30+ Best Telegram Channels for Books PDF in 2023 [FREE E-Books]

Are you finding the Best Telegram Channels for Books PDF in 2023? Then you can read our Blog Post. Telegram is a great platform for students! You get free premium quality study materials and the latest exam notifications. There are hundreds of Telegram Channels for Books that provide notes and valuable video lectures but not all of them are worth joining.

Sometimes these groups send lots of spam messages or promotional content in bulk that is not relevant to subscribers. So, after researching a lot, I finally created a list of 30+ Best Telegram Channels for Books PDF that will help you!

Why Students should join Telegram groups?

Telegram is a messaging app with a large user base. It is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family and to learn new things. Here are four reasons why students should join Telegram groups:

  1. Telegram groups are a great resource for getting free notes, practice questions, books, and helpful video lectures for exams.
  2. Students can ask their doubts freely in discussion groups and reach out for career guidance advice from fellow subscribers.
  3. If you want to learn new skills then telegram is the best place to get promo codes and links to free in-demand courses that will help students to gain experience.
  4. Telegram groups also share several job opportunities for fresher candidates in private companies and government positions.

So without further ado, let’s begin the list of Best Telegram Channels for Books!


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Telegram Channels for Books

1. Books Hub: Ebooks & Audiobooks

About: This is a Great Telegram Channel for Books with a big subscriber following that provides amazing e-books and audiobooks. You will get a brief description of the group, its rating on Amazon, and the genre. They share the link from where you can download the ebook for free and read them. There are several top-selling and popular books that you can get.

Join Channel: Link

2. Books | Top, Summary, Self-Help

About: Are you looking for relevant book suggestions for various topics, this group is one of the best. You will get a list of several novels for a certain genre that you like to read. Since it is an active channel, they have a great following. Sometimes they send links along with the title of novels so that users can get complete details about them.

Join Channel: Link

3. Amazon Kindle and ebooks – Audiobooks

About: This is another popular Telegram channel for Books that provides Amazon Kindle and ebooks for free. You will get the details about the novel such as genre, ratings, description, and link to download. If you are looking for some books from these platforms then perhaps you can check out this group.

Join Channel: Link

4. eBook Room

About: eBook Room is a famous Telegram Channel for Books that provides interesting novels for free. You will get several biographies, fictional and non-fictional books, poetry, etc. All the ebooks are in PDF format that you can download easily. Also, they mention the title of the novel along with its cover page and release date.

Join Channel: Link

5. English books for kids

About: If you are looking for some helpful activity books for teaching English then you can join this group. You will get several valuable free ebooks that you can refer to a tutor or use to explain certain difficult vocabulary words in a fun way. Overall, they gave English course books for grammar.

Join Channel: Link


6. eBooks for IAS

About: If you are planning to appear for civil service exams and apply for the IAS cadre then this Telegram Channels for Books is suitable for you. They share free study material, questions with solutions, and notes for the exam. You will get various subject resources such as geography, agriculture, politics, etc. In short, it is a good source to prepare for the exam.

Join Channel: Link

7. Premium Ebooks and Audiobooks

About: This Telegram Channels for Books shares both novels and academic books on their channel which is why they have a good following. Whether you want pdfs to learn coding, and marketing, or read self-development books, you will get all of them from this group. Simply click on the link that will redirect you to a different telegram channel where you can download it.

Join Channel: Link

8. All Books

About: All Books is a relatively small telegram channel but certainly provides incredible free ebooks that you can read. If you are a fan of David Baldacci then you will find lots of novels given by him and other best-selling authors. Overall, it is an amazing source to get exclusive books in pdf that you can download easily.

Join Channel: Link

9. epub only

About: This is another valuable and active Telegram channel for Books that provides the best novels in English and Hindi. The best part of this group is you will get the pdf in two formats, the ebook, and kindle versions, and download them in whichever one you prefer reading in.

Join Channel: Link

10. World of Books

About: World of Books is a well-known telegram group that sends several best-selling and exclusive ebooks. You will also get lots of helpful reading recommendations that you can refer to choose your next read. So, to download the ebook you will need to click on the given link and it will redirect you to a channel where you can get it.

Join Channel: Link


Free Books Telegram Channel

Novels Books Comics Pdf Free

About: As the name suggests, this Telegram Channels for Books provides the best novel pdf for free. You will get a good range of books to read and download. If you are looking for best-selling Indian authors’ novels, then you will easily find them here! No need to get redirected to other channels, they directly send the pdfs to this group.

Join Channel: Link

Tamil Books Telegram Channel

Tamil pdf books

About: This is a small channel that focuses on TPSC notes and jobs. You will get useful books to prepare for the exam, relevant job alerts and important pdfs such as the syllabus. If you appear for the civil service exams then this group will be a great resource to get free study materials.

Join Channel: Link

Telugu books n magazines

About: This Telegram Channel for Books is for those who are looking for books in Telugu. There are novels, story books, and magazines that you read you will not find English novels in Telugu here. However, you can get all these pdfs for free.

Join Channel: Link

Marathi books telegram channel

Marathi books pdf

About: Are you looking for books in Marathi? Then you can join this Telegram Channel for Marathi Books that shares great novels and stories. You will get a short description of what the book is about and its pdf that you either view or download. Since it is an active group, there are several genres that you can explore. Also, you can read English novels in Marathi.

Join Channel: Link

UPSC Books Telegram Channel

Pdfbasket UPSC

About: This is a quite helpful Telegram Channel for Books for UPSC candidates. You will get several notes and books in pdf format which you can download easily. Also, you will get regular exam updates too. There is content in both English and Hindi which is a bonus point for this group.

Join Channel: Link


About: This is another beneficial telegram group for UPSC aspirants. You will get various free study materials such as notes, practice questions, video lectures, etc. There are a lot of notes and books in pdf that you can view or download to prepare for the exam.

Join Channel: Link

Tamil Audio Books Telegram Channel

Tamil Audio Books

About: Tamil Audio Books is a specific Telegram Channel for Audio Books that provides audiobooks. You will get a YouTube link along with these mp3 files that will help you visualize them. Perhaps you watch either of them according to your preference.

Join Channel: Link

Audible(selected) – Audiobooks & E-books

About: This telegram channel provides the latest released and popular novels in English along with audiobooks. You will get the genre tags, ratings of these books, and short summary that will help you understand, what the story is based on. However, the advertisements given here are irrelevant and to be ignored.

Join Channel: Link

Audio Books Archive

About: This is one of the biggest telegram channels that provides several audiobooks for free. You will the latest released novels, suggestions, and links to the audiobooks but they could get deleted after some time. However, the range of pdfs given here is big so you can explore them.

Join Channel: Link

English Audio Books Telegram Channel

Oxford Book Wormers Collection

About: This is a really famous telegram channel for people that want to learn English and accents. You will get various genre novels and their audiobooks in different accents or dialects so that you can listen to them according to your preference. If you are a tutor then you can use the activities and answer keys to teach students.

Join Channel: Link

Hindi books telegram channel

Motivational eBooks – Hindi

About: This is a relatively new Hindi Books Telegram Channel that shares motivational e-books in Hindi. You will get a bunch of pdfs but here currently this group is not that active. Still, you can download the content given previously.

Join Channel: Link

Hindi Books Novels

About: This is a truly great telegram channel to get access to free novels in Hindi. It is an active group that shares popular English books like Harry Potter series in Hindi. You can download these pdfs as they comply with copyright rules.

Join Channel: Link

Telegram Channel for Engineering Books

Engineering Books Notes

About: If you are looking for relevant references or textbooks for engineering then you can join this group. You will get an academic book pdf for different specializations that you can download. However, it’s still a new channel and will soon grow perhaps then will share more ebooks.

Join Channel: Link

Civil Engineering Pdf Notes Books

About: If you want to get textbooks or pdf notes for civil engineering subjects then you can join this Telegram Channel for Books. They provide several free study materials that you can use also you can get relevant job alerts. The results of the job exams are shared here as well.

Join Channel: Link

Civil Engineering Books Notes Pdf

About: This is another helpful Telegram Channel for Books for civil engineering students. You will get book pdfs, notes, and past papers for free. If you are looking for valuable notes then this group is suitable for you.

Join Channel: Link

Best Telegram Channels for Medical Books

Medical books

About: The channel size of this group is small but is a helpful group for medical students. You will get various subject free pdfs for MBBS for all years. If you want study materials for AIIMS PG or NEET, you can join here.

Join Channel: Link

BscMLT DMLT books

About: This is a specific channel that gives free books for students pursuing a BscMLT (Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology) or DMLT (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology). You will notes, question papers, and recruitment opportunities in this group.

Join Channel: Link

Medical material 2

About: Medical Material 2 is a useful telegram channel to get free subject or topic-wise pdfs. They also share various video lectures for students to help them prepare for the exams. You can download all these easily.

Join Channel: Link

Free Books Telegram Channel

Medical Books – homeopathy

About: This is a rather small Telegram Channel for Medical Books but it is because they focus on sharing medical e-books for homeopathy subjects. If you are a college student looking for free textbooks and notes then you can join this group. You will lot of insightful resources to prepare for the exam and learn core concepts.

Join Channel: Link

Telegram Channels for Books PDF

Telegram Channels for Books PDFLink
Books HubJoin Now
Books Join Now
Amazon Kindle and ebooksJoin Now
eBook RoomJoin Now
English books for kidsJoin Now
eBooks for IASJoin Now
Premium Ebooks and AudiobooksJoin Now


Altogether, these were some of the best telegram channels for books pdf. You can easily download material from these groups and use them according to your preference. If you are looking for books for a particular subject or degree then join specific channels that provide the links or pdfs of them. Since most of the groups are moderated, there is no copyrighted material or spam content shared. Also, there are many books available in multiple languages too that you can explore.

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How can I find a book on Telegram?

Anyone can easily find a book on Telegram. All you have to do is join the group that shares free e-books and select its profile picture. Next, you will go to a page where you can see the channel’s link, and below there are media. Since books are in the form of PDFs, so they will be in the files section; select the one you want to see.

Is it safe to download books from Telegram?

Generally, Telegram channels are moderated and checked by group admins so that there is no one sending copyrighted content there. So, yes, they are safe but avoid downloading pirated books. On the other hand, if you want to download past papers, notes, or video lectures, you can use them without hesitation.

How can I download books for free?

All the books and PDFs given on Telegram channels are free to download. So, you need to choose the one you want to use, open it and download it.

Where can I download free academic books?

Telegram channels share many free academic books for various subjects you can download. I have listed them in my blog, where you directly join these groups and get all the important book PDFs for free.

How Telegram is safe?

Telegram is a messaging app with a massive user base with millions of active people. However, all of its chats are not end-to-end encrypted, so they can be used by third parties but can be enabled with secret chats. Overall, Telegram is a reliable messaging app that is safe and secure.

Can I view a Telegram private group without joining it?

No, if you want to join a private Telegram group, then you will require its link and permission from the admin to enter it. So, there is no viewing option on the private Telegram group as of yet.

How can I download Telegram?

Telegram is a messaging app with a large following. It has a simple interface and is suitable for personal and business use. You can download Telegram on an iOS/Android device by following these steps:
1. Open the App Store/Google play store on your phone/device.
2. Search for the Telegram app. 
3. Tap on the Telegram icon and the Install button.
4. Click on the Open button and register to make a new account.
6. Enter your Telegram login credentials.
7. Tap on the Accept button.
8. You are now ready to use Telegram!

Which are the Best Telegram Channels for Books?

If you are looking for the Best Telegram Channels for Books then I recommended you please Join the above-given Telegram channels.

Are e-books free?

If you are talking about e-books on Telegram, then yes, they are completely free to use. In fact, you either view them or download the PDFs easily. College students can choose from a wide range of books like novels or academic study books.

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