10+ Best Binance Signals Telegram Channels to Make Profits

Do you want free Binance signals Telegram channels? I have created a list of them just for you! So keep reading this article to access all the groups. The cryptocurrency market recently became a popular investment. According to data India has around 10.2 Crore traders who own digital tokens.

So, if you actively invest in cryptos, you can join many helpful Telegram groups! They guide beginners in understanding the basic principles of trading and identifying chart patterns. You will also find valuable investment ideas and market reports that will help you to research.

The best part about Telegram is it is an ad-free platform and anyone can join groups for free. Hence, if you are looking for valuable communities that share informational content, keep reading!

In this post, I will share the top Binance Signals Telegram Channels! So, let’s begin!

Key Benefits of the Binance Telegram Channel

Since the crypto market is dynamic, it is crucial to be updated with the latest news and find relevant research materials. These are readily available on Telegram. So, let’s see some more advantages of joining Binance Telegram channels.

  • Get free trading calls with research for educational purposes
  • Receive beneficial investment tips and guidance
  • Explore different cryptocurrencies and their upcoming updates
  • Read the latest news from authentic sources
  • Join an active crypto-enthusiasts community
  • Learn about significant chart patterns and their indications

Now, let’s move forward with our Telegram group list!

Binance Signals Telegram Channels list

1. Binance exchange signal

About: This is a famous group on Telegram that mainly deals with Binance. They share some crypto signals along with the charts. So, you can take some reference calls from here and learn how to invest accordingly. However, you will get limited content here as it’s for paid users only. Still, I will suggest you only utilize the free part of this channel. 

Join Channel: Link

2. Bitcoin Bullets®

About: Bitcoin Bullets is a well-known community on Telegram that has established a strong subscriber base. Generally, it focuses on providing daily crypto market analysis. They cover the overall market movement and even give their technical point of view. Apart from that, you will receive key inside news that will help you make a corresponding investment decision. However, you should cross-verify this information to be on the safer side. 

Join Channel: Link

3. Binance NFTs

About: If you want to join an official club of Binance, then this group will be suitable for you. It is an authentic channel with a blue tick that mainly deals with the Binance NFT platform. Also, since it is a discussion community where you can interact with other traders. Regardless, users are not allowed to send spam or external links but can ask relevant questions. 

Join Channel: Link

4. Binance Killers®

About: If you are familiar with crypto Telegram groups then you may have heard of Binance Killers. This is an active channel that aims to deliver free tips and market analysis. It’s a beginner-friendly community that you can join to improve your trading skills. Besides, they also consistently share crucial and insightful financial news. Overall, this group is quite beneficial for new crypto investors

Join Channel: Link

5. Bitcoin Industry

About: The Bitcoin Industry is a very big channel on Telegram where you will get important crypto news. There are several bulletins presented in detail to inform traders of the recent policy changes or coin upgrades. Even so, they do not post crypto announcements every day, which is a disadvantage. Nevertheless, you can join here to get full articles or news bits from the crypto space.

Join Channel: Link

6. Crypto Notes

About: If you want to join an Indian Binance Signals Telegram Channel then Crypto Notes is a good choice. The admin often shares his YouTube video links where he explains the current market scenario. Also, there is lots of investment advice, crypto news, and updates from the finance sector. In short, this channel shares a proper overview of the cryptocurrency market in general with the help of charts.

Join Channel: Link

7. 4C Trading News

About: If you are looking for a crypto-specific community on Telegram then you can join here. They provide only Bitcoin-related technical analysis and trading tips. This is a helpful group for new investors that want to only learn about the crypto market. Still, as this channel only focuses on BTC digital tokens, there is limited information available

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8. Binance Spot Signals

About: As the name suggests, this group on Telegram gives free spot trading signals from Binance. Simply put, this is a trade-specific channel that only shares a type of investing call. Currently, there are only a few free trade ideas posted here as they have made their premium community. So, you can use only some of their tips for reference purposes.

Join Channel: Link

9. Fat Pig Signals

About: Fat Pig Signals is another good resource for finding crypto investment calls. Usually, you will get around 2-3 trade ideas in a week. They mainly give spot trading signals from three major crypto exchanges including Binance. Apart from promotional posts, there are important notices shared by the admin related to scams or duplicate fake groups.

Join Channel: Link

10. Coin Signals

About: Coin Signals is a simple community where you can get news and brief technical analysis. The admin observed the crypto market movement and shared some investment calls concerning that. Plus, there are numerous short crypto bulletins posted which will keep you informed about the latest alerts. So, it’s a useful channel to see quick news. 

Join Channel: Link

11. Binance short-term calls

About: This is a very small community on Telegram that gives short-term trade calls. All of their investment ideas are based on the admin’s research so must do your analysis. Moreover, the admin actively monitors the crypto market and sends its updates. You can even comment on their posts to clarify your doubts or to share your opinion.

Join Channel: Link

12. Rocket Wallet Signals

About: Rocket Wallet Signals is a unique channel that sends reports of their investment calls. So, you can check the accuracy and details of their crypto trade ideas and how successful they were. However, they always do not give Binance signals as there are many crypto exchanges. Furthermore, they provide a summary of the price movement of popular coins such as Bitcoin.

Join Channel: Link


Binance is a popular international cryptocurrency exchange platform where users can easily buy or sell digital tokens. As I already mentioned, the crypto market is quite volatile, and thus, traders must carefully analyze the charts. Moreover, since each digital token is unique they have different market dominance hence, researching about its application is essential. Overall, the main thing is to keep your portfolio diverse to manage risks smartly. You can join any of the Telegram groups that I have posted for free!


What is the best Binance signal channel on Telegram?

Since there are multiple channels on Telegram it may be tough to find the best one. Although I have done the research part for you and have listed the most suitable ones. They are as follows: 

How do you get a Binance signal? 

To get Binance crypto signals, you need to join certain telegram channels that post them for free. Here are some groups that share free investment calls: 

Which crypto signal is the best?

Crypto signals are reference calls that you can use to do your research. So, the investment idea which is backed by technical analysis is the most appropriate for users. Even so, everyone should study the cryptocurrency charts to get more insights. 

Are crypto signals fake? 

Generally, crypto signals are posted by traders so they may not always be accurate. So, it is wise to refer them for research purposes only since you do not know the exact study process behind that crypto investment call. 

Which crypto will pump? 

It is not easy to determine if a cryptocurrency will pump all of a sudden. Still, you can analyze a particular coin and check for indicators that indicate a bullish chart trend. This means that the price will soon increase sharply. Still, other factors affect the price changes that you need to keep in mind. 

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