Top 10+ Best NDA Telegram Channel and Group Links [UPDATED]

Are you appearing for the NDA exams this year and looking for Best NDA Telegram Channels for your Preparation? Have you decided to serve your country in one of the best ways possible? Or were you attracted by the different roles and benefits provided to candidates of the NDA exams who pass? In any case, you’re not alone.

A large number of youngsters apply every year in hopes of appearing, passing, and getting a firm position in the Indian Defence Army. While the NDA may seem exciting enough, it’s important to note that few can get through the exam stages. This is where you will need to be serious about the NDA exams and their toughness.

Teamwork can play a vital role in helping students excel in the NDA exams. One of the best ways to receive assistance or get doubts cleared is by being a part of a group. Not only do you meet like-minded individuals, but you can also get fruitful advice from someone who has more experience and can teach you a lot of things.

So, what’s the best way to find a group? Telegram would be an excellent option to begin! With thousands of users daily, you can find all kinds of groups on the platform and interact to get help.

To help you with this task, I have made a list of the top 10 Best NDA telegram channels for you to get all the essential study materials, notes, and past papers. Also, you will get the latest news and updates related to the NDA exam in these telegram groups.

So, let’s begin the NDA telegram channel List!

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NDA Telegram Channel and Group Links

Army navy NDA AIRFORCE JOBs exam
Channel Size – Big


About: This telegram channel often shares quiz links and MCQ practice questions in Hindi. You will also get important current affairs news and PDFs of notes. Since it is an active group, you may find some other telegram group links being shared here as well.

Channel Size – Big


About: This NDA Telegram Channel provides you with daily job alerts and vacancies. You also get exam notifications and updates on this channel. If you want motivation for the NDA exam, you can join this group and receive useful advice from fellow NDA aspirants. 

The career scope after clearing the NDA Exam

Before I share the NDA Telegram Channel link, let’s explore the career opportunities that will be open for candidates that clear the NDA exams. UPSC conducts an entrance exam for those candidates that wish to join the Indian Army, Navy, or Air Force.

So, it’s a great option for you if you want to serve the nation by joining these forces, but there are other benefits along with it too. You get a reputational job as a high-rank officer and get paid well to serve in the field.

In the beginning, after a student passes the NDA exams and gets selected will receive a stipend of Rs. 56100 per month during the training. If the candidate gets appointed as a Lieutenant, your salary range will be Rs.56,100 to Rs.1,77, 500 depending upon your performance.

Further, there are multiple posts that candidates can try for, such as Captain, Major, Colonel, Major General, etc. Now that you know about the perks and benefits of clearing the NDA exams let’s explore the telegram channel for NDA preparation.

Telegram Channel for NDA preparation

Channel Size – Big


About: This NDA Telegram Channel often sends video lecture links that you can watch on YouTube. If you want to clear your concept and get a better understanding of the topics, you can join this channel. Also, you will get notes and practice questions to test your knowledge.

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Channel Size – Medium


About: This NDA Telegram Channel majorly is focused on sharing quizzes or practice questions, mock tests, etc. If you wish to join a group that only provides important question banks, this channel is worth joining.

Defense telegram channel

National Defence Academy NDA
Channel Size – Medium


About: This NDA Telegram Channel shares all kinds of study material, notes, practice questions, etc. in Hindi. If you wish to get all these study resources in Hindi, then this group has all the crucial materials for the NDA exam.

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DEFENCE Preparation
Channel Size – Small


About: If you are looking for a telegram channel that only posts poll questions for practice and revision, then this is the right group for you. This will help you to get through a revision on a daily basis. Also, the key tactic to ace any exam is by practicing regularly. However, you will not find study materials from this channel.

NDA preparation telegram group

NDA Preparation
Channel Size – Medium


About: This NDA Telegram Channel has many dedicated Channel Size because they share essential notes and practice questions with solutions. Another valuable material that they provide is strategy books to help you understand how to crack a particular subject. Also, you will get the latest and most detailed current affairs book PDFs for free. 

Shershah NDA 2 Batch
Channel Type – Small


About: This is an all-around telegram group that shares practice questions, video lectures, solutions, textbook PDFs, etc. You can also get specific subject or topic-related books and important links for reference. This group occasionally sends promotional messages, that can be ignored, but you can all the study materials for free. 

NDA Current Affairs telegram channel

Notes for NDA and X, Y group 2021
Channel Size – Very Small


About: This NDA telegram channel contains several useful notes and PDFs which are free to download. You can also find various mock tests practice questions and their answers. Also, they share useful general knowledge and current affairs updates that will help you to prepare well.

Agastya 2.0 – Detailed NDA 1 Batch
Channel Size – Medium


About: This telegram group is an active channel that gives excellent video lectures, notes, and practice questions. This is an ideal group for those who want to learn topics from scratch and revise before the exam.

NDA math Telegram channel

Maths By Anuj Seth
Channel Size – Medium


About: This NDA Telegram Channel is made by Anuj Seth, who teaches Mathematics to NDA aspirants and also coaches them to crack the exam. You can get all the study resources along with useful courses for training. Also, you will receive offers on these courses and important tips from an expert. This expert will guide and motivate you to ace the exams.

NDA & CDS Preparation
Channel Size – Small


About: This NDA Telegram Channel contains all the NDA-related notes, PDFs, and practice questions in English and Hindi. Hence, it’s a diverse group that shares important notes for studying and revision purposes. 

NDA telegram group link

NDA, Airforce, and CDS doubts solution
Channel Size – Medium


About: This NDA Telegram Channel is an open discussion group where NDA aspirants ask their doubts and try to explanations or solutions for questions. Also, you will get important notes and PDFs in both English and Hindi. In case, you cannot find an answer to questions, you can freely ask and discuss the solution in this group.


What is NDA exam eligibility?

The eligibility for appearing for the NDA exams is a pass certificate of Grade 12th provided by an established board or university.

What is the NDA age limit?

The age limit for NDA exams is between 16.5 to 19.5 years of age. It should also be noted that females and married male candidates are not eligible for this exam.

Is the NDA exam easy?

NDA exams are typically tough to clear since candidates need to undergo physical and written exams with a vast syllabus. However, preparing early can be helpful.

Can I clear NDA in 3 months?

The NDA exams require excellent preparation. With only three months in hand, you’ll need to create a decent study schedule, figure out your strengths and weaknesses, and follow your plan sincerely.

Can an average student crack NDA?

Yes. Any average student can crack NDA as long as their concepts in Maths, GK, Science, and English are covered well.

Which city is best for NDA?

Target Defence Academy is the best place for NDA, situated in the city of Lucknow.

Which are the Best NDA Telegram Channels?

Till Now, All the above-mentioned channels are best for the NDA Exam Preparation.

What is the highest salary of NDA?

The highest salary of a high-rank NDAofficer is 2,50,000/- INR.

How can I clear my NDA without maths?

Yes. If you apply for the Army Wing exam, you can clear the NDA without Maths.

Can I crack NDA in the first attempt?

Yes. If you prepare hard, follow your study plans with diligence and be fit, you can clear the NDA on your first attempt.

Is NDA exam MCQ based?

Yes. The NDA exam is an offline written MCQ-based paper. The total number of question is 270, out of which 120 is asked from the Mathematics section and other from GAT.


Overall, you just saw the list of top NDA telegram channels. If you are looking to find a well-reputed career with job security, a decent salary, and, most important, a chance to serve the nation, then appearing for the NDA exams is vital. NDA opens many doors for candidates eager to join the Navy, Indian Army, and Air Force. However, lakhs of students take this exam every year, but the seats available are only 480. Therefore, you have to be well prepared for the exam, and the best way to get study materials for free is by joining good telegram groups.

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