10+ Best YouTube Channels For IIT JEE

Are you Searching for the Best YouTube Channels For IIT JEE? The IIT JEE exams are ranked as the world’s 2nd toughest exam. Also, in India, IIT JEE is considered the most difficult undergraduate-level entrance exam. This is one of the reasons why many students struggle to clear this exam and achieve high scores.

But don’t worry. In this blog, I have come up with the top YouTube channels that will help you crack the Exam. Every year, lakhs of students appear for the JEE Mains and JEE Advanced papers but only a small percentage of candidates get selected for the admissions.

So, if you want to get admission to the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) which is a prestigious university, you have to prepare thoroughly. However, without the right resources, things will be difficult.

Hence, several JEE aspirants look for reliable sources such as YouTube channels that provide detailed and comprehensive lectures to teach students complex topics easily.

To make things easy for you, I have researched and compiled a list of the top 10+ Best IIT JEE YouTube channels! Let’s start!


Key Benefits of Watching IIT JEE YouTube Channels

Before sharing the channel list, I would like to highlight some important advantages of watching YouTube lectures.

  • Get detailed video lectures on Physics, Maths, and Chemistry
  • Join live sessions to solve queries and past papers
  • Receive paper-wise explanations and the latest syllabus updates
  • Download free study materials such as handwritten notes or formula lists
  • Watch quick revision classes on the most important topics
  • Check the exam application dates and all relevant information

Now, let’s begin with our channel list!

Best Youtube Channels For IIT JEE

1. IIT JEE & NEET video lectures by Nucleon Kota

About: If you want to get proper IIT JEE video lectures with complete beginner-level explanations, this channel is the best. This community shares the best classes on JEE and JEE Advanced topics. There are several tutorials where past papers are solved to explain the methodology of answering the question to students. If you particularly are struggling with certain Chemistry or Physics concepts then, you can subscribe to this valuable channel on YouTube.


  • Beginner-level JEE video lectures posted
  • Watch paper-solving classes
  • Best to prepare for Physics and Chemistry

Watch Channel: Link

2. Unacademy JEE 

About: Unacademy is a well-known online learning platform that provides free and paid educational content. They also have an official channel on YouTube where you can get some beneficial JEE Main and JEE Advanced paper-solving strategies. Apart from that, you will also find study tips and exam tricks to thoroughly prepare for this competitive examination. However, if you only want to watch their JEE series or live one-shot lectures then you can directly click on those sections.


  • Get helpful paper-solving strategies for JEE
  • Watch free live sessions covering important JEE chapters
  • Receive exam study tips

Watch Channel: Link

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3. Etoos Education 

About: When we talk about IIT JEE, you cannot go without mentioning Etoos Education. It is one of the Best YouTube channels for IIT JEE that shares paper analysis and discusses it. Also, they provide subject-wise and exam-wise video lectures to help aspirants crack these tough competitive papers easily. In short, it is one of the best preparation sources but they mainly focus on NEET exams nowadays. Although, you can still access their tutorials on JEE and JEE Advanced.


  • Get subject-wise lectures
  • Detailed video classes covering JEE and JEE Advanced syllabus
  • Best to learn Physics concepts

Watch Channel: Link


About: As the name suggests, this channel mainly focuses on the Physics subject. The admin usually covers the most important topics of IIT JEE and JEE Advanced in short videos. All of the lectures shared here are small and solve common questions to clear the doubts of students. However, their tutorials are available in English only but you will get an understanding of complex paper questions or topics. Plus, the admin gives updates on the paper pattern of the exams as well.


  • Learn the most crucial topics of JEE exams
  • Brief video lectures
  • Check out the latest paper pattern and exam updates

Watch Channel: Link

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5. JEE Wallah

About: Jee Wallah is another quite famous channel on YouTube that is watched by lakhs of students. In this community, you will find live paper discussions, subject-wise video lectures for the 12th class, and JEE and JEE Advanced papers. They have a proper playlist that contains all the subject-related tutorials covering important chapters. Moreover, you can join their interactive live sessions where they complete entire units of a subject in one lecture.


  • Active community
  • Organized playlist for all JEE subjects
  • Watch engaging live sessions

Watch Channel: Link

6. Vedantu JEE Made Ejee

About: Vedantu is a well-known educational platform and they also have a specific YouTube channel for JEE aspirants. They usually share video lectures, exam advice, admission details, and other promotional content. However, you will find lots of helpful subject-wise playlists on YouTube. By studying certain concepts from these tutorials, you would get a good understanding of important topics for JEE Mains and Advanced papers.


  • Get class 12th and JEE exam video lectures
  • Admission information and exam strategies posted
  • Lots of promotional content shared

Watch Channel: Link

7. Vora Classes

About: Vora Classes is a simple community on YouTube that teaches main JEE topics. Generally, you will find the most crucial concepts of Maths, Physics, and Chemistry being posted on this channel. Plus, they also provide fun exam tricks or quick methods to learn some basic concepts thoroughly. Although, there are only some chapters explained here which is a drawback.


  • Get explanations of the most important Maths, Physics, and Chemistry concepts
  • Learn simple exam tricks to study JEE
  • Limited chapters covered on the YouTube channel

Watch Channel: Link

8. Physics Galaxy 

About: Physics Galaxy is yet another famous channel on this list. If you want to understand certain complex topics of Physics easily then you can watch this community. It is an active resource for learning the syllabus of JEE Mains and JEE Advanced papers. You can directly watch their chapter-wise videos from their playlists. Apart from that, there are several paper-solving strategies, exam tips, and tricks shared here. Overall, Physics Galaxy is one of the must-watch channels on YouTube when it comes to preparing for JEE especially Physics.


  • Active channel on YouTube
  • Watch chapter-wise JEE Mains and JEE Advanced lectures
  • Paper-solving videos, exam advice, and tips are also posted

Watch Channel: Link

9. AcadBoost – Kalpit Veerwal 

About: Kalpit Veerwal is a B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering graduate from IIT Bombay. He has also achieved the 1st AIR rank for JEE exams and started his company AcadBoost to mentor students. This is his official YouTube channel where he shares valuable exam strategies, tips, and video lectures. To access the tutorials, head over to the playlist section where all the lectures are posted. However, there is limited content available for chapter-wise classes.


  • Learn from AIR 1st rank IIT graduate
  • Informative video lectures and exam strategies are available
  • Limited chapter-wise tutorials posted

Watch Channel: Link


About: If you want to get crucial exam updates along with insightful video lectures then you can opt to watch this community. This YouTube channel focuses on Physics subjects for the IIT JEE Mains and Advanced papers. Even so, the admin teaches in English only but his explanation is quite straightforward. Regardless, it is a beneficial alternative resource for understanding certain chapters, problems, or topics of Physics.


  • Get the latest exam updates and video lectures
  • Best to understand Physics chapters
  • Lectures are in English only

Watch Channel: Link

11. ATP STAR Chemistry

About: ATP Star Chemistry is a community on YouTube that is dedicated to providing chapter-wise video lectures. All of the classes are in Hindi and teach both class 11th and 12th concepts in detail. So, if you want to particularly prepare for the chemistry section for the JEE paper, you can subscribe to this channel. Also, to watch the lectures directly, you can click on their playlists which have the “Bull’s Eye series” covering all important chemistry chapters.


  • Watch 11th and 12th Chemistry lectures
  • Bull’s Eye series covers important JEE and NEET chapters
  • Best to prepare for Chemistry

Watch Channel: Link

12. Physics with Akash Goyal (PWAG)

About: Akash Goyal is a Physics teacher who aims to help JEE aspirants prepare for their exams. On his channel, he has posted numerous topic-wise videos for JEE physics. You can watch these brief explanation tutorials that show how to solve a specific question. Additionally, it is one of the very few channels that does not share much promotional content and provides relevant lectures only.


  • Check the explanation of JEE exam Physics problems
  • Quick video lectures posted
  • Very little promotional content shared

Watch Channel: Link

13. Physics For IIT JEE by Rohit Mishra

About: This channel is quite helpful if you want to watch detailed lectures on paper solving for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. The tutor Rohit Mishra is an IIT student and has completed a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering. He has created his YouTube channel to teach IIT candidates the important concepts of Physics and also covers NEET topics. Overall, his lectures are in-depth and are best for understanding how to approach or solve JEE paper questions.


  • In-depth Physics tutorials are posted here
  • Best to study important Physics chapters

Watch Channel: Link


You can watch these Best YouTube Channels For IIT JEE to study and prepare thoroughly for your exams. All of the communities mentioned in my list are quite active and share useful resources such as notes, past paper solutions, topic-wise lectures, revision sessions, and live video lectures. You can easily crack this on the first attempt by using these valuable materials and diligently studying. Best of luck!


Which YouTube channel is best for JEE in English?

PHYSICS SIR JEE – JANARDHAN – IIT JEE & OLYMPIAD is one of the best channels on YouTube that helps JEE aspirants prepare for the Physics section. All of his videos are available in English.

Who is the best chemistry teacher for IIT JEE on YouTube?

For learning chemistry subjects, the ATP STAR Chemistry channel on YouTube is quite helpful. They mainly cover the IIT JEE syllabus for chemistry in detail. This community is handled by Vineet Khatri Sir who is one of the best teachers for Chemistry.

Which YouTube channel is best for IIT preparation?

Etoos Education is one of the best YouTube channels to prepare for the IIT JEE examinations. This is because they provide detailed subject-wise informative video lectures for aspirants to understand the topics.

How can I top in IIT?

If you want to top in the IIT JEE Mains or IIT JEE Advanced exams then you need to make an effective study timetable. You must cover all the important topics for Maths, Physics, and Chemistry.

Can I crack IIT on the first attempt?

Yes, if you study every day and follow an effective study plan then you can easily crack the IIT JEE examinations in the first attempt. The key thing is to practice solving past papers as much as possible and revise concepts.

Is 1 year enough for IIT?

Yes, if you prepare your study plan then you can easily cover all the important topics of IIT JEE in one year. However, I will suggest you thoroughly revise so that you will retain your knowledge.

Is IIT harder than UPSC?

The JEE IIT exams are ranked as the 2nd toughest exams in the world. This is why IIT exams are more challenging than the UPSC civil service exams. Even so, both of these assessments require candidates to prepare thoroughly to get a high All-India Rank.

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