20+ Best Future Trading Telegram Channels in India [100% Free Calls]


Do you want to invest in stock market trading? Then Don’t worry. Today I am going to share with you a list of 20+ Best Future Trading Telegram Channels in India. Then you can benefit a lot from telegram channels! Telegram is a great platform to develop free skills that are essential for chart analysis. They provide in-depth market updates and news along with investing tips. 

However, a lot of such groups contain irrelevant spam content that’s why I have researched a lot and found 20+ best stock market trading channels that provide future and option calls for free! So, let’s begin!

Why is Future trading tough?
Future trading is a difficult and risky business. It is important to understand how the stock market works before trading.

The stock market is a collection of companies that sell shares to the public. When a company releases earnings, the stock price will rise or fall based on how well or poorly the company is doing.

The price is also affected by the news. When a company announces good news, the stock price will rise. When a company announces bad news, the stock price will fall.

Benefits of joining a Future trading telegram channel

There are several key benefits of joining a stock trading telegram group. Let’s explore them!

  • Get tailor-made trade setups
  • Develop technical analysis skills and learn how to interpret charts
  • Get a deeper understanding of how the market works
  • Receive helpful trading tips and indicators

Recommended Telegram Channels

Channel Name  Link
Bull’s Thrive  Join Now
Market Master
 Join Now
NSE Stock Pro   Join Now
IET – The Algo Traders  Join Now
Jackpot TradeX  Join Now
Stock Master  Join Now

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Future Trading Telegram Channels

1. Market Master (Recommended) 
Channel Size – Big


About: This is one of the most prominent SEBI-registered telegram groups for stock trading. You will get lots of investment ideas and learn about core concepts of stock market trading. They also share technical chart analysis, market sentiment, and trading ideas to help traders for making informed decisions. If you are relatively new at trading, this is a must-join channel.

2. Jᴀᴄᴋᴘᴏᴛ TʀᴀᴅᴇX
Subscribers – 1,50,000+


About: Jackpot TradeX is an upcoming growing telegram group. They actively provide investment calls based on their research. You will get equity intraday calls only; their subscription plan includes more calls and analysis. However, you can use the free version, but research before investing.

3. Stock Gainers Training (Certified RA)
Channel Size – Big


About: This is the official telegram channel of SEBI-registered Research Analyst Kapil Verma. You will get daily investment calls based on his research and technical analysis. He also shares price charts and indicators to give subscribers an idea of his research. However, the calls posted here are for educational purposes only.

Channel Size – Big


About: This is another Future trading telegram channel that provides daily investment calls. A majority of the trading ideas are for the Nifty market, and you will get the performance update of the posted calls. It is an active group, so it is excellent for learning. Still, it is not SEBI-registered so do your research before investing.

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Best Future & Options Trading Telegram Channel

5. Usha’s Analysis
Channel Size – Medium


About: This channel provides daily updates on various futures markets. This is a popular platform for technical analysis and charting. This channel provides a trading community for futures traders which helps beginners.

6. Trade Order
Channel Size – Medium


About: Trade order is a Future trading telegram channel that focuses on giving trade setups. You will get both short-term and long-term investments. However, no calls are given here; you must purchase their premium group subscription. Although, I would recommend you use free channels.

Best Free Telegram Channel for Option Trading

7. Nifty50 & Stocks (Updates) (ISO 9001:2015)
Channel Size – Medium


About: This is an active channel that provides detailed trading calls. You will get entry/exit points with chart analysis. The best part is they also share relevant market news and how it affects the stocks. If you want more detailed reports, you can watch their YouTube videos; the link is posted there often.

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8. Supreme Markets
Channel Size – Small


About: Supreme Markets is another helpful telegram group. They provide chart indicators and investment calls based on their analysis. You will get both visual and figure updates of the calls made by the expert. However, this is not a SEBI-registered group; do your research as well.

Subscribers – Big


About: This is another useful telegram channel for stock trading. You will get daily investment calls and their chart analysis. The best part is they often send industry news that will help you with trading decisions. However, this is not a SEBI-registered group, so be careful before investing.

Subscribers – Big


About: This is another telegram channel that gives intraday trading ideas. Most of these calls are for the Nifty market. You will get around 3-4 calls daily, but this is not a SEBI-registered group. Remember to research before you invest to avoid loss.

11. Wealth Citi
Subscribers – Medium


About: This is a similar channel to stock master that shares intraday calls only. You will get at least 4 investment ideas daily that you can refer to. You need to buy their subscription for more in-depth analysis, but I suggest you utilize the free group for now.

Subscribers – Medium


About: NSE STOCK EDGE is a simple group that gives investment calls only. They actively share two buy and two sell targets you can use for reference. However, this group is not SEBI-registered so do your research before you invest.

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13. Faadoo Stocks ™️
Subscribers – Medium


AboutThis is another helpful telegram channel for stock market trading. You will get intraday and swing trading calls that you can refer to. Also, they share the latest market news in brief. However, this is not a SEBI-registered group, so do your research before investing.

14. Fundamentals Study (Long term)
Subscribers – Medium


About: This is a quite useful telegram channel that shares market news. You will get key insights into stocks, companies, and industries that will guide you to make better trading decisions. In short, it is a great source of information.

15. SGSSL YVCBPL Research
Subscribers – 30,000+


AboutThis channel is handled by SEBI-registered Research Analysts. You will get daily investment calls for the Nifty market along with the indicators identified in the charts. There are also updates given on the stock calls given.

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16. IMV Stock Market Update
Subscribers – Small


About: This is a market news telegram channel that shares brief updates. Daily they share the latest price movements of stocks and a report on the Nifty market. If you are looking to get live news, you can join this group.

17. Aliceblue
Subscribers – Medium


About: This is the official group of a stock market YouTube channel Alice Blue Online. They have around 30k subscribers there and post about daily market analysis. If you want chart analysis of stocks, you can watch their videos and be updated on the latest news.

18. NRJ Finance
Subscribers – Medium


About: NRJ Finance is an active group that shares investment ideas and market news. Unlike other groups, they provide targets and short descriptions in their calls that you can refer to. However, this channel is not SEBI-registered, so to avoid risk, research before you invest.


Altogether these are the best telegram channels for stock trading that you can refer to. Most groups are active and provide relevant market updates from accurate sources. Also, if you are a beginner at stock market trading, you will learn about chart analysis. Focus on interpreting these price charts and identifying key indicators. However, you must always do your research or consult an official financial expert before investing to avoid loss.


Is it good to invest in the stock market now?

Yes, even if the market seems low or crashes, investing in the stock market is always good. However, that is not the main point. You need to analyze the charts and learn about technical analysis before investing. If you want some help, you can join a few proper telegram channels that will educate you. Here are a few good groups:

  • StockPro Official (SEBI Registered)
  • Stock Gainers Training (Certified RA)
  • Fundamentals Study (Long term)

How can I learn share market?

Telegram is an excellent platform for learning about the share market and developing skills to identify key price indicators. I have found a few great channels which will help you with it: 

  • StockPro Official (SEBI Registered)
  • SGSSL YVCBPL Research
  • IMV Stock Market Update

Is there any channel for the stock market?

Yes, there are many telegram channels for the stock market. You will get technical analysis, entry/exit points, trading tips, etc. Here are the best channels:

  • StockPro Official (SEBI Registered)
  • Stock Gainers Training (Certified RA)
  • Fundamentals Study (Long term)
  • SGSSL YVCBPL Research
  • IMV Stock Market Update
  • Stock Market News (Hindi)

How do beginners invest?

If you are a beginner at investing, then it is crucial to understand the market’s volatility and not expect fast results. Also, as a trader, you will have to face losses, but the key is learning how to manage them. Remember to choose less risky stocks and start with a small asset to get habitual. 

Which telegram group is best for trading calls?

Tons of telegram channels actively give trading calls; here are the best ones I found:

  • StockPro Official (SEBI Registered)
  • Stock Gainers Training (Certified RA)

How can I buy stock in Telegram?

Unfortunately, Telegram is still a private company, and thus you won’t be able to buy their stocks. However, they can allow investors to buy their shares in the future. 

How Telegram is safe?

Telegram is a secure messaging application where users can interact with each other or subscribe to channels they want to join. Although all chats are encrypted, there is a secret chat option so nobody can read your texts. 

What are swing stocks?

Swing trading is a popular investing strategy where you hold a position in a stock for weeks or months. In short, investing with a less risky or volatile stock earns a stable profit.

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