20+ Best Ways to earn money from telegram in India

Do you want to earn from telegram? Great. In this Blog, I will tell you the best ways to earn money from telegram in India. Well, my friend you are not alone! You will see that a lot of content creators are earning a stable income from Telegram. Currently, Telegram has around 700 million monthly active users!

What does that mean? It shows that Telegram is slowly growing and increasing its user base. Can you guess which country utilizes Telegram the most?

It’s India! According to reports approximately 20% of Telegram’s user base are Indians alone. So, it becomes a great communication channel to market content, run ad campaigns, promote sponsors, or drive organic traffic towards your site!

That is not all, you can create customized bots or sell your established telegram group. Don’t know how to start? Today, I will share all the different ways you can earn from telegram so let’s begin!

How to earn money from Telegram Channel 

Telegram channels are a great way to earn money. However, it is not an easy task to create a channel to start getting profits. One needs to have a good strategy and work on it consistently.

There are many ways to do so like selling subscriptions, ads, merchandise, and services. You can also earn money by sharing your channel’s content on other social media platforms. So, let’s see how they work one by one.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor. Affiliate marketers typically promote products and services on their websites and social media channels, and may also send emails to their subscribers. When those visitors make purchases, the affiliate earns money from the sale, at a commission rate set either by the merchant (e.g., Amazon).

So, if you promote products or services from other businesses on your Telegram channel, you can earn commission on sales made through your affiliate links. This is a great way to earn commission rates from a niche audience.

2. Brand Promotion

One of the best ways is to use Telegram for marketing purposes. This will make your channel more popular in the market and other people will be interested in joining it. It will also make you more popular among the users in the market, which can result in a high number of subscribers for your channel.

Moreover, branding is an essential part of marketing for startups and small businesses so that they can build better customer relationships. As a result, you can attract a niche audience to your site or company to convert them into customers.

3. Paid Subscription

Another way to monetize your Telegram channel is to offer paid subscriptions. This could give users access to exclusive content, or it could simply be a way to support your channel and help you cover the costs of running it.

I will not suggest this for new telegram channels or groups since starting premium services too early will not work. You need to build a good relationship with subscribers by posting relevant and engaging content. However, if you have an established channel, you can easily create such offers.

4. Advertising

If you are a regular user of Telegram, you may see some promotional content or ads on groups. These are called paid or sponsored ads. After you have gained a good number of subscribers, companies will reach out to you so that they can advertise on your telegram channel or group.

The goal is to keep your community engaging with a few ads as sharing too much sponsored content can cause subscribers to leave the group.

5. Sell Products and Services

If you have your products or services to sell, you can use your Telegram channel as a platform to promote them. You can share links to your products or services in your channel’s description, or you can create posts about them and include a link to purchase.

For instance, if you have a blog, add a link to your site with a compelling text. This will help you easily promote your products and brand.

Tips to increase members on Telegram

Are you looking for ways to increase your Telegram members? Here are a few tips that can help you out:

1. Make sure your content is engaging and relevant

Any subscriber joins a telegram channel or group to get relevant information. However, if a group only shares ads, the members will eventually leave. Hence, it is important for admins to post appropriate content users have joined for.

Also, it is important for content to be engaging for it to have an impact on the audience. Engaging content can help increase customer satisfaction, reduce customer churn, and drive higher conversion rates.

2. Run contests and giveaways to attract new members

You can host events for subscribers to participate and keep the channel members active. This is one of the ways to boost engagement. However, if you want more people to be a part of your group, giveaways are the best method. Promote the giveaways or contests on your social media pages to bring the users to your telegram group.

3. Promote your Telegram channel on other social media platforms

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing and promotion. So, if you want people to join your telegram channel, make posts about them. It is important to spread the word out to reach your niche audience and convince them to join. However, try to be creative with each post and add a hook element to grab the attention of users.

4. Collaborate with other Telegram channels to cross-promote each other

Lastly, collaborating with other popular and active channels is a win-win situation. You can advertise about their group and vice-versa. So, try to look for the most suitable and growing telegram groups to convince them.

Overall, by following these tips, you should be able to see a good increase in your Telegram channel members in no time!

How to earn money from a telegram bot 

As soon as you hear the word “bot“, many people might think it is only suitable for programmers. But this is a myth! On Telegram, anyone can create their bot in a few clicks, all thanks to BotFather.

So, how can you earn from it? Simply, you can monetize it by charging users for access. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Create a Bot from BotFather and customize it so that it is ready to provide exclusive content.
  2. Set up a subscription system within your Telegram bot. This can be done with the help of a bot platform like Botpress or Chatfuel.
  3. Once you have a subscription system in place, add a paywall to your bot. This means that users will have to pay to access certain features or content within your bot.
  4. You can also offer premium content or features that are only available to paying users.
  5. Promote your Telegram bot and subscription options to your audience. You can do this through social media, your website, or other marketing channels.
  6. Finally, make sure to track your bot’s performance and engagement metrics to see how well it’s doing. This will help you adjust your monetization strategy over time.

So, it is not that difficult to create a Bot with Telegram. You can make one quite easily as you only need some basic understanding of programming.


So, there are several ways you can earn a stable income from Telegram channels or bots.  If you have certain technical or coding skills, creating customized bots for businesses can be a great opportunity. On the other hand, if you are an active blogger or content creator, you can get substantial organic traffic from Telegram. You can also experiment with various advertisement ideas to improvise your ad campaigns, branding, and brand story. In short, it is a suitable medium for marketing and promoting your content.


How do I make money from Telegram?

If you want to earn from Telegram, you can either make a channel or Bot.

Can I make money from making bots?

Yes. Many people do the same job and earn a lot of money.

How do I sell on Telegram?

You have to create a Telegram Channel with a related niche that you want to sell. Then posts regularly on it. Every day you will build the audience. When your channel is big you have to post your product on it.

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