Top 10 Best Youtube Channels for Class 10 Science

If you want the list of Best Youtube Channels for Class 10 Science. Then you must read our blog. In class 10th, Science is a crucial subject! So, if you are looking for relevant study materials such as in-depth online lectures, free notes, and exam tricks, then YouTube channels are the best to join.

As you know, after the pandemic the entire world shifted to digital education and many institutions created communities on YouTube to provide free resources to students.

However, there are plenty of such channels available that claim they provide the best online tutorials.

So to ease your problem, I have researched from my side and compiled the most suitable Class 10th Science YouTube Channels for you! Let’s check them out!


Benefits of Studying From YouTube Channels for Class 10 Science

Before I share my list of all the YouTube channels, let’s quickly see a few important advantages of using this platform.

  • Get free online lectures for each subject such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology
  • Practice solving past papers from live sessions and get proper exam tricks
  • Watch the latest syllabus and exam updates
  • Receive free notes, e-books, or content from websites
  • Easily access topic-wise video lessons anytime and anywhere

Now, let’s start with our channel list!

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Best Youtube Channels For Class 10 Science

Best Youtube Channels For Class 10 ScienceLink
JR TutorialsLink
Exphub 9th &10thLink
GREEN BoardLink
Shobhit NirwanLink
Science and Fun 9th 10th 11thLink
Dear GuruLink
Toppr StudyLink
BaBa Bangali Ka GyanLink
Magnet Brains Link

Youtube Channels For Class 10 Science

1. Pathshala

About: If you use YouTube for studying then you must know this popular channel called Pathshala. It is an active community that shares detailed chapter-wise online videos to explain each topic properly. They mainly use NCERT textbooks to teach all science concepts and cover the entire syllabus. There are also some useful handwritten notes that you can refer to while revising before the board exams.


  • More than 767k subscribers
  • Get video lectures while referencing NCERT books
  • All chapters of science covered

Watch Channel: Link

2. JR Tutorials

About: JR Tutorials is another beneficial channel that aims to cover the syllabus of SSC boards. This community is handled by a teacher from Mumbai named Rahul Jaiswal that has more than 10+ years of experience in this field. You will find many brief video lectures where Rahul Jaiswal sir teaches the important parts of a chapter. Apart from that, there are also helpful study tips and preparation strategies to help you get a high score in the final exams.


  • Get SSC board science video lectures
  • Topic-wise short lessons
  • Receive study tricks and exam tips to achieve marks

Watch Channel: Link

3. Exphub 9th &10th

About: This is a new channel on YouTube that mainly focuses on 9th and 10th-grade students. It started in 2022 and already this community has reached 400k subscribers which shows it’s becoming famous day by day. Generally, you will get several lectures on preparation strategies and exam tips that you can follow to get a high percentage. For science topics, there are detailed one-hour-long lectures where Prashant sir teaches the entire concept.


  • Get the best preparation board exam strategies
  • Detailed lectures for science chapters posted
  • All classes are in Hindi

Watch Channel: Link

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Best Youtube Channels for Class 10 Maths

4. GREEN Board

About: Green Board is a big channel with around 2.07 million subscribers currently. This is also an active community that uploads only class 10th-related lectures. You will get video lessons on Mathematics and Science. All of their tutorials are in Hindi so it is easy to watch and understand the topic. Plus, most of their classes have useful examples that you can use in the board exams.


  • Only 10th Maths and Science lectures shared
  • An in-depth explanation is provided in all videos
  • Best for CBSE students to learn maths

Watch Channel: Link

5. Shobhit Nirwan

About: Shobhit Nirwan is an enthusiastic teacher on YouTube that explains tough concepts very easily. The majority of his lessons are short so if you quickly want to learn about a chapter then watching this channel will be the best. Also, there are many lectures for last-minute preparations that will help you manage time during the paper. However, most of his lessons are short so you will not get very informational or in-depth content from here.


  • Get quick explanation of science topics
  • Easy to understand and short lectures
  • Best for last-minute revision

Watch Channel: Link

Best Youtube Channels for Class 10 Chemistry

6. Science and Fun 9th 10th 11th 

About: Science and Fun is a valuable channel that focuses mainly on classes 9th, 10th, and 11th. You will find all detailed lectures in physics, chemistry, and biology for free. If you have doubts regarding a unit or chapter then you can get it clarified by watching their explanation videos. In short, it is a reliable medium to get exam tricks and study materials for free.


  • Get 9th and 10th class video lectures
  • Complete revision for class 10th science available
  • Exam tips and materials are also shared

Watch Channel: Link

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7. Dear Guru

About: This channel is managed by Vinay Prajapati who explains only science subjects like physics, chemistry, and biology. It is one of the very few communities that covers all the chapters and units of class 10th CBSE. You can make useful notes from watching his lectures and easily prepare for the board exams. However, if you want to revise then this channel may not be suitable as some of the lessons are in detail so watch videos that are less than half an hour for revising.


  • Comprehensive science tutorials for CBSE class 10th
  • Learn about complex and important science chapters
  • Not suitable for quick revision

Watch Channel: Link


8. Toppr Study

About: Toppr Study is one of the best channels for studying for CBSE class 10th board exams. They have a quick lecture series called “Fatafat Series” that covers the topics fast. You can watch their content to prepare for the exams and understand a chapter in a couple of minutes. Moreover, all the important science units are compiled in a playlist for Class 9th and Class 10th that you can access for free. Additionally, the admin posts several live lectures to guide students and help them get practice in solving questions.


  • Chapter-wise science topics covered
  • Actively posts live lectures
  • Best for getting past paper questions and solutions

Watch Channel: Link

Best Youtube Channels for Class 10 Biology

9. BaBa Bangali Ka Gyan

About: If you feel that some science chapters are difficult to study then you can watch this channel! It is a fun and interactive community that uses animation to teach students about all important topics in chemistry, physics, and biology. All the lectures posted here are in Hindi and very easy to understand. You will also find a separate playlist on this channel with only 10th science lectures. So, if you want to get good knowledge about a chapter of science, this community will be helpful for you.


  • Watch engaging video lessons with helpful notes
  • Learn tough chapters in detail
  • Best to clarify doubts

Watch Channel: Link

Best Youtube Channels for Class 10 Physics

10. Magnet Brains 

About: Magnet Brains is one of the biggest ed-tech YouTube channels and has approximately 9.37 million subscribers. For 10th graders, there are simple paper-solving classes where the tutor explains the answer format and gives some tips as well. The best part about this community is that they posted detailed lectures for all subjects of class 10th. To watch them, go to the playlist section and find videos for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.


  • Get paper-solving classes with exam tips
  • All class 10th subjects like Science, Maths, English, etc are available
  • Playlist posted for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

Watch Channel: Link

11. Unacademy Class 9 to 10

About: Unacademy is a well-known platform in India and they provide free educational videos on YouTube. They also have a dedicated channel for class 9th and 10th graders to help them prepare for the CBSE board exams. Regardless, you will mostly get live video lectures where they teach students about subjects like Mathematics, SST, Science, Geography, History, etc.


  • Live video lectures for class 10th important questions
  • Get an understanding of science topics in short
  • Other subjects like SST, Geography, English, and History are also covered

Watch Channel: Link

12. New Indian Era (NIE) – Prashant Tiwari

About: Prashant Tiwari has been an educator for more than 6+ years and created his channel NIE to assist students. This channel uploads long format lectures explaining each chapter of science. To watch the entire series, check their playlists for the SSC board. In case of doubts, you can leave a comment below the video and the tutor will resolve it. In short, it is a good alternative community that you can refer to while preparing for the board exams.


  • Watch SSC board science lectures
  • Chapter-wise classes are posted with proper explanation
  • Solve doubts by posting questions in the comments section

Watch Channel: Link

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Altogether, science is an elaborative subject that contains Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. So, to get a high score in grade 10th science it is essential to focus on each of these sections. I have mentioned many YouTube channels that provide free study resources and teach complex topics in a simple manner. Although only studying is not enough, you also need to practice solving past papers and mock tests to improve your knowledge. All the best for your exam!


Which Youtuber is best for science class 10?

For class 10th-grade students, the Pathshala YouTube channel is the best as they provide topic-wise video lectures. All of their classes refer to the NCERT textbook for the CBSE board exams to help candidates learn the chapters quickly.

Which is the best science channel in YouTube?

For the SSC board exams, the JR Tutorials YouTube channel is amongst the best as they share detailed lectures. You can easily understand the concepts explained as their videos are in Hindi and cover the full syllabus.

Who is the best teacher of science in YouTube?

Shobhit Nirwan is one of the funniest science teachers on YouTube that explains all the chapters in brief. You will easily learn about a topic with his quirky way of teaching and remember it as well.

What should I read in Science Class 10?

For class 10th Science, it is best to refer to NCERT books. They explain all crucial topics that will help you understand the basic concepts thoroughly. Also, they contain useful practice questions at the end of each chapter that you can solve to evaluate your performance.

How to score 99 in science class 10?

If you want to get a high score in class 10th science then follow these study tips:
1. Read the syllabus and prepare a list of all important topics
2. Make a timetable to study the crucial chapters and easy ones
3. Revise the topic with flashcards or notes
4. Practice solving textbook questions
5. Avoid repeating the same mistakes in the paper

Is class 10 science tough?

Yes, class 10th science is challenging but you can easily score high marks with the right preparation. You can start by making a list of all the important chapters and their marks’ weightage, these are the topics you need to prioritize.

Which is the hardest chapter in 10th science?

The most difficult chapter in grade 10th Science is Heredity and Evolution. It is a big topic but carries high marks weightage so you need to focus on this particular chapter.

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