10+ Best Dropshipping Telegram Group Links

Do you have a dropshipping business, or are you exploring this field? If yes, read on to find out more! I welcome you to this post, where I will be talking about Dropshipping Telegram Group and its different aspects!

In recent years, everything has become digital.

Especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, companies thrived in doing online business, and they were indeed quite successful during these years.

E-commerce and online marketplaces worldwide reported a profit of $26.7 trillion in 2020!

It is predicted that these markets will rise to $7 trillion by 2025. Since then, the model of dropshipping has also started to emerge.

In business, it’s best to be aware of key insights, trends, etc., to avoid making newcomer mistakes that can impact your business.

Therefore, I made a list of 10+ Best Dropshipping Telegram Groups that will help you achieve your goals and also get crucial knowledge that you can apply.

But before I share with you these telegram groups, let me talk about the basics first to help you understand dropshipping and its process. Let’s begin!

Dropshipping Telegram Group Links

Subscribers – 15,000+


AboutThis is a big telegram channel with about 15000+ subscribers. This group is worth joining if you want to get more insights about marketing, the latest trends, customer behavior, advertisements, etc. You will get informational videos and learn about suitable products for dropshipping businesses. However, this channel does not only restrict itself to dropshipping but also covers news related to e-commerce and entrepreneurship. They even provide detailed step-wise videos to help newcomers understand how to market and run ads.

The Ecom King – News
Subscribers – 7,000+


About: This telegram channel is created by a popular YouTuber called Mohammed Kamil Sattar who has 3 businesses. He started his own official telegram channel, in this group he shares the latest updates and news in the dropshipping industry. He also shares helpful content related to dropshipping and guides newcomers in this field. You will find various links to his YouTube videos where he explains dropshipping in detail. 

Subscribers – 5,000+


About: This Dropshipping Telegram Group has about 4000+ subscribers who get tips and strategies on how to boost online sales. You will also find the source of this news and insights and learn about the latest customer behavior trends. Their channel is focused on making clients into entrepreneurs. They also provide marketing strategies for clients.

Ali Shipping Indian Dropshipping Marketplace
Subscribers – 700+


About:This is a small telegram channel that is focused on dropshipping with AliExpress only. So, if you have an online dropshipping business with AliExpress, too, you can find a great range of products to choose from. You will find the product descriptions, catalog, and photos. However, sometimes you see photos that can confuse newcomers, and thus, this group is suitable for experienced drop shippers.

What is dropshipping?

If you are somewhat new to dropshipping, it would be best to understand what it is and how it works.

Dropshipping is a business model in which you sell products, usually online, without having to carry any inventory yourself. Instead, you simply order products from suppliers and then sell them online.

One of the benefits of dropshipping is that it allows you to avoid having to invest in expensive inventory. Instead, you can simply rely on the sales generated by your products.

Let me also explain it in practical terminology, dropshipping is an online business model that allows retailers (you) to supply products to a consumer (online buyer) via a third-party supplier.

Like I said earlier, you do not require an inventory or warehouse to store products that you want to sell.

So, customers directly get the shipment from a third-party retailer through your business. I know it still may sound complex but don’t worry; I will break it down for you in steps.

  1. An online buyer orders from a retailer (you)
  2. You place this order to a wholesaler or manufacturer (dropshipping partner) who delivers this product to the customer.
  3. The wholesaler/manufacturer charges you for this order, and the retailer (you) charges the customer.

Overall, you have to manage a short supply chain system effectively. In short, you have to optimize it to have a good connection with wholesalers/manufacturers that can deliver products fast.

If you directly deal with the manufacturer(who makes the product), it will be easier since you will earn a good share of the profit.

Drop-Shipping Group
Members – 5,000+


About: If you are looking for a Dropshipping Telegram Group that will help you solve the problems you are facing in your business, then this group is the best. It has over 5000+ active subscribers that openly ask or seek to find relevant answers to improve their online sales. However, this channel is only focused on dropshipping and not all e-commerce businesses. Also, you are only allowed to ask doubt in English. Regardless, unnecessary spamming or advertising is prohibited in this group. If you do so, you will be removed.

Dropshiping stock updates
Subscribers – 300+


About: This is a relatively small Dropshipping Telegram Group that provides products suitable for dropshipping. Also, it comes with short product descriptions or if the stocks availability. Also, they share various product detailed catalogs. If you only want to find products you want to add to your website or dropshipping business, joining this group will be pretty helpful.

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Dropship BCO Blast Channel
Subscribers – 2,500+


About:  This Dropshipping Telegram Group is in the Malay Language For BCO Dropship Members.

Dropshipping Telegram channel Links

Shopify Masters
Subscribers – 1,500+


About: This Channel contains the Russian Language. If you want Rusian Dropshipping Telegram Group then this group is very helpful for you.

Subscribers – 2,000+


About: If you want to sell Malaysian products online, this channel will help you find a good range of products and their descriptions. However, this group has a language barrier, so you find it confusing, but the messages come with small English translations.

Subscribers – 500+


About: This is another excellent Dropshipping Telegram Group for getting a resourceful product catalog. They provide you with all the details about the products, including their stock availability. If you are confused about the kind of products you want to sell online, this group is perfect for exploring different options and making things easier.


Is dropshipping profitable?

Most drop shippers make around a quarter of each sale they complete.

Do you need a website to dropship?

No. Dropshipping business is quite flexible and thus, you do not necessarily need to have a dropshipping website. However, it is advisable to have your own website since it has lots of advantages.

Is dropshipping taxable in India?

Dropshipping is not taxable in India as long as you meet the following conditions:

  • You are not making a profit from the sales of the products you are selling
  • You are not carrying any inventory
  • You are not making any sales outside of India

If you meet these conditions, you are not liable for any income or other tax obligations related to your dropshipping business.

How to Find the Best Dropshipping Telegram Group?

I had curated the list of best Dropshipping Telegram Group by analyzing all the things. Join any of them which suits you.

Do I need GST for dropshipping in India?

Dropshipping in India can be done without any additional taxes, as long as the items being sold are below Rs.1,000 in value. However, if the value of the items sold exceeds Rs.1,000, then the seller may need to register for GST.

Is Shopify successful in India?

Shopify is a platform that allows businesses to create their own online stores. Shopify is a successful e-commerce platform in India. It has over 2 million active merchants, and it is used by many large brands, such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Walmart. Shopify makes it easy for merchants to set up a shop, and it offers a wide range of features, such as online payments, inventory management, and marketing tools.

Is Amazon a dropshipping company?

No. Amazon is an e-commerce marketplace and is one of the largest online retail companies in the world.

How much does Shopify charge per sale?

Shopify charges retailers with each online transaction made but that depends on the monthly package you subscribe to. For example, if you choose their basic plan of $29 per month, they will charge you 2.9% + 30 cents and this percentage will change with your plan.


In a nutshell, if you want to have a successful dropshipping business, you need to follow some of the best practices in this field. The best way to do so is by promoting your website and clarifying that you are a drop-shipper. Also, it is always wise to be updated with the latest business trends to be ahead of the competition. However, whether or not your business will be successful does not entirely depend upon following trends but on analyzing them and optimizing your website to make it user-friendly. Lastly, customer reviews play a vital role in building trust among buyers and help to make a good reputation that drives your business such that it soars in profits.

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