20+ Best Marathi Telegram Group and Channel Links

Are you searching for Marathi Telegram Group and Channel Links? Then you are in the right place! In this post, I have shared 20+ Best Marathi Telegram Group and Channel Links! So, keep reading to find out more.

Marathi is the official language of Maharashtra state. It is also the most spoken language in the state, with over 48% of the population speaking it as their first language!

This shows that knowing Marathi is crucial for Maharashtrians.

As you know, Marathi is important mainly if you appear for civil service competitive exams like MPSC.

So, if you are planning to give these exams or get better with this language, join these telegram groups. So let’s explore these groups!

How to Join a Telegram Group

  1. Firstly, you will need to make a Telegram account. So, download the app from your Android’s Play Store or IOS App store.
  2. Click on the “Join Now” button; it will redirect to a login page.
  3. After you’ve verified your account details and logged in, click the Join Group button to join the group.
  4. Now, you are a telegram subscriber of the group and successfully joined the group.

Now let’s look at some Marathi Telegram Group and Channel. 

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Marathi Telegram Group and Channel Links

Marathi Vyakaran
Subscribers – 2,00,000+


About: This is one of the biggest Marathi Telegram Channel dedicated to learning the Marathi language. There are more than 2 lakh subscribers! This channel shares content to improve students’ grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. You will get several resourceful contents such as MCQ questions from MPSC, word meanings, notes, etc. After joining this group, your Marathi grammar skills will undoubtedly improve.

Marathi Business ideas
Subscribers – 5,000+


About: To learn Marathi, the best way is to read as much as possible. This telegram channel shares beneficial marketing and business ideas, news articles, and e-book links. It is a small Marathi Telegram Group with only 5,000+ subscribers but actively shares content in Marathi. By joining this group, you will learn new words and improve your comprehension skills. Also, you will develop fluency in Marathi.

Is Marathi allowed in competitive exams?

Before I give you the telegram link, I would like to highlight the importance of Marathi in competitive exams like MPSC. To ace MPSC, you should be able to read, write and speak Marathi fluently.

Also, for the UPSC exams, there is a compulsory Indian Language Paper with over 22 Indian languages to choose from, including Hindi, Marathi, Urdu, Malayalam, etc.

Often candidates are not comfortable with English, but to appear for UPSC and MPSC, you must choose Hindi or English for some papers.

In short, aspirants must be excellent in English, Hindi, or Marathi to score well in the exams and ace the interview.

Marathi Money
Subscribers – 3,000+


About: This telegram channel shares valuable financial advice and guidance for investments in forex or cryptocurrency. It is a small group with 2,000+ subscribers as of writing this post. However, you will find various materials to read and understand Marathi. It is crucial to keep multiple sources to learn a language to become fluent in it.

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Marathi current affairs telegram channel

Current Affairs Marathi
Channel Type – 1,50,000+


About: If you are appearing for the MPSC exams this year, you join this big Marathi telegram channel with more than 1.5 lakh subscribers. This group shares beneficial information related to MPSC exams so aspirants can get the latest updates. You will get current affairs news, question papers with solutions, MPSC important alerts, etc. However, they also send some promotional messages, which you can ignore and freely access the study materials.

Subscribers – 2,00,000+


About: This is the official telegram channel of eMPSCkatta, a popular digital platform for MPSC and has more than 1.6 lakh subscribers. You will get useful content for the MPSC exams, such as brief notes, quiz questions, past papers with solutions, current affairs news, subject-wise notes, etc. Also, they share daily updates given by the MPSC official channel. In short, you can get study materials for several subjects in this group.

UPSC In Marathi
Subscribers – 10,000+


About: If you have applied for the upcoming UPSC exams in Marathi, you can join this Marathi Telegram Group. This Marathi Telegram Group has 10,000+ subscribers and is for UPSC Marathi aspirants to get the study materials. You will get subject-wise notes, past papers, and UPSC exam alerts. Plus, you will receive important notifications from UPSC and relevant job alerts.

MPSC Polity
Subscribers – 1,20,000+


About: This is a subject-specific group that is focused on politics. It is one of the best Marathi Telegram Group to join to get study materials for politics and has more than 1.1 lakh subscribers. You will get helpful brief notes, question papers, the latest political news, quiz for MPSC. However, even UPSC students can take benefit from this group. All content given here is in Marathi; hence you will improve in both Marathi and politics. 

Marathi News Telegram Channel

TV9 Marathi Breaking
Subscribers – 3,000+


About: Another great of learning and improving Marathi is to read the news. In this Marathi telegram group, you will get the news article links. If you want to enhance your vocabulary and comprehension skills, joining this group will be quite helpful for you. Even though it is a small group with only 3000+ subscribers, they share Marathi news, giving you a good daily practice session. Try to read at least 1-to 2 articles every day.

Marathi News
Subscribers – 10,000+


About: This is an official Marathi news telegram channel that shares important articles and current affairs in Marathi. They share the articles with a brief description; if you read them daily, you can improve your fluency in speaking Marathi. Also, you will get useful current affairs knowledge that you apply for the MPSC exams. Try noting down words from this article that you do not know the meaning of and find; it will enhance your vocabulary.

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LetsUpp Marathi
Subscribers – 10,000+


About: This is another Marathi news telegram channel with almost 10,000 subscribers. You will get short brief trending news and article links. You can improve your comprehension skills, grammar, and vocabulary by joining this group. Try to learn new words every day from this channel to ace the MPSC paper. 

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