25+ Best IIT Telegram Groups and Channels Link 2023

Are you looking to join Best Active IIT Telegram Groups and Channels? If yes! then you are on the right post. In this post, I picked up some of the Best IIT Telegram Groups and Channels Link which offer the best Study Material to help you in your IIT Exam Preparation.

In those Telegram Channels, all of the resources are available in a single place where you can get free Study Material, Books, Notes, Quizzes, etc. You must also explore all the channels mentioned below according to your IIT Branch preference.

Telegram is a very fastest-growing app all over the world. You can join very useful IIT Telegram Groups and Channels to get notified about the latest Study tips and strategies which will help you in preparing for the Exam.

You can learn from various experienced Lecturers who help you in your Preparation.

I have listed 25+ best Telegram Groups and Channels According to Brach-wise. So let’s begin.

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Benefits of Joining IIT Telegram Groups

There are a lot of advantages of joining IIT Telegram Groups

1. You will get study material of top reputed institutes like IIT Bombay (IITB), IIT Delhi (IITD), IIT Kharagpur (IITKgp), IIT Kanpur (IITK), IIT Madras (IITM), IIT Guwahati (IITG), IIT Roorkee (IITR), etc.

2. It is the fastest and most secure method to get free Study materials from seniors.

3. You can also get Job-related notifications.

4. You can learn from various experienced Lecturers.

5. IIT Telegram Groups provides you Books, Pdf, Questions, Important Notifications regarding Admission also.

List of IIT Telegram Groups and Channels

MathonGo Official IIT JEE 2022
Subscribers – 20,000+


About: This Group is for Class 12 Maths for JEE 2022
This group is for discussing the exam-related stuff and nothing else. Please Don’t promote or type foul language in this group otherwise, you will get out from this group by Admin.

IIT Bombay Telegram Group

Virtual Industry Visits | Techfest, IIT Bombay
Subscribers – 1,500+


About: This IIT Bombay Telegram group is made for the updates of Virtual Industry Visits conducted by Techfest, IIT Bombay.

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IIT JEE Telegram Group Link

Subscribers – 50,000+


About: This channel provides you with IIT JEE MATERIALS, MINDMAPS, CBSE BOOKS, FORMULA BOOKS.

Subscribers – 1,000+


About: This IIT telegram Group Aims to Help Students With Free Study Materials Notes, Books & other Study Materials Free for Class 11,12 JEE & NEET

IIT Delhi Telegram Group

IgniteGENIX: An IIT Delhi Venture
Subscribers – 1,000+


About: We are a community of students from IITs, NITs, SRCC, and AIIMS working towards a common goal to bring out the best in you.
We are looking for initiators who are ready to bring a change to society.
Fill the form: https://bit.ly/IgniteGENIX-Enroll

SSM Sir (IIT-DELHI) official
Subscribers – 15,000+


About: Feel free to contact – 8285727961 Use refer code to any batch on Unacademy – SKS10. For discount and special mentorship by SSM sir (IIT Delhi)

IIT Kanpur Telegram Group

IIT Kanpur Freshers 2021 UG
Subscribers – 20+


About: This group is made for the 2022 Batch, To know more about college and get their doubts cleared regarding please join this group.

Anuj Mishra Sir IIT Kanpur: Chemistry
Subscribers – 250+


About: Learn from the very Experienced lecturer through their Youtube Videos and notes.

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IIT Roorkee Telegram Group

Aakash Ramawat [ IIT Roorkee ]
Subscribers – 300+


About: All the important links, notes, questions, pdfs, etc will be shared here only. Also, most of the announcements will be done first here only.

IIT JEE Notes Telegram Group

Subscribers – 50+


About: This is the Ankit Yadav Telegram channel which will help you to crack IIT, JEE Mains, and JEE Advanced STRATEGY.

IIT Guwahati Telegram Group

IIT Guwahati community
Subscribers – 400+


About: This group is strictly for IIT Guwahati students. Please don’t join if you are not associated with IITG

E mobility MS(R) IIT Guwahati Admission
Subscribers – 10+


About: This is a Discussion Group as well as you will get Job Related Info.

IIT Madras Telegram Group

IIT Madras Data Science
Subscribers – 3,000+


About: This IIT Madras Telegram Group help you to Learn an educational approach that focuses on individuals & developed students career, and @Qualifer2
For Study material:-

IIT Madras B.SC Programming & Data Science
Subscribers – 2,000+


About: Congratulation all for completing Term 3 with flying colors. Welcome to the group of learners in Term 4. BSc in “Data Science and Programming” from IIT MADRAS. This is a peer-to-peer community where you can share ideas, ask questions, help each other.

IIT Hyderabad Telegram Group

Roots Academy: IIT JEE/EAMCET/NE
Subscribers – 2,500+


About: Join this channel if you are looking for an IIT Hyderabad Telegram Group or channel.

IIT Hyderabad
Subscribers – 250+


About: This Group Posted Technical questions and answers which will help you to study.

IIT Kharagpur Telegram Group

IIT Kharagpur
Subscribers – 700+


About: From this group, you will get information about Scholarship Programs, Courses, Internship Opportunities, etc.

PGDBA IIM-C IIT-Kharagpur ISI Kolkata
Subscribers – 600+


About: Join this channel to know information and updates as well as to get custom study materials for the PGDBA exam.
PGDBA is a unique 2-year business analytics program offered by three prestigious institutes: IIM C, IIT Kharagpur, and ISI Kolkata.

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IIT Dhanbad Telegram Group

IIT (ISM) Dhanbad 2020 batch
Subscribers – 500+


About: All those students joining IIT (ISM) will be provided every vital information before coming to the campus. All the best!

Akash Srivastava (IIT-ISM DHANBAD)
Subscribers – 100+


About: This is Akash Srivastava did B.Tech from IIT(ISM) DHANBAD college in 2015, and He is always there to help you by providing the best content for JEE


Can IIT students live off-campus?
To deal with the hostel crowd, IITs also make some arrangements outside the campus. This hostel will be nearby to the IIT campus which provides hostel-like facilities.

Is there WIFI in IIT hostels?
Yes. As per Today’s need Internet is very important for IIT students, so all hostels are now fully Wifi connected.

Which IIT branch has the highest placement?
There is an Overall 77.30% percentage for B. Tech students. At IIT Hyderabad the highest placements package was 60.41 LPA, while the average package offered was 22.07 LPA.

IIT Placements 2021 Branch-Wise- Bombay

Branch No. of offers
Computer Science 186
Chemical 122
Civil 100
Electrical 202
Mechanical 173

Does IIT Madras offer B.Sc in Programming & Data Science on-campus?
, there is no equivalent on-campus version. IIT Madras has strongly defined this exclusively as an online program.

Is placement guaranteed in IIT?
It’s a fact that not all IITians leave the campus with a job offer. Out of 502 students who registered for campus placements, 79.8% received a job offer.

How do IITians prepare for placement?
To achieve the best results you need to work hard. It is very effective to start in summers prior to your placement semester, as soon as possible. Start coding today till you are good at coding. Learn basic coding from SPOJ, complete 60 most solved coding questions.

What is the highest package of IIT in India?
IIT Kharagpur Placement 2021
IIT Kharagpur this year recorded the highest placement offers in the history of IITs. The maximum packages are in the range of Rs 2-2.40 crore per annum. IIT-Kharagpur recorded over 1,100 placement offers.

What is the lowest package of IIT?
The lowest IIT Placements package at IIT Madras in 2020 was 5.4 LPA.

Which is the Best IIT Telegram Group from the above list?
I Picked all the Best IIT Telegram groups from my own research. So, It depends on your need and which Branch you select in IIT.

Which branch of IIT Bombay is best?
The best branches in IIT Bombay are Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. In 5-year integrated courses, Electrical Engineering with MTech. in Microelectronics is very popular. Apart from these, Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Physics are also good courses here.

Disclaimer- We are not Tie-up with any of the IIT TELEGRAM GROUPS mentioned above.

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