10+ Best YouTube Channels for the Stock Market in India 2024

Do you want the Best YouTube Channels for the Stock Market in India to learn how to invest? Or are you looking for some helpful Indian stock market advice? If you have answered yes, then you are in the right place! In this Blog, you will find all-time favorite YouTube channels that are sharing good knowledge about the Stock market.

It is well-known that investing in the stock market is quite risky but that is generally because most investors do not have fundamental knowledge about trading.

Statistics reveal that 80% of traders quit this field in the first two years of investing. If you do not want to leave investing and earn a stable income, you can watch relevant YouTube channels.

It is one of the best communities that share detailed stock chart analysis, news reports, indicators, favorable investing conditions, step-by-step guides, and courses.

Although there are so many YouTubers that are available, I have prepared a list of the top-notch and Best YouTube Channels for the Stock Market! Let’s begin!

Key Benefits of Watching Stock Market YouTube Channels

So before jumping into the channel list, let’s quickly see a few advantages of watching the stock market communities on YouTube.

  • Get quick stock market updates from authentic sources
  • Check stock market charts and indicators for investment ideas
  • Learn to interpret charts and understand technical analysis
  • Receive helpful trading tips and important practices
  • Watch free stock market trading courses

Now, let’s move forward with our Stock Market YouTube channel list!

Stock market Channels Lists

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Best YouTube Channels for the Stock Market

1. Warikoo

About: Warikoo is a well-known author of the book “Do Epic Shit” and he is also an entrepreneur. He shares numerous educational videos on investing, its types, and its earning methods. So, if you want to learn a few fundamentals of stock market trading then you can watch his videos to understand the principles. Moreover, he even uploads useful investment tips to guide beginners and help them make better financial decisions.


  • Get knowledge about investing at beginner-level
  • Watch useful investing tips
  • Many educational videos related to finance in English

2. FinnovationZ

About: FinnovationZ is one of the best communities on YouTube for beginner traders. The channel is handled by Prasad who explains the basics of the stock market in Hindi with good examples. As of now, this channel has around 2.16 million subscribers and has posted 862 videos. Regardless, all of his content is easy to understand, especially for those who are very new to the concept of trading or have no financial background and want to learn about investing.


  • Learn about the stock market from scratch in Hindi
  • Good explanations and examples stated in the videos
  • Best to gain basic knowledge of investing

3. Trading With Vivek

About: This is another useful Stock Market Channel on YouTube suitable for beginners and intermediate traders who want to improve their investing skills. Vivek Singhal shares some valuable insights about stock market trading in Hindi as well as English. Plus, he has posted his paid classes for free on this community to help users get the benefit. Generally, Vivek focuses on technical analysis, chart indicators, and interpretation. So, if you want to get in-depth knowledge about the chart patterns then subscribing to this community will be a good option.


  • Learn about investing in Hindi or English
  • Get an in-depth understanding of technical analysis and charts
  • Paid courses are available for free on this channel

4. Pranjal Kamra

About: Pranjal Kamra is an enthusiastic person who teaches about finance and investing. He mainly covers topics such as stock analysis, market behaviors, technical analysis, etc. All of his videos are in Hindi so they are simple to understand. For beginners, Pranjal has provided various short lectures to explain the concepts of investing. With more than 5.22 million subscribers and 447 videos on YouTube, there is a wide range of beneficial videos that you can watch in his community.


  • Learn about investing and finance in Hindi
  • Brief video lectures on various investments
  • Best to understand tips and common mistakes of trading

5. Asset Yogi

About: Asset Yogi is one of the best educational channels on YouTube that is dedicated to personal finance and investments. You will get a good understanding of the (SEBI) Securities and Exchange Board of India laws and regulations. Also, he thoroughly explains the concepts of mutual funds, stocks, etc. The main aim of this community is to boost financial literacy in India and help people to manage their money efficiently.


  • Watch informative lectures on law, personal finance, and trading
  • Learn about SEBI regulations and taxes
  • Get brief videos on stocks, IPOs, mutual funds, etc

6. Akshat Shrivastava

About: If you want to get insights on different investments, and their types this channel is for you! The admin shares video lectures on stock analysis and market research in a simplified manner. It is a community that actively observes the economics and financial conditions of the Indian stock market which will help you make better investing decisions. However, it is best to do your research alongside as well.


  • Learn about market research and stock analysis
  • Get the latest information about the Indian stock market conditions

7. True Investing

About: If you prefer to watch short and fun animated explanation videos then you can subscribe to this channel. The main aim of this community is to teach important stock trading and investing concepts simply. All of their content is in Hindi and they are very quick, so if you want to understand a particular trade type, true investing will give you a fast answer. They also have a Hindi blog that contains in-depth guides or tips to help traders.


  • Get an understanding of trading concepts in Hindi
  • Watch engaging animated video lectures
  • Read their Hindi blogs for in-depth knowledge and tips

8. Elearnmarkets by StockEdge

About: Elearnmarkets is yet another beneficial community on YouTube that focuses on teaching crucial stock market concepts. It is also a well-known online training platform that offers paid courses. On this channel, they mainly share free webinar sessions and short explanation lectures on stock market investing. Even so, there is limited educational content posted here as compared to other YouTube communities.


  • Watch free webinars and insightful lectures
  • Paid courses available
  • Limited free educational content on the YouTube channel

9. Yadnya Investment Academy

About: If you are looking for daily stock news or an active channel on YouTube, you can join this community. Yadnya Investment Academy is one of the very few groups on YouTube that regularly provide content for stock market investors. Apart from that, they also teach certain trading techniques, discuss new tax laws, and analyze stocks. Overall, this channel is suitable for getting relevant stock advice, investing suggestions, and tips.


  • Get quick daily news on the stock market
  • Learn trading and new tax laws
  • Active community on YouTube

10. Vivek Bajaj

About: Vivek Bajaj is a professional with more than 18 years of experience in the field of financial markets. He has his own YouTube channel with around 765k subscribers who get to watch informative classes and videos on trading and investing in the stock market. With simple and brief lectures, he tries to teach his subscribers the methods and tips to earn. Also, he is the founder of some popular stock market learning platforms like elearnmarkets.com and StockEdge.


  • Watch content by professionals and founders of elearn markets and StockEdge
  • Shares quick lectures on topics such as trading types, strategies, etc.
  • All content is posted in Hindi

11. Kunal Saraogi 

About: Kunal Saraogi is a SEBI-registered research analyst and trader for more than 20+ years. He has started his channel on YouTube to help people make a career from trading. So, if you want to get weekly chart analysis and trading tricks, then you can join this community. Apart from investing topics, he also shares insights about financial terms as well. However, you need to read the disclaimer posted in every video carefully.


  • Lectures by SEBI-registered research analyst
  • Get weekly chart analysis and stock suggestions
  • Best to gain knowledge about technical analysis

12. Stock Dictionary

About: As the name suggests, this YouTube channel aims to teach certain terminologies of stock market trading. You will find a wide range of videos with brief explanations about concepts such as support and resistance levels, chart indicators, etc. It is a beginner-friendly community that provides free explanations about important trading techniques in Hindi.


  • Understand basic trading concepts in Hindi
  • Best for beginners
  • A wide range of investing techniques covered


Overall, these were some of the best YouTube channels for a stock market that you can watch to learn about investing in-depth. For intermediate traders, communities on YouTube can guide you about the technical aspects of stock market investing. Regardless, if you want to become better at trading then you need to refer to multiple resources to improve your investing skills. So, you need to actively watch the stock news, current market trends, stock analysis, etc. Although it is wise to verify the information to make appropriate investing decisions.

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What is the best channel to watch the stock market?

For learning about the stock market, Yadnya Investment Academy is one of the best channels available on YouTube. They share relevant news and guidance to help beginner traders understand some core concepts of investing.

Which is the best YouTube channel for trading in India?

Trading with Vivek is certainly one of the best YouTube channels that explains trading concepts in detail. You will find many beginner-friendly videos that will help you understand the basic knowledge of investing.

Can I learn trading from YouTube?

Yes, you can start learning to trade from YouTube channels easily. Many communities guide new beginner investors to learn about the Indian stock market. Also, by watching these YouTube videos you can get an understanding of key concepts such as technical analysis.

Can I learn trading in 1 month?

Learning trading takes time so understanding all the concepts can be difficult in one month. However, you can get a grasp of chart indicators and patterns and the volatility of the market.

Who gives the best stock advice on YouTube?

Asset Yogi is one of the best channels on YouTube that gives stock analysis and recommendations. However, it is always best to do your research before investing anywhere to avoid any losses.

What should I learn first in the stock market?

The most basic thing that you can learn about the stock market is reading the charts. Stock prices keep changing according to various factors therefore interpreting the live charts can also help you understand the suitable entry/exit points.

Which is the best YouTube channel to learn about the Indian stock market and trading?

True Investing is an engaging channel on YouTube that helps beginner traders understand stock market investing. Their videos are short and available in Hindi so you can watch them to quickly learn about trading.

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