20+ Best Telegram Channel for Crypto Trading

Are you looking for some of the Best Telegram Channel for Crypto Trading? Then you have clicked on the right post! 

As you may already know, the cryptocurrency market is quite volatile, and to invest in it, you must research a lot. This is why several beginner traders struggle when it comes to crypto trading.

Another common problem is that traders get overwhelmed with the size of the market and the wide range of digital currency options.

Hence, in such scenarios, it is best to streamline your research process and find the best sources to get investment calls.

One such way is through joining beneficial telegram channels that provide various trading types, chart analysis and even buy/sell ideas

So, if you want to build a smart portfolio and sustain yourself in the crypto market, keep reading our post to find out how!

Key features of Crypto Trading Telegram Channels 

Now, before I give you the list of the telegram channels for crypto trading, let me highlight some key aspects of these groups to provide you with a better idea.

  • Get tailor-made investment calls along the entry and exit points
  • Learn how to read crypto market charts and interpret them
  • Receive the authentic latest buzz from the crypto space and industry 
  • Get risky trade warnings with specific investment calls
  • Understand how the market functions and its volatility 
  • Check the performance of crypto signals given by the channel

So, these are some features of the Telegram groups that I will be sharing. I am sure you now understand the benefits of joining the Best Telegram Channel for Crypto Trading. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

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Best Telegram Channel for Crypto Trading

CoinDCX Announcements
Channel Size – Very Big
WRGAbout: This is the official telegram channel of CoinDCX, a popular cryptocurrency exchange platform in India. They have around 4 lakh+ subscribers that get daily price alerts from them. Also, you will get reliable news about the crypto industry so that you can take references and understand how the market will perform.

Crypto VIP Signal™
Channel Size – Very Big
WRGAbout: If you are looking for an incredible telegram channel that provides swing trading and intraday investment calls. Since it is an active group, you will get consistent ideas supported by detailed or brief technical analysis. Also, the best part is they share core concepts of crypto trading and the latest market updates.

DeFi Million
Channel Size – Very Big
WRGAbout: This is one of the biggest Telegram channels dedicated to sharing the latest trends, news, predictions, and reviews of the massive sector of Decentralised Finance. As you know, DeFi is a proactive space, and so it is challenging to get all information from one platform. Hence, DeFi Million created this group to serve the community and enlighten them.

100eyes Crypto Scanner (PREVIEW)
Channel Size – Very Big
WRGAbout: 100eyes Crypto Scanner is an automated telegram channel that only shares influential Resistance and Support indicators for the top 4 cryptocurrencies in the market. It is a fantastic group to know the latest market performance of these famous tokens and invest accordingly. You will get daily free Support zones that will help you trade.

Binance Killers®
Channel Size – Very Big
WRGAbout: This group will be perfect if you want investment calls for the popular exchange platform Binance. They share daily trading ideas based on their technical analysis for short-term and mid-term investments. You will also get a summary of the market’s performance and insightful trading tips you can apply to your research.

Crypto Sourav Trader
Channel Size – Medium
WRGAbout: This popular telegram channel with more than 2 lakh subscribers shares free crypto trading signals. You will majorly see their promotional messages in this group about their premium channel, but they occasionally give free trading ideas too.

Binance Futures Signals
Channel Size – Very Big
WRGAbout: This is the Best Telegram Channel for Crypto Trading and has a huge following of 8+ lakh subscribers. You will learn how to read crypto market charts and use them to make investing decisions. Also, they provide various trading ideas with technical analysis. This channel is the best if you want to become a professional trader.

Forex FX Signals Crypto Currency
Channel Size – Very Big
WRGAbout: This is a big telegram channel that has around 2.7 lakh subscribers and made many other groups as well. Whenever you see a group with help bots, it is a part of this channel. They share daily investment ideas for the crypto space on the Binomo platform. You will need a Binomo account to trade.

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Trading BTC Signals
Channel Size – Very Big
WRGAbout: This telegram channel is also part of the franchise and has a following of 2.1 lakh subscribers. You will get crypto exchange pairs with the time to trade but before you invest, do your research as well to avoid loss. You can join this group if you want relevant and free crypto signals.

Crypto Signals
Channel Size – Medium
WRGAbout: Crypto Signals is an upcoming growing telegram channel that has 40K subscribers. They share live trading ideas in sessions along with a report at the end. The group is handled by an expert in crypto investing and provides insightful chart data from their research. This group is helpful if you are looking for a source of chart analysis.

Best Telegram Channel for Crypto Trading Signals

Crypto Currency Signals Index
Channel Size – Big
WRGAbout:  This is one of the Best Telegram Channel for Crypto Trading that shares free crypto investment ideas on their group and has around 1.6 lakh subscribers. You will get daily trading calls or exchange pairs within a specific period. Regardless, the signals are almost the same given in other groups. Also, read their disclaimer before making any investment decision.

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CoinEx – Making Crypto Trading Easier
Channel Size – Medium
WRGAbout: This is the official telegram channel of CoinEx with around 60K subscribers and is open for discussion. You are allowed to ask about or interact with other users but read their rules to avoid getting banned. However, you will not get crypto trading ideas except the latest news on the platform.

Free Crypto Trading VIP Signal
Channel Size – Medium
WRGAbout:  This is also one of the Best Telegram Channel for Crypto Trading that shares the premium investment calls for free and has more than 28K subscribers. You will get several cryptocurrency trading signals and details about the investment. Read the ideas carefully to see if it is a short-term, long-term, or risky trade. Also, they share technical chart analysis with the interpretation of the market.

Best Telegram Channel for Crypto Signals

Expert Crypto Trading Signals
Channel Size – Very Big
WRGAbout: This is a specific trade telegram channel with around 3 lakh subscribers. You will get the trading pair’s investment calls and the exchange time. There are also bots in this group that help you invest but do your research before going forward with it. Overall, they provide several free crypto trading signals.

Channel Size – Medium
WRGAbout: This telegram channel provides free crypto trading calls and has around 24K subscribers. They share long investment ideas and are an exchange medium to transfer cryptocurrencies. If you want to add crypto to your wallet through this channel, you can enquire with them but be careful from scammers.

Channel Size – Small
WRGAbout: This is a small telegram channel with only 4K subscribers, but you will get free crypto trading ideas for CoinDCX. If you use this exchange, you can join this group to get investment calls along with chart analyses. They share YouTube videos where he informs about his live trading sessions in detail.

Crypto Asset’s Trading
Channel Size – Very Small
WRGAbout: This is a relatively new telegram channel that has only 211 subscribers as of now. Even so, they share a good range of intraday crypto investment calls, market analysis, and trading setups. You will learn about chart indicators and how to use them to get profits.

Crypto Daily Trade Signals
Channel Size – Very Small
WRGAbout: This small telegram channel has only 669 subscribers, but they share free crypto trading calls. You will get several investment ideas but lots of promotional messages given here, so you will have to wait for the trading session to start. Also, sometimes they give chart analysis and discussion about the market.

Telegram Channel for Free Crypto Trading Signals

Coin DCX Free Signal
Channel Size – Small
WRGAbout: This is another small, straightforward telegram channel that gives daily free crypto investing signals. You will get several trading ideas, entry/exit points, and targets. If you only want to receive trading signals, you can join this group.

Cryptocurrency Trading
Channel Size – Small
WRGAbout: This is another small channel of the big franchise telegram groups that give free trading signals. You will also see trading bots that help subscribers understand the process of investing and can participate. They share ideas from the Binomo platform only.

Cryptocurrency Investment Profit
Channel Size – Big
WRGAbout: This is also the Best Telegram Channel for Crypto Trading that provides bots to help users trade in crypto. If you have any doubts, you can click on write me to ask. They share daily investment ideas through their research but remember to analyze the crypto yourself before deciding since they only give ideas, not financial advice.

Crypto Inside News
Channel Size – Medium
WRGAbout: As the name suggests, Crypto Inside News is a telegram channel that provides the latest buzz from the crypto industry. You will get regular market updates and cryptocurrency to help you make your trading decisions. They send a short brief report of the news and key points.

Channel Size – Medium
WRGAbout: This telegram group is a growing channel with 30K subscribers and gives live market session trading ideas. In one session, you will get 7-10 investment calls depending upon the market. They share majorly trading pair exchanges along with the time.


Overall, these were some of the best telegram channels for crypto trading that provide several signals. The best part of these groups is that most are official, meaning the information given there is authentic. Also, these channels cover a wide range of trading types but ensure to invest only in the market after you have done your research to avoid loss. Another point you must remember is that the crypto market is very volatile, so experimenting with risky tokens is not advisable; instead, diversify your portfolio to manage the risk.


Are crypto signals worth it?

Yes, crypto signals can give you an idea about the price movement since they are ideas given from technical chart analysis made by trading experts. However, sometimes they may be wrong, or their research could lack; thus, it is always wise to cross-check it.

Why is Telegram popular in crypto?

Telegram is a big platform that allows users to make their channels or groups share valuable information. Hence, several crypto trading professionals take this opportunity to give free investment calls and help beginners learn about the market. It is also helpful for them to create their brand.

As an expert crypto trader, which is the best telegram channel for Crypto Trading signals?

Although many telegram channels give crypto trading calls, not all are the best. Some quite popular ones are as follows:

  • Fat Pig Signals
  • Binance Futures Signals
  • Universal Crypto signals

How do you stay up to date with crypto news?

You can get the latest news from the crypto world by joining free telegram channels. They share detailed reports, inside news, and authentic information related to the market. I have mentioned some official channels you can join to get verified news.

Which is the top-rated Best telegram channel for crypto trading signals and crypto trading bots?

The top-rated or the Best Telegram Channel for Crypto Trading signals are given below:

  • Fat Pig Signals
  • Crypto Signals
  • MYC Signals 
  • Binance Futures Signals

Are there any free crypto signals?

Yes, all Telegram channels provide free crypto signals concerning market analysis. I have listed all of the above. Click on the “join now” button to enter the channel.

Why do crypto traders use Telegram?

Generally, traders, whether beginners or professionals, get authentic information from telegram channels. Also, traders get certain investment ideas or develop research skills to analyze the market.

Is the Telegram app safe?

Yes, Telegram is a safe platform as their messages on the app are encrypted and do not show you any ads. 

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