15+ Best Funny Telegram Channels and Groups

Do you like watching funny videos or memes? And want Some Best Funny Telegram Channels to join. Then You can continue reading this blog. I love watching hilarious clips as they lighten my mood and make me happy. That’s why I have a collection of the best funny Telegram channels that I have shared with you. Please check the below groups and join according to your preference.

Also, it is a well-known fact that watching some humorous content can help you relax and can help you destress after work. After all, it is one of the best medicine!  Not only that, but it can also enhance your creativity and productivity. However, sometimes you could see the same memes repeating which can be annoying. 

So, joining telegram groups is the best if you are also looking for fresh, funny, and trendy jokes. I have searched through several communities and found the best ones for you! 

Now, would you like to join one? Then keep reading since I will share some of the best Funny Telegram Channels in today’s post! 

Benefits of joining a Funny Telegram group 

You will see many features in a funny telegram group, and they are as follows:

  • Get free funny videos, memes, photos, and content 
  • You can easily download the content to share it with your friends and family
  • Receive topic-related funny jokes 
  • Join an interactive community and share your jokes

By now, I am sure you have understood that a funny telegram channel is quite useful. So, now it is time to explore the list!

Funny Telegram Channels list

1. Funny Jokes Memes Comedy Videos

About: This is a viral Funny Telegram group where you will find lots of humorous videos. Usually, these jokes are in Hindi or English. Although the admin does not share funny videos every day, most of their posts are unique and fresh. Hence, if you want to get new rib-tickling content then this channel will be suitable for you to join. Also, they allow users to send any meme they have recorded. 


  • Get fresh and witty jokes 
  • Content available in Hindi and English
  • 1 lakh+ members on the channel

Join Channel: Link

2. Best Funny Videos

About: Best Funny Videos is an active channel that gives several hilarious videos and memes. Generally, the content is in English but most of them are easy to understand. Plus, the admin shares laughable posts almost daily so you will be entertained thoroughly. However, there are some irrelevant promotional advertisements that you can ignore. 


  • Best funny videos in English
  • Get silly jokes as well
  • Few promotional posts

Join Channel: Link

3. Hindi Jokes

About: This is another well-known Telegram community that provides many comical memes in Hindi and English. If you are looking for desi and funny content, then you can join here. Even so, there are no hilarious videos posted so they only give memes. Still, they have added their YouTube channel link to watch silly desi jokes. I will suggest you read their advertisement disclaimer as well so that you can avoid scam deals.


  • Hilarious memes in English and Hindi
  • Best to get desi jokes
  • Only memes available

Join Channel: Link

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4. Hindi Memes

About: If you want the best jokes in Hindi, this Funny Telegram channel brings the most fun ones. They send funny and sarcastic memes in Hindi which will make you giggle. You will also get numerous desi-related jokes that you can share with others as well. Regardless, it is a positive group that keeps subscribers happy. 


  • Sarcastic and tickling jokes in Hindi
  • Best to find Desi memes
  • 80k+ subscribers

Join Channel: Link

5. Memes

About: This Telegram group is one of the best when it comes to watching entertaining and silly videos. They actively post cool memes or jokes that will tickle you. Although, since it is a foreign channel, the majority of funny content is posted in English. Plus, you will find plenty of relatable memes. Overall, it is a must-join community to get amusing videos that will make you laugh.


  • Dank memes and videos posted
  • All content is in English
  • Best to get fresh jokes

Join Channel: Link

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6. MemeZavr

About: MemeZavr is a Russian community on Telegram that aims to share funny videos. Even though the captions are posted in Russian, the videos are in English. They send lots of refreshing and hysterical content that you can watch. Besides, the admin has not posted any memes recently but they could soon until then you can enjoy looking at the previous content. 


  • Russian channel
  • Get funny videos in English
  • Admin not active nowadays

Join Channel: Link

7. Programmer Jokes

About: As the name suggests, this channel is specially made for programmers and professionals who are in the coding field. You will get numerous relatable and light-hearted jokes regarding coding. They share comics, memes, funny videos, etc that will uplift your mood. Also, this group has an active admin who posts such content almost every day. 


  • Best to get relatable coding jokes
  • Lots of memes and hysterical videos
  • Daily funny content posted

Join Channel: Link

8. Sarcasm

About: Sarcasm is another cool Funny Telegram channel that provides relatable meme content. Apart from that, they also share lots of sarcastic jokes, so if you like hearing them you can join this group. There are no funny videos but only comical memes available.  


  • Sarcastic and silly jokes posted
  • Fresh content shared
  • Only memes are given

Join Channel: Link

9. Best Comedy Jokes

About: If you are looking for silly Hindi jokes and videos, you can check out this channel on Telegram. The admin shares a wide range of memes, hilarious videos, funny reels, etc. They post such funny content daily so it is a helpful community to join and laugh while watching the memes.


  • Humorous Desi Jokes in Hindi
  • Get memes and funny videos
  • Active community

Join Channel: Link

10. Crypto Jokes

About: Crypto Jokes is a unique Funny Telegram channel that is made especially for cryptocurrency investors. Many playful and witty memes can be understood by traders of this community. Plus, it is a great way to get some news updates in a fun manner. 


  • Hilarious crypto jokes
  • Get to know the latest market behavior by memes

Join Channel: Link

11. Sickipedia

About: If you like to read jokes in text format only then you can join this group. They provide a long form of jokes in the form of a hilarious story. Also, this content is very easy to share with your friends. There are several fresh chucklesome jokes that you can read and laugh at.


  • The long form of jokes shared
  • Funny stories and conversations

Join Channel: Link

12. Programmer Humor

About: Programmer Humor is another hilarious community made for coders around the world. The admin mainly posts Reddit memes and jokes that will amuse you thoroughly. There are dozens of silly memes shared daily which can keep you entertained. Although, it is a niche-specific channel so it is appropriate for programmers only. 


  • Best programming jokes shared
  • Memes are taken from Reddit
  • Get funny content daily 

Join Channel: Link

13. Comedy Videos & Funny Memes

About: If you want the best humorous videos then you can join this famous channel on Telegram. It is a well-known community that provides multiple hysterical and funny videos that are super entertaining. You can also forward or share these jokes with your friends and family. 


  • Active channel
  • Get rib-tickling videos
  • All content can be downloaded or shared easily

Join Channel: Link

14. Memes

About: This is a simple Telegram group that posts smart and comical meme content for users to get entertained. There is a mixture of desi and English jokes that is quite amusing to read. By joining this channel, you will get balanced jokes in Hindi and English which makes the format quirky. Overall, you will receive the best and most original relatable memes. 


  • Desi and English memes
  • Several funny jokes in English and Hindi
  • Fresh and original content shared

Join Channel: Link

15. Reddit Memez

About: This is a small group on Telegram that also gives various fun and comical jokes. Usually, the admin shares the memes that are from Reddit and even adds funny captions with each post. In short, the content is quite youthful so young people can easily relate to it.


  • Get famous Reddit memes
  • Funny captions in every post
  • Best for youth

Join Channel: Link


Altogether, if you love watching fun content and having a good laugh, a telegram channel will certainly be a suitable choice for you. The best part about them is you can quickly share or download the jokes in a few clicks. Also, you can join a group to interact or give your favorite memes. However, it would be best to avoid clicking on external links given in the group. 


  • What are some fun Telegram channels that I can follow (e.g. memes, jokes, general knowledge)?

    I have listed some of the best Telegram channels that will be fun to join. They are as follows:
    – Funny Jokes Memes Comedy Videos
    – Best Funny Videos ‎
    – Hindi Jokes Funny Memes Desi Comedy
    – Memes
    – Programmer Humor

  • How can I join random channels on Telegram?

    If you want to join random channels, you must search for them on the search bar from the Telegram app. Type any topic you want to join a group of, and you will see many results for them. However, do not add yourself to inactive channels or share external links. 

  • Is it safe to join Telegram groups?

    Yes, Telegram groups are safe as the admin handles the channel. Also, most active groups only share relevant information and do not allow users to send fake offers or links to scams. Even so, I suggest joining well-known Telegram channels.

  • What should I search for in Telegram?

    You can search many contacts, groups, channels, or companies’ official accounts on Telegram. It is a wide platform where you can find many communities that can interest you. I have added the list of the best 2222+ Telegram channels on my blog that you can explore. There are various categories, and you can directly scroll through them.

  • How can I meet new people on Telegram?

    One of the best ways to interact with new like-minded people is by joining discussion groups. Users are allowed to chat with others and share their thoughts. Also, you can give insights, help individuals, and even make new friends from here.

  • What is private Telegram?

    It is a private channel or group where the members are added only with the admin’s permission. You can send a joining request, which could be accepted or rejected. Many premium groups have this privacy option to allow paid subscribers.

  • How can I join the Telegram channel without the link?

    If you want to join a Telegram channel without linking to it, there are a few ways you can do this.
    1. Open the Telegram app and search for the channel you want to join.
    2. Open the channel’s page in the Telegram app.
    3. Tap on “Join Group” to become a member
    If you want to share the link after joining, tap on the three dots in the screen’s top right corner and copy the link.

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