10+ [Valuable] AIIMS PG Telegram Group and Channels links

If you are an AIIMS PG aspirant, then this post will help you immensely as I will be sharing the best AIIMS PG Telegram Group and Channels links!

These telegram channels contain various study material, video lectures, textbooks, workbooks, past papers, quizzes, etc.

The AIIMS PG medical entrance exams are coming up soon. You do not need to waste your time searching for study resources for your entrance exam by joining them.

There’s no doubt the AIIMS PG exams are one of the toughest entrance exams in India.

However, with the right preparation, you can ace the exams!

Sounds great, right? So, let’s begin!

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AIIMS PG Telegram Group List

Subscribers – 2,00,000+


About: This is a big telegram channel made by a student named Aryan Raj Singh, that has secured a seat at AIIMS Delhi University. His goals are to motivate students appearing for medical entrance exams and help them ace them. In his channel, you will get all the important notes, strategies, and tailor-made preparation techniques from him. The best thing about joining this channel is you will get proper guidance from an expert who has given the exam and has more than 2,00,000 subscribers!

Tamanna Chaudhary
Subscribers – 50,000+


AboutThis is another quite big telegram channel made by Tamanna Chaudhary, a renowned academic educator at Unacademy. She is known for guiding students in tough subjects like Physics. Hence, this channel is beneficial for AIIMS PG and NEET UG aspirants. You will get video lecture links, textbook PDFs, notes, and crash courses for preparation. Also, you can practice solving questions that will help test your knowledge.

Members – 96,000+


About: This is one of the best and biggest AIIMS PG Telegram Group dedicated to NEET PG exams. They share textbook PDFs, notes, past papers of NEET or CET, daily quiz questions, etc. In short, you can get all the resources in one place, and they are not copyrighted so you can download them easily. Another great thing about this group is they are open to doubts or discussions. Plus, you will often find relevant job alerts in this channel with all the details. You should definitely join this group if you appear for competitive exams like NEET, AIIMS, and CET.

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Members – 46,000+


About: This is another excellent AIIMS PG Telegram Group you join in preparing for AIIMS PG. It’s a big group with more than 46,000 active subscribers who have access to the latest updates regarding the exams, notes, key points, textbook and workbook PDFs, a question bank, etc. You will also find some excellent video lecture links to help you understand the concepts better. Also, it’s an open discussion group, so if you have any doubts or want to ask questions, you are free to do so.

How to ace AIIMS PG?

Every year lakhs of students appear for the AIIMS PG exam, but only a few get selected based on their rank. This is why the AIIMS exam is definitely a tough one. However, you can do well on it with the proper preparation and practice. Here are some valuable tips to help you prepare for the AIIMS exam:

1. Make sure you are well-prepared for the exam. This means spending time studying the material and practicing the questions.

2. Try to get comfortable with the format of the exams. The questions are typically multiple-choice, and there are no essays or non-multiple-choice questions.

3. Familiarize yourself with the different sections of the exam. The section you are most likely to be challenging is Physics or Chemistry. Thus, carefully answer them and while solving papers, try to focus on these sections more.

4. Make use of study materials specifically designed for the AIIMS exam. These materials will help you understand the paper format better and improve your score.

5. Start studying as early as possible. The earlier you start studying, the better your chances of success. Regardless of if you do not have much time to prepare, it’s best to make an effective study plan that covers the entire syllabus and practice solving questions.


PGPrep Group | FMGE | NEXT | AIIMS Group
Members – 11,000+


About: This telegram channel is dedicated to post-graduation competitive exams. You will get all the study materials right from video lectures, notes, textbooks, questions, etc. However, this is not a discussion group, but they often share motivational quotes to cheer students so that they can prepare well. Hence, it is certainly a great group to get motivated and the crucial resources for preparing and revision.

AIIMS preparation group
Members – 2,500+


About: This AIIMS PG Telegram Group covers all sections for the AIIMS entrance exams. You will find all handwritten notes for MBBS, B Pharma, BSC Nursing, GNM, BPT, and paramedical courses. Also, they provide important questions, textbook PDFs, and updates related to the exams. If you have any relevant questions, you are allowed to discuss them.

Subscribers – 3,500+


About: This is a new telegram channel created in 2019 by AIIMS PG and NEET aspirants. If you are looking to find a telegram group that strictly only provides free textbook PDFs, handwritten notes, essential definitions, and practice questions, it’s worth joining. Also, you will get other study materials in the form of PPT, which will make studying simple.

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Subscribers – 5,000+


AboutIn this AIIMS PG Telegram Group, you will get all the study materials related to NEET. You can easily download handwritten notes, links to essential points, and study tips. They also share news updates regarding NEET and its syllabus. Although you cannot discuss anything in this group, it’s one of the best groups to get good quality handwritten notes to prepare.

NEET Aiims Study Group
Members – 2,000+


About: This is another open discussion AIIMS PG Telegram Group for students appearing for NEET-UG and AIIMS PG. However, you are strictly allowed to ask relevant doubts only. This group provides you with daily quiz questions and links. So, if you want to practice questions, this group is worth joining. You can even get some textbooks, notes, and formula sheets.

Members – 30,000+


About: You can join this group if you are looking for a telegram group that will give you all the latest updates and news related to the AIIMS PG and INI-CET exams. They also share good quiz questions, revision notes, MCQ question PDFs, etc. In addition, you can discuss your doubts and get them cleared by fellow aspirants.

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Members – 10,000+


About: This is a strict telegram channel focused on helping students appearing for medical entrance exams. You are not allowed to send any spam or promotional messages, or else the user will be banned from the group by the admin. However, they provide you with notes and past paper PDFs too. Also, this channel hosts a daily quiz from 5 pm to 6 pm, which is open to everyone. By attempting these practice questions, you will better grasp the concepts and learn the paper pattern.

Subscribers – 7,000+


About: This is a new AIIMS PG Telegram Group created in 2021 for AIIMS PG aspirants. You will find various study materials such as textbook PDFs, study hacks, chapter-wise solutions, test series of many subjects, important formulas, etc. It is a great group to get secondary study materials and refine your basics before appearing for the AIIMS PG exam.

Subscribers – 20,000+


About: This AIIMS PG Telegram Group is ideal if you want to apply to the AIIMS Delhi University. You will get notified about the AIIMS PG exam and other important news updates on this channel. If you do not want to miss out on any exam-related notifications, go ahead and join this group. Also, in this channel, they provide you with test links that you can attempt. Occasionally they share relevant job vacancy alerts as well.

Subscribers – 7,000+


About: This Telegram group is made by an MBBS student named Pankaj at AIIMS Jodhpur. He also has his YouTube channel, where he shares his NEET and competitive exams knowledge. In this group, you will find all the video lecture links, and he even provides personal coaching offers. So, if you want guidance from an MBBS student who has successfully secured a seat in AIIMS and scored excellent marks in NEET, you are free to join!

Unacademy NEET PG Telegram group

NEET PG | INI-CET | FMGE With Unacademy
Subscribers – 20,000+


About: This Telegram group is run by an Unacademy.
Online live class & doubt clearing.
Daily Test Series & Grand Tests.


How many PG seats are there in AIIMS?

There are a total of 872 PG seats in AIIMS.

What are the fees of AIIMS PG?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the fees of AIIMS PGIM can vary depending on the program you choose and the duration of the program. However, some general fees for AIIMS PGIM programs include tuition, room and board, and miscellaneous expenses.

What are the PG courses in AIIMS?

The post-graduation courses taught at AIIMS are as follows:

  • M.D/M.S/M.D.S
  • M.Ch. (5-year course)
  • M.Sc. / M. Biotechnology

Is the AIIMS exam challenging?

There is no doubt that the AIIMS exam is one of the toughest exams in the country.

What are the qualifying marks for AIIMS?

The qualifying marks for the AIIMS PG exam are about 50%, equivalent to 98.833% in the percentile. However, this cut-off is only for the unreserved categories. The qualifying mark for SC/ST (Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe) is 40%, whereas, for OBC/NCL (Other Backward Classes /Non-Creamy Layer), the marks range is 45%.

Can I give AIIMS without giving NEET?

No. It is compulsory to appear for NEET before seeking admission to AIIMS.

Is there any age limit for AIIMS?

There is no age limit for admission to AIIMS. In fact, AIIMS is open to all eligible patients, regardless of age. Although, a candidate will only be eligible to appear for the exam if they have completed 17 years of age before appearing for the exam.

Can an average student crack AIIMS?

Yes. Although the AIIMS PG exams are tough, even an average student can crack them. All you need to have is determination and proper practice to ace it confidently.

Who can apply for AIIMS PG?

There are a few things that an applicant must possess to be considered for AIIMS PGPM admission. These include an undergraduate degree in a relevant medical field recognized by the Indian councils, an excellent academic record, and GMAT or GRE scores. Additionally, applicants must have at least 12 months of internship experience, including a permanent or provisional registration of MCI.

Which is the best AIIMS PG Telegram Group?

All the channel links are given above. Join them as per your need.


So, this was the list of the AIIMS PG Telegram Group and Channels to get study materials for AIIMS PG. The AIIMS PG exams are certainly challenging; however, if you practice enough and have access to helpful study resources, you will be able to crack the exam. Also, the important thing about entrance exams is to rank high to get a seat at the university; thus, it is best to have a good understanding of the paper pattern. In the last months of preparation, you should solve many mock tests and practice questions to refine your knowledge. These telegram channels will be quite helpful in getting all resources in one place.

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