15+ Best YouTube Channels for Reasoning Preparation

Are you studying for any competitive exams and want the Best YouTube channels for Reasoning Preparation? Then you do not need to look anymore as I have the right study resources for you! As you already know exams such as SSC, UPSC, Railways, and Banking are quite tough to crack. This is mainly because their syllabus and papers are challenging to complete. One such section is called logical reasoning.

It is an essential paper or section that comes in the majority of the exams. However, it is not easy to solve them as you have to understand the concept of logical reasoning thoroughly. So, to make things simple, I have compiled a list of the best reasoning communities on YouTube.

Here are the top 10+ Reasoning YouTube Channels! Let’s begin!

Best Exam Tips To Solve Reasoning Section

So, before heading over to the YouTube channels, let me give you some effective tips to solve the reasoning questions in the exam.

  • Read the questions very carefully and understand it
  • Make Venn diagrams to solve Syllogism questions
  • Complete the easy reasoning questions as quickly as possible to save time
  • Methodologically solve the problem to get an accurate answer
  • Attempt or practice solving puzzles

Now, let’s move forward with the channel list!

Best YouTube Channels for Reasoning

1. Reasoning By Arun Kumar

About: Arun Kumar is a well-known teacher who primarily focuses on the reasoning section. He usually posts live video lectures for SSC (Staff Selection Commission) CGL, CHSL, CPO, MTS, etc. The admin actively covers the reasoning section to help aspirants practice solving the paper. Apart from his YouTube channel, he is also available on Telegram where has shared notes that you can download for free.


  • Get live video lessons for SSC CGL, CPO, MTS, etc.
  • Learn how to solve reasoning questions
  • Join the Telegram channel for free notes

Watch Channel: Link

2. TalentSprint Aptitude Prep

About: As the name suggests, this YouTube channel helps candidates prepare for the aptitude section in competitive examinations. This community covers a wide range of concepts including Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, English, General Awareness, Current Affairs, and Banking. You will find several detailed and informative video lectures in English where the tutors explain topics from scratch with good examples. In short, this is a must-watch channel for students to study for all the paper sections.


  • A wide range of topics covered including reasoning, quantitative aptitude, etc.
  • All lectures are available in English
  • Best channel to prepare for all papers

Watch Channel: Link

3. Kamal & Hitesh Bajaj

About: Kamal & Hitesh Bajaj have a coaching center and also created a YouTube channel to mainly share some lectures on Aptitude and Reasoning. They mostly post quick paper-solving techniques, most repeated question lists, current affairs, etc. The best part is that you will find content related to a wide range of competitive exams such as CAT, SSC CGL, Bank PO, etc. So, if you want to learn how to solve math or reasoning questions then you can subscribe to this community.


  • Get quick paper-solving methods and current affairs
  • Suitable for CAT, SSC CGL, and Bank PO aspirants
  • Learn to solve math and reasoning questions

Watch Channel: Link

4. Learners’ Planet

About: Learner’s Planet is one of the most beneficial channels on YouTube that provides free educational content online. The admin has posted several videos on Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and English. Plus, they mainly cover exams such as CAT, Bank PO, CMAT, SSC CGL, etc. In short, if you want to understand the method of solving or explanation on certain topics, this community has shared a good amount of lectures on them.


  • Watch lectures on Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and English
  • Mainly covers exams like CAT, Bank PO, CMAT, and SSC CGL.
  • Best to get exam tricks or get the technique of solving a question

Watch Channel: Link

5. SSC Maker

About: SSC Maker is one of the most famous channels on YouTube when it comes to reasoning. This is mainly because they share insightful and free video lectures for multiple competitive examinations like SSC CGL, Railways, RRB, SBI PO, PGT/TGT, etc. You will find a lot of tutorials on reasoning, general awareness or general knowledge, Mathematics, etc. However, their videos are quite lengthy so it is best for candidates who have plenty of time for preparing for the exams.


  • Insightful video tutorials on reasoning
  • Suitable for SSC CGL, Railways, RRB, SBI PO, PGT/TGT aspirants
  • Lengthy and detailed lectures

Watch Channel: Link

6. Amar Sir

About: This is another quite valuable channel on YouTube that uploads regular videos on competitive examination preparation. You can watch their detailed lectures on math topics and reasoning. Amar sir simply teaches his class with examples to help students understand the important concepts thoroughly. Moreover, he shares effective tips or exam tricks to guide aspirants.


  • Get regular videos for competitive exams
  • Detailed lectures for reasoning and quantitative aptitude
  • Check out useful exam tips

Watch Channel: Link

7. Feel Free to Learn

About: This is one of the most active communities available on YouTube that focuses on quantitative aptitude as well as reasoning topics. You will get to watch detailed video lectures on certain chapters, current affairs, and daily tests to evaluate your knowledge. Although, all of the lessons posted here are available in English only. Still, if you want to know about concepts like trigonometry or syllogism, this channel is the best one to subscribe to.


  • Active channel on YouTube that focuses on reasoning and quantitative aptitude
  • Get current affairs, topic explanation, and daily tests
  • All content available in English

Watch Channel: Link

8. Study Smart

About: Study Smart is a famous YouTube channel with around 1.37 million subscribers. They aim to give free educational lessons for competitive exam aspirants and help them achieve high scores. Generally, the admin posts easy-solving tricks for quantitative aptitude, English, and reasoning. If you want to specifically want to watch exam-wise lectures then you can check out their playlists which are divided into topics.


  • Learn easy solving tricks for English, reasoning, and mathematics
  • Get exam-wise video lectures to learn specific syllabus content
  • The best channel for competitive exam preparation

Watch Channel: Link

9. Rojgar with Ankit 

About: If you prefer watching live sessions to recorded lectures, then you can check this channel on YouTube. They dedicatedly share videos on reasoning, English, Science, etc. Plus, you will get notifications regarding various government job opportunities. Additionally, some videos especially explain important exam questions and post motivational content to encourage aspirants.


  • Watch live sessions or classes in English, reasoning, Science, etc.
  • Know about the latest government job opportunities
  • Motivational video lectures are also available

Watch Channel: Link

10. wifi study 

About: WiFi Study is one of the biggest channels on YouTube with approximately 16 million subscribers. They are very popular since this community shares detailed lectures on Reasoning, General Knowledge, Math, etc. To remember the concepts well, you can watch their revision classes or practice solving the mock papers. Overall, this channel is equipped with abundant resources for aspirants.


  • The channel has 16 million subscribers on YouTube
  • Watch informative lectures on reasoning, GK, Math, etc.
  • Revision classes and paper-solving videos are posted here

Watch Channel: Link

11. Reasoning By Piyush Varshney 

About: Piyush Varshney also focuses on the reasoning section of the competitive exams. You can watch their live videos which mainly give in-depth lectures on reasoning. All the crucial concepts or style of questions asked in the reasoning section is covered here. Although, there is limited free content I will suggest you refer to their live sessions to gain knowledge and practice solving reasoning tests.


  • In-depth lectures on the reasoning section
  • All important reasoning concepts are explained here
  • Limited free content but live sessions are insightful

Watch Channel: Link

12. The WiNNERS Institute Indore

About: This channel is handled by Aditya Patel sir who has served in the government sector for 4 years and has cleared various competitive exams. When it comes to reasoning, you can watch their live sessions which cover topic-wise reasoning concepts. It is a helpful resource to get the latest current affairs, general knowledge, and reasoning video lectures. Apart from that, they also provide some effective studying strategies and book recommendations.


  • Get topic-wise videos on reasoning
  • Read the latest current affairs and GK facts
  • Some effective exam strategies and book suggestions are also posted here

Watch Channel: Link

What is the best YouTube channel for aptitude and reasoning preparation?


Overall, these were some of the most well-known YouTube channels for Reasoning Preparation that give insights on topics such as logical reasoning and quantitative aptitude. Both these papers are important from the exam’s perspective, so you can watch the YouTube channels I have mentioned above to prepare thoroughly. Also, I have shared a few useful tips that you can use to crack competitive exams on the first attempt. All the best!


Which is the Best YouTube channel for Reasoning?

Reasoning By Arun Kumar is certainly a helpful YouTube channel for preparing the reasoning question. They share interactive live classes and free notes for SSC (Staff Selection Commission) CGL, CHSL, CPO, and MTS.

Who is the best teacher for reasoning?

Amar Sir is known as one of the best teachers of reasoning. This is because he has a simple way of teaching competitive exam aspirants about Math and reasoning topics in detail.

What is the best YouTube channel for aptitude and reasoning preparation?

If you want to learn reasoning and quantitative, you can check out the Learners’ Planet. It is a useful study resource for understanding the method of solving math and logical reasoning questions.

Who is the best maths reasoning teacher on YouTube?

Feel Free to Learn is an active channel on YouTube that provides informative lectures on reasoning and math topics for competitive exams. However, all the content available there is in English only.

Is aptitude and reasoning hard?

Quantitative aptitude and reasoning are considered to be confusing or difficult sections of an exam. However, once you understand the logic and methodology of solving them then you can practice solving them.

What is quantitative aptitude in the SSC exam?

Quantitative aptitude is one of the most important sections in the SSC exams. They are mainly added to evaluate the mathematical, aptitude, and analytical skills of a candidate.

How do I prepare for a quantitative aptitude test?

One of the best ways to prepare for the quantitative aptitude section is by understanding some basic mathematical concepts and practicing solving questions related to them.

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