15+ Best Telegram Channels for Stock Market Books

Do you want the Best Telegram Channels for Stock Market Books? Then your Solution is here. Keep reading this blog to get full details. Telegram is the best platform to get them! There are several telegram channels that provide free stock market books in the form of PDFs and e-books. In this blog, I will tell you all the details about where can you get all the materials.

Investing in the stock market requires proper knowledge and understanding of topics such as methods, chart patterns, tools, technical analysis, etc. Since the Indian market is volatile, investors must be aware of some basic principles of trading and strategies.

In short, all of these concepts are important and will traders identify entry/exit points from the charts. However, if you find resources for learning or stock market books, they are not available for free. But you do not need to worry as there are several Telegram groups that provide free reference books, investment tips, live market reports, and analysis.

So, in today’s post, I will share the List of Best Telegram Channels for Stock Market Books! Let’s begin!

How Do I Join a Telegram Group?

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  • Tap on it and fill in your details
  • After your account has been registered, check out my list
  • Click on the “Join Now” button given below each channel
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Stock Market Learning Telegram Channels

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Market Master Join Now
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Best Telegram Channels for Stock Market Books

1. Stock Trading Books

About: Stock Trading Books is a well-established channel on Telegram that shares free e-books on the share market. They have given a good range of books and guides that will you understand investing. There is both intermediate and beginner-friendly content posted here so you can download them according to your preference. Also, compared to other groups on Telegram, you will get to see less promotional activity. 


  • Free stock market books
  • Beginner-friendly e-books
  • Fewer promotion posts

Join Channel: Link

2. Stock Books

About: Stock Books is another beneficial resource where you will find guides on trading. It is a new channel on Telegram and has become quite popular. Currently, there are only 2 e-books shared and perhaps are going to provide more such content soon. So, you can join here to get early access to these books.


  • New channel
  • Only a few books 

Join Channel: Link

3. Stock Market Library

About: Stock Market Library is an active community on Telegram that even gives free e-books. The admin has shared many guides, manuals, and books that explain about trading techniques. You will also get strategic content related to investing that can be used to improve your skills. All of the PDFs are of great quality and their readability is good as well. 


  • Free guides on investment
  • High-quality PDFs
  • Active Group

Join Channel: Link

4. Stock Market Library

About: If you want to read self-learning books on stock trading then you can join this channel. The admin usually provides e-books that explain basic fundamentals of investments. Plus, they send useful trading tips that you could use to gain in-depth knowledge of technical analysis. Overall, it is one of the most resourceful groups to learn about the stock market.


  • Many self-learn stock market books
  • Learn about technical analysis
  • Get free trading tips

Join Channel: Link

5. Stocks and Business Books

About: This is a simple Telegram group that mainly gives book suggestions. You can explore various genres of e-books on stock market trading. They have shared the Amazon link from where you can purchase the guides and autobiographies. Although there is no free content shared here. 


  • Helpful book recommendations
  • Get official Amazon links
  • No free e-books

Join Channel: Link

6. Stock Books Library – Trade Secrets by KK

About: This is another valuable community on Telegram where you will get free stock market books. All of their files and PDFs are free to download. The best part of this group is they provide a brief description of the guides so you can read the ones which are most relevant to you. However, the admin has not been active recently. Hence, there are limited books available.


  • Get e-book description and their PDFs
  • Various guides on trading
  • Admin not active nowadays

Join Channel: Link

7. Stock Market E-Books

About: Stock Market E-books is a channel that focuses on sharing books on investments in Hindi. Until now, the admin has provided a couple of guides, autobiographies, and an audiobook. There was no activity on this channel previously but the admin has started to post stock market books again. 


  • Hindi and English share market books
  • Few e-books available 
  • Get audiobooks also

Join Channel: Link

8. Best Investment Books

About: This small Telegram channel has shared more than 20+ investment books. You can easily download them but some are posted in PDF or EPUB format. The majority of e-books and guides are based on the thinking skills needed for trading. Also, it is a beginner-friendly group but there is a limited number of books available here. 


  • More than 20 books on trading
  • Download it in EPUB or PDF
  • Limited content than other channels

Join Channel: Link

9. Stock Market Books

About: If you want to learn about technical and chart analysis, joining this group is the best. They provide several trend patterns, indicators, and trading tips. Apart from that, there are tons of helpful e-books that you can download for free. As a result, you will be able to learn about trading in-depth without paying any cost. 


  • Best for downloading technical analysis books
  • Get various chart trends and their meanings
  • Learn investing fundamentals for free

Join Channel: Link

10. Stock Market E-Book

About: Stock Market Ebook is a small community that gives books on chart analysis. So, if you want to learn how to interpret trends then you can join this channel. There are also some guides in Hindi as well that you can download. The best part is they do not post any promotional advertisements. 


  • Small channel
  • Free stock books in English and Hindi
  • No promotional posts

Join Channel: Link

11. Stock Market Books Library

About: This is another small channel that is not very popular but gives several e-books on investing. They have posted a wide range of guides on different types of trading, technical analysis, and chart patterns. Plus, there are a few quite classic and best-seller novels on investing that you could explore or download.


  • Free manual on trading and technical analysis
  • Bestseller books available here
  • Easy to download PDFs

Join Channel: Link

12. Stock Market Ebook PDFs

About: If you want to download stock market strategy guides then you can join this helpful group on Telegram. Generally, they have posted e-books on trading techniques, chart trends, investing mindset, etc. In short, there are multiple books that can help you develop skills and enhance them.


  • Trading strategy e-books posted
  • Develop trade skills
  • Beneficial to improve investing ability

Join Channel: Link

13. Stock Market PDF Book

About: If you want to download more guides or e-books on trading, you can discover this channel. They have provided many autobiographies and manuals on investment in the stock market. Moreover, there is some beneficial content on technical analysis as well. 


  • Free investment books
  • A lot of free e-books

Join Channel: Link

14. Stock Market Books

About: This group is a medium to get stock market books at an affordable range. Generally, the admin lists numerous e-books and states a flat price for their digital version or PDF. Also, they offer paid courses at a lower rate. 


  • Get stock market courses at cheap rates
  • Some books available at low price
  • No free e-books shared

Join Channel: Link


About: If you are a beginner at trading, joining this Telegram group will be helpful for you. Here there are many introductory books on stock market investing. So, you can download and read them to quickly understand how to choose stocks for investments and interpret price movements. 


  • Best book for beginner traders
  • Learn how to choose stocks

Join Channel: Link

16. Stock Market Book

About: Stock Market Books is an active community that aims to give free content on trading. You will receive e-books on topics like investing discipline and psychology. Plus, they have posted many candlestick pattern trends which are great for technical analysis.


  • Several e-books on the stock market
  • Get candle stick encyclopedia
  • Learn technical analysis through guides

Join Channel: Link

17. Free Stock Market & Trading Books

About: If you want to read stock market books by Indian authors, then you can join this Telegram channel. They have shared multiple novels based on trading strategies and discipline that you can use to enhance your skills. However, I will suggest you first learn about the basics of investing before learning the chart patterns. 


  • Indian stock market books
  • Get trading strategies
  • Explore Indian stock investing styles

Join Channel: Link


You can learn a lot about investing by studying useful stock market books. They are great resources for understanding the fundamentals of trading and various strategies. However, it is tough to find free e-books online so you can join the Telegram groups that I have mentioned Best Telegram Channels for Stock Market Books above to access them. Also, if you are a beginner, these channels share basic trading tips and knowledge that will help you. Overall, keep your goal to develop analytical skills to identify favorable points or stocks to invest in.

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What are some of the best stock/investing books to read?

If you want to read insightful books on the stock market, you can explore the following list:
– A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton G. Malkiel
– How to Make Money in Stocks by William J. O’Neil
– The Warren Buffett Way by Robert G. Hagstrom
– The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

Which is the best book for stock market beginners?

One of the best books for the stock market especially for beginners is The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. It is a comprehensive guide that explains the core fundamentals of trading. Although this book has been published in 1949, the strategies mentioned are still quite useful today.

Can I learn trading from books?

Yes! In fact, it is recommended to learn about trading strategies and techniques from books. You can read beginner guides on investing that explain core principles. However, practicing and applying that knowledge is more important than just reading a book.

Which are the best study books for the stock market?

If you want to learn about the stock market through books you can join the following Telegram groups:
– Stock Trading Books
– Stock Market Library
– Stock Books Library -Trade Secrets By KK
– Stock Market Books
– Stock Market Ebook

Which is the best book to understand the Indian share market?

Stocks to Riches by Parag Parikh is a well-known guide for Indian traders who are beginners. There are plenty of useful tips and advice that will help you avoid making mistakes. You will also get insights into the market dynamics and you can tackle it.

How do I start studying stocks?

One of the helpful ways you start by studying the stock market is by watching free courses and books. They can help you build a base of knowledge. Then, you can start applying what you have learned and gain experience from your mistakes.

Is learning stocks easy?

No, the stock market is a very unpredictable market and thus, one has to rely on their skills and experience. So, you will become a great trader only after experiencing it yourself and improving along the way.

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