[BEST Free] 15+ SEBI Registered Telegram Channels List

Are you searching for the SEBI Registered Telegram Channels list to get free Financial Advice? If yes then you are in the right place because in this post I picked up some of the best telegram channels which offers the best financial advice to their client.

Below Telegram channels and Telegram groups that I have mentioned in this post will help you in your investment journey. I have listed 15+ best Telegram channels and Telegram groups from which you will get free Investment Advice, Financial Education, options strategies, etc. So let’s begin.

All of the resources are available in a single place where you can get Financial Planning, Short term investment strategies, long-term investment strategies, Trading ideas, Stock advice, etc. You must explore all the channels mentioned below to get knowledge about investing, finance, and many more things for enhancing your Financial Knowledge.

Telegram is a very fastest-growing app all over the world. You can join very useful SEBI Registered Telegram Channels and SEBI Registered Telegram groups to get notified about the latest Stock tips and strategies which will increase your Stock Market Knowledge.

You can learn from various experienced Financial Educators which will enhance your Financial Knowledge.Bank Nifty Telegram Channel Jackpottradex

How to Join SEBI Registered Telegram Channels?

1.  Register with your Telegram Account in the Telegram app provided by Google Playstore.

2. Check out and click on the links which you want to join Telegram Channels provided below.

3. You will be redirected to the Telegram application, Click on the “Join” button you will find at the bottom side of the screen. Now you’re part of that Channel successfully.

4. Search and Explore the channel and find what you want.

5. That’s how you can find the best SEBI Registered Research Analyst Telegram Channel.

SEBI Registered Telegram Channels List

Find the list of all Genuine SEBI Registered Telegram Channels

Bull’s Thrive
Subscribers – 3,200+
SEBI-registered-telegram-channelThis is not a SEBI Registered channel, this channel belongs to one of my friends who are expert in the stock market and help people by providing accurate stock market calls
About: In this channel, you will get BankNifty calls on a daily basis.
All Posts are for Education purposes and to share knowledge.

FIS Telegram Channel
Subscribers – 16000+
SEBI-Registered-Telegram-Channels-ListAbout: This is another growing SEBI-registered channel that shares brief market views, Nifty investment calls, and chart indicators. In short, you will be able to understand the price trend.
There is no fixed number of free Intraday trading ideas, but you can get more than 6-8 calls in one week.

Also, you will find weekly Nifty market chart performance, which is a great source for research and analysis. However, they give a limited amount of free trading calls since they have a premium membership plan.


StockPro®️Official (SEBI Registered)
Subscribers – 3,90,000+
SEBI-Registered-Telegram-Channels-ListAbout: This is the official Telegram Channel of StockPro that the founder, Dr. Seema Jain made. Dr. Jain is a SEBI Certified Research Analyst, coach, and active investor in the stock market.

Also, the most active and popular telegram channels have more than 3 lakh subscribers.

So, if you want to enhance your core knowledge about the stock market and learn key trading tactics, this group is the best.

In addition, they provide YouTube lecture links that will guide you on how to make quick decisions with your investments.

The highlight of the group: Get to learn essential stock market tips 

Minish Patel – SEBI Registered
Subscribers – 8,60,000+
SEBI-Registered-Telegram-Channels-ListAboutThis is another popular telegram channel with more than 1 lakh subscribers.

It is made by Minish Patel; a SEBI Registered Research Analyst with 27+ years of experience; he posts investment calls.

You can get daily market movement and analysis, but all information shared here is for educational purposes only.

Kindly read the disclaimer message pinned before investing. 

The highlight of the group: Get free live market movement analysis

Subscribers – 2,00,000+
SEBI-Registered-Telegram-Channels-ListAboutEquity99 is a reliable telegram channel made by a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser.

They have almost 2 lakh subscribers that receive daily chart analysis, news, and price movement alerts. If you are a beginner at trading, this group is a must join.

You can learn a lot about the stock market and improve your portfolio.

The highlight of the group: Learn to read stock market charts 

Eqwires Research Analyst (SEBI Registered)
Subscribers – 9,000+
stock-market-telegram-channelAbout: Eqwires is a small yet valuable telegram group created by a SEBI registered research analyst.

They post customized investment calls and have an excellent customer satisfaction rate. This group can benefit you if you are looking for a reliable mentor.

The highlight of the group: Provides transparent and reliable data 

Trade On Data Institute
Subscribers – 1,80,000+
stock-market-telegram-channelThis is one of the upcoming famous telegram channels with 40 thousand subscribers.

They provide daily investment calls, educate about various trade types, and advise.

Overall, it is a worthwhile group to learn about trading in general and see its practical effects. 

The highlight of the group: Learn about best trading practices and types 

Subscribers – 85,000+
SEBI-Registered-Telegram-Channels-ListAbout: Kingsearch Harry is a SEBI registered telegram channel made by a research analyst with more than 15 years of experience in this field.

He posts trading tips, investment ideas, and advice along with calls.

Also, he guides on his YouTube channel; you can find the links in this telegram group.

The highlight of the group: Get free trading tips and advice 

SEBI Registered Research Analyst Telegram Channel

Find Telegram Channels based on SEBI Registered Research Analyst

Subscribers – 25,000+
SEBI-Registered-Research-Analyst-Telegram-ChannelAbout: This SEBI-registered telegram channel has 30 thousand subscribers and is known for giving insightful information regarding the Indian stock market.

You will get free chart analysis, investment advice, and discussion.

However, they provide more detailed guidance to their premium clients only who have bought their subscription plan. Still, you can get all the other data for free.

The highlight of the group: Provides the latest stock market news and fundamental analysis

CA Jagadeesh – SEBI REGISTERED Research Analyst
Subscribers – 6,500+
SEBI-Registered-Research-Analyst-Telegram-ChannelAbout: This is a relatively new SEBI-registered telegram channel made by a CA, a SEBI-registered research analyst.

He provides brief market information and a thesis related to the stock market. Also, he shares his trading positions and advice along with chart analysis of price movements.

In short, if you want to learn how news and the stock market are correlated, this is a group to join.

The highlight of the group: Receive honest stock market analysis and reviews

Ajay Gupta (SEBI Registered Telegram Channels)
Subscribers – 5,000+
SEBI-Registered-Research-Analyst-Telegram-ChannelAbout: This is a fast-growing telegram channel made by Ajay Gupta, a young SEBI registered research analyst.

He provides buy-sell, and hold trading advice, but one must do their research before making any investment.

You will get the latest happenings of the stock market and also see how he uses technical analysis while trading in the stock market.

If you are unsure about some trades, ask him directly or check the information before trading.

The highlight of the group: Get long-term and short-term investment ideas for your portfolio 

Best SEBI Registered Telegram Channels

Subscribers – 10,000+
SEBI-Registered-Research-Analyst-Telegram-ChannelAbout: This telegram channel is owned by SEBI registered Analyst Somnath Dey, who has 12+ years of market experience.

You can get fantastic investment ideas and advice from this group, supported by chart analysis and data.

Also, you get some latest buzz news about the Indian stock market which will give you an understanding of market behavior and how it influences the stock prices.

The highlight of the group: Get insightful stock market updates and technical analysis of stocks.

Best Stock Choice
Subscribers – 13,000+
SEBI-Registered-Research-Analyst-Telegram-ChannelAbout: This SEBI-registered channel provides daily investment calls, news updates, and short market analyses.

Although they do not give much technical analysis, you can join this group to get secondary investment ideas.

But a trader must filter out information from various mediums and research its accuracy before buying or selling stocks.

The highlight of the group: Gives beneficial stock updates 

Subscribers – 13,000+
SEBI-Registered-Research-Analyst-Telegram-ChannelAbout: A1 Free Intraday tips is another SEBI registered telegram channel with 13 thousand of subscribers.

They give tips and calls for intraday, index, and other trades. However, these calls have an accuracy rate of 75%.

Hence you should research thoroughly before following them. Also, this group shares key stock market news and brief technical analysis. In addition, you can also download their app for these insights.

The highlight of the group: Get a live stock market analysis

SEBI Registered Analyst Telegram Channel

Subscribers – 30,000+
SEBI-Registered-Analyst-Telegram-ChannelAbout: This group fulfills these requirements if you are looking for a SEBI registered channel that gives technical analysis and daily investment calls.

However, it’s best to do your own research before investing, but this channel can give you a good direction of the live market performance. 

The highlight of the group: Provides candle chart analysis 

Valuerupee- SEBI Registered Telegram Channels
Subscribers – 4,000+
SEBI-Registered-Analyst-Telegram-ChannelAboutThis channel is made by a SEBI registered research analyst and columnist in Gujarat Mitra.

You will daily swing, and other trade calls based on stock market news. He also shares his articles on this group, but they are in Gujarati.

Overall, you can get long-term and short-term investment ideas from this channel.

The highlight of the group: Get long-term and short-term investment guidance

IMV Stock Market Update
Subscribers – 3,000+
SEBI-Registered-Analyst-Telegram-ChannelAbout: IMV Stock Market Update is a developing SEBI registered telegram channel that provides the latest market updates, technical analysis of stocks with numbers, investment ideas, and new stock arrival.

Overall, it’s a top-notch channel that gives a brief live stock market performance that shows the direction of stocks.

The highlight of the group: Detailed pre-market, mid-market and stock market news.

Benefits of SEBI Registered Telegram Channels

There are a lot of advantages of SEBI Registered Telegram channels.

1. No hurdle rate and profit-sharing, Direct control over your money, Employ Option Strategies to create passive income, Holistic view of your Required Financial Strategy.

2. It is the fastest and most secure method to get the best Financial Advice from an Experienced Analyst.

3. Telegram SEBI Registered channels help in saving time and effort consumed while finding genuine Financial Advice and knowledge on different not-so-trustworthy websites.

4. You can learn from various experienced Analysts for investing your hard-earned money.

SEBI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What SEBI registered research analysts do?
Ans: SEBI registered research analysts offer an opinion concerning the public offer about securities that are listed or to be listed in a stock exchange, whether or not any such person has the job title of ‘research analyst’ and includes any other entities engaged in the issuance of a research report or research analysis.

Who is the best SEBI registered investment advisor?
Ans: According to google CapitalVia Global Research Limited is a best-renowned investment advisor based in India

How can I become a registered SEBI trader?
FORM A: You have to fill out this form for registration as a stockbroker with SEBI.
FORM AA: You have to fill out this  Application form for registration as a trader or clearing member with SEBI.

Is telegram good for trading?

Ans: Yes! Telegram allows traders free access to joining groups made by top-notch stock market analysts and their materials, tips, calls, etc. Overall, it is great learning platform for both beginner and professional traders.

What is SEBI registered? 

Ans: SEBI stands for Securities and Exchange Board of India. They are a government body that regulates the securities market. SEBI’s main purpose is to protect the interest of investors in these securities markets. Hence, those who are registered with SEBI are allowed to give financial or investment advice to clients. 

How do you check if a company is registered with SEBI?

Ans: To find out whether or not a company is registered with SEBI, you can go to SEBI’s official website and verify it.


These were some of the most popular telegram channels known for giving impressive financial knowledge about the stock market. Since the stock market is tough to predict, it becomes crucial that you gain the skills of understanding how to interpret charts and market movements. Learning this will give you an upper hand and help you make good long-term investment decisions. However, if you only depend on someone’s advice or call, there’s always a risk factor. Hence, it would be best if you understood how to lower losses so that your portfolio looks green.

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