20+ Best Telegram Channel for Crypto Signals

Are you looking for the Best Crypto Trading Signal Telegram Groups?

If yes, then you are the right post! In this post, I am going to list the Best Telegram Channel for Crypto Signals which will help you in your crypto trading journey.

When we talk about cryptocurrency trading it is quite a tricky space to invest in and thus you need to have proper knowledge about it.

However, that does not mean that you cannot trade with these digital tokens, in fact, you can learn how to invest in them through Telegram channels!

In today’s blog post, I’ll be sharing several channels that will help you with that. So let’s begin.

What are crypto signals?

Before I share the links of the telegram channels with you, let me quickly explain what crypto signals, in short, are. Simply put, crypto signals are indicators or investment calls made by professional traders.

Generally, these signals include the trading type, buy/sell point, and risk level. These ideas can be helpful for beginners who are still trying to learn about the market and technical analysis of crypto charts.

However, the ideas or calls are based on factors such as chart analysis, current market scenario, or the latest news.

Benefits of joining Crypto trading signals Telegram channels

Before I show you the Best Telegram Channel for Crypto Signals, let me share the key benefits of joining crypto trading signals channels.

1. Get several investment ideas through research and technical analysis from experienced traders.

2. Learn about crucial aspects of the market such as price volatility and portfolio diversification.

3. If you are new to reading market charts then you will gain knowledge on how to interpret them

4. You will receive niche-specific and authentic news from the cryptocurrency industry that will help you to make better investment decisions.

5. Get risk warnings or disclaimers with certain trade ideas that could work.

6. Develop research skills to understand each digital token’s value instead of hype.

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Best Telegram Channel for Crypto Signals

Binance Futures Signals
Channel Size – Big
WRGAbout: This is one of the biggest crypto trading telegram channels and has more than 8 lakh subscribers. You will get investment signals for crypto, forex, and equities along with their technical analysis. This channel is quite helpful if you want to learn about chart analysis in-depth.

Forex FX Signals Crypto Currency
Channel Size -Big
WRGAbout: This is another Telegram Channel for Crypto Signals that shares daily crypto trading signals and has a following of more than 2 lakh subscribers. You will get short investment ideas but remember to do your research before trading. They have created bots you can chat with to learn how to invest.

Trading BTC Signals
Channel Size – Big
WRGAbout: This telegram channel is similar to the one given above, where you get investment ideas and chatbots. You will get various trading ideas from here along with the chart to support it, but cross-check it before investing since these are all ideas.

Crypto Currency Signals Index
Channel Size – Big
WRGAbout: This channel is also a franchise part of Trading BTC Signals and thus is similar. You will see that it is also an active group with 2 lakh subscribers that provide trading ideas. If you are looking for references or investment ideas, you can find them here.

Expert Crypto Trading Signals
Channel Size -Big
WRGAbout: This is one of the biggest Telegram Channel for Crypto Signals providing free crypto trading signals with 3 lakh subscribers. You will get all investment ideas for the Binomo exchange platform only. They share daily calls and trading pairs with details of target points. However, cross-checking the calls before investing is always wise.

Wolfx Signals
Channel Size -Big
WRGAbout: Wolfx Signals is one channel that gives trading ideas with educational information for beginners. If you are fairly new to investing in the crypto market, you can learn how to read charts and use them to make investment decisions. They provide intraday crypto signals with the period, but their technical analysis is better for learning.

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Defi Million
Channel Size – Big
WRGAbout: This is another huge telegram channel with around 3 lakh subscribers that share free crypto trading signals. You will get daily investment ideas with details and the performance of the calls. Also, they give relevant news regarding NFTs, cryptocurrency, and Metaverse that you can use to refer to before investing in the market.

Best Crypto Trading Signal Telegram Groups

MYC Signals
Channel Size -Big
WRGAbout: MYC Signals is a proactive group that shares crypto investment calls and has around 3 lakh subscribers. They share simple trading ideas with the time and price targets. The best part is you will also get reliable news reports that impact the current market performance.

Channel Size -Big
WRGAbout: BTC CHAMP is a big Telegram Channel for Crypto Signals with around 2 lakh+ followers that use their group. They give crypto trading calls daily and a platform to buy/sell cryptocurrencies. You can join this group if you want to exchange crypto without paying a commission.

Channel Size -Big
WRGAbout: This is another active Telegram Channel for Crypto Signals that provides crypto trading signals and has a following of 1.3 lakh. They provide short-term and long-term investment ideas that you can refer to but ensure you do your research as well. Also, you will get target price points to check.

Crypto Pump Signals
Channel Size – Big
WRGAbout: If you want crypto trading signals from Binance, Hotbit, or Kucoin, you can join this channel. They majorly share investment calls from these platforms along with the target and cryptocurrency. A plus point of this group is that they analyze their calls’ performance and make short reports on them.

Best Crypto Trading Telegram Channels

Big Pump Signals
Channel Size -Big
WRGAbout: This Telegram Channel for Crypto Signals is popular with 1.7 lakh subscribers for launching their own cryptocurrency exchange platform, Hotbit. Users can make an account there or choose to use their free trading ideas on other exchanges. In addition, they share investment calls along with the chart analysis.

CoinDCX Announcements
Channel Size – Big
WRGAbout: Do you want verified crypto industry news and reports? Then you can join the official telegram channel of CoinDCX, which is a popular Indian crypto trading platform. You will get authentic news, valuable webinars, and informational articles.

Binance Future Trading Signals ️
Channel Size – Big
WRGAbout: This telegram channel provides crypto trading signals with entry points and stops loss targets. If you only want investment ideas for popular cryptocurrencies or brief trading ideas, then this group will be helpful for you. They also have a premium channel, but you must purchase a plan.

Channel Size -Big
WRGAbout: This telegram channel comes with bots that will guide subscribers to understand the trading ideas given here. If you are new to crypto trading, certain things might seem difficult such as adding money to your wallet. However, you can get complete help from this channel along with signals.

IQ Options VIP Signals Free
Channel Size -Big
WRGAbout: This channel is unique due to its features. Unlike other groups, you not only get investment ideas from here but also complete details on how to do so. It is a perfect tailor-made channel for new traders that are unsure about the steps or using the exchange platform. Some bots will help you with everything and guide subscribers.

Signals- IQ Option, Olymp trade
Channel Size -Big
WRGAbout: This is yet another popular Telegram Channel for Crypto Signals with more than 4 lakh subscribers. They share a few daily crypto signals, but they only apply for a limited time. So, you can keep this group as an alternative to receiving trading ideas. The range of crypto coins is also short but consistent.

Best Telegram Channel for Crypto Signals

Universal Crypto Signals Pro
Channel Size -Big
WRGAbout: This telegram channel has more than 7 lakh subscribers and focuses on providing detailed investment calls. You will get the period along with buy/sell ideas based on their technical analysis. Also, they share good market research reports and current market scenario that gives you an upper hand.

Fat Pig Signals
Channel Size -Big
WRGAbout: If you are looking for a channel that teaches chart analysis and provides a warning for risky trades, then you can join this Telegram Channel for Crypto Signals. According to their technical analysis, they also share buy/sell alerts on various cryptocurrencies. So if you want to explore entry points or price movements, you’ll gain lots of knowledge here.

Verified Crypto Traders ®
Channel Size -Big
WRGAbout: This is another huge Telegram Channel for Crypto Signals with around 1o lakh subscribers, which is a big following. They share short buy/sell signals for specific cryptocurrencies such as USDT or BTC. Also, if you want relevant news alerts about the market, you will get a short brief here. However, do your research also before investing.


Altogether, these were some of the best Telegram Channel for Crypto Signals that I found.

You can develop core skills in investing and learn how to interpret live market charts.

Also, if you are fairly new to the concept of investing, you can explore lots of significant aspects such as portfolio building, trading strategies, and risk management.

However, it is always advisable to do your research before buying any cryptocurrency and understand its value in the market.


Which Best Telegram Channel for Crypto Signals?

Many Telegram channels give useful trading signals, and I have listed all the above. You can join these groups by clicking on the “Join Now” button.

Where can I get crypto signals for free?

You can get crypto trading signals absolutely free from telegram channels. They provide detailed short-term and long-term investment calls. 

Is the crypto signal good?

Yes, most crypto signals have a success rate of 70%. They also give entry/exit points and the risk level with the investment call.

What are some good Indian Telegram channels about cryptocurrency?

There are tons of helpful Indian telegram channels for cryptocurrency, and some of the best ones are as follows:

  • Verified crypto traders
  • Fat Pig Signals
  • Universal Crypto Signals Pro
  • MYC Signals

What are Binance signals?

Binance signals simply mean trading ideas that are suitable for this cryptocurrency exchange only. 

Are trading signals reliable?

Yes, trading signals are generally based on research done by an expert or experienced traders. However, they only provide ideas so you can take references from them. Don’t invest blindly in their signals, please do your proper research before trading and investing.

How do I get crypto news?

The best way to get authentic new reports is by joining the official telegram channels of several cryptocurrency exchanges. In short, they only provide verified information for their users.

Does Binance have Telegram?

Yes, Binance is there on many social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram.

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