Telegram Group Link

About: If you want to promote your product, social media, or website for free then you can join these telegram channels. They allow subscribers to send commercial messages and get organic user traffic from these groups. However, you will see lots of people send spam content.

Free promotion group Link
Naukri Portal Link
Smart Promotion 5k Link
free promotion links share by the group Link

Competitive Exam Telegram Group Link

About: If you are appearing for a competitive exam soon, these telegram channels will help you. They provide free study resources like past papers, subject-wise notes, revision or textbook pdfs, and quizzes. You can download all content and participate in polls to analyze your performance.

GK QUESTIONS HUB – GK & Current Affairs QUIZ Link
Utkars Classes – pdf free download Link
Chanakya quiz group Link
IIT JEE CLUB 2022 Link

Quotes Telegram Group Link

About: Are you looking for some inspirational quotes? You will find several original and thoughtful quotes that will motivate you. If you want to get encouraged, then reading these quotes can be quite helpful in lifting your mood and compelling you to work hard. Also, you can get some life tips from them.

 Quotes and Facts Link
Movies Quotes Link
Quote — wisdom, inspiration, happiness Link
Quotes | Love | Life Link
Inspiring Images Link

Motivational Telegram Group Link

About: These telegram channels help their subscribers to feel motivated and positive. You can make a small habit of reading some wise quotes or thoughts or watching videos that will cheer your spirits. These groups will energize you whether you want inspiration or to accomplish a goal.

Spiritual Group Link
MN Motivation Link
Motivational Quotes Shayari Link
Motivational Thoughts Link
Think Positive Words Link

Business and Startup Telegram Group Link

About: These telegram channels are strictly business related. You will get the latest happening in the world in the industry, consumer trends, economic growth, and accurate information. The best part about these groups is that they provide insightful reports and data that showcase the current narrative.

Mint Business News – Official Channel Link
India Link
Business Standard Official Link
The Business Times Link
Business Insider Link

Arts & Design Telegram Group Link

About: Do you love digital art, or are you a graphic designer? These telegram channels will be beneficial for you! They provide some remarkable layout ideas and concepts that you take inspiration from. Also, you can explore collections and use them for reference purposes. Altogether, there are several cool art posts to check out.

Graphic Designer Link
NFTs & Digital Arts Link
Telegram Designers Link

Finance Telegram Group Link

About: If you want to know the latest buzz in the finance world, you can join these channels. You will get short headlines highlighting the main news along with the link to the full article. So, they share plenty of credible news about the economic condition of several countries and their impacts. It is one of the best ways to know current affairs.

LaunchZone (LZ.Finance) Link
Finance Education Link
Business and Finance News Link
Business & Finance News USA Edition Link

Fashion & Beauty Telegram Group Link

About: The following telegram channels share the latest fashion trends and best beauty tips. You can join these groups if you are looking for beneficial skin care advice and product recommendations. Also, they share several dresses, clothing, and accessory ideas that you can apply to your style.

Fashion & dresses Link
Fashion Junkie Link
True Beauty [Sub Indo] Link
Beauty Fact Link
Fashion Offers Clothing Watches Link

Coding & Programming Telegram Group Link

About: Are you looking for some helpful coding telegram channels? I have listed a few below that will help you develop better programming skills and learn new skills. Also, you can freely interact with other subscribers and ask your doubts. Apart from this, they share multiple job alerts from top IT companies. By joining these groups, you will improve immensely and gain practical knowledge.

CODING SOLUTION – Placement Jobs & Materials Link
C Language Link
Hacking Python Course Coding Link
Coding Link


Overall, these were some lists of the unlimited telegram group link I found for you! These channels share valuable content you can utilize and be ahead of the crowd. Whether you are a student, graduate, business owner, or art enthusiast, I have listed a wide range of groups you can explore. Also, if you are looking for more specific telegram channels, read my other posts! Let me know in the comments below which one is your favorite so far.


What is the telegram channel for paid courses for free?

I have listed a special list with telegram channels providing free paid courses. You can scroll above and check it out.

What are the best shopping deals channels on Telegram?

Many Telegram channels give some of the best online shopping deals. For example, Offer zone and Shopsy Deals Loots Free Offers are two groups that share offers on clothes or electronics.

Is there any other platform where can I get an Unlimited telegram group link?

Yes. There are so many other platforms where you can get an unlimited telegram group link. But I m very much sure if you read this article properly, You don’t need to go on other platforms for getting an unlimited telegram group link. 

Is Telegram useful for UPSC?

Yes, Telegram is a significant source of valuable study materials, preparation notes, interview tips, exam alerts, and video lectures. You will get all of these important resources for free on Telegram.

How to use Telegram to learn English?

You can easily learn English on Telegram by enrolling in a free course that you can get from our free courses channel list above.

Can I join any channel on Telegram?

Yes, you can join any telegram channel you like.

How to use Telegram channels to promote my business?

You can promote your business in two ways:

  • Paid promotion
  • Free promotion 

In both methods, you can send effective marketing copies or content on influential telegram channels to drive traffic to your website.

Why is Telegram useful for students?

Telegram is a great platform for students to join online classes, get assignments and download free study materials. 

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