15+ Best Penny Stocks Telegram Channels 2024 [100% FREE]

If you are looking for the Best Penny Stocks Telegram Channels in 2024 that will give good profits in the future then you have come to the right place. If you are confused about which Penny Stocks is better for you and will give you high returns in the future, then don’t worry. In this blog, I have listed 15+ Best Penny Stocks Telegram Channels that will clear your confusion on Best Stock Picking.

If you are an active trader you may have come across the term Telegram App. This Telegram app provides a variety of features in which you can make a Telegram Channel of your interest.

By observing the current Scenario many Traders created a Penny Stock Telegram Channel through which they are sharing great knowledge with their users. That’s why I found some Good Traders that will enhance your knowledge about Stock Market trading through their Telegram Community.

Here are the 15+ Best Penny Stocks Telegram Channels in 2024 you can join! Let’s begin with our list!

Penny Stocks Telegram Channels and Groups

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Zerodha BankNiftyJoin Now
ProfitWaveJoin Now
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Trading Wallah (Recommended)Join Now
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Best Penny Stocks Telegram Channels

1. Penny stocks

About: Penny Stocks is a famous channel on Telegram where you will find various trading ideas. The admin shares free investment tips along with price targets, stop-loss limits, and trade types. So, you can use them for reference purposes but avoid following them blindly. Generally, there are swing, positional and Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST) calls available. Nowadays, the admin has not posted any trading tips.


  • 40k+ subscribers
  • Free trade ideas for positional investments 
  • Stop loss limit shared

Join Channel: Link


About: This is a relatively new Penny Stock Telegram channel that aims to give penny stock suggestions. Currently, there are 60k+ subscribers who have joined this group. Although there is no content provided here, you can perhaps join and wait for the admin to post their ideas on penny stocks.


  • New Community
  • Focuses on penny stocks

Join Channel: Link


About: This is another active community on Telegram that focuses mainly on penny stocks in the Indian market. You will get the link to many YouTube videos where the admin Mr. Vivek Rana shares free investment calls and advice. Their channel on YouTube has around 1.83 lakh subscribers which shows its popularity. So, you can join here to get notifications on their latest videos on penny stocks. 


  • Active channel on YouTube
  • Free trading tips
  • Watch their latest videos on penny stocks

Join Channel: Link


About: If you are looking for beneficial penny stock ideas then this Penny Stock Telegram channel is the best to join. It is a resourceful group that provides details about the company, its price, market capital, etc. So, there are lots of low-rate or affordable stocks that you can explore and research on. Plus, they offer paid services as well but I will suggest you use their free features. 


  • Get penny stock advice
  • A brief company background posted
  • Paid channel available

Join Channel: Link

5. Penny Shares Tips

About: This is a unique discussion Telegram community on Telegram that aims to help traders get free investment ideas. There are many members who actively share trading calls, tips, chart analysis, etc. However, you will get numerous trade-type calls that you could use as a reference. 


  • Discussion channel on penny stocks
  • Debate on investment ideas
  • Interact with other community members

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6. Stock Market Updates

About: Stock Market Updates is a simple group on Telegram that aims to give free investing tips and knowledge. They provide short market analyses and calls based on their research that are helpful educational materials. You can refer to these ideas to gain practical experience but it is wise to research prior as this is not a SEBI-registered channel. 


  • Free investment calls
  • Small market analysis
  • Not SEBI-registered

Join Channel: Link

7. PENNY STOCKS Long-Term Investment

About: If you want to get long-term penny stock recommendations, then you will get them here. The admin posts the trading ideas backed by the current market price (CMP), Stop loss limit, price levels, etc. In short, there are many suggested stocks that you can study and invest in accordingly. 


  • Long-term trading tips
  • CMP and stop loss mentioned
  • Not SEBI-registered

Join Channel: Link

8. Penny Stocks MarketIN

About: This is another useful discussion group on Telegram that is made for penny stock investors. The members from this channel share their investment tips and other users can comment or monitor their suggestions. Overall, it is a fruitful community for those who want to invest in small company stocks. 


  • Active discussion community
  • Explore trade ideas and check their performance

Join Channel: Link


About: This is a small channel that shares free penny stock trading calls and news. You will receive crucial news from the financial and stock market. Also, there are some investment calls posted with their timeframe and stop-loss limits. Even so, since this group is not SEBI-registered, you must consult a financial expert before investing. 


  • Financial and stock market news
  • Trading calls with stop loss posted
  • Not SEBI-registered

Join Channel: Link

10. Chartanalystji

About: If you want to get free chart analysis and investment calls then you can join this community. Although it is a small channel, you will find various trading ideas posted here with all the details mentioned such as stop loss limit, support and resistance levels, CMP, etc. Regardless, this group is not SEBI-registered so their posts are for educational purposes only. 


  • Free trade ideas with charts
  • CMP and stop loss given
  • Not SEBI-registered

Join Channel: Link

11. Penny Stocks Ideas IN

About: If you are only looking for penny stock calls then joining this group will be helpful for you. They simply provide lots of stock ideas with stop-loss limits, target levels, etc. You will even get lists of penny stocks that you can easily explore or study.  


  • Only penny stock calls
  • Price target and SL posted
  • Not SEBI-registered

Join Channel: Link

12. Penny Stocks analysis

About: This is another channel that shares penny stock ideas based on their analysis. Plus, they check the performance of their calls and monitor their accuracy. So, it is a practical group that will assist you in learning about price volatility. Besides, the admin has not been active recently.


  • Free penny stock investment tips
  • Check the accuracy of calls
  • Admin not active nowadays

Join Channel: Link

13. Penny stocks call

About: Penny Stock Call is also a small channel on Telegram that gives some trading ideas on small capital companies. Generally, they share positional or short-term investment tips from their analysis. The good part is they even check the updates on their calls to see the accuracy. Still, this group is not popular as it is not SEBI-registered. 


  • Free penny stock short-term calls
  • Updates posted
  • Not SEBI-registered

Join Channel: Link

14. Penny Stocks ideas

About: Penny Stock Ideas is the small Telegram channel on our list today. Regardless, the admin shares in-depth market analysis, viewpoints, investment ideas, etc. Plus, it is a beginner-friendly group where you will understand the meaning of certain chart patterns and technical analyses. 


  • Small channel
  • Brief market analysis and trading calls
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Not SEBI-registered

Join Channel: Link

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Penny stocks are not a reliable way to invest but if you want to try investing in them you should be very careful. They can be promoted as a long-term and profitable stock however that is not entirely true. One of the main reasons for this is the companies that list such cheap shares are not well established. Overall, if you decide to trade with them try to trade with as little capital as possible to avoid loss as there are more chances of your investment getting burned. Regardless, the Telegram channels mentioned above will help you understand the market volatility better.


Can you make money on a penny stock?

It is known to be difficult to earn money from penny stocks since they are so volatile. You could invest in them but most of the stocks do not last long in the market and eventually crash. So, you must be very careful if you are buying penny stocks.

Are penny stocks a good investment?

Professional traders think that penny stocks are too risky and thus avoid them. In short, investors generally stay away from these small company stocks as it is challenging to analyze and hold them for the long term.

Why do people avoid penny stocks?

Penny stocks are known to fluctuate the most in the market and even experienced traders cannot analyze them. Also, the majority of these stocks do not give any returns, and selling them can be tough as well. As a result, they are very risky investments that are not worth trading.

Was Amazon a penny stock?

Yes, Amazon had an IPO of less than $2 so it was initially a penny stock. However, Amazon soon grew its value and today is one of the biggest market capital at 951.46 billion US Dollars. 

Do penny stocks ever go big?

Usually, penny stocks get forgotten in the market as they are not available on major exchange platforms. This is why it is not only tough to buy them but also sell them since most traders do not show much interest in such small stocks.

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