15+ Best Telegram Channels for Deals (80% Discount)

Do you want the Best Telegram Channels for Deals to get the best shopping deals every day? You can get them easily in a telegram channel! In this blog, you will find various Telegram channels that will save your hard-earned money.

These groups constantly share discounts, sales, and loot offers for products like shoes, clothes, accessories, electronics, etc.

You can explore all the deals and simply click the link to purchase the product. However, it is best to join an active channel, so that is why I have prepared a list of the top 10+ Deals Telegram Channels! So, let’s begin!

How do Telegram channels know about a Deal?

A lot of users wonder how telegram channels get to know about the deals and post them regularly. They use a simple tactic of signing up on apps that send alerts for a price drop on specific items.

Usually, the admin adds various product alerts to notify their audience regarding the offer.

Apps like Cash Karo or Coupon Duniya are common examples of how these telegram groups source deals. Now, let’s move forward to see some benefits of such channels.

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Benefits of joining a Deal telegram channel

You may think that deals telegram channels are just for checking loot offers or discounts, but they are more valuable!

Since there are several benefits of joining a deals telegram channel, I will list them individually. 

  • Get exclusive deals and offers on products
  • Best to grab out-of-stock items
  • Receive alerts for loot deals, sales, and discounts
  • Compare prices to buy a product at an affordable rate
  • Join a specific group that gives only one item category offers

Now, let’s get started with our list!

Best Telegram Channels for Deals

1. Loot Deals Official

About: Loot Deals Official is a famous group that gives many shopping offers on various items. Generally, the admin shares the product link with a short description and price tag. You can click on the posted link to check the item and buy it if you want. To grab a loot deal, you must keep the notifications on so that you do not miss out. 


  • 2 lakh+ members
  • Product information and link posted
  • Some loot deals shared

Join Channel: Link

2. Deals Point

About: Deals Point is a well-established community that aims to provide the best shopping discounts for users. You will receive lots of sale alerts for many product categories like electronic appliances, groceries, beauty items, etc. To get a loot deal, you must be alerted since they easily sell out. Besides, the deals are posted throughout the day, so you must keep checking them. 


  • 3 Lakh+ Subscribers
  • Big range of categories
  • Many loot deals are available

Join Channel: Link

3. CashKaro Official

About: CashKaro Official is an authentic Telegram community and app that gives price drop alerts. It is a beneficial channel that sends discount and loot deals. Mainly, they share offers for clothes, groceries, electronics, and skincare items. Plus, this is a reliable source to get regular notifications on things but users need to register on their platform.


  • Official channel
  • Get discount offers
  • Users need to sign up on the platform

Join Channel: Link

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4. OfferZone

AboutWhen it comes to shopping, Offerzone ranks as one of the Best Telegram Channel for Deals in this niche. This group is quite active in providing the best loot deals for branded items. To get alerts, you have to use their Telegram bot and keep checking for notifications. The bot will help you to purchase products at relatively low rates regularly.


  • Best for loot deals
  • Get alerts from active bot

Join Channel: Link

5. TechGlare Deals

About: Techglare Deals is another verified group on Telegram with a blue tick. They usually share price drop updates on a wide range of items such as clothes, appliances, skincare products, packaged food, etc. You can simply tap on the given link to discover the offers. Plus, sometimes the admin sends valuable coupon codes that you could use while purchasing. 


  • Verified channel
  • Discount sales posted
  • Coupons also shared

Join Channel: Link

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6. Trending Loot Deals

AboutTrending Loot Deals is also a Best Telegram Channel for Deals for users to explore the latest discount offers. There are lots of sale deals posted on Amazon and Flipkart that are commonly used for online shopping. Moreover, they send fantastic loot picks for branded products so that you can buy them at much lower prices. The sales which are currently not available are updated. 


  • Flipkart and Amazon deals
  • Most sale offers are available
  • Valuable loot deals for brands

Join Channel: Link

7. Loot Deals KS

About: This is a big Telegram community that focuses only on loot deals which are rare sales. You will get bumper offers for products at quite low rates but the posts are not frequent. Since loot seasons are not easy to find and grab, the admin tries to share as many offers as possible. However, being active on this channel is a necessity since such discounts get over fast.


  • Only loot offers posted
  • Fewer deals than other groups
  • Requires users to check activity

Join Channel: Link

8. OMG Loot Deals

AboutAs the name suggests, it is a Telegram group that provides online shopping deals. It is one of the most active communities that posts discount offers every day. Daily, the admin gives more than 10 sale alerts that you can check out. The best part is that these are sourced regularly so it will be easy to grab them than compared to flash sales. 


  • Get daily sale offers
  • More than 10+ deals every day
  • Simple discounts available

Join Channel: Link

9. DesiDime – Online Shopping Gang

AboutIf you are looking for a channel that gives brief product details along with shopping offers, this will be suitable for you to join. The admin consistently shares numerous deals in one day that you can explore. They source the sale and post it on their official website. Overall, it is a resourceful group to get multiple discount alerts on many categories of items.


  • Proper information about products posted with a link
  • Get several deals every day
  • Helpful to find the best sale

Join Channel: Link

10. IHD Deals Broadcast

About: This is a rather simple community on Telegram where you will find several shopping deals. It is also very active in terms of posting. Even so, if you joined other big channels then I will not recommend you this group since a lot of their offers are repetitive or similar. Still, it is a helpful source for getting quick deals without getting bombarded with tons of them. 


  • Active channel
  • Repetition of offers from other groups

Join Channel: Link


AboutCouponBazi is yet another beneficial channel on Telegram for getting discount codes and deals. However, there are a limited amount of offers posted compared to other groups. Also, the admin often sends promotional advertisements that you could avoid. 


  • Get coupons and deals
  • Fewer offers shared
  • Lots of advertisements posted

Join Channel: Link

12. Loot Deals Offers & Tricks

AboutIf you are looking for a discount on restaurants, products, or services, you can join here. You will find lots of useful offers that you can redeem. Regardless, the admin has not posted any sale deals recently but they could share them soon. 


  • Get offers on products and services
  • Admin does not post deals nowadays

Join Channel: Link


AboutLoot Deals Offers is a great resource for getting discounts on daily-use products. If you regularly shop online then joining this channel will be appropriate for you. They frequently provide sales from Amazon and Flipkart which you can explore. Also, the admin mentions the coupon code required at payout for attaining the offer. 


  • Best for Amazon and Flipkart online deals
  • Coupon offers posted
  • Active Group

Join Channel: Link

14. Best Offers And Deals

About: This small group is quite active in sharing relevant shopping offers. There are lots of valuable coupon codes and items at discounted rates that you could discover. When it comes to the products, you will find numerous categories of them so you can explore and purchase them according to your preference. 


  • Small channel
  • Get items at cheaper rates from sale

Join Channel: Link

15. Deals Channel

AboutThis is another small channel that can be used alternatively for finding discounted items. Although there are fewer offers posted, they are not repetitive, you can check them out. Altogether, it is a valuable group that does not share the same deals as the popular ones. 


  • No repetitive content
  • Many shopping offers
  • Resourceful channel

Join Channel: Link


Altogether, if you want to purchase an item at an affordable price or wait for an out-of-stock product, you can join these groups. You will get regular alerts and links for various things, but you must be attentive to each offer. Since the admin may share more than 5 or 10 item lists, carefully scroll through them and pick out the best shopping deal according to your preference. Also, to get loot deals successfully, keep the notification to grab it before it gets over. 

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How Telegram channel get loot deals?

The admins use different apps like CashKaro that send alerts for price drops and discount sales. So, they set an alert for the most popular product categories to share their links on Telegram. You can also use such apps, but they are a bit hectic; joining a deals channel is easier than finding out about the offers yourself.

What are the best shopping deal channels on Telegram?

If you are looking for relevant shopping offers then you can check out the following groups on Telegram:
– Loot Deals Official
– Deals point
– Best offers and Deals

What are some of the best Telegram channels for Amazon deals?

There are plenty of channels that share deals from Amazon. Here are some of them:
– Trending Loot Deals
– OMG Loot Deals
– DesiDime – Online Shopping Gang
– IHD Deals Broadcast

Are Amazon deals on Telegram legit?

Many Telegram channels provide Amazon deals, but not all of them will be authentic. Thus, it is best to join a reputed or well-known group that shares the offer details and if the deal has closed. Also, avoid clicking on random links to protect your device.

Is the “non-stop deals” on Telegram legit or a scam?

Some Telegram channels share the best deals they can find daily, but that is not possible for all groups. In short, most admins say they have non-stop offers to attract users and promote their channel, but only a few genuinely provide relevant shopping discounts.

How do we find Amazon and Flipkart deals? Is there any Telegram channel for this?

Yes! You will get tons on Telegram channels for shopping offers on Amazon and Flipkart. I have mentioned a few of them for you:
– Deals Channel – Best shopping Loots – Premium deals
– Loot Deals KS
– Offerzone
– Loot Deals Official

Are Flipkart and Amazon deals received on Telegram channels legitimate?

The most popular and reputed channels mostly share the best Amazon and Flipkart shopping deals. However, if you join an inactive group or a channel that only gives promotional content, they are not legitimate. I would suggest, you explore the group list on my post to find the best channel.

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