20+ Best GATE Preparation Telegram Channels for GATE 2023 Aspirants

Are you preparing for the upcoming GATE exams? Then you are at the right place! I have made a list of 20+ Best GATE Preparation Telegram Channels for GATE Aspirants. These telegram channels provide you with all the resources, video lectures, and materials.

But before I share this list with you, let me explain what the GATE exam is for. 

GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering; a computer-based exam conducted every year to test candidates’ level of knowledge in undergraduate subjects.

Also, joining Telegram groups can help you get Important Notes, Exam tips, Reference books and solve your doubts. Further, you can get notified immediately regarding the GATE exam, its syllabus, and paper pattern.

However, there are dozens of such telegram groups available. Not all of them are beneficial since they send spam messages. That’s why I have made a list of some of the Best Telegram channels for GATE preparation. 

That’s why I have only added the groups that will give you crucial insights about the GATE exam so that you can secure a good rank. So, let’s look at some of the top telegram groups for GATE Exam Preparation.

Benefits of Joining a telegram Group for GATE exams

Yes, you heard it right! There are many benefits to joining a telegram group for students preparing for the GATE exams. I will post the list below, so keep scrolling to find out!

  • Get study materials for Free.
  • Get recent updates and news about the GATE syllabus, paper pattern, etc.
  • Clear doubts in discussion telegram groups and get the explanation from students.
  • Receive career guidance, notes, and quiz answers from teachers, experts, and GATE toppers
  • Get PDFs of textbooks, workbooks, and past papers, which are free to download
  • Participate in Quizzes and Polls and get a chance to test your knowledge

Now let’s look at some GATE Preparation Telegram Channels. 

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GATE Preparation Telegram Channels List

GATE Exam info 2022
Subscribers – 2,000+


About: Gate Exam info 2022 is a discussion group where students are allowed to ask doubts and share PDFs or relevant information regarding the exams. By joining this channel you can get test solutions from fellow GATE aspirants. However, any spam sales or business messages are prohibited in this group. They also have an online portal called 

Gate Exam Telegram Channels

Subscribers – 7,000+


About:   This is a big telegram channel for active 7000+ subscribers! Here you can get all previous year’s paper PDFs, MCQ practice questions, handwritten notes, quiz questions, etc. This channel is useful for candidates that want to revise their knowledge. In short, it is a resourceful telegram group for GATE aspirants.

GATE CSE Telegram Channels

Subscribers – 15,000+


About: This is a strict discussion-only group for GATE CSE aspirants to clear their doubts. If you have any questions or want answers, this group is the best. Also, you can get guidance from fellow GATE CSE candidates regarding careers or admissions.

Gate CSE Study Materials
Subscribers – 1,000+


About: This telegram group shares video lectures to prepare for the GATE CSE exams. You will get several high-quality and detailed videos related to topics, practice questions, etc. Also, this channel provides you with workbook PDFs and interview tips to enhance your communication skills. Best GATE Preparation Telegram Channels for CSE Students.

Gate CSE 2022 study material
Subscribers – 130+


About: It is a fairly new telegram group with only a few hundred subscribers. Even so, this telegram group provides you with necessary study materials like solved past papers, workbook PDFs, Textbooks, Notes, and links to video lectures. You will also find links to important formulas and other resources all in this group itself.

GATE CSE Study material/Lectures
Subscribers – 200+


About: This is a new telegram group that shares handwritten notes on important topics for GATE CSE aspirants. You can also find test series PDFs, Books, Question papers, etc. You will easily find all the resources since it is a small channel. 

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GATE Mechanical Engineering Telegram Channels

Subscribers – 7,000+


About: This telegram group only shares PDFs of notes, books, Youtube lecture links, and other study materials for GATE mechanical papers. You can also find relevant scholarship alerts but there is no spamming allowed in this group. This is the GATE Preparation Telegram Channels for GATE mechanical aspirants to get all resources for free.

Subscribers – 40+


About: This is another telegram group for GATE mechanical aspirants. You can participate in quizzes, polls, MCQ based questions for practice. They occasionally send video lectures and study materials too. However, this is a small telegram channel but good for downloading previous year’s papers.

Mechanical Engineering Study Materials
Subscribers – 300+


About: You can find different contents in this telegram channel such as textbook PDFs, practice questions, notes, and workbooks for competitive mechanical engineering exams like GATE, ESE, PSU, etc. This group is worth joining for mechanical GATE aspirants who are looking for study resources.

GATE Civil Engineering Telegram Channels

Civil Engineering Gate 2023
Subscribers – 9,000+


About: This telegram group strictly shares study resources and important updates regarding the GATE exams. If you are looking for handwritten notes then this group has plenty of them for each topic which is free to download. Occasionally, this channel also provides relevant job alerts. 

Gate Les material Civil engineering
Subscribers – 6,000+


About: This telegram group provides quiz practice questions along with study materials. In this channel, you will find good-quality video lectures and copyright-free links. There are also multiple poll MCQ questions for practice purposes and links to live quiz sessions. You will get relevant job alerts and vacancies in this group as well.

Let’s Crack GATE & ESE (Civil)
Subscribers – 4,500+


AboutIn this telegram channel you will get important notes and practice questions for GATE and ESE exams (civil engineering). However, you will see that this telegram group is filled with offers from unacademy. You can simply take the useful study materials from this channel and ignore the offers.

Subscribers – 2,000+


About: This telegram channel is dedicated to sharing study material for Civil Engineering GATE aspirants. You will find B.C Punima publication PDF books which are free to download. However, this group only provides one publication book but you will find most of the subject textbooks in this channel.

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GATE Electrical Telegram Channels

GATE EEE 2022 Preparation NEW
Subscribers – 400+


About: This GATE Preparation Telegram Channels is strictly for GATE EEE aspirants only. In this channel, students can discuss about questions, tips, notes, textbooks, and clear doubts. Since it is an active group, they can help you solve your doubts quickly. However, if you share any irrelevant spam sale messages or copyrighted materials, you will be removed by the admin.

Gate ECE / EE /EEE Study material
Subscribers – 90+


About: This group is for students appearing for competitive exams and teachers who teach them. You will find various poll questions which students can attempt for practice and also ask doubts if they are finding any difficulties in solving questions. Even though it is a small channel it contains several textbook PDFs which are free to download. Plus, students can share resources for other competitive exams like ESE, PSU, DMRC, IMRC, and AAI.

Subscribers – 30,000+


About: This group provides various study resources for engineering students appearing for competitive exams like GATE, IES, and UPSC. This group often shares crucial resources for revision and practice. You can advantage of these free workbooks and by practicing solving questions you will make fewer mistakes.

GATE ECE Students (study material)
Subscribers – 100+


About: This is another recently opened GATE Preparation Telegram Channels created by GATE ECE students but all GATE aspirants are welcome to join. You can find all the latest updates regarding GATE and other competitive exams. Also, this channel provides relevant video lecture links, quiz questions, and other free study resources.

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GATE ECE Telegram Channels

GATE 2021 EC/ Electronics engineering
Subscribers – 300+


About: It is a new telegram channel with only 300+ subscribers for GATE EC candidates only. This telegram group shares PDFs, notes, chapter-wise questions, and interview questions for GATE EC aspirants. Solving chapter-wise questions are a great way to revise and test the portions plus, you also get an understanding of the answer formats. 

GATE Chemical Engineering Telegram Channels

Chemical Engineering GATE 2023/24
Subscribers – 6,000+


About: Boost your GATE Chemical Engineering preparation with Ajay Sir’s subject-wise video lecture series. Best GATE Preparation Telegram Channels for Chemical Engineering Students.

GATE Biotechnology Telegram Channels

Biotechnology GATE/JAM
Subscribers – 3,000+


AboutThis telegram group is for GATE/JAM BT aspirants only. Students can discuss GATE-related questions, doubts, books, notes, solve problems, etc. In this group, you will also get important exam tips and methods of preparation for GATE and JAM. If you want some study strategies then this group can help you make a study plan.

GATE Biomedical Telegram Channels

GATE BME – FORCE Biomedical
Subscribers – 3,000+


AboutThis telegram is a strict discussion group for GATE Biomedical Engineering aspirants, working professionals, and students who want to pursue Biomedical Engineering as a career. Students and GATE aspirants can share notes, textbooks, admissions notices, job alerts, etc. Regardless, people who post irrelevant messages will be removed from this group without any notice.


Who are eligible for GATE?

Candidates currently studying in the 3rd or higher year of their undergraduate degree program. Also, students who have completed their bachelor’s degree in the following streams from a government recognized college:

  • Science
  • Commerce
  • Engineering
  • Technology
  • Architecture
  • Arts

How many months of preparation are required for GATE?

Generally, students make a 3/6 month study plan to cover the syllabus and practice past paper questions. According to teachers and GATE toppers, candidates should start preparing for the GATE at least 4 months before the exam date to get a better score/rank.

Can we prepare for GATE without coaching?

Yes. Candidates can crack the GATE exam without joining any coaching classes. The important thing for preparation is to be confident and determined for the exam. Above GATE Preparation Telegram Channels will help you in that.

Is GATE tougher than JEE?

Yes, GATE exams are more challenging than JEE Advanced and Mains. This is because JEE is based on concepts taught in grades 11th and 12th, whereas in the GATE exam, students are tested on the undergraduate level and General Aptitude.

Is GATE marking negative?

Yes. There is a negative marking system for MCQ-based questions. However, for numerical-based questions, there are no negative marks given. For wrong answers in 1 mark question, 1/3 marks will be deducted, and in 2 mark questions, 2/3 marks will be deducted.

Is there English in GATE?

Students seeking admissions in Humanities or Social sciences need to give English papers for the GATE exams. Also, candidates need to appear for English Literature papers to pursue MA in English Literature or other IIT programs.

Is the GATE syllabus same every year?

GATE exams’ paper pattern and syllabus remain almost the same every year. However, if there are any updates, you can check out our website to get notified about the latest updates regarding the GATE exams.

Is the GATE exam online or offline?

GATE is a national, computer-based exam. Since 2014, the GATE exams have been online, including its registration process. Hence, GATE exams will be conducted in online mode only.


Altogether, these were some of the best GATE Preparation Telegram Channels for GATE aspirants. Joining such groups will help you thoroughly prepare for the GATE exams. Further, you do not need to always search or check the application date is out as you will get the notification of it on these groups. If you only wish to get study resources only then you can avoid discussion groups but if you are interested in solving live quiz questions to test your knowledge then you are welcome to join them. Lastly, you have to stay away from any telegram groups that contain spam messages.

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