10+ Best Scalp Trading Telegram Channels to Join in 2024

Do you want to join Best Scalp Trading Telegram channels in 2024? Keep on reading to get the complete list! In this blog, you will find multiple telegram channels that share good knowledge about Scalping. Also, you can learn about different investing techniques that can help you in a safe investment.

Scalp trading is a high-risk technique of investing that is based on analysis and short-term volatility. This means you can earn small profits multiple times during the time frame of investing.

Generally, professional traders attempt scalping since it requires extensive technical analysis and strong research skills but even beginners try them. However, it is a complex method as you will need many effective strategies to understand chart patterns.

In short, the market is dynamic and changes quickly so it can be tough to accurately determine the direction of stock prices. Although, there are many Telegram groups that share helpful market studies and reports to help traders.

So, in today’s post, I have compiled the 10+ Best Scalping Trading Telegram Channels! Let’s begin!

Key Benefits of Joining Scalping Telegram Channels

There are numerous groups and communities on Telegram where you can get beneficial trading knowledge and ideas. So, let’s see some of their advantages in brief.

  • Get the latest Indian stock market news and reports
  • Explore investment ideas with target details and chart analysis
  • Read business industry articles to understand the market movement
  • Learn about different investing techniques other than scalping
  • Receive free trading knowledge and tips to improve your skills

It is vital that you join an active channel to get the latest chart updates and relevant news. Now, let’s get back to our list!

Scalp Trading Telegram Channels and Groups

Scalp Trading Telegram ChannelsLink
Options Analysis Wizard Join Now
Zerodha BankNiftyJoin Now
ProfitWaveJoin Now
Trading Wallah (Recommended)Join Now
Market Master Join Now
Tech Intraday TradingJoin Now
Bull’s ThriveJoin Now
Jackpot TradexJoin Now
IET – The Algo TradersJoin Now
FIS LearningJoin Now

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Best Scalp Trading Telegram Channels

1. Mr Scalper Official

About: This is an active group created by a trader named Sanchit. He generally prefers scalping investing which is a short-term trade style. In this channel, you will get many YouTube video links where Sanchit does market analysis. Apart from that, there are some investment tips as well. Although he is preparing for the SEBI examination, you must research all his ideas before doing any trade. 


  • Active channel
  • Get videos on stock market analysis
  • Best for traders to learn to scalp 

Join Channel: Link

2. Short-term and multi-bagger calls

About: This is another helpful community on Telegram that shares many short-term calls. You can explore their ideas and market analysis to refine your investing skills. Also, the admin mentions or highlights important stock news so that users can stay updated and make better investment choices. However, there are limited trade ideas posted here.


  • Short-term trade ideas
  • Stock market analysis shared 
  • Read the latest news

Join Channel: Link

3. Mr Scalper Official Intraday

About: This is another Telegram channel of Mr. Sanchit that aims to only give free intraday investment tips. He provides some calls based on his research along with support and resistance chart levels of Nifty. Even so, recently he has not shared any free ideas so perhaps you may get fewer trade calls than before. 


  • Free intraday investment calls
  • Nifty support and resistance levels
  • Lots of promotional content 

Join Channel: Link

4. Stock market News Live

About: As the name suggests, this channel focuses on the latest stock market news. The admin actively posts stock-wise updates and global bulletins. In short, it is a great source of information that you can quickly review while making investment decisions. Plus, the majority of their news bits are taken from reputed local media channels.


  • Get company-wise news
  • A reliable source of information
  • Quickly review the bulletins while trading

Join Channel: Link

5. India Market News Stock Business

About: This is a well-known news niche Scalp Trading Telegram Channel that mainly gives financial bulletins. You will get the article links from Business Standard which is a renowned news publication. So, it is a beneficial source to get brief news from SEBI and check the policy updates of the share market. 


  • Hear the latest from SEBI
  • Article links from Business Standard newsgroup
  • Active channel

Join Channel: Link

6. Short-Term Investment – Equity

About: If you are looking for equity investment calls then you can join this community on Telegram. They usually send short-term trading tips with entry points, stop-loss limits, targets, etc. From this group, you will at least receive one investment idea daily but since it is not a SEBI-registered channel, it would be best to research before you trade.


  • Equity trade calls
  • Entry and exit levels posted
  • Not SEBI-registered

Join Channel: Link


About: Short-term calls are also a valuable channel on Telegram that often gives trade ideas. They simply post investment tips while mentioning the buy/sell price targets, stop loss limits, and quantity of shares. Other than that, the admin even posts about certain suitable stocks as a suggestion but you need to consult a financial expert to verify it. 


  • Free short-term trading tips
  • Stop loss mentioned
  • Not SEBI-registered

Join Channel: Link


About: This channel mainly focuses on providing short-term and long-term investment tips to guide users. If you are a beginner, then by joining this group you will learn to understand the price movement and volatility of the market. The best part is that the admin often reviews his posts and shares a quick update on how their calls are performing. 


  • Long-term and short-term trade ideas
  • Learn volatility and positional investment strategy 
  • Admin checks the performance of calls
  • Not SEBI-registered

Join Channel: Link

9. Equity Study and Trade

About: This is a rather small Scalp Trading Telegram Channel where you will find YouTube lecture links. The admin is a YouTuber and creates videos on stock market trading in Hindi. So, if you are perhaps new to investing then you can join here and learn about it. They even share content technical analysis that will help you to identify suitable entry/exit points from the chart. 


  • YouTube videos on stock trading in Hindi
  • Best for beginners
  • Technical analysis posted

Join Channel: Link

10. Intraday Trading Master Calls

About: This is a relatively very small community on Telegram but they send free intraday trading calls. You will get buy/sell ideas with the current market price, target zone, and stop-loss limits. Even though the admin shares an update about their calls it is important to do your research before you invest. 


  • Small channel
  • Intraday buy/sell trade calls
  • CMP and stop loss shared
  • Not SEBI-registered

Join Channel: Link

11. The Invincible Scalper

About: The Invincible Scalper is a channel that is handled by an active trader who gives free investment ideas. Mostly, you will get quick and short-term calls as the admin mentions the time period of the execution as well. Although, it is wise to do your analysis as well. 


  • Active scalp trader
  • Quick investment ideas shared
  • Not SEBI-registered

Join Channel: Link

12. Stock Market Trading Courses Free

About: If you want to learn about stock market trading for free then you can join this Scalp Trading Telegram channel. They have added many online courses and videos that you could watch to improve your skills. Regardless, there are mostly lectures available here. 


  • Free stock market courses
  • Video lectures available
  • Best to learn trading techniques

Join Channel: Link


Scalp trading is a popular investing method that involves the quick buying and selling of stocks. It is a similar form of method to day trading but more active in volume. Also, you need to be quite attentive while watching the live charts. However, there is no guarantee that you will make profitable trades hence, it’s crucial to learn about technical analysis. I have listed several Scalp Trading Telegram Channels that provide market reports with research that you can use for reference purposes. So, which channel did you like the most from the list? Comment down below!

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Is scalp trading profitable?

Scalping is a popular trading style where the investor has to buy and sell their hares in a short period. However, it is challenging to always keep gaining profit as the market is quite volatile and the prices move upwards and downwards very often.

Can you lose money in scalping?

Yes, it is easy to lose money while scalp trading as there is a risk of price changes. This is why only very experienced investors try their hands with this style. Also, there are not many strategies that can be applied with scalping which makes it difficult to execute.

Is scalping easy?

No, scalping is not at all an easy form of trading as it involves you constantly watching the market movement. Moreover, it requires you to do multiple trades in a time period may cause you to lose more money than you earn.

What time frame is best for scalping?

Generally, scalping short time frames of a few minutes are sufficient to execute a trade. Although, it is certainly tough to manage it since you need to invest in highly liquid stocks. In short, you must be very familiar with stock trading before you try scalping.

Is scalping risky?

Yes, scalping is one of the riskiest trade styles as it needs you to be very attentive and active. Also, to gain quick profits, you will have to invest in volatile shares which are not suitable. Hence, the majority of the time scalpers end up losing more than getting returns.

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