10+ Best TCS Exam Telegram Channels and Groups to Join

Are you Finding the Best TCS Exam Telegram Channels to crack it? Then you must go ahead with this blog. In this blog, you will get all the telegram channels related to the TCS Exam that provide good study materials. Do you want to get hired in TCS? It is ideal that lakhs of aspirants every year apply at Tata Consulting Services and successfully land a job.

The main reason behind this is that the level of experience and learning helps candidates to develop industry-demand skills. Also, their work environment is quite healthy which makes it a suitable company.

However, since TCS receives thousands of applications, they carefully scrutinize candidates through exams and interviews. In short, the hiring process is divided into a few stages that aspirants need to clear to qualify for the next round.

Regardless, the key to getting the job is cracking the exam called the TCS National Qualifier Test (NQT). You can select any job profile depending on the type of work you wish to do and your salary package. As a result, many job applicants hesitate while preparing to apply in TCS.

But you do not need to worry! One of the best ways to prepare for TCS NQT and interviews is by joining Telegram channels! Today, I will share with you the Top TCS Telegram Channels. Let’s begin!

Key Benefits of Joining TCS Telegram Group

TCS hires the best and this is why the competition is quite tough. However, if you are thoroughly prepared for the exam and interview, you will easily land a job! Telegram is a major source of important study materials for TCS NQT. So, let’s see a few benefits of these Telegram channels.

  • Get the latest updates about the TCS NQT exam, application date, interview schedules, results, etc.
  • Receive free and high-quality study resources for the exam and interview according to the job profile
  • Participate in quizzes or appear for free mock tests
  • Easily download the past paper questions of several years to practice solving them
  • Explore other job opportunities in the field of IT and technology

In short, TCS Telegram groups contain the best notes to prepare for NQT. Now, let’s move forward with the channel list!

TCS Exam Telegram Channels

1. Motilal Oswal – official

About: This is a popular and big discussion channel for TCS candidates. You will see that many aspirants ask their doubts and updates regarding the exam. However, it is not a regulated group so scammers may take advantage of students by offering them fake jobs or study materials. So, try to avoid clicking on any link and simply clarify your queries.


  • 70k+ Members
  • Active discussion group
  • Solve doubts openly

Join Channel: Link


About: If want to clear some doubts, you can join this TCS Exam Telegram channel. Many active subscribers help each other to prepare for the TCS exams. Generally, aspirants solve or look for NQT answers they are unable to crack. However, sending any external links or irrelevant content is not allowed or users may get banned from the group. Overall, it is a helpful community to clarify queries. 


  • Solve mock test doubts
  • Strict channel
  • Helpful community

Join Channel: Link

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3. TCS exam Qns & Ans

About: This is another useful TCS Telegram group to get answers to mock papers. If you want to check your performance, you will need the solution for it which you can get from this channel. They send the answers in the order of verbal and numerical to help students get a marking scheme. Also, you will receive relevant job alerts from various IT companies along with the application link. However, there are no study materials shared. 


  • Get mock test answers
  • Focuses on verbal and numerical
  • Explore job offers

Join Channel: Link

4. TCS | Infosys | Cognizant | Wipro Jobs

About: If you are looking for jobs in the IT sector, this group is the best to join. They provide several vacancies for IT freshers and professionals. You can explore the requirements and eligibility by clicking on their given link. It will redirect you to a website and choose the apply now option. Now, you can fill out the resume and details to apply for the position. However, there are no preparation resources related to TCS NQT.


  • Get fresher vacancy alerts
  • Best for IT students
  • No TCS NQT material

Join Channel: Link

5. TCS NQT Telegram Channel Solution

About: TCS NQT Telegram Channel Solution is another discussion community made for aspirants. You can ask your doubts related to the mock tests. Also, there are many solved TCS NQT papers that can give you an idea of the question style and level of difficulty. Apart from that, they share interview and exam materials of many IT companies that are free to download. So, try to attempt lots of past papers and check them with the solutions posted here to evaluate your performance.


  • Ask doubts regarding the TCS exam
  • Free-solved past papers
  • Interview resources available

Join Channel: Link

6. TCS Explore Community

About: This is an interactive channel made for TCS aspirants who want updates on joining or the exams. Generally, the conversations are strictly related to the TCS exams and their results. So, you can join here to clear your queries and get the latest news about the job offers. There are also some preparation materials such as subject-wise questions, notes, placement materials, etc. Altogether, it is a beneficial community for candidates. 


  • Regular updates on the TCS exam
  • Relevant channel
  • Free notes and questions are available

Join Channel: Link

7. TCS Ninja Candidates

About: If you are preparing for TCS Ninja, then you can join here. The admin shares various study resources such as notes and solutions. Also, it is a recently made group for candidates to access free preparation materials. Plus, they recommend other Telegram channels that could help you get daily exam updates and question sets. Even so, this community focuses on giving free notes so it would be best to join.


  • Free notes and answer PDFs
  • Best for TCS Ninja candidates
  • New channel

Join Channel: Link

8. TCS NQT 2024 Help Group

About: This is also a new TCS channel that has been made to share answers to mock tests. Right now, you will get links to free question papers on aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal ability, etc. Since it is a recent group, there are limited resources available but you can join here to access them earlier.


  • New group
  • Free question sets
  • Fewer resources shared

Join Channel: Link

9. TCS Digital Exam Discussion

About: As the name suggests, it is an exam discussion channel made for TCS Digital candidates. You will get some paid study resources by PrepInsta for free which you can refer to while preparing. Moreover, this group is active in sharing work opportunities for graduates in the IT field. So, you can explore them and apply them accordingly.


  • Exam related group
  • Get paid resources for free
  • Receive job notifications

Join Channel: Link

10. TCS NQT Updates

About: TCS NQT Updates is a simple group that gives quick news about the exams. So, if you want to know about the application link and important dates, you can join this channel. Also, subscribers can comment below each post and interact with other users as well. Hence, it is an informative community to join. 


  • Quick exam updates
  • Users allowed to comment

Join Channel: Link

11. TCS 2023 – 2024 All Updates

About: This is another valuable group where you will get important updates about TCS digital and Ninja profiles. They share detailed and brief news about the assessments. Plus, you will find lots of crucial questions that are often asked in the exam along with their solutions. Other than that, there are some past paper answer PDFs provided as well. 


  • Updates on TCS digital and Ninja exams
  • Repeated questions + solutions
  • Past papers available

Join Channel: Link

12. All Exam Crackers

About: All exam crackers is a small group that gives answers to the mock assessments. So, if you want solutions to check your performance, this channel is useful. Although, they only provide answers to verbal ability and numerical. Moreover, there are no other study resources available here. 


  • Small channel
  • Only TCS test solutions

Join Channel: Link


Tata Consulting Services is a reputable IT company that conducts the National Qualifier Test (NQT) to screen candidates. The overall difficulty of the exam varies by each section and hence, candidates need to prepare for each part appropriately. Also, the hiring of aspirants is segregated into rounds that need to be cleared by them to receive a job offer. You can join the Telegram channels I have mentioned above to study and prepare for the NQT exam according to the job profile. However, if you are a fresher, it would be best to apply to various companies to find a suitable job.


Is TCS NQT free or paid?

Candidates can fill up the form for TCS NQT from their official website and register with their email ID for free. So, aspirants can choose multiple job profiles they feel is suitable for them so it makes a flexible test. However, you are supposed to register before logging in to add your details.

What is the TCS NQT exam?

TCS NQT which is short for National Qualifier Test is an exam conducted by TCS to hire freshers for their job profiles. Candidates can choose one or more than one job profile and appear for the test such as Ninja or Digital. However, the salary package and work duties will differ with every post hence, it is best to apply for positions you think you can be suitable for.

Is the TCS NQT test easy?

No, the TCS National Qualifier Test (NQT) is certainly not an easy exam as it is divided into sections that assess the distinct skills of candidates. In short, applicants will write for :
– English
– Logical Reasoning
– Objectives on Programming
– Coding Languages
So, it is an entry-level test but aspirants should be prepared for all the papers and interview questions to clear all rounds and get hired.

Who is eligible for TCS NQT?

Students who are currently studying in UG, PG, or Diploma regardless if they are in the first or last year can appear for the TCS National Qualifier Test. As long as a candidate has a specialization degree in any field 0-2 years of experience are eligible for this exam.

Is TCS Ninja a good job?

Yes, the TCS Ninja profile has a better scope for candidates to grow and improve their work experience. When we look at the salary packages as well, Ninja offers 6-7 Lakhs Per Annum whereas the Digital profile provides 3.3-3.6 Lakhs Per Annum. However, the qualifier test and role are a bit hectic compared to Digital.

Does TCS have a Telegram channel?

TCS does not have an official Telegram channel but you will several other groups that share relevant study materials regarding the TCS NQT exam. So, you can join these channels to prepare for the exam as well as the interview since the hiring process is divided into phases. Hence, it will be helpful if you study as per each section to achieve great scores.

Is TCS better than Infosys?

Both Tata Consulting Services (TCS) and Infosys are one of the biggest IT companies. They are known to offer flexible salary packages and scope to become better in your field. So, TCS and Infosys are suitable organizations to work for hence, I will suggest you to apply in both of them.

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