15+ Best Earning Telegram Channels in India 2024

Are you looking for the Best Earning Telegram Channels? Then you are at the right place! As you know, Telegram is slowly becoming a popular messaging and social media platform. Currently, there are approximately 700 ( 70 Crores) million monthly active users on Telegram!

But how? The answer is simple, it is an ad-free channel! That’s right!

It may sound unbelievable but they do not show any advertisements. Hence, it has started to gain a big user base which means that the audience is slowly shifting to use more private social media platforms.

This creates a wonderful opportunity for influencers and marketers to promote their websites, companies, or products. Also, they can get insightful feedback and monitor their performance.

So, today I will share on how you can use this easy and secure platform to earn money by listing the 15+ Best Earning Telegram channels! Let’s begin!

What is Telegram?

Telegram is an upcoming popular messaging app that is fast and secure! You can create your account within a few clicks and add protective layers to keep it safe. Also, many privacy options such as secret chats and private telegram groups allow users to secure their texts.

Moreover, you can use Telegram on all your devices simultaneously! This is all possible since it is a cloud-based social media platform. So, your chats and information get saved on the cloud server rather than your device. Hence, in case your phone gets stolen or damaged, it is quite simple to regain access to it.

In short, Telegram focuses on speed and privacy which is simple to use!

Best Earning Telegram channels

Earn With Sapna

About: Earn With Sapna is a verified Telegram channel that has a blue tick. In this official group, you will get free investment ideas for cryptocurrency trading. The admin gives many informational videos on altcoins and analyzes them to guide users. Also, it is an active community that focuses on the latest crypto news so you will get relevant updates as well. 


  • Official channel with blue tick
  • Get free trade calls with all the details
  • Receive the latest news for the crypto market

Join Channel: Link

Deal Grabbers Discounts Cashback

About: This is another helpful Telegram group where you will receive a shopping discount offer. Generally, you will get sales from e-commerce platforms like Amazon or Flipkart which are commonly used. The admin posts a good range of items and even sometimes shares cashback deals for buying products. 


  • Amazon and Flipkart sales
  • Best for getting big discounts
  • Few cashback deals posted

Join Channel: Link

Paytm Money Earning

About: Paytm Money Earning is a big Telegram channel that mainly gives cashback and referral ideas. You will get lots of offers that will help you get cashback money. Even so, I will suggest you only use these suggestions and avoid clicking any links since they are not verified. So, you can quickly check which payment method currently has a deal for cashback and spend accordingly.


  • Cashback deals for Paytm
  • Active channel
  • 7 lakh+ subscribers

Join Channel: Link

Remote Work

About: Remote Work is another beneficial group on Telegram where you can get lots of job offers. All of the opportunities posted are from a freelancer platform so you will need to sign up to apply for these roles. Plus, it is a flexible website that allows you to find part-time or temporary work. Even so, you must check every detail of the role and verify them to avoid getting scammed. 


  • Get job alerts from the Freelancer site
  • Best to find remote jobs
  • Need to verify work opportunity

Join Channel: Link

Helping hands Freelancer & Remote work

About: This is a small discussion group made for freelancers who want to find remote jobs. So, you can explore the vacancies shared here and apply if you are interested. The best part is that you can directly contact the recruiter but you need to be careful and avoid scam offers. 


  • Discussion Group
  • Freelancing work available
  • Beware of scammers

Join Channel: Link

Referral jobs INDIA

About: As the name suggests, this is another community on Telegram that provides job offers. Usually, you will find tech-related roles for engineers so it would be more suitable for science-based graduates. Also, all of these opportunities are posted from various states of India so you can apply according to your convenience. Plus, the posts are shared with the LinkedIn application link so it is easy to apply for the job.


  • Get IT or engineering jobs for freshers
  • A wide range of vacancies shared
  • Sourced from LinkedIn

Join Channel: Link

Cashback Rewards Today Offers

About: This is another popular group that gives various shopping deals and cashback offers. You can explore the loot sales that are shared on a wide range of products. Plus, if you use payment apps such as Paytm then there are several cashback posts available. However, to get more shopping alerts, you need to join their main channel.


  • Shopping sales and loot offers are available
  • Multiple product categories
  • Some cashback-earning ideas

Join Channel: Link

Learn And Earn

About: Learn And Earn is a simple channel that aims to provide free courses for students. You can discover several courses that will help you in upskilling and get better work opportunities. Moreover, there are some online courses available in Hindi as well. Altogether, it is a resourceful group for students who need to learn the latest skills that are required by the industries.


  • Free online courses available
  • Best to learn new skills
  • Suitable for students

Join Channel: Link

Udemy Premium Courses Free

About: This is also a beneficial channel where you can get free Udemy courses. However, you need to be active to enroll fast since it is free only for the first few members. Still, many online courses are posted and are available.


  • Udemy courses
  • Free for a limited period

Join Channel: Link

IT Remote Jobs – Hidden Gurus

About: IT Remote Jobs is a useful community that you could join to get work opportunities. There are plenty of job offers for technical roles such as developers but most of them require experience. In short, if you are a professional looking for a work-from-home job then you can join this channel. To apply, simply click on the link posted.


  • Online IT jobs
  • Best for professionals
  • Easy to apply for work

Join Channel: Link

Online teaching

About: Online teaching is a well-known part-time earning opportunity for students. You can join here to get some work offers. The admin gives numerous roles for both online and offline jobs so apply according to your preference. To apply, simply contact the recruiter from the details posted along with the vacancy. 


  • Online or offline teaching jobs
  • Easy to apply for a position
  • PAN India roles

Join Channel: Link

Job and internships

About: Jobs and Internships is a community made for freshers and graduates who need to find jobs or flexible work. You can easily apply for the roles with the given link and understand the job by reading the information mentioned. Although there are lots of jobs for IT graduates, it is somewhat limited to other fields. 


  • Fresher jobs and internship alerts
  • Most IT vacancies posted
  • Appropriate for IT-based freshers

Join Channel: Link

Online Earning & Investment Ideas

About: This is a Tamil community made for subscribers to get earning or investing ideas. The admin mostly gives the YouTube link that explains all the details. Although this group has not shared any videos recently you can find some relevant content here that was posted previously. 


  • Tamil channel
  • Investment ideas in video format
  • Not active anymore

Join Channel: Link

Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer buyer/seller

About: If you are looking for part-time roles then you can join this channel. It is a small discussion community where you can promote your services. This is a useful place for freelancers to find work but there are many scam offers related to cryptocurrencies that you should stay away from. 


  • Get part-time work offers
  • Promote your gig for free
  • Beware of fraud schemes

Join Channel: Link


There are several ways to earn from Telegram channels and create passive income. If you have a small business, it will be a great decision to advertise your products on your group to your niche audience. Also, you can easily promote your Telegram group on other social media platforms. Plus, affiliate marketers can efficiently share their commission links while sharing relevant content. Since it is a growing platform, there is not much competition on Telegram which makes it a suitable medium to monetize.

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How do I earn money via Telegram in India?

It is quite simple to earn from Telegram in India by creating channels. Once you have an established group with a decent number of subscribers, you will allowed to share sponsored content. So, brands will request you to run paid ads on your channel. However, it is best to send relevant promotional ads only to maintain the reputation and credibility of your group.

Can we make money by a telegrams channel?

Yes, telegram allows users to make their channels that people can join. After you have reached a certain number of subscribers, it means you can run paid ads, send affiliate links or sell your products. Since it is an ad-free platform, Telegram has certain rules on how promotional content can be shown in groups.

How can I make a fast income?

One of the fastest ways to earn an income is by running sponsored ads on your telegram channel. Or you can make a channel and sell it. Either way, you can start getting a fat income but you need to have the right approach, for example, to have a niche target and post insightful content for users.

What is the best earning way?

You can earn a stable income through telegram. They have many options, all you need is a channel with a good amount of subscribers (more than 50k). After doing so, you can run sponsored content and get paid for it. If you are an affiliate marketer, you can send links or promote products.

How can I earn daily income?

If you want to get a daily income, it will be best to offer products or sell online. Users that have their online retail stores can promote their products along with the links so it will attract an audience towards your store. Other than e-commerce, you can also put paid ads by companies on your channel.

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