15+ Best YouTube Channels for JEE Preparation

In this Blog, you will find the Best YouTube Channels for JEE Preparation. Learning by yourself is never easy especially when you are preparing for competitive exams such as JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Fortunately, there are several beneficial YouTube communities that share detailed informative video lectures to guide students.

They cover the entire syllabus, provide exam tips, post past paper solutions, and free study resources! Altogether, you can get excellent notes and preparation materials!

Even if you have not enrolled in any coaching classes, these YouTube channels will be sufficient to help you ace the JEE exams.

I have dozens of such channels but not all of them are worthy of watching or spending time on. So, to make things easy I prepared an exclusive 15+ Best YouTube Channels for JEE Preparation! Let’s check them out!


Benefits of Learning from YouTube Lectures

Before I start with the list, I would like to highlight some key advantages of watching these online lectures from YouTube for JEE preparation. They are as follows:

  • Get free study resources such as PDF notes, formula sheets, mind maps, etc.
  • Easy to access video lectures anytime and anywhere
  • Learn exam strategies from expert teachers and reputed organizations
  • Improve performance by watching their paper-solving classes and attempting mock tests
  • Receive the best exam tips and tricks to increase your score

Now, it is time to see our channel list!

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Best YouTube Channels for JEE Preparation

1. Etoos Education

About: Etoos is a popular ed-tech community on YouTube with more than 1 Million subscribers. This channel has been posting detailed educational videos for IIT JEE and NEET exams. It will be ideal for you to join this channel if you want to specifically find class 11th and 12th JEE lectures for Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. In case of doubts, you can post a query in the comment section and it will be solved by expert tutors.


  • Class 11th and 12th PCM topics covered
  • Best for finding JEE lectures
  • Clarify doubts by experienced teachers

Best Youtube Channels for JEE Preparation Free

2. Khan Academy

About: Khan Academy is a globally recognized channel that gives free video lectures on key subjects like Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, etc. This is also a popular choice for several Science students, especially entrance exam aspirants. It is because all their online classes contain simple explanations for a wide range of topics. Hence, you can refer to these online classes to prepare for the JEE exams. In short, to learn certain important concepts this community is the best.


  • Globally popular community
  • Best to understand PCM basic chapters
  • Active channel

3. Mohit Tyagi

About: Mohit Tyagi is another well-known Best YouTube Channel for JEE Preparation that you can refer to for JEE preparation. Usually, they focus to provide free video lectures for JEE aspirants. There are separate playlists created for each subject so that students can directly access the content. Right from useful exam tips to past paper analysis, there are a lot of beneficial classes available here.


  • Get free lectures for JEE preparation
  • Playlists created for candidates to find relevant content
  • Valuable exam tips posted

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4. M Learning India

About: M Learning India is a great alternative for coaching institutes as they share detailed IIT JEE lectures for all subjects. The channel has about 301k subscribers and uploaded 2.3k video classes. You will find all Science and Math topics from classes 9th to 12th. Plus, their main aim is to provide high-quality content for competitive exams. Since the channel has experienced teachers, you can get proper theoretical knowledge and applications for JEE.


  • Class 9th to 12th PCM chapter’s explanation available
  • High-quality lectures and notes
  • Best to learn the basics of all important topics

Best Youtube Channels for JEE Advanced Physics

5. Physics Galaxy 

About: There is a high chance you already know about the famous teacher Mr. Ashish Arora. He is one of the most followed mentors in India when it comes to JEE preparation. This is simply because he has guided and helped several candidates to get top ranks at IIT. So, if you like his way of teaching and want to improve in Physics, this channel will be appropriate for you. Learn the important concepts of JEE with detailed revision, exam tricks, and paper-solving videos.


  • Best to ace in Physics section of IIT JEE exams
  • Watch explanation lectures and exam tricks
  • Check aptitude by solving past papers alongside classes

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Best Youtube Channels for JEE Advanced Maths

6. Gradeup: JEE Main & Advanced Exam Preparation

About: If you specifically want to join a channel for JEE then Gradeup will be a good option for you. They aim to give free live online classes, discuss paper strategies and cover the entire syllabus for the IIT exams. Apart from that, you can also test your knowledge by watching their paper-solving videos.


  • Explore various paper-solving strategies
  • Free live classes conducted
  • Full syllabus of JEE covered by teachers

7. Pradeep Kshetrapal

About: Pradeep Kshetrapal posts a mix of English and Hindi video lectures. He explains topics in a simple manner with the help of applications and examples. So, you can watch videos of topics you want to improve your knowledge to achieve a high score. Besides, you will get online classes for subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and English.


  • Online lectures for JEE aspirants in Hindi and English
  • Understand key chapters from a simple explanation
  • Best to gain theoretical knowledge

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8. Motion JEE

About: Motion JEE is a reputed coaching institute that has created the Best YouTube Channels for JEE Preparation community for aspirants to access free video lectures. There are proper notes, topic-wise explanations, and problem-solving techniques shared here. If you like to watch long lectures of 1-4 hours then this channel will be appropriate for you.


  • Explore detailed lectures for IIT JEE
  • Several one-shot contents focused on crucial topics
  • All subjects covered

Best Youtube Channels for IIT JEE Advanced Physics

9. JEE Wallah

About: JEE Wallah is a franchise channel of Physics Wallah. Having more than 1.3 Million subscribers, this community provides the best preparation strategies for JEE. It is also an active YouTube channel that regularly posts chapter-wise videos according to the syllabus. Their important question series helps candidates to focus on the sections that often get repeated.


  • Best IIT exam preparation resources available
  • Covers the entire syllabus of JEE
  • Watch interactive live sessions and important question series

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10. Vedantu JEE 

About: If you want a quick explanation of a chapter or topic then you can refer to short video lectures posted by Vedantu. They try to a simplified explanation for students to easily understand the topic. However, there is limited detailed content for JEE since they are providing paid services.


  • Quick explanatory videos shared for JEE exams
  • Easy-to-understand lectures
  • Limited free content

11. eCareerPoint- JEE

About: eCareerPoint JEE is a Delhi-based coaching class that posts exam updates and brief lectures. Although there is not much chapter-wise content, they are sharing important paper-solving videos. All of these classes include effective exam strategies, tips, and answering techniques to help students attain high scores on paper.


  • Check the latest IIT exam updates
  • Important paper-solving techniques and tips posted
  • All subject content available

Best Youtube Channels for JEE Advanced Chemistry

12. ATP STAR Kota 

About: ATP STAR Kota is an online JEE and NEET preparation channel. It is handled by Vineet Sir who shares detailed explanation videos while discussing exam strategies. Their revision classes are very handy for aspirants to brush up on the concepts before the exam.


  • Receive JEE exam tips and informative classes
  • The best revision series posted
  • Active community

13. Canvas Classes

About: Canvas Classes is a unique community that focuses on Chemistry for IIT JEE exams. You can watch their informative videos to clear concepts and learn the fundamentals of the subject. All of their online lectures are quite useful, especially in preparing for the exam.


  • Get JEE Chemistry lectures
  • Learn all fundamental topics from scratch
  • Best to improve in Chemistry

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Best Youtube Channels for IIT JEE Preparation

14. Rao IIT Academy

About: Rao IIT Academy is an educational institute that focuses on various entrance exam preparations. Their channel on YouTube has 155k subscribers that access JEE paper-solving videos. If you want to find out solutions for a particular past paper then you can subscribe here. They offer paid services as well that you can explore.


  • Get JEE Mains and JEE Advanced paper-solving lectures
  • Best to find past paper solutions
  • Offers paid classes or coaching

15. MathonGo

About: MathonGo is a useful channel on YouTube that gives short videos for JEE aspirants. Generally, you will find excellent content for Maths and insightful exam tips. Moreover, they often share motivational lectures to encourage students to perform well in the examinations. Although to get more lectures you have to purchase their courses.


  • Best for learning Maths for JEE
  • Receive cheerful videos for boosting confidence
  • Limited free content

Best YouTube Channel for JEE Preparation

YouTube ChannelSubscriber CountSubject expertise Posting
Etoos Education1.47 MPCMDaily
Khan Academy7.84 MPCM Weekly
Mohit Tyagi554k PCMDaily
M Learning India301kPCM Monthly
Physics Galaxy 1.1 MPhysicsWeekly
Gradeup: JEE Main & Advanced Exam Preparation272kPCMDaily
Pradeep Kshetrapal812kPCMDaily
Motion JEE47.5kPCMWeekly
JEE Wallah1.33 MPCMWeekly or Daily
Vedantu JEE 1.09 MPCMDaily
eCareerPoint- JEE66.5kPCMDaily
ATP STAR Kota1.03 MPCMDaily
Canvas Classes114kChemistryWeekly
Rao IIT Academy155kPCMMonthly


So, these were some of my lists of YouTube channels for JEE preparation. You can explore their subject expertise to find relevant and valuable study materials. Apart from that, I have listed the features of each community that will help you to understand the quality of the content posted. Hopefully, you will find plenty of channels that will provide you with all the necessary notes, guidance, and resources. All the best!

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Who is the best physics on YouTube for JEE

Generally, people prefer to watch videos of Khan Academy, Etoos Education, and Physics Galaxy. All of these YouTube channels provide the best informative and attractive content for JEE aspirants. You can easily understand the difficult topics and prepare for the exam.

Which YouTube channel is best for chemistry for JEE?

Canvas Classes is a YouTube channel that only focuses on chemistry subjects. In short, they make insightful video lectures for JEE candidates to ace Chemistry by using their exam tips.

Is RD Sharma enough for JEE?

RD Sharma’s books are suitable for 12th CBSE boards but they do not have all the concepts which are in JEE’s syllabus. So, it is best to only refer to the chapters that match the curriculum.

Can I crack IIT in 3 months from scratch?

There are many students who have cracked the IIT JEE entrance exams with only a few months of preparation. Although that does not mean that it will be suitable for you also. So, it is better to start studying for the exams as soon as possible to get a high score.

Is NCERT enough for IIT?

NCERT books are often recommended by experts since it covers the main basic topics and explains them in a simple manner. Also, their textbook exercises or questions are helpful as well. However, you will need more reference books to understand concepts in great detail.

How many students crack IIT on the first attempt?

Generally, around 20,000 to 25,000 students get the opportunity of qualifying. Later on, from these only 10,000 candidates are selected and get a seat at various IIT institutes accordingly.

Is scoring 250 in JEE Mains difficult?

If a student scores 250 marks then they get a percentile of 99% which is quite high. However, it is not that simple to achieve 250 or above. You need thorough preparation, exam strategy, study schedule, and revision plan.

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