15+ Best Hindi News Telegram Channels & Group Link [Free PDF 2023]

Do you want to get daily news in Hindi? So Don’t worry. In this post, I have come up with the 15+ Best Hindi News Telegram Channels from which you will find the latest breaking news, politics, sports, entertainment to business, technology, and more. You can read the latest news from various Telegram communities!

The majority of the news channels have made their official Telegram groups that share article links, brief broadcasts, and newspapers. So, if you want to be updated with politics, cricket, current affairs, business-related information, or simply get regional news, Telegram offers all!

It is a great way to quickly go through highlight bulletins. The best part about them is you will only receive news from authentic sources that are verified channels with a blue tick. Hence, the Hindi News Telegram Group is one of the most popular channels.

In short, Telegram is a flexible app that allows users to get relevant news every day for free without much hassle! Today, for this post, I will share the best Hindi News Telegram Channels! Let’s begin!

How to Join Hindi News Telegram Channels

Telegram helps users to get regional news in their preferred language and get updated. So, let’s see the steps to join a group.

  • Download the Telegram app from your Android’s Google play store or iOS device’s AppStore
  • Open the app and register to create your account with your phone number
  • Explore the Telegram channels given here and click on “Join Now”
  • You will be redirected to their page, tap on “Join Group” to become a member

If you already have a Telegram account, you can simply select the “Join Now” button below to join.

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Hindi News Telegram Channels List

1. Hindustan- Hindi Official Channel

AboutThis is the official Telegram community of the Live Hindustan news channel. Their group is verified with a blue tick. Generally, they post the latest headlines from around the world to keep subscribers updated. You will get a short bulletin news that describes the information in brief along with the article headline. 


  • Official and verified channel 
  • Get the latest news updates 
  • Article links provided 

2. NDTV: 24×7 Fastest News Alerts

AboutThis is the unofficial Telegram group of NDTV which is a popular Indian news channel. They also provide short headlines and highlight important information. All their posts contain the article link from where you can read the complete news in detail. It is a helpful community that regularly posts current affairs. 


  • Unofficial news community of NDTV
  • Get brief headlines 
  • Regular news updates shared 

3. हिंदी समाचार

AboutHindi Samachar is an active Hindi news telegram channel that provides important headlines of the day. All of their content is taken from various Hindi news publications. So, you can explore or read the upcoming happenings from around the world. Besides, this community focuses more on Indian local news. 


  • Active Hindi news channel
  • Sources from many publications
  • Best for reading local headlines

4. News 24 Sports

AboutNews 24 Sports is a famous group on Telegram that shares quick insights about cricket. You will receive constant information about national and international cricket games. They send brief updates of the recent matches being held. If you want IPL-related content, then you can join here. However, all the posts made are in English only. 


  • Latest cricket news in English
  • Explore match schedules and updates
  • Best for getting IPL news 

5. Cricket News Hindi ME

About: News 24 cricket is a small Hindi sports Telegram channel. They share detailed match schedules and live updates on the game. You will get regional, national, and international cricket news. Overall, it is a resourceful group to join for. Although, there is no information on how you can watch the match.


  • Cricket news in Hindi 
  • Get live updates and headlines



AboutZee News is also another well-known news channel in India and this is their official Telegram group. There are around 10k subscribers that get constant news bulletins throughout the day. Hence, you can quickly go through the reports posted. Also, all of the posts have the article link that contains detailed information. 


  • Quick Hindi news shared
  • Only bulletins posted 
  • Get full report links 

7. News18 Hindi

About: News18 Hindi is an officially verified community on Telegram where you can read current affairs. They often send breaking news with a 2-3 line description. It can be quite useful if you want to know about a report in brief. Moreover, the article link to their site is also given so that users can easily read the complete news according to their preferences. 


  • Verified channel
  • Get breaking news headlines
  • Article links posted 

8. DD News Hindi

About: DD News Hindi is an unofficial but good source of getting regular bulletins. The admin usually shares two links along with the news headline. So, you can either read the information in points from Instaview or click on the source to get the official DD news article. Regardless, this channel provides insightful updates from India. 


  • Unofficial news channel 
  • Read news in short or detailed 
  • Get quick updates from DD News 

9. The Newspaper store

About: The Newspaper Store is a valuable Telegram community that gives free e-papers. If you perhaps prefer reading news from papers then this channel is worth joining. There are many newspaper publications available such as the Times Of India, Business Standard, Economic Times, etc. You can read both English and Hindi newspapers from here. 


  • English and Hindi newspapers 
  • High-quality pdfs
  • Mostly English e-papers shared 

10. Dainik Jagran newspaper

About: If you like to read the Dainik Jagran newspaper in digital format, you can join this group. They provide the pdf format of many regional Dainik Jagran publications in good quality. However, now they have started their paid channel at an affordable rate. So, you will need to subscribe to it to get the e-paper. 


  • Free Dainik Jagran e-papers 
  • The regional newspaper is also available 
  • Paid channel 

11. Daily Hindi Newspapers 2855

About: If you want free Hindi newspapers, then you can join this Telegram community. The admin shares many region-wise Hindi e-papers in pdf format. Even so, this group has not been active recently. Hence, there are no newspapers from the year 2021 until now. 


  • Free Hindi newspapers
  • Region-wise e-paper shared
  • Inactive group


About: This is an active Telegram group that gives Hindi and English e-papers. The admin has posted the latest newspaper pdfs of Business Standard, Dainik Jagran, Navbharat Times, etc. So, you can download or read the e-papers according to your preference. However, they only publish The Hindu newspaper in English as it is only available in that language. 


  • Free English and Hindi e-papers 
  • Several publications available 
  • Active channel

13. Abp newspaper India

About: This group on Telegram provides newspapers as well as bulletins in Hindi. Generally, you will find Amar Ujala e-papers but they send them through links. I will suggest you verify them before clicking. Apart from that, the article links shared are from the official source so they are safe to read. 


  • Free newspapers and bulletins
  • Only Amar Ujala e-papers available 
  • Newspaper links not verified 

14. Hindi English Pdf

About: If you want Hindi and English newspapers, you can download them from here. There are several regional e-papers in their respective languages that are free. Other than that, the admin also provides free English magazines that subscribers could read or download as well. Altogether, it is a very useful community to join. 


  • Free Hindi and English newspapers
  • Get region-wise e-paper pdfs
  • Few English magazines are available

15. आज तक : Aaj Tak Hindi

About: This Telegram channel usually posts quick news headlines which are sourced from Aaj Tak. Although, they only share the bulletin at some points or briefly. There is no article link posted here to provide complete information. So, it would be best to verify the news sent to this group.


  • Short Headlines posted
  • Source from Aaj Tak news channel
  • No article link posted


Telegram is a beneficial platform that allows users to get the latest news without browsing endlessly through the internet. You will get all the relevant content and information on the group itself along with the complete news articles that contain the details. So, it is an efficient way to receive bulletins every day to keep yourself updated. However, if you want industry-specific news only then it would be best to join a niche Telegram channel. Also, since market trends change a lot, quickly reading important headlines can be of great help.


Is there a new feed on Telegram?

No, there is no news feed posted on the Telegram app but you can join various channels which post daily headlines. If you are looking for Hindi newsgroups, here are some of the best ones:

  • News 24 Sports
  • Hindustan- Hindi Official Channel
  • हिंदी समाचार
  • News18 Hindi

How can I join news in Telegram?

It is quite easy to read news from Telegram channels. All you have to do is explore our blog posts and click on the join now button given below. The link will redirect you to the Telegram group which provides important news headlines. 

What are the few best channels on Telegram for current affairs?

One of the best sources of current affairs is Here.

Does Telegram cost money?

No, Telegram is absolutely free-to-use platform. You can join as many groups or channels as you like and get constant news, study materials, etc. Also, there are many active discussion communities that you could join to interact with users. 

Can we join any Telegram channel?

Yes, you can join any public Telegram channel without any hassle. However, if there is a private group then you will need to send a joining request to the admin. Generally, these private communities are made for paid subscriptions. 

Which is the best Indian news channel on telegram?

There are numerous Indian news channels on Telegram and here are some of the best ones:

What is the best telegram channel for a Hindi newspaper?

If you want to download or read Hindi e-papers for free then you can join the following Telegram channels:

  • The Newspaper store
  • Hindi English Pdf
  • Dainik Jagran newspaper

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