Top 10 Best Youtube Channels for BSc Maths

If you are searching for the Best Youtube Channels for BSc Maths then this blog will be very helpful for you. I have Curated the top 10 BSc Maths Youtube Channels. Mathematics is indeed a tough subject but if you understand it then you can easily make a career in it. So, if you have also taken BSc in Maths and are looking for valuable study resources, keep reading!

YouTube is a reliable and free platform that allows students to watch free video lessons, exam tips, and syllabus updates. It is truly the best community for candidates to learn from free study materials.

Although, there are plenty of such channels on YouTube so it may become confusing to look for the most suitable one. This is why I have researched and compiled the most relevant ones for you!

Let’s check out the top 10+ BSc Math YouTube channels!


Benefits of Watching Math YouTube Channels

Before I share the names of all the YouTube channels, let’s see their crucial advantages that will benefit you.

  • Get free study plans, video lectures, and crash courses for BSc Mathematics
  • Watch detailed lessons and important exam tricks
  • Learn the core and main topics of Mathematics
  • Practice solving questions from quiz sets or question banks
  • Access free notes PDF from communities on YouTube

Now, let’s move on with our channel list!

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Best Youtube Channel For BSc Maths

Best Youtube Channel For BSc MathsLinks
Khan AcademyLink
Dr.Gajendra PurohitLink
Oxford MathematicsLink
Bhagwan Singh VishwakarmaLink
iSTUDY OnlineLink
Maths by Prashant GoyalLink

Best Youtube Channels For BSc Maths in India

1. PatrickJMT

About: This is one of the best channels available on YouTube that explains some complex math concepts in an easy way. There are multiple introductory to advanced level explanation video lectures which are important in BSc Mathematics. If you want to understand how to solve tough mathematical equations such as derivatives, polynomials, trigonometry, integer, etc, this community will be valuable for you.


  • Active channel
  • Posts in-depth explanations on topics
  • Best to learn polynomials, trigonometry, linear algebra, etc.

Watch Channel: Link

2. 3Blue1Brown

About: This channel shares interesting and unique animation video lectures to teach difficult math topics. It is an interactive channel where you can learn some key concepts like calculus, binomial distribution, normal distribution, etc. Overall this community is a fun channel that thoroughly explains topics and engaging classes but you must only watch content that is relevant according to your syllabus.


  • Fun animated math video lectures
  • Learn crucial topics like a normal distribution, calculus, etc.
  • Easy to remember content from such interactive classes

Watch Channel: Link

3. Khan Academy

About: Khan Academy is a famous channel on YouTube and is a non-profit organization that provides free online lectures. The explanatory videos are quite easy to understand and you will find content for major subjects. So, if you want to clear your fundamental knowledge of mathematics subscribing to this community will be a good option.


  • A wide range of math tutorials is available
  • Brief explanation provided
  • Best to get an understanding of a tough concept

Watch Channel: Link

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4. Dr.Gajendra Purohit

About: Dr. Gajendra Purohit is an expert teacher of mathematics and he has made the Best Youtube Channels for BSc Maths to share his knowledge. For BSc maths students, there are separate playlists made where you will get complete video lessons along with examples. This community covers key topics from the syllabus so you can prepare for the exams.


  • Watch the playlist for BSc Mathematics
  • All crucial chapters covered such as differential calculus
  • Best for exam preparation

Watch Channel: Link

5. nptelhrd

About: NPTEL is also a well-known online learning platform that students use to access free courses. They have their Best Youtube Channel for BSc Maths YouTube channel where all the major subject lectures are posted. There are several lessons that teach in detail about concepts such as Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, etc. However, if you want to watch quick videos then this community may not be your best choice since they cover each chapter thoroughly.


  • Detailed math lessons shared
  • Get a deeper understanding of complete concepts like Real Analysis
  • It has very long lectures and is not suitable for revision

Watch Channel: Link

6. Oxford Mathematics

About: Oxford University is globally recognized and they have posted some free lessons on YouTube for undergraduate-level math students. All the topics discussed here may or may not be a part of your semester exams, so try to watch only the content that is relevant to you. Apart from that, these lessons are conducted by highly experienced teachers.


  • Learn important math chapters from here
  • Not all lectures are not according to the BSc Math syllabus
  • Video lessons are conducted by experienced professors

Watch Channel: Link


7. Bhagwan Singh Vishwakarma

About: Bhagwan Singh Vishwakarma is a great educator on YouTube who teaches mathematics in Hindi. His video lessons are easy to understand and learn from if you are comfortable with the Hindi language. There are several tutorials posted by him that are for BSc Mathematics students, so you can refer to that content.


  • Watch BSc Math lectures in Hindi
  • Exam tips and tutorials available
  • Best for semester exam preparation

Watch Channel: Link

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Best Youtube Channels for Maths Class 12

8. iSTUDY Online

About: If you want BSc mathematics year-wise video tutorials then this channel on YouTube is one of the best for studying. You will find all the relevant playlists and content for BSc maths. Apart from this, they also post lectures on subjects like Botany and Zoology for all years. In short, it’s a beneficial and free resource to learn tough concepts easily.


  • Get BSc Math year-wise video lectures
  • The playlist contains all the topics
  • Subjects like Zoology and Botany are also available

Watch Channel: Link

9. Maths by Prashant Goyal

About: Prashant Goyal is an enthusiastic math teacher on YouTube that has posted multiple live lectures. All of his videos are in Hindi and try to cover various topics from BSc M1, M2, and M3 years. This channel has shared more syllabus-relevant content that you can refer to while preparing for your upcoming examinations.


  • Live lectures for BSc Math students
  • Useful examples shared during video lessons
  • Aligned with BSc Math syllabus

Watch Channel: Link

Best Youtube Channel for PCM Students


About: Anant Aryam Classes is a coaching institute in Udaipur that helps students to clear competitive exams like IIT-JAM, GATE, CSIR-NET, JEST, CMI, etc. For BSc mathematics students, there is a complete lecture series that covers important topics such as real analysis, calculus, algebra, etc. All of their content is in Hindi.


  • Several tutorials for BSc Math chapters
  • Best to prepare for competitive exams like IIT-JAM, CSIR NET, GATE, etc.
  • All videos are in Hindi

Watch Channel: Link

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Best Advanced Mathematics Youtube Channels

11. SN Maths Academy – Higher Mathematics

About: This is a new emerging channel on YouTube that has uploaded more than 160 video lectures as of writing. It is handled by Shivanth Sahu who has cleared IIT JAM and CSIR NET mathematics exams and completed his master’s in maths from NIT College. He has posted topic-wise lectures that are easy to watch and learn from so if you preparing for any entrance exams then you use this community.


  • Complete lectures for BSc Math topics
  • Check the syllabus and paper pattern from his videos
  • Best to get a proper topic-wise explanation

Watch Channel: Link

12. Professor Leonard

About: Professor Leonard is an active math teacher on YouTube who covers advanced-level mathematical topics. So, if you want to become proficient in calculus, statistics, differential equations, etc, this channel is appropriate for you. The best part about his lectures is that they are detailed yet engaging to watch.


  • Advanced-level math topics posted here
  • Watch in-depth content for UG Math
  • Lectures are in English only

Watch Channel: Link

13. Eddie Woo 

About: Eddie Woo is a fantastic teacher that initially did not like Maths but now teaches it. He has around 1.5 million subscribers and his lectures are very detailed. From trigonometry, and functions to differentiation and integration, he covers all crucial concepts. To understand the basics well, you can watch his videos and learn them easily.


  • Posted on multiple math chapters that are important for BSc Math
  • Get quick explanations on main topics
  • A step-by-step solution mentioned for math problems

Watch Channel: Link


Overall, these were some top-notch YouTube channels related to BSc Mathematics that you can subscribe to or watch. All of these communities provided detailed video lectures, effective exam tricks, and paper-solving techniques that will help you get a high score in the semester exams. Even so, you should not completely rely on them and watch them clarify fundament math concepts and practice solving mock tests to improve your knowledge. Best of luck!

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Which is the best YouTube channel for college mathematics?

For learning college-level mathematics, Khan Academy is a useful channel on YouTube that makes interactive video lectures on basic mathematic concepts like calculus. By watching them, you can refine your fundamental knowledge and easily understand complete versions of the same topic.

What is the best YouTube channel for bsc maths students?

If you want to get year-wise content for BSc mathematics then channels like Prashant Goyal and iStudyOnline are great communities. You will find all the important math topics being explained in detail along with examples.

Is BSc maths very difficult?

If you learn the main concepts of maths and practice them daily then you will not find BSc-level mathematics challenging. All you have to do is attend your classes and keep revising your notes.

Does BSc Maths have scope in India?

Yes! Candidates that have graduated with a BSc in mathematics can enter multiple fields such as statistics, accountancy, actuarial science, research, etc. So, you need to choose the industry according to your interest.

How many subjects are there in BSc maths?

There are various subjects or papers in BSc mathematics which are as follows:
1. Probability and statistics
2. Calculus
3. Real Analysis
4. Mechanics
5. Discrete mathematics

These are some common topics that you will learn in this three-year course degree.

What are the benefits of B.Sc maths?

After completing BSc in Maths, you can enter the field of actuarial sciences, operations management, accounting, data analysis, IT, etc. Although, you should select an industry that has flexible career opportunities.

Who are the best YouTubers in mathematics?

In my opinion, Eddie Woo is a very intellectual and fun teacher that thoroughly explains complex mathematical concepts in his lectures. All of these videos are taken from actual classrooms so they also are engaging to watch.

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