10+ Best Stock Tips Telegram Channels

Are you looking for the Best Stock Tips Telegram Channels to get effective trading tips? Then you have clicked on the right post! In this post, you will find 10+ best stock tips telegram channels that will help you to increase your Stock Market knowledge. Investments require proper strategies, but you will need the knowledge and guidance for it.

Generally, you’ll see they have hidden promotional agendas if you search for helpful advice for trading. This is why it’s best to take tips from platforms that actively share tips. One great way to get these is through telegram channels.

However, since it is a free space, you may find some course ads, but you can easily ignore or scroll past them. So, here are some of the best Stock trading tips telegram channels! Let’s begin!


Benefits of Joining a Trading Tips Telegram Channel

As I said earlier, getting valuable investment tips is tough to find, but you will get them from telegram channels. Also, there are several other benefits, which are as follows:

  • Get brief setup ideas for certain stocks
  • Learn about chart analysis and key indicators to look out for
  • Understand the market dynamics and receive authentic news related to the market
  • Get daily trading tips and investment calls

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Stock Trading Tips Telegram Channels

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Stock Tips Telegram Channels

1. Equity positional

About: Equity Positional is a pretty active community on Telegram that gives free trading calls. All of their investment ideas contain price targets and stop-loss limit for reference. Apart from they also give stock suggestions through informative videos. Although this group is not SEBI-registered.


  • Equity investment tips
  • Stop loss and targets posted
  • Educational videos available
  • Not SEBI-registered

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2. Swing trader

About: Swing Trader is another channel on Telegram where you can get some useful investment tips. They usually share swing or positional calls based on their research. You will get the chart support and resistance levels for reference. Hence, you must have some basic knowledge of technical analysis to understand these ideas.


  • Swing trading calls
  • Ideas backed by charts
  • Not beginner-friendly

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About: As the name suggests, this group on Telegram mainly provides trade calls by charts. You can check the Twitter trading charts and take the indicators for reference. Plus, they also give some investment tips but the admin is not very active here.


  • Chart analysis and calls shared
  • All trading views are posted on Twitter
  • Admin is not very active nowadays

Join Channel: Link

4. Stocks & Equity Fundamentals Research

About: If you want to get some trading calls for equity or stocks then you can join this channel. They clearly mention the BTST target, stop-loss trail, and price levels. Plus, you will get a weekly level as well. However, this group is not SEBI-registered.


  • Stock and equity trade ideas
  • Price level and stop loss given
  • Not SEBI-registered

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5. Share Market & Trading

About: Share Market & Trading is an educational community that guides beginners. You can learn briefly about important investing terms and know their functions. They even share information on different types of trading, and their pros, and cons. Even so, the admin has not posted anything new recently.


  • Basic concepts of investments shared
  • Learn types of trading and their features
  • Useful for new traders

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6. Short-Term Investment – Equity

About: This channel focuses on short-term trades in equity from the NSE market. Usually, they post some investment calls entry zone, target and stop loss trail. Other than that, you will receive a weekly report of the performance of all the trade ideas shared here.


  • Short-term equity calls
  • Entry level, target, and stop loss limit mentioned
  • Check the performance of tips through weekly reports

Join Channel: Link


About: This is a small channel on Telegram that is managed by active traders. They provide updates on the stock market and price movement. You will get a market view supported by trading charts to give you an idea about the upcoming trends.


  • Small group
  • Check trading charts and understand the market movements
  • Stock analysis posted

Join Channel: Link

8. Stock Analysis and Education

About: If you want to get market analysis with investment tips then you can join this community. The admin provides important news reports and explains their impact on the price movement. Besides, they even share some trade calls from their research that contains current market price, stop-loss limit, and test levels.


  • Stock market analysis with charts
  • Investment calls available with a stop-loss limit
  • Check the price movement of popular stocks

Join Channel: Link

9. Indian Sharemarket Updates

About: This group majorly gives the latest share market news and updates. You can quickly read the headline and understand the bulletins. Also, to know more, the admin has shared the full article link that is taken from Indian news publications.


  • Indian stock updates posted in short
  • News source and article links are available
  • Best to quickly check the latest headlines

Join Channel: Link

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10. Stock Market Discussion Group

About: This is a small community made for stock market traders to get crucial stock updates. It is a helpful resource to get insightful news from Indian and international share markets. Although there are no trading tips posted here.


  • Receive stock news
  • International and national updates shared
  • No trading calls

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11. Stocks Teacher (swing)

About: Stock Teacher is a beneficial channel for beginners to join. You will find several e-books on trading that you can download for free. Plus, there are many investment calls posted for swing trading. I will suggest you do your research thoroughly before investing anywhere.


  • Free books on trading
  • Swing investment calls
  • Helpful for beginners

Join Channel: Link

12. Share market analysis

About: This is another discussion channel for traders that invest in the share market. You can explore many investment ideas and talk about them in the group. Moreover, there are some important news updates also posted that will help you make better trading decisions.


  • Discussion Group
  • Get investment tips and news
  • Users allowed interacting

Join Channel: Link


Overall, there were some useful Stock Tips Telegram channels that I found. To get a brief overview, you can check the features of the groups and see if they are suitable for you. I will also recommend you learn the basics of investments through informative guides and courses which are available for free. This will indeed help you to gain more knowledge about stock market trading. Also, you will get better profits with the proper skills rather than following trends. Happy investing!

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Which trading is most profitable?

Generally, investing is profitable, but long-term trades are considered safe and the best. You can build a strong foundation and earn a stable income from swing or positional trading (long-term).

How do beginners buy and trade stocks?

Initially, beginners have to choose a suitable brokerage account or DEMAT account through which they can start to trade. After that, they need to evaluate the stocks and their quantity according to their research. However, it is important first to gain some basic trading skills to invest and get returns.

What is the best advice for buying stocks?

Generally, it is important to have an effective investment strategy to get successful profits. You can also do so by researching and analyzing the stock market. If you are a complete beginner then buy and hold trading will be appropriate for you.

How do you buy stocks smartly?

The invest smartly, you have to make a diversified portfolio of stocks. This simply means you need to divide your capital in shares of various sectors. It will help you to not only minimize losses but also manage risk.

What is the best way to learn technical analysis?

If you are a beginner and want to improve your trading skills then you have to focus on technical analysis. There are many books and free courses available that teach the basics of analyzing stock prices that you can use.

Is equity better than shares?

The share of a company is simply a small part of the equity. On the other hand, equity is the entire ownership of a company so it is more vulnerable to fluctuate in price.

How do you analyze stocks before buying?

Firstly you need to look at the company’s background and check its goals to understand its potential. Next, you should carefully check if the organization has a strong financial foundation by reading reports.

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