20+ Best MPSC Telegram Channel Links

Are you looking for the Best MPSC Telegram Channel Links for MPSC Exam-relevant study materials? Then you are in the right place! I have shared some of the best telegram channels for you!
The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) is an annual state-level civil service exam conducted to recruit aspirants in various posts such as Deputy Superintendent, Deputy Collector, Mantralaya Section Office, etc.
But there are limited vacancies for these jobs; in 2022, the commission announced only 588 seats are available. 
You may know that the MPSC exams are quite challenging, and you must prepare for several months.

So, let’s begin the MPSC Telegram Channel List!

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MPSC Telegram Channel Links

Channel Type –


About: This is a big MPSC Telegram Channel focused on providing important study notes and questions for MPSC aspirants. With more than 1 lakh subscribers, this group shares the best MCQ practice questions and short notes on various subjects like history, political science, mathematics, Marathi, English, and general science. In addition, they also have their own YouTube channel, but currently, they have not posted any video. However, they mainly provide valuable history, Marathi, and political science information. 

Best Telegram channel for MPSC

Channel Type – Big


About: This Telegram Channel is the official group of the Maharashtra Public Service Commission. Since it is a verified account, you will see a blue tick on their channel. If you want to know about the latest exam updates and dates, this is the best channel for MPSC aspirants. Plus, you will get this information quickly, and they are reliable since it comes from an official account.

However, if you have the right study resources and plan, you will not only be able to crack all three MPSC exams but also ace the interview.
Right now, you must require these resources and alert telegram groups to help you get everything in one place.

Exam tips to crack MPSC

The MPSC is a very competitive exam, and a good score on it is essential for a successful career in a government post. Regardless, the exam is divided into three parts: 2 Prelims and Mains exams.

It is certainly not easy to perform well in these papers without proper preparation and study strategies. Thus, I will be sharing a few helpful exam tips!

  1. Plan your study according to the syllabus: It is crucial to make a list of easy and difficult topics so that you can ace the easy questions.
  2. Be aware of the Exam Paper Pattern: By knowing the paper pattern, you can familiarize yourself with the type of MCQ questions asked in MPSC and practice well.
  3. Practice by Mock Tests: To ensure you score well, you must analyze your performance by attempting mock tests. This will give you experience and increase your scope to get qualifying marks.
  4.  Revise thoroughly: Candidates often prepare for months and tend to forget what they learned a few months before the exam. To avoid this, it is crucial to revise the topics and keep short notes handy.
  5. Organize your studies: Before you start to study for the exams, make a simple plan with goals to complete specific topics in a month or week. This will help you keep track of your progress and improve your knowledge.

Subjectwise MPSC Telegram Channels

MPSC Geography
Channel Type – Big


About: This subject-specific telegram channel focuses on MPSC Geography and Agriculture competitive exams. They share valuable MCQ questions, notes, and updates related to MPSC Geography. All of these posts are Marathi; you will also get a good understanding of Marathi. Also, it will help you prepare subject-wise for the exam and increase your chances of performing well.

MPSC English
Channel Type – Big


About: This MPSC Telegram Channel is subject-specific to MPSC English only and has over 96,000 subscribers. You will get all helpful material related to English grammar, notes, practice questions, etc. The best part of this group is you get short synonyms, antonyms, and spelling notes which help you brush your basic knowledge and improve in English. Plus, you can visit their YouTube channel, which shares more exam-related content.

How to apply for Maharashtra PSC?

Register: Firstly, you will need to go to the official website of Maharashtra PSC

Log in to the website with your email id and phone number (enter these details carefully). After registering, you will receive a notification on your phone or email with login credentials.

Fill out the application correctly: After successfully registering, log in to the website with the given credentials. Now, that you have full the application form, it will ask you to add details like contact number, academic data, personal information, etc. Remember to fill them carefully and do not make spelling errors. 

Upload the documents: After filling all the necessary fields on the application form, you will be asked to upload documents such as the candidate’s scanned photograph and signature. However, these scanned documents need to be of a certain size, so be ready with them beforehand.

Pay the exam fees: Your application is ready to be forwarded, but you must pay the fees on Maharashtra’s PSC official website. It will direct you to a payment portal where you can transfer the fees in various ways. All you need to do is pay according to your category, which will be on the website.

MPSC Polity
Channel Type – Big


AboutThis is another subject-focused MPSC Telegram Channel created for sharing political science content only. If you want study materials for the political syllabus, you can join this group with more than 1 lakh active subscribers! Also, you get brief notes, practice MCQs, and resources to help you prepare thoroughly for the political section of the MPSC exam. All the content posted here is in Marathi. You can check their YouTube channel as well that guides on various competitive exams.

MPSC Economics
Channel Type – Big


About: Economics is one of the tricky sections in the MPSC exams; this is why aspirants should study them diligently to score well. If you also need help studying Economics, you can join this group with around 1 lakh subscribers. They provide an excellent range of practice MCQ questions that you can attempt, notes, and frequent alerts related to the qualified candidates of MPSC. The content given here is in Marathi, but some question PDFs are available in English.

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MPSC Science
Channel Type – Big


AboutScience is one of the essential subjects to crack MPSC exams. This telegram group is the best if you want to prepare well for the science section. With more than 1 lakh subscribers, this channel actively shares quiz questions and MCQ answers notes, all in Marathi. It is crucial to practice to get a good score in science, and this group will help you with that. Plus, you will receive constant MPSC-related alerts to keep you updated about the exam.

MPSC History
Channel Type – Big


About: This MPSC Telegram Channel mainly focuses on the MPSC History section of the exam. So if you are struggling with this subject or are looking for relevant study materials, you can join this group. They have more than 1 lakh subscribers and share valuable brief notes, quiz questions, and answers along with MPSC exam alerts. The best notes are the ones in bullet points that will be very helpful in revising. All the content in this channel is in Marathi only.

MPSC maths
Channel Type – Big


About: Mathematics is challenging, and not everyone is good at it. This is why students should try their best to practice learning and solving maths daily to improve their knowledge. By joining this MPSC Telegram Channel, you will get to solve several maths questions and get notes as well. This channel has a good following of 60,000+, providing relevant puzzle questions, etc., to help aspirants ace maths in MPSC.

MPSC Telegram Group Link

MPSC Alerts
Channel Type – Big


About: If you want constant updates related to MPSC exams and the latest news, this is a great alternative telegram channel to receive important notifications. As an MPSC aspirant, it is crucial to know about the new circulars and any changes. Hence, it is best to join this group with more than 1 lakh subscribers, so you do not miss out on important notices such as qualified candidate lists.

Channel Type – Medium


About: The MPSC exam tests the aspirant’s analytical, logical reasoning, and comprehension skills. To develop these skills to perform well, you can join this group. They often share promotional messages and send useful YouTube links and study materials. With over 40,000 subscribers, you can also receive important updates on MPSC exams. 

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Channel Type – Medium


AboutThis MPSC Telegram Channel is dedicated to providing subject-specific content for human resources, development, and human rights. You will get various study materials from this group, such as previous year’s question papers, answer sheets, notes, and also the latest alerts related to MPSC. By joining this group, you can thoroughly practice and prepare for the human rights section.

MPSC test series telegram channel

Channel Type – Medium


About: If you are looking for an MPSC Telegram Channel that will provide a good range of test series, past papers with solutions, and current affairs from newspapers, this group is the best indeed. You will get all these materials which are free to download, plus get constant alerts from MPSC. They also share their MPSC simplified books that you can purchase online. All content posted here is in Marathi only.

Study Katta
Channel Type – Medium


About: This is a very beneficial telegram channel for MPSC students with more than 45,000+ subscribers. You will get daily free lecture links, MCQ questions for practice, e-books, study notes, etc. All these materials will be quite helpful for MPSC aspirants plus, you will also receive relevant job alerts and exam-related news in this group. If you are confused about which books to buy for preparing, you can check their recommendations.

Mission MPSC
Channel Type – Medium


AboutThis is another valuable MPSC Telegram Channel that focuses on giving study materials for current affairs. As MPSC aspirants need to be aware of the latest happenings in India and globally, it’s best to join this group to get this information. Plus, they share past papers with solutions, articles, guidance for aspirants, and notifications related to MPSC. This channel provides various study resources that will help you ace the exam.

MPSC: BYJU’S Exam Prep
Channel Type – Small


AboutThis is a small telegram channel made by BYJU with 4,000+ subscribers. In this group, you will get live preparation session links, study materials, practice questions, and exam preparation notes. Overall, it is a good channel to get video lecture links that will help you study and get guidance from experts. All this content is in Marathi only.

Channel Type – Small


About: If you plan to appear for agriculture, MPSC, and forestry competitive exams, this group shares all study materials here. Even though it is a small MPSC Telegram Channel, you will get detailed guidance on how you should prepare for these exams and get past papers, books, notes, and video lecture links. Plus, these contents will be in Marathi and English. 

MPSC Mantra
Channel Type – Medium


About: This channel is not focused on one particular subject or paper and posts all MPSC-related study materials. You will get short notes PDFS in English, test series links, etc. Mainly you will get a lot of preparation notes on Current Affairs and practice questions. It is crucial to have multiple sources to download study resources, and this group can thus be useful. You can simply ignore the promotional messages. 

Channel Type – Small


About: This MPSC Telegram Channel shares important information such as book lists for certain subjects, short notes, preparation strategies, question papers with solutions, etc. These materials will help you to plan for your MPSC exams. Also, you will get PDF notes and updates on the MPSC exams. If you want to join their coaching for MPSC, you can get the link to join this group. However, it is best first to utilize the free materials available to you.

MPSC books pdf telegram channel

MPSC Material
Channel Type – Small


About: In this MPSC Telegram Channel, you will get detailed MPSC updates, past papers with solutions, notes, etc. It is a small group with 10,000+ subscribers, but if you want to get motivation with important alerts, you can join this friendly group. All the content posted here is in Marathi. However, they also have their blog in English, where you can get all information.


Is the MPSC exam hard?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the difficulty of an MPSC examination can vary depending on the paper set. However, generally speaking, MPSC examinations are difficult and can be challenging. Even though you are consistent with practicing, you can ace the exam easily.

What is the eligibility of MPSC?

Candidates that have completed their undergraduate degree from a government-recognized university or obtained an equivalent qualification are eligible to give MPSC. Also, students in their last year of the degree programs are eligible to apply.

What are the jobs in MPSC?

There are multiple opportunities available after you qualify for the MPSC exams. Some of the job posts include:

  • Deputy Collector (DC)
  • Deputy Superintendent of Police
  • District Deputy Registrar (DDR)
  • Sales Tax Officer (STO)
  • Tahsildar
  • Deputy CEO

Can a 3rd-year student apply for MPSC?

Yes! Even students in the 3rd year or final year of their degree program are eligible to apply for MPSC.

What is the MPSC age limit?

The MPSC has set an age limit for selecting candidates for the posts of various office-bearers in the State Government. Hence, a person must be at least 19 years old for everyone, but the maximum age limit differs according to the caste category. For the General category, the maximum of 43 years is the age limit, whereas, for Backward Class, the limit is 45 years.

Is Marathi necessary for MPSC?

Marathi is the official language of Maharashtra and is also the most spoken language in the state. Hence, it is a mandatory language for MPSC aspirants. Hence, learning Marathi is a must if you want to crack the MPSC examination.

Can I become IAS through MPSC?

Yes! You can be an IAS officer after a few years of experience and get promoted from PSC officer to IAS. However, this process can take time; thus, you should apply for Civil Service exams in the IAS cadre to become a district collector.

Is MPSC held every year?

Yes. It is an Annual Competitive Exam to get recruited into the government body.


The MPSC exams are approaching again this year; if you want to ace the exam, you must prepare well. For this, students need important study materials, practice questions, revision notes, and tips, but these are premium content that is not easily available. However, you can find these materials on telegram channels for free! The main thing is that you keep practicing by solving previous year’s papers, track where you make mistakes, and note them down so that you do not repeat them in the exam. In short, this simple technique and study resources will help you score amazingly in all the MPSC exams. All the best!

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