10+ Best Youtube Channels For SSC CGL

Are you studying for the upcoming SSC CGL exams and want the Best Youtube Channels For SSC CGL Preparation? Then you must try the below youtube channels to get important study materials.

These YouTube communities are indeed a reliable medium to find the best video lecture content in many languages for free. So, if you also want to know about them, keep on reading!

These YouTube channels cover the entire syllabus, give exam tips, share mind maps, and post revision classes and notes.

After searching thoroughly, I came up with the 10+ Best Youtube Channels For SSC CGL! Let’s begin!


The Best SSC CGL Exam Tips For 2023

1. Read the Syllabus

One of the very first steps to prepare for any exam is reading the syllabus. It will help you get an idea of all the papers and subjects you have to study. It will be best if you keep the PDF copy so that you can refer to it anytime.

2. Check the Exam paper pattern

Each paper has different sections, time limits, and types of questions so you need to be aware of them. Learning about all the paper patterns will assist you to know which sections are easy or difficult for you.

3. Choose Study Materials

It is important to choose the appropriate study materials like YouTube channels, notes, books, etc. Try to access as many relevant notes as possible.

4. Make a Timetable

A proper timetable will always help you to study properly and cover the entire syllabus before the exams. Make a schedule according to the exam dates to finish studying all important topics on time.

5. Read the Best books

I will suggest you read the best content books such as NCERT textbooks to understand basic concepts. Generally, you can find them for free on Telegram channels.

6. Prioritise High-weightage Topics

Focusing on the important sections of the paper will help you get a high score. So, make a list of all the questions or high-weightage chapters and prepare thoroughly.

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Best YouTube Channels for SSC CGL Preparation

Best YouTube Channels for SSC CGL PreparationLink
SSC Adda247Link
Dixit SirLink
e1 coaching centerLink
SSC Maths By Mohit Goyal SirLink
The WiNNERS Institute IndoreLink
Learning HubLink
Gagan Pratap MathsLink

Best YouTube Channels for SSC CGL

1. SSC Adda247

About: SSC Adda247 is one of the biggest and most popular communities on YouTube for the SSC CGL exam preparation. It is an active channel with more than 5.74 million subscribers. They have shared subject-wise videos covering General Awareness, Maths, Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, English, etc. To get topic-specific video lectures, you can check out their playlists and watch the relevant content. Almost all of the lessons uploaded on YouTube consist of in-depth and brief explanations to help students crack the SSC CGL exam for free.


  • All SSC CGL subject videos
  • In-depth and short explanation lectures
  • Best to watch topic-wise classes

Watch Channel: Link

2. Examपुर 

About: This is another valuable and active community on YouTube that shares more than 20+ lectures in a single. You will find a wide range of videos on Maths, General Awareness, History, General Studies, etc. If you have any questions then you can get them solved on their doubt-solving live sessions. Plus, they even post the latest SSC CGL exam-related alerts that will help you stay updated. Apart from their free crash courses and tutorials, they provide paid classes, test series, etc.


  • More than 10.3 million subscribers
  • All important SSC CGL subjects shared
  • Free crash courses are available in playlists

Watch Channel: Link

3. Dixit Sir

About: Dixit Sir is a well-known channel on YouTube that is managed by Avadhesh Dixit. He has cleared various exams like SSC CGLE, NDA, AFCAT, and CDSE. So, if you want to get proper exam strategies and paper-wise tips then you watch this channel on YouTube. There are several in-depth video lectures for Maths which is a tough subject. Moreover, all of his lectures and lives are in Hindi. Besides, Avadhesh Dixit is a part of the Adda 247 teaching institute.


  • Get exam tips and strategies
  • Beneficial content for math
  • All lectures are in Hindi

Watch Channel: Link

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Best Youtube Channels For SSC CGL GK

4. Wifistudy

About: If you often watch YouTube videos for studying then you may have come across this famous channel. Wifistudy is the biggest online teaching channel with approximately 15.9 million subscribers. They aim to share quality lectures, daily live classes, and revision lessons. Apart from this, you will find many relevant quizzes posted on the community section of YouTibe which is in Hindi. Regardless, if you want to get current affairs every day along with important tutorials, this channel is one of the best.


  • Daily live classes and lectures for SSC aspirants
  • Quizzes uploaded on the YouTube community
  • Very active channel

Watch Channel: Link

5. e1 coaching center

About: As the name suggests, this channel is an online platform that assists SSC CGL aspirants to prepare for the upcoming exams. There are numerous video lectures on past paper solving where they also explain the concepts. If you are looking to improve your score for the SSC CGL exam then these lessons will be quite useful for you. The best part of this community is that there are long and short video tutorials so students can watch whichever they are comfortable with.


  • Paper-solving and tutorials for the SSC CGL exam posted
  • Watch detailed or brief explanation videos
  • Lectures are in Hindi only

Watch Channel: Link

Best Youtube Channels For SSC CGL Reasoning


About: Vidya Guru is a dedicated channel on YouTube that serves to share high-quality tutorials for Banking and SSC CGL examinations. This community actively uploads important and weekly current affairs. Additionally, there are multiple classes that share exam tricks that will help you solve the paper easily. However, you may not find content for Reasoning as much as other channels share.


  • Get weekly and daily current affairs
  • Useful exam tricks and classes for General Knowledge are available
  • Limited content for reasoning

Watch Channel: Link

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7. SSC Maths By Mohit Goyal Sir

About: Mohit Goyal is a reputed professor who is highly experienced in teaching mathematics to SSC CGL as he has cleared it many times. On this channel, Goyal sir provides proper book suggestions, exam strategies, easy-solving techniques, etc. However, this community mainly focuses on maths so if you want to improve your knowledge in this subject in particular, this channel will be quite beneficial.


  • Valuable insights about books and exam tricks
  • Best to clear math concepts for SSC CGL exams
  • Learn easy problem-solving methods

Watch Channel: Link

Best Youtube Channels For SSC CGL General Awareness

8. The WiNNERS Institute Indore 

About: This channel on YouTube has around 2.67 million subscribers currently which shows its popularity. Although they mainly post videos promoting their paid courses, there are several live lectures for daily current affairs. For SSC CGL aspirants they have a separate community where you can get detailed live lessons.


  • Detailed live sessions on many SSC CGL papers
  • Receive daily current affairs
  • Check the exam syllabus updated and paper pattern

Watch Channel: Link

9. Learning Hub

About: Learning Hub is a good alternative YouTube channel that you can watch for preparing for the SSC CGL exams. They have made playlists for teaching Reasoning so if you want to improve in this paper then this community will be appropriate for you. Other than that, you will receive timely notifications regarding the SSC CGL exams along with live practice session videos.


  • Best for getting lectures on Reasoning
  • Get live practice videos to help you solve model questions
  • SSC CGL exam notifications posted

Watch Channel: Link

Best Youtube Channels For SSC CGL Maths

10. Gagan Pratap Maths

About: If you struggle with the maths section of the SSC CGL exam then you can watch this channel. It is an active community that focuses on complex math topics and explains them in a simple way. Although, most of these series lectures are live so you need to click on the live section on YouTube to watch them. While taking the classes, he gives insightful tips and strategies to solve mathematical problems easily.


  • Understand quantitative aptitude topics easily
  • Mostly live lessons are available
  • Best to get helpful math tricks

Watch Channel: Link

Best Youtube Channels For SSC CGL English

11. Unacademy Live – SSC Exams

About: Unacademy is one of the most well-known online learning platforms and they have multiple educational YouTube channels. One of them is specifically for SSC exams where you will find proper notifications, detailed study plans, paper solving in live sessions, etc. Generally, this community actively shares live lectures that you can join to practice and study for various subjects like Maths, Reasoning, General Studies, General Knowledge, etc.


  • Live lectures on all SSC CGL subjects
  • Study plans and paper-solving lectures posted
  • Exam updates are also provided

Watch Channel: Link


So, I have listed for you some of the best YouTube channels for SSC CGL exam preparation. You easily watch these detailed video lectures to know relevant exam strategies, tricks, topic-wise explanations, etc. Also, a lot of communities on YouTube share free study materials such as e-books, handwritten notes, key points, etc. Hence, to get a high score in the SSC CGL exam, you need to make use of all essential preparation resources. Best of luck!

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Which YouTube Channel is best for SSC CGL preparation?

There are plenty of SSC CGL YouTube channels and Wifistudy is the best one so far. They share a wide range of lectures to explain paper-wise topics like General Awareness, Reasoning, Maths, English, etc.

How to study for SSC CGL at home?

You need to check the syllabus and paper pattern for the SSC CGL exam. It will help you to make a proper study plan that you can use to prepare for the entrance exam at home without any coaching classes.

Which YouTube channel is best for SSC reasoning?

For the SSC CGL paper reasoning is an important section and Learning Hub YouTube channel provides relevant video lectures on the same. Their explanation lessons are easy to understand and you can even make notes from them.

Are 3 months enough for SSC CGL?

If you successfully complete the entire syllabus of the SSC CGL exam in three months then you can appear for the exam. However, your preparation should be thorough as this exam has many sections and papers.

Can I crack SSC CGL without coaching?

Yes, anyone can crack the SSC CGL exam even without joining any coaching classes or paying for tutorials. You can easily watch free YouTube lectures, download free e-books and solve free past papers to practice.

How many attempts are allowed for CGL?

There are no limits for giving the SSC CGL exams so you can attempt as many as possible. Although, it will be best to clear it within your first chance itself.

Is CGL tougher than UPSC?

SSC CGL exams have a different syllabus than UPSC so it is tough to compare them in terms of difficulty. However, the UPSC exams are still considered more challenging than SSC CGL.

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