20+ Best Marrow Telegram Group and Channel Links

Are you planning to take the NEET-UG exams this year and look for good study materials and Marrow Telegram Group?

We all know that the NEET UG exams are one of India’s most challenging medical entrance exams.

However, it is not impossible to crack these exams.

One of the main things that all NEET aspirants should do is prepare, prepare and prepare!

I am saying this since strong determination will help you beat your competitors to get enrolled in your desired college.

But before I share the links of these telegram channels, let me briefly explain what Marrow is and how it relates to NEET-PG.

Also, I will provide you with helpful tips that you use to ace your NEET exam, so read on to find out!

What is Marrow? What are its benefits?

Most of the candidates appearing for the NEET-PG exam must know Marrow. If you are hearing about Marrow for the first time or do not have much idea about it, let me help you and explain what it is.

Basically, Marrow is an online mock test simulator that is designed to be similar to NTA (National Testing Agency) NEET-PG.

You may think of it as an online platform that allows you to experience how the NEET entrance exam will be conducted and get an idea of how you can allocate your time to answer the questions.

What makes Marrow so popular is their success rates, and candidates that attempt their mock tests usually perform exceptionally well in the exams.

Hence, NEET aspirants use Marrow to prepare diligently. Do you want to get access to their materials for free? Then simply join the telegram groups to download the NEET resources.

So, let’s begin the Marrow Telegram Group List!

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Marrow Telegram Group and Channel Links

Channel Size – Big


About: This telegram has more than 39,000 active channels Size that mainly provides important video lectures. You can find all the links and videos related to NEET PG in this group. All the videos posted on this channel are free to download and access. Also, they sometimes share e-book PDFs and lecture notes for revision purposes.

Prepladder Marrow Notes
Channel Size – Big


About: This is a big Marrow Telegram Group that will help you to get MBBS textbooks and notes. You can get detailed notes from DAMS, Marrow, and preladder for free. Plus, you will find simple revision notes of various subjects in this channel. It is indeed one of the best groups, which is why there is more than 45,000 Channel Size.

Marrow edition 5 notes
Channel Size – Big


About: This is a big telegram group with more than 30,000 active channels Size. You will get Marrow Edition 5 PDF notes of all years and subjects in this channel. Plus, they share revision notes for preparation. Overall, this channel is packed with plenty of study materials; hence you should definitely join this group to access them.

Tips for NEET exam

Before I give you the telegram group links, it would be best if I could also share some valuable tips that will help you ace the NEET exams this year. So, let’s begin.

1. Get plenty of rest: The NEET 2023 entrance examination is rigorous, and you will need all the energy you can muster to score well. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep and avoid unnecessary stress.

2. Familiarize yourself with the syllabus: The syllabus for the NEET 2023 exam is very detailed, and it is crucial to have a good understanding of all the topics covered. Make sure to study the relevant sections of the syllabus thoroughly.

3. Keep practicing: The best way to ace the NEET 2023 exam is to practice diligently. Since there is a negative marking system, you should be able to avoid getting your score reduced due to it. This can only be achieved with immense practice.

PrepLadder Medical
Channel Size – Big


About: This is a Marrow Telegram Group made by PrepLadder, an online learning platform. They often share video links on preparing for the NEET UG exams and recall questions. If you have completed studying for a particular topic, you can attempt these recall questions to test your knowledge. 

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Channel Size – Medium


About: If you are looking for study materials for biochemistry NEET PG, this group is worth joining. You can find various resources in this Marrow Telegram Group, such as essential points, notes, video lectures, past paper solutions, quiz questions with answers, etc. Overall, they share multiple contents that you can use to prepare and revise for the exams. 

Everything about NEET PG & MARROW EDITION 4
Channel Size – Medium


About: If you are a NEET PG aspirant and want study materials from Marrow, this group is the best. You will get all the textbook PDFs, question papers, Marrow Edition 4 content, revision notes, mock test series, etc. Also, you will get access to good preparation videos. Altogether, you should join this group if you need to download important books for free.

Med-PG News/Notice
Channel Size – Medium


About: This telegram channel is made for all competitive medical exam aspirants. They share all the critical updates and latest news regarding the exams. You can simply join this group to receive notifications about the exam, such as result declarations, registration dates, admit card release, paper pattern changes, etc. Also, they provide subject-wise important notes, video lectures, and preparation strategies.

Channel Size – Medium


About: This Marrow Telegram Group is managed by Dr. Suganya Venkat, MD in Pathology. You can get all the study resources related to pathology in this group. They share essential MCQ questions, medical case quizzes, important notes, and video lectures. However, this channel provides explicitly questions related to pathology.

Channel Size – Medium


About: This telegram channel is created by certified doctors who share valuable study materials for NEET aspirants and clear their doubts. This group is best to gain practical knowledge from experts, and you are allowed to discuss questions with them. You will find several video lecture links, medical case quizzes with answers, important points, notes, etc.

Channel Size – Small


About: This is another specific Marrow Telegram Group that is dedicated to Dermatology. You will find all notes, important pointers, MCQ questions, medical case quizzes, video lectures, etc. You can also get the solutions for the MCQ questions. In short, this group gives a good range of practice questions that can be helpful for students.

Marrow Notes pdf Telegram

Marrow Edition 5 Notes / Videos
Channel Size – Small


About: This Marrow Telegram Group provides various high-quality Marrow video lectures and notes. You can easily download them. Plus, they share revision notes too. In short, this group posts detailed masterclass videos for NEET aspirants, and all of them are free.

Channel Size – Medium


About: This telegram channel is managed by an MD doctor in Pediatrics named Dr. Ankit Yadavendra. He is also the author of the book called 45NOTES TO PG. All the content posted here is related to Pediatrics and is subject-specific. This channel will quiz questions, important notes, textbook PDFs, and medical case questions with solutions. 

Become Doctor
Channel Size – Small


About: This is another small yet resourceful Marrow Telegram Group where you can get all updates and notes. With over 1000 active users, this channel shares quiz questions, important PDF notes, the latest news by Indian Medical Council, and video lectures.

Channel Size – Medium


About: This is a relatively new telegram channel made in 2021 and already has almost 15,000 Channel Size! You will find all solved subject-wise question papers and textbook book PDFs. They even provide complete solved papers with explanations so that you can understand the answer formats and have no doubts. You can easily download previous year’s questions for NEET PG, AIIMS, and JIPMER exams.

Channel Size – Small


About: Are you finding notes from DAMS, Marrow, or PreLadder? Then you can find all of them on this Marrow Telegram Group. This group shares non-copyrighted study materials, and you can easily download their PDFs for free. You will find all the subject-wise detailed notes from Marrow, DAMS, and preladder. These can help you understand the concepts better without much effort.

Marrow Videos Telegram Group

Channel Size – Medium


About: As the name of this telegram group suggests, you will find all useful notes and valuable video lectures of Marrow edition 5. You can simply ignore the promotional messages and skip to files; you will get the subject-wise PDF and revision notes. All of the contents posted in this group are of high quality and do not consist of watermarks. So, join this group to take advantage of the resources. 

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Marrow Qbank and prepladder notes
Channel Size – Medium


About: This is another big Marrow Telegram Group that shares excellent study resources by Marrow and preladder. It is one of the best groups for NEET to join for question banks and notes. You can easily download the subject PDF notes of Marrow, rapid revision notes, video lectures, and links.

Prepladder, Marrow, MBBS BOOKS
Channel Size – Small


About: This is a small Marrow Telegram Group, but it shares various helpful study materials. You can find MBBS books and notes from Marrow, Kaplen, and Usmle. Also, they share handwritten notes, a question bank, revision notes, etc. If you want additional resources, this group is the best.

Marrow qbank pdf free Download

Marrow qbank complete edition 3
Channel Size – Small


About: This is also a telegram channel dedicated to providing study material from Marrow. This is a new group and, until now, has shared a good range of question banks with solutions. If you want more practice questions from Marrow, this group is a great option to access them.

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Channel Size – Medium


About: This is another popular Marrow Telegram Group that shares valuable study materials for free. You can download Marrow edition 3,4, and 5 notes from this group. You will also get updated notes from preladder. Plus, they provide paid video lectures for free, which you can access by clicking on their provided links.

Prepladder Marrow Discussion Group
Channel Size – Small


About: This is a strict discussion group where you can get access to preladder accounts. However, you are not allowed to send any promotional links or advertise. If anyone posts external spam links on this group, they get removed.

Marrow Notes [Official]
Channel Size – Very Small


About: This small Marrow Telegram Group only shares Marrow notes of different editions. You can go to the files section of this group and download all the study materials. If you cannot find Marrow notes, you can try downloading them from here.


Is Marrow only for MBBS students?

Marrow is not only for MBBS students; it is for all NEET PG aspirants.

Is Marrow a NEET-UG?

No. Marrow is an online learning platform with a popular test series that imitates NEET PG. In short, it is for postgraduates.

Are Marrow’s questions tough?

Yes. The Marrow question bank is quite tricky since they are designed to be similar to the actual NEET PG exams. However, these questions are challenging since they cover them in depth.

How many MCQs are in Marrow?

There are numerous questions available in the Marrow question bank, which can go more than 18,500.

Is Marrow free or paid?

It is a paid platform where you need to buy their subscription plan. However, about 20% of their content is free to access.

Is Marrow good for NEET?

Marrow is one of the best platforms to study for NEET PG entrance exams. Their question banks, notes, and test series are top-notch, even better than PG coaching classes.

Which is the Marrow Telegram Group?

All above-given Marrow telegram Group is best for NEET Preparation.

Can we use Marrow on the laptop?

No. Marrow can only be used on phones or tablet devices.

Which subjects to study from Marrow?

Marrow is generally a better option in all major subjects like Pharmacology, Physiology, Medicine, Radiology, Anesthesia, etc. Although when it comes to subjects like Anatomy, Psychiatry, and Dermatology preladder has an upper hand. 


Altogether, these were some of the top marrow telegram groups I found for you guys. After joining these telegram channels, you can access their video lectures and study resources absolutely free! If you are a NEET aspirant this year, you understand how challenging this entrance exam is. This is why it becomes crucial that you thoroughly prepare yourself. You will need to use tools such as Marrow which plays a vital role in providing detailed notes. Hence, it would be best to take advantage of these telegram channels to get free access to all the premium content.

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