15+ Best YouTube Channels for Current Affairs

Searching for the Best YouTube Channels for Current Affairs for the upcoming civil service exams? or are you studying for any competitive examinations? Then given below Youtube channels will be very helpful for you. These channels are carried out by my own research. So please read this blog till the end to access the list.

Either way, you will need the crucial notes and materials to crack these tough exams. Thanks to the internet, today students can download free resources for learning and tips!

Although, simply learning from books is not enough to achieve a high score. So, you can make use of YouTube which is an easy-to-use platform.

It allows aspirants to watch educational videos or crash courses where expert teachers guide students and help them in understanding the main topics. I have seen tons of such YouTube channels but not all of them give relevant Current Affairs.

Hence, I have researched and found the most suitable communities for you! Let’s begin!


Reasons Why You Should Watch Current Affairs on YouTube

Before I start listing the channels, let me quickly share their important benefits which are as follows:

  • Get the latest news from national and international
  • Be updated with the new paper pattern changes and trends
  • Quickly understand the news and learn its importance
  • Download free notes and content that is taught in the YouTube class
  • Watch live current affair series every day

Now, let’s check out the 15+ Best YouTube Channels for Current Affairs!

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Best YouTube Channels for Current Affairs

Best YouTube Channels for Current AffairsLink
UnacademyWatch Now
GKTodayWatch Now
Mrunal PatelWatch Now
Sansad TVWatch Now
The HinduWatch Now
Study IQ IASWatch Now
Vision IASWatch Now
Rau’s IAS Study CircleWatch Now
Civilsdaily IASWatch Now

Best YouTube Channels for Current Affairs

1. Unacademy

About: Unacademy is a well-known Ed-Tech company established back in 2015. It is a student-oriented platform that provides preparation materials for many undergraduate and graduate-level examinations. You will find tons of videos on Current Affairs, GK, and UPSC topics. They regularly post explanatory videos to help aspirants ace various competitive exams like GATE, CDS, SSC, Banking, etc.


  • Get news analysis from “The Hindu” paper
  • Watch video lectures and paper-solving sessions
  • Suitable for UPSC, SSC, and Banking exam aspirants


About: BYJU is also another famous Ed-Tech platform that is used by students in India to get free notes and study materials. They have a verified YouTube channel where you will get daily quizzes, weekly current affairs, newspaper analysis, etc. In short, you can watch their videos to get brief news and solve questions related to them.


  • Check weekly current affairs and news analysis
  • Solve quizzes
  • Beneficial for UPSC candidates

3. GKToday

About: GKToday is one of the most active channels on YouTube that shares current affairs on a daily basis. Their content is in Hindi so you can understand it easily. Plus, they post free General Knowledge MCQs that will assist you a lot in several competitive exams such as UPSC, SSC, Banking, Railways, CLAT, etc.


  • Active YouTube channel
  • Daily current affairs shared
  • Best for many exams like CLAT, SSC, UPSC, Railways, etc.

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Best Youtube Channels for Current Affairs for Competitive Exams

4. Mrunal Patel

About: Mr. Mrunal Patel is a well-known YouTuber that provides free study materials for the majority of competitive exams like UPSC, banking, CAT, etc. Besides, he also shares valuable preparation tips to guide candidates while they are studying for these challenging exams. Plus, students like to watch his content as he explains with relatable examples which are quite useful to remember crucial points.


  • Free study notes for CAT, UPSC, and Banking exams
  • Get monthly current affairs
  • Helpful for students to revise and learn the main topics

5. Sansad TV

About: Sansad TV is the official YouTube channel of the Rajya Sabha that mainly shares news bulletins and parliament headlines. This is a reliable source of information for getting significant political and national news. You can get quick news reports in Hindi and watch the latest updates. However, there are no study materials posted here.


  • Verified channel of Rajya Sabha
  • Best to get political and parliament news
  • No preparation notes shared

Best Youtube Channels for Current Affairs in Hindi

6. The Hindu

About: The Hindu is considered one of the best newspapers for reading current affairs. Thus, if you are preparing for the civil service exams, watching the latest headline videos will help you stay updated with the latest. Although, they do not provide any preparation notes for any competitive examinations.


  • Official news channel
  • See quick headlines in English
  • No study materials

7. Study IQ IAS

About: Study IQ IAS is a reliable channel to get daily news and current affairs in Hindi. They have posted multiple enlightening contents while covering the syllabus of UPPSC. Apart from that, there is explanatory content in subjects like Sociology, Geography, etc, and post lectures using NCERT books. So, you can refer to their exam tips to improve your overall performance.


  • Video lectures posted for civil service aspirants
  • Current affairs available in Hindi
  • Check exam tips to get guidance

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Best Youtube Channels for Current Affairs for UPSC

8. Vision IAS

About: Vision IAS is a community that mainly focuses on civil service exams and gives relevant study notes for the same. You will get paper-wise guidance, current affairs, economic surveys, etc. In short, there are mostly UPSC preparation tips that you can use to attain a high rank in the exam. Even so, to access their exclusive notes, you need to purchase their courses.


  • Explore UPSC lectures and paper-wise tips
  • Watch the latest current affairs and review your knowledge
  • Limited free content

9. Rau’s IAS Study Circle

About: Rau’s IAS is a coaching institution that helps aspirants to clear the civil service exams. Their YouTube channel mainly aims to share detailed newspaper analyses. Moreover, there are several MCQ paper-solving lectures of the UPSC Prelims. Altogether, it is a beneficial community to get relevant current affairs.


  • Get newspaper analyses and current affairs daily
  • Watch MCQ solving lectures
  • Useful for IAS aspirants


Best Youtube Channels for Current Affairs for SSC

10. Civilsdaily IAS

About: If you want to get paper-solving videos and exam tips then Civilsdaily IAS will be a good option for you. It is a student-centered community that focuses on aspirants that are currently prepping for the civil service examination. Other than that, they even upload motivational content to encourage candidates to score well.


  • Learn tips to crack the current affairs section in the UPSC exam
  • Explore exam strategies and tips
  • Get encouraging videos to motivate yourself

11. Drishti IAS

About: If you want to get daily current affairs and general knowledge videos then you can subscribe to Drishti IAS. This channel regularly provides MCQs based on the latest news and explains the solutions. You can watch their content to not only learn about the recent headlines but also practice solving them.


  • Current affairs and General knowledge videos posted
  • Solve various MCQs related to GK
  • Best for UPSC aspirants

Best Youtube Channels for Current Affairs for Banking

12. Jagran Josh 

About: Jagran Josh is a valuable alternative news channel on YouTube where you can watch national or international bulletins. They upload a separate series called “Daily Current Affairs” that explains the recent headlines in a question-and-answer format. As a result, it is a useful community to subscribe to get news alerts.


  • Hindi news channel
  • Get daily videos on current affairs
  • Solve MCQs to test your knowledge

13. Mahendras: Online Videos For Govt. Exams

About: If you want to get news that is relevant to government exams like SSC, Railways, and Banking, then this YouTube community will be suitable for you. They share important exam strategies, tips, paper-solving videos, weekly current affairs, etc. Additionally, there is a link present in the video description that will help students convert the lecture into PDF format.


  • Watch weekly current affairs
  • Paper-solving videos, exam tips, and lectures are available
  • Download YouTube notes in PDF

Best Youtube Channels for Current Affairs India


About: Insight IAS also mainly focuses on the UPSC and civil service exams. They have shared very long and detailed educative videos to help candidates learn the crucial topics and subjects from the exam’s point of view. There are also some notes available in the Kannada language.


  • Get UPSC notes for the IAS cadre
  • Exam tips posted
  • Study materials in English and Kannada

Best Youtube Channels for Current Affairs in English

15. Adda247

About: Adda247 is one of the biggest channels on YouTube which aims to teach aspirants and prepare them for various competitive exams. This is their general community where you will get live streams on recent current affairs. If you want to get exam-specific notes then you can explore their other channels on YouTube such as SSC Adda247, GATE Adda247, etc.


  • Get live current affairs every day
  • Free notes available
  • Covers all major examinations like SSC, UPSC, GATE, UGC NET, etc.


About: ALS IAS is a relatively small channel that shares detailed videos to explain current affairs. Hence, you can watch this content to get in-depth knowledge about particular news. Regardless, they have not posted any new videos on the latest current affairs.


  • Detailed news analysis
  • Suitable for UPSC students
  • No recent uploads


YouTube is among the best resources for daily study tutorials and educational videos. It is an informative platform where you can get insightful UPSC preparation notes, interview tips, quizzes, guidance from experts, etc. Altogether, it is easy to access all of these important study materials that will ultimately help you in cracking these exams with flying colors. All the best!

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What are some of the best YouTube channels for Indian current affairs and General Knowledge?

GKToday generally posts videos on the latest national current affairs along with some GK MCQs. It is a valuable resource to learn recent news and solve practice general knowledge questions.

Which is the best YouTube channel for current affairs for the UPSC?

You will find dozens of channels on YouTube that provide current affairs for UPSC. One of them is Drishti IAS which also covers the general knowledge section to help students learn all important things from one video itself.

How to crack current affairs?

The key to understanding current affairs is making notes. Try to highlight the most important points of that specific news that will help you remember it. Next, you can revise these notes to keep the knowledge fresh.

How do I cover current affairs for the UPSC and what is the best YouTube channel for current affairs?

There are numerous YouTube channels like Drishti IAS, Jagran Josh, GKToday, and Adda247 that share daily current affairs. Most of their content is relevant for UPSC aspirants so you can easily refer to their lectures to learn the latest news in brief.

What is asked in current affairs?

Current affair is generally a section in competitive exams that covers several fields such as politics, finance, technology, sports, science, national and international headlines, etc. So, it is important to stay updated with the news to ace this particular part of the paper.

How can I study daily current affairs?

There are plenty of YouTube channels that upload free videos on current affairs. You can easily watch them get the latest headlines and study them. Also, if you want to get newspaper analysis videos then YouTube is the best resource to find them.

What are the types of current affairs?

Current affairs can be largely divided into several categories. Generally, they are national or international news, important dates, awards, tech news, sports headlines, etc. So, current affairs broadly cover many industries and fields.

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