22+ Best Telegram Group Link Malayalam [DATING, JOBS, EDUCATION]

Are you looking for some of the Best Telegram Group Link Malayalam? Then you are in the right place! There are several Telegram groups in Malayalam, but not all are worth joining.

Usually, Telegram channels get spammed a lot by users’ promotional messages, which becomes annoying. However, some strict telegram groups follow the rules and maintain decorum in the chat section.

After a lot of research, I found some useful Malayalam Telegram channels that I would like to share with you.

In this blog post, I will share the 22+ Telegram group links in Malayalam! So, let’s begin.

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Telegram Group Link Malayalam


Channel Size – Medium
About: PSC PDF BANK is a valuable channel to get free study resources. You will find many relevant government job opportunities and exam updates. After clicking on the link, it will redirect you to their website, which contains the complete details about the job posting and the link to apply.

Educational Telegram Group Link Malayalam


Kerala PSC Online Guruji
Channel Size – Medium
About: Are you planning to appear for the Kerala PSC exam? Then this group is for you! You will get lots of proper study materials such as video lectures and notes to help prepare for the exams. Also, if you have doubts about specific topics, you can clarify them here.


GK Master official
Channel Size -Medium
About: This is quite a beneficial Malayalam telegram channel for PSC aspirants looking for free study materials. Since it is an active group, you will get notes, questions, video lectures, and exam notifications. You will also get several current affairs and GK knowledge.


PSC Trolls
Channel Size – Medium
About: This is a fun group where you can get funny videos and jokes about Kerala PSC exams. You can explore this group if you want to refresh your mind by watching something humorous. Many original memes and jokes posted here will make you laugh.

Benefits of using Telegram

Telegram is a messaging app with over 1.5 billion active users. It offers several benefits that can be of interest to bloggers and content creators.

  • One of Telegram’s key benefits is its speed. It is often reported as one of the fastest messaging apps. This is thanks to its use of cloud storage and its ability to use many servers to distribute the messages.
  • This means your messages will still be sent even if you use Telegram in a location with poor internet connections.
  • Another benefit of Telegram is that it is encrypted. This means that your messages are protected.

Malayali Telegram Group Link


OneIndia Malayalam
Channel Size – Small
About: This is an official telegram group of a Malayalam news channel. They actively share the latest news articles and headlines along with their website’s links. If you want to get join reliable news sources then this group is the best. All content given here is in Malayalam only.

Tech Telegram Group Link Malayalam


Channel Size – Small
About: This is a niche-specific Malayalam telegram channel that shares the latest technology news. You will get brief reports of newly released products and specifications of various devices such as laptops, phones, and tablets. Overall, you can join this group to be updated about the recent happenings in the tech industry.


Channel Size – Small
About: This is another tech-related Malayalam telegram group that focuses on providing subscribers with the latest news from the tech world. You will get all the information from recent updates by top technology companies to regional news. All of these articles will be in Malayalam.


Smartphone Users
Channel Size – Small
About: This unique discussion group allows users to interact with each other and talk about smartphones or the latest tech devices. You can join this group if you want an active channel to get honest feedback from phone users and want opinions on certain products.


Channel Size – Small
About: This is a unique Malayalam telegram news channel that focuses on providing the latest happenings in the technology world. You will get alerts of new smartphone arrivals with their specifications, smartwatches, tablets, and laptops. They also share the prices of all the new devices and high-quality pictures. 

Benefits of joining a Telegram channel

There are several benefits of joining a telegram group that gives specific content. Some key ones are:

  • You can share your ideas with people and get feedback; this will help you grow and develop better skills
  • The main advantage of a telegram group is that you get free resources without ads.
  • You can gain lots of knowledge from fellow users in a niche and can interact with them. Whether you are a small or large business, it is a great space to receive insights that will help you streamline your goals.

Malayalam Telegram Channel Link


Ratheesh R Menon
Channel Size – Small
About: This telegram channel is handled by a technology reviewer on YouTube named Ratheesh R Menon. He has a massive following of more than 10 lakh subscribers on YouTube and gives interactive tech reviews of popular devices. You can join this group if you want to know about his latest videos.


Entri App – Malayalam
Channel Size – Medium
About: Entri App is an online platform that helps students prepare for various exams and learn them in their local language. This is the official telegram channel of this App, and thus, there is a tick on their name. You will get the latest current affairs and applicable video lectures to study for Kerala PSC and other competitive exams.

Music Telegram Group Link Malayalam


Malayalam Christian songs
Channel Size – Medium
About: This is another official Malayalam telegram channel of M4Manna with a blue tick on its name. They share various videos with songs that are in the Malayalam language. However, it is not an active channel that sends daily videos.


Fact Crescendo Malayalam
Channel Size – Small
About: Fast Crescendo Malayalam is an official news fact-checking telegram channel. They share several headlines along with the link to the complete article. You can join this group if you want the latest news worldwide and in India in Malayalam.

News Telegram Group Link Malayalam


ZEE Malayalam News
Channel Size – Small
About: This is an official telegram group of Zee Malayalam where you can get the latest current affairs. They give headlines with the article links that contain the complete information. You can join this group if you want to check the news in Malayalam.

Telegram Group Link Malayalam chat


Tamil Malayalam Chat
Channel Size – Small
About: This is a small discussion Malayalam telegram channel where fluent Tamil and Malayalam speakers can interact with each other; this group has strict rules where you are not allowed to send spam content and be friendly with everyone.

Job Telegram Group Link Malayalam


Tech job Malayalam
Channel Size – Small
About: This niche-specific Malayalam telegram channel shares the best job opportunities in Malayalam. If you are looking for fresher jobs, you can find many vacancies here. There are many regional and abroad positions given that you can explore and apply for after checking the qualifications.


Channel Size – Small
About: This discussion channel allows users to get state and central government jobs in Malayalam. You can easily apply for the opportunities given and here and ask other subscribers to help you with your doubts. It is an active group but avoids clicking on suspicious links or applying to fake offers.


Civil Service Malayalam Optional Jobin Sir
Channel Size – Small
About: You can join this Malayalam telegram channel if you are appearing for the civil service exams in Malayam. Mr. Jobin provides free study materials, webinars, notes, and question papers. You can get enough resources to practice solving for the optional exam paper and get a high score in it.


Channel Size – Small
About: This telegram group is handled by a popular YouTuber, Moosa Muhammad Iqbal, who has around 241k subscribers on this channel. He makes review videos on movies and shares his opinions. On this group, you will get links to his latest uploaded videos.

Sports Telegram Group Link Malayalam


Channel Size – Small
About: This is a fan discussion telegram channel to support their team, Kerala Blasters. If you are looking for a group where you can get the best football moments or news related to Kerala Blasters, then you can join this group. Also, you will learn about the latest additions to the team and share your thoughts on them.


YA – Kerala Blasters Fans
Channel Size -Small
About: This is another fan Malayalam telegram channel to encourage Kerala Blasters. You can join this group if you are a massive football fan and want to hear the latest news about your favorite team. However, there are rules to be followed.

Love Malayalam Telegram Link


Malayalam Love Story
Channel Size -Small
About: This is a Love Malayalam telegram channel. All of these stories are owned by the respective creators. They have no right to that. You can join this telegram group link Malayalam from the above link. All stories are collected from social media.

Malayalam Dating Telegram Groups


Malayalam Datings
Channel Size – Very Small
About: This is a Malayalam Dating telegram channel. All of these stories are owned by the respective creators. They have no right to that. All stories are collected from social media. You can join this telegram group link Malayalam from the above link.

Disclaimer: This post is just for educational purposes. We are strictly against piracy. We are not connected with the channels mentioned in the post. Please browse and join the above channel on your own responsibility.


Altogether, these were some of the Best Telegram Group Link Malayalam I found. Generally, it is difficult to find some good telegram channels since they are filled with either spam content or promotional messages. So, that is why, after researching, I came across 10+ telegram channels you can join. However, I would highly recommend you do not click on advertisements posted here. That is all from my side; let me know which group you like the most in the comments.


Is Telegram better than WhatsApp?

Yes, Telegram has many better features than WhatsApp. One of the main is you can send various formats of files and interact in groups.

How do I create a group and channel in Telegram?

You can make a Telegram channel in easy steps:

  1. Click on the three dots on the right corner
  2. Tap on the option new group
  3. Now you are in the new window of creating a new group
  4. You can now edit the profile picture, name, and bio of the group.

How can I get the Telegram channel link?

To get the link to a Telegram channel, click on the profile picture. The first thing you will see is the link that you can copy and share with your friends.

How do I find groups on Telegram?

You can easily find groups on Telegram. Tap on the search page and type the name of the group you are looking for. After doing so, all the relevant groups will show up in the results.

Which is the Best Telegram Group Link Malayalam to join?

The above-given Telegram Group link Malayalam will fulfill all your needs.

Is Telegram safe in India?

Yes, Telegram is a safe and legal platform in India. You can download the app and sign up to create an account. There are plenty of telegram channels you can subscribe to get free content.

How can I join a private group on Telegram?

To join a private Telegram group, you have sent a request to join. If it is accepted, you will be a subscriber.

How can I join a Telegram group without the link?

If you do not have the Telegram group link then simply type the name of the channel on the search page.

Can you have two Telegram accounts with the same number?

No, you are allowed to make only one Telegram account with one number. However, you can sign into your account from multiple devices and use them simultaneously. This feature of telegram does not have any limit hence users can freely activate the same account on many devices.

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