15+ Best Youtube Channel For Engineering Mathematics

Are you Finding the Best Youtube Channel for Engineering mathematics? Do you have to prepare for your engineering exams but you have less time in hand? This is a common situation that every college student faces. Generally, engineering candidates struggle a lot with mathematics since there are lots of theories and concepts which are not easy to understand.

In such scenarios, it is best to watch video lectures that explain key topics in a simple manner. And there’s no better platform than YouTube that provides free online content for students!

So, after researching I have prepared a list of all the 15+ Best Youtube channels for Engineering mathematics that will help you in preparing for your upcoming engineering exams!


5 Key Advantages of Using YouTube Channels for Studying

After the Covid-19 pandemic, all education throughout the world shifted online. Hence, several students explored various studying resources that they could find on the internet. So, YouTube became a popular platform that provided these video lectures without any cost but there are more benefits which are as follows:

  • It is a reliable free online study resource that you can use to understand concepts better
  • Learn from visually interactive videos and gain knowledge
  • Access all of these materials anytime and anywhere through the internet
  • Get the latest exam alerts and updates about the syllabus
  • Receive paper-wise or subject-wise exam tricks to improve your overall score

Now, let’s start with our YouTube list!

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Best Youtube Channel For Engineering Mathematics

Best Youtube Channel For Engineering MathematicsLink
Bhagwan Singh VishwakarmaWatch Now
Khan AcademyWatch Now
GATE WallahWatch Now
Dr.Gajendra PurohitWatch Now
Engineers ki PathshalaWatch Now
3Blue1BrownWatch Now
Kreatryx GATE – EE, ECE, INWatch Now
Last moment tuitions Watch Now
nptelhrdWatch Now

Best Youtube Channels For Engineering Mathematics

1. Bhagwan Singh Vishwakarma

About: Bhagwan Singh Vishwakarma is one of the best teachers on YouTube that share online lectures with engineering students. On this channel, you will find many mathematics courses like M1, M2, M3, and M4. He provides a detailed explanation of important math concepts in engineering courses. Apart from this, there are also playlists for programs like BSc and IIT JAM.


  • Get M1, M2, M3 and M4 engineering lectures
  • Best to learn math concepts in-depth
  • Video classes for BSc and IIT JAM aspirants are available

2. Khan Academy

About: Khan Academy is a well-known Best Youtube Channel For Engineering Mathematics worldwide and has an astonishing 7.8+ Million subscribers. It is a non-profit organization that aims to give free and quality education globally. Generally, they upload interactive online lectures for subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Biology, etc. So, to learn some basic topics for example variables or trigonometry, you can watch their videos to get clarity. You can watch their lectures in Hindi from a community named “Khan Academy India”


  • Watch simple and interactive lectures for maths
  • Learn the main concepts required in engineering
  • All the videos are available in English and Hindi

3. GATE Wallah

About: GATE Wallah is another Best Youtube Channel For Engineering Mathematics that is created by the popular channel “Physics Wallah”. They share crash courses and useful exam strategies for engineering students. You will find many playlists that focus on the GATE syllabus and all branches of engineering. Although, this is still a fairly new channel so there is limited content for other subjects except for maths.


  • Exam tricks and crash course for the GATE exam
  • All branches of engineering covered
  • It is a new channel hence limited lectures are available

4. Dr.Gajendra Purohit

About: Dr.Gajendra Purohit is a renowned educator with more than 20+ years of experience. He mainly teaches Mathematics and makes explanatory videos for various fields like BTech, BSc, and MSc. Also, if you are appearing for any competitive exams such as IIT JAM, GATE, CSIR NET, etc, you will find relevant lectures here. All of his videos contain examples to help students understand them better.


  • Reputed teacher with 1.14 Million subscribers
  • Math concepts made simple for engineering students
  • Content available for competitive exam aspirants

5. Engineers ki Pathshala

About: Engineers ki Pathshala is one of the most resourceful channels on YouTube. It is an active community that provides detailed subject-wise lectures for many engineering fields. If you look at their playlists, it is divided accordingly so that candidates can quickly find relevant study materials. Similarly, there is a separate list for engineering mathematics that you can watch for preparing for your college exams.


  • Get year-wise engineering lectures
  • Detailed videos on mathematics
  • Best for Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, CS-IT, and BTech engineers


6. 3Blue1Brown

About: Have you ever felt like you need a more in-depth understanding of a Math topic? You do not have to worry as 3Blue1Brown covers a lot of major fundamental theories and chapters that are taught in engineering programs. They explain mathematics through simple animations which are fun to watch. However, if you think English is not your strong point then you can join the channels below.


  • Engaging in animated explanations for tough math concepts
  • Best to get clarity or learn basic math theories
  • Lectures are in English only


About: GATE Academy is a coaching institute built in 2004 by Umesh Dhandhe. So, as the name suggests, this channel focuses on GATE aspirants. They have added a playlist called engineering mathematics that covers the entire syllabus. So, you can refer to these lectures to gain knowledge. The major disadvantage of this community is they post lots of promotional content.


  • Get notes for the GATE exam
  • Playlist for engineering mathematics
  • Frequent promotions

8. Kreatryx GATE – EE, ECE, IN

About: If you want to get detailed crash courses for the GATE exam then you can explore this Youtube Channel For Engineering Mathematics. They aim to provide complete online lectures for aspirants to prepare for competitive exams like GATE, ESE, and UPSC. Besides, their videos are in Hindi so it is easy to understand them but you must use different study resources along with sich lectures to ace the exam.


  • GATE crash courses for each subject
  • The syllabus of UPSC, ESE, and GATE covered
  • All lectures are available in Hindi

9. Last moment tuitions 

About: If you want to get a quick and useful explanation of an engineering topic then this YouTube community will be suitable for you. The admin of this channel posts brief explanation videos that cover the major subjects or topics that are important for your exams. So, there are no long or very informative lectures but is best to prepare for the final examinations.


  • Fast and brief lectures on engineering maths
  • Best for last-minute preparation
  • Only a short explanation provided

10. nptelhrd

About: NPTEL is a free platform that gives study materials and courses to students. This channel is usually recommended for students to learn the core concept of engineering math topics like linear analysis or calculus. There are several comprehensive and long lectures where the teacher explains all the important chapters of maths. Even so, the practice questions given here may not be appropriate for GATE aspirants.


  • An in-depth explanation of basic mathematical topics
  • Best to revise or learn fundamentals
  • Practice questions not suitable for GATE aspirants


About: Saurabh Dahivadkar is an emerging YouTube channel for engineering students that want to study maths. The admin posts various semester-wise videos that cover the syllabus of engineering programs. So, you will only find brief math-related lectures here in Hindi.


  • All engineering semester-wise lectures posted
  • Short explanation videos in Hindi
  • Best for college exam preparation

12. BYJU’S Exam Prep GATE & ESE: EE, EC, IN, CS

About: You may have already heard of the Ed-Tech company BYJU, they have also made an exam-specific channel for GATE aspirants. You can join here to get preparation notes, exam tips, and knowledge. Regardless, this community only shares content for EE, EC, and CS engineering programs. Also, most of their videos are in English.


  • Get GATE notes for EE, EC, and CS engineering
  • Helpful notes and paper-solving videos shared
  • Lectures are in English

13. Manas Patnaik

About: Manas Patnaik is an excellent tutor that mainly focuses on engineering mathematics and helps to simplify tough concepts for students. Generally, there are video lectures for civil and mechanical engineers. All of his videos are in English but his explanation is quite easy to understand. To access more of his content, you can even download his app from PlayStore.


  • Tough math topics explained in simple words
  • Best for Civil and Mechanical engineers
  • Download the app for more notes

Join Channel: Link

14. Pradeep Giri Academy

About: Pradeep Giri is an educator with 17 years of experience and has completed Btech in Mechanical Engineering. He mainly covers engineering mathematics of various universities since their syllabus is quite different. Plus, their lectures are all in Hindi so you can comfortably watch these videos.


  • Learn engineering maths from several universities
  • Covers all the syllabus
  • All lectures are in Hindi

15. Ayush Ghurka

About: Ayush Ghurka is another young YouTuber that makes educational videos on mathematics. If you are an engineering student, then you will receive useful handwritten notes and proper explanations without any kind of promotion. Plus, his lectures are interactive with humor so that candidates can watch them with enthusiasm. Moreover, you can post your doubts or questions in the comment section.


  • Get handwritten notes for engineering maths
  • Engaging lectures with a brief explanation
  • Admin solves queries posted in the comments


So, I have listed some of the Best Youtube Channel For Engineering Mathematics you can follow for your study preparation. The majority of these communities post beginner-friendly content and relevant materials for entrance exams such as GATE. Hence, you can refer to whichever mathematics concept you want to improve in but do not rely on them completely. I suggest you simply learn the fundamental knowledge and practice solving past papers to prepare accordingly. Happy learning!

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Which is the Best Youtube Channel For Engineering Mathematics?

One of the Best Youtube Channel For Engineering Mathematics is a community called “Engineers Ki Pathshala”. They cover various fields such as Civil, Mechanical, CS-IT, BTech, and Electrical engineering programs. You can watch their detailed lectures to prepare for the exams.

How do I learn engineering mathematics?

You can easily learn key topics of engineering maths from YouTube channels. They are one of the best mediums to gain practical knowledge. Also, most of these communities are handled by expert tutors who have years of experience in teaching.

Is engineering maths very difficult?

Generally, candidates want to know if engineering maths is tough to learn. The answer is simple. As an engineering student, you will have to deal with several difficult concepts such as calculus. However, if you are a keen learner then it will be easy for you to understand it.

What is the most useful math for engineering?

Usually, for engineers, mathematical concepts such as Calculus, Geometry, and Linear Analysis are very crucial. Apart from this, even Trigonometry, Probability, and Statistics are known to be important topics.

Which maths subject is the toughest in engineering?

If you ask engineering students, they will say that Calculus is one of the most difficult topics in engineering. Although, if you regularly practice learning maths then it will be relatively easy for you.

Can we join engineering without maths?

According to the new rules listed by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), students of class 12th do not need Maths or physics to enroll in engineering programs.

What are the best YouTube channels for engineering maths?

So, there are plenty of YouTub channels available but Bhagwan Singh Vishwakarma is the best. He is providing the best content and lectures for explaining difficult mathematical topics in an easy way.

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