Top 10+ Best Telegram Channels for SSB Interview to CRACK It!

Are you preparing for the upcoming NDA exams? Then you are in the right place!

In today’s post, I will be sharing a list of some of the Best Telegram Channels for SSB Interview that will help you to crack the SSB interview.

As you may already know, after qualifying for the NDA or CDS exams, aspirants have to appear for the SSB interview.

It is a 5-day procedure where candidates are allotted different tasks in stages. Within these stages, there are various tests that aspirants need to clear.

Overall, it is one of the toughest interviews to crack and if you are unaware of the process, it will be difficult to clear it.

So, let’s begin the Best Telegram Channels for SSB interviews to CRACK It!

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List of Telegram Channels for SSB Interview

SSB Crack
Channel Size – Big


AboutThis telegram channel has around 25,000+ Members and is dedicated to sharing beneficial resources to crack the SSB interview. You will get various video lecture links, current affairs, exam updates, etc. So, if you want a group that provides study materials to crack NDA or CDS entrance exams along with SSB interview preparation, this channel is good.

SSB Future Officers
Channel Size – Big


About: If you are looking for a Telegram Channels for SSB Interview that shares detailed preparation tips, notes, and strategies for the SSB interview, you can join this group. Around 19,000+ Members have already joined this group. The best part about this channel is that you will get test-specific notes and practice questions so that you become well-versed with the interview process and clear it with high scores.

Service Selection Board SSB
Channel Size – Medium


About: If you want to join a discussion group where you can openly ask your queries in the channel, you can join this Telegram Channels for SSB Interview. Aspirants are allowed to ask doubts regarding the exam and SSB interview. Plus, you will also get various study materials like practice questions, interview tips, notes, etc for cracking the exam and SSB. However, since it is an open discussion group there are not many restrictions on the messages but they are generally relevant.

SSB Interview Tips

As I have said earlier, the SSB interview takes place for a period of 5 days. On each day, candidates face different tests or tasks. However there is a pattern and once you learn it thoroughly, you will be able to crack the interview.

So, for that, you will require essential study materials but before sharing them with you, I would like to give you some useful tips that will help you to make your interview go smooth.

Thus, in order to be successful in the SSB interview, follow these tips:

1. Be prepared: It is crucial you know the entire SSB interview process and tests. The majority of the aspirants make this mistake and take this interview as a normal one but it is not. In fact, the SSB interview process is quite detailed and often candidates get confused. So, be well-versed in the various tests you will have to give.

2. Practice, practice, and practice: The key to answering all the tests in the SSB interview is by practice. By doing so, you will develop the skill to understand the tests and confidently answer them. You will get all preparation materials from these telegram channels for free which you use to get through.

3. Pay attention to GD: Another important trick to score well in the group discussion is to be prepared with certain topics such as Current affairs, politics, the Indian army, the History of India, etc. Generally, candidates are questioned on these topics which is a great hint for aspirants to pay attention to them and prepare accordingly.

SSB interview Tips for Indian Army PDF

Channel Size – Small


About: This telegram channel also shares relevant video lectures on how to ace the NDA or CDS exams along with SSB interview tips. You can learn basic tactics and strategies to clear the SSB interview. Also, they provide daily e-newspapers, current affairs, and free courses that you can take advantage of to prepare. 

Combined Defence Service
Channel Size – Small


About: This is another strict discussion group where you are only allowed to share important materials for studying or ask relevant doubts. If you wish to join this group, then you need to follow the rules given by the admin. Regardless, you will find previous year’s past papers on NDA, CDS, and AFCAT along with solutions, that are quite helpful for preparation. Plus, they send a good range of notes to ace particular sections or papers. 

Let’s Crack SSB
Channel Size – Medium


About: This Telegram Channels for SSB Interview is made by Unacademy, a popular learning platform. You will get several helpful video lectures to prepare for the SSB interview. Plus, they organize practice sessions for TAT, GTO, GD, etc. All this information is provided by experts and experienced tutors on this platform, so it is very beneficial. Occasionally, they share exam-related updates.

SSB Query
Channel Size – Small


About: This is one of the most useful telegram discussion groups to prepare for the SSB interview. You will find resources, tips, and notes of many tests and sessions conducted during the 5-day interview. Overall, the admin shares all these materials for free but also provides paid courses that you can opt for, it is optional. However, it is a must-join group to get a clear understanding of GD topics. 

Best Telegram Channels for SSB Interview

𝐒𝐒𝐁 𝐏𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬
Channel Size – Very Small


AboutThis is another helpful Telegram Channels for SSB Interviews that is open for discussion and intends to provide free SSB interview materials for aspirants. You will get facts, national or international news updates, test practice for OIR, TAT, etc. Overall, there are many resources available to download for clearing SSB and NDA exams.

Clear SSB
Channel Size – Very Small


About: If you are an SSB aspirant, you can join this group. In this channel, you will get important tips and strategies to ace the interview. However, it is also a discussion group and so, aspirants are allowed to ask questions but there are no strict rules for participants.

Indian Army Telegram Group Link

Mission SSB – Discuss
Channel Size – Small


About: This channel has around 1,000+ Members but they will surely grow in number soon since you get useful notes for SSB. Even though discussions are allowed in this group and sometimes people send promotional messages, you will get important test notes for SSB, newspaper PDFs, exam updates, etc.

SSB Group discussion
Channel Size – Very Small


AboutThis Telegram Channels for SSB Interview provides free SSB preparation materials. You will find keynotes, tips, and tactics to ace the SSB interview. Plus, they hold several online sessions on Google meet for aspirants and guide them. So, if you want to get live mentorship, you can certainly join this group.

SSB Preparation Material – FREE
Channel Size – Medium


AboutThis Telegram Channels for SSB Interview provides valuable study materials for SSB and CDSE preparation for free. You will get major tips, detailed guides, books, test-specific notes, etc. Also, if you have any doubts regarding the SSB interview procedure or guidelines, they conduct live doubt-solving sessions on Google meet for aspirants.

SSBWINGS discussion forum
Channel Size – Small


About: This telegram channel is a discussion group where aspirants can get their doubts clarified. However, you can also get video lecture links and notes to prepare for the SSB interview. You can join their crash course for a paid subscription but all the materials shared in this group are free.


How to prepare for SSB?

  1. Understand the Pattern of SSB Interview Thoroughly. …
  2. Practice is a key to success. …
  3. Be Confident whenever you speak. …
  4. Read Current Affairs Every Day. …
  5. You must have in-depth knowledge about certain topics. …
  6. Don’t ignore your background knowledge of academics.
  7. Know everything about the place you belong to.

Who qualifies for an SSB interview?

The candidates who clear the NDA or CDS exam conducted by UPSC are qualified to give the SSB interview.

Are SSB and NDA the same?

No. SSB which is short for Service Selection Board is an interview procedure to filter out the best talents for the Army. Regardless, candidates that clear the NDA or CDS exam are eligible to appear for the SSB interview.

Is the SSB interview hard?

Yes. Generally, the SSB interviews are considered to be one of the toughest exams in India. Also, only a few candidates are able to clear the interview on the first attempt. However, if you follow some tips on how to make an SSB interview go more smoothly, being well-prepared, staying calm, and collected will help you ace it.

What are the passing marks in the SSB interview?

The minimum passing marks for clearing the first 4 days of the SSB interview is (90×3)= 270 marks.

How many are selected in SSB?

Every year, more than 2.5 lakh candidates appear for the NDA exams. However, approximately only 545 aspirants are called for the interview. To put into perspective, about 6 to 10% of aspirants qualify for the interview.

Is SSB interview English or Hindi?

The language selected for the SSB interview is English only. Hence, it is crucial for you to be proficient in it to crack the interview on the first attempt.

What should I study for SSB?

You can prepare for the SSB interview by practicing how to speak coherently and confidently. Next, you should be well-versed with certain concepts, current affairs, Indian politics, and History topics that are often asked in GD( Group Discussions).

Can I crack SSB in the first attempt?

All aspirants dream to crack the SSB interview in the first attempt itself. For this, you will need to be aware of the interview procedure, tests, and tasks. This will give you an upper hand and you will be able to clear the interview.

Best telegram channel for NDA preparation.

Here you can find the best telegram Channel For NDA Preparation.

Indian BTS army telegram group.

Here you can find this group.

SSB interview WhatsApp group link.

Join from this link. You will redirect to the SSB interview WhatsApp group link.

BSF telegram group link.

you can Join this channel

Defense direct education telegram channel.

Here is the Official Telegram Channel for defense direct education.

Get success in SSB interview Arihant pdf download.

Go through this link. You will find it.


Altogether, this was the list of the best Telegram Channels for SSB Interview. So, if you are looking for important interview resources, all these groups provide great insights for aspirants. The key to acing any interview is by practicing for it beforehand and also being confident. Sometimes candidates get nervous or confused about the procedure but if you rehearse well, there are more chances to impress the panel. Moreover, there is cut-throat competition hence, you will need to diligently work hard so that you get the wonderful opportunity of joining the Army.

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