11+ Best SEBI Registered Research Analyst Telegram Channels in India 2023

Are you looking for the Best SEBI Registered Research Analyst Telegram Channels? Then you can check our blog post. I found the Best Telegram Channels offering Financial assistance, chart analysis, market sentiment, and trading ideas. In this blog post, you will find the active telegram channel list which is curated by me through my own research.

These Telegram groups are run by SEBI-certified Research Analyst that is qualified to openly share their investment ideas. More importantly, their information is backed by thorough technical analysis.

If you want to learn how to trade or read chart indicators, SEBI-registered Telegram groups are quite beneficial. They also provide free investment tips, the latest market updates, and the price movements of stocks they are studying.

So, today, I will share an exclusive list with more than 10+ Best SEBI Registered Research Analyst Telegram Channels. Let’s begin!

Why should I Join a SEBI Registered Research Analyst Telegram Channels?

There are many SEBI registered Research Analyst telegram channels but why should you join them? Let’s quickly see a few key reasons for how they can help you make better trading decisions.

  • Get authentic and detailed investment calls based on technical analysis with risk levels
  • Read the latest news from the Indian stock market from verified sources
  • Receive quick or brief market updates related to the price movement of stocks
  • Learn to understand technical chart analysis and indicators to do your research
  • Explore different trading techniques such as Positional, short-term, or long-term investments

Overall, SEBI-registered groups have proper disclaimers and are reliable sources of investment calls for research purposes. Now, let’s start with our Telegram channel list!

Recommended Telegram Channels

Channel Name  Link
Market Master (Recommended)
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Bull’s Thrive  Join Now
NSE Stock Pro   Join Now
IET – The Algo Traders  Join Now
Jackpot Tradex  Join Now
Stock Master  Join Now

Sebi Registered Research Analyst Telegram Channels List

1. Market Masters (Recommended)

AboutThis is one of the most prominent SEBI-registered telegram groups for stock trading. They provide reliable and accurate information about the securities markets. They also provide a variety of information, including stock market updates, news, analysis, and investment recommendations.


  • SEBI-registered channel
  • Learn concepts of stock market trading
  • Provides chart analysis, market sentiment, and trading ideas
  • Best for beginners

Join Channel: Link

2. Stockpro online

AboutWhen it comes to trading, StockPro is known as the number 1 Telegram channel. It is a reputed community that is handled by Dr. Seema Jain. She is a SEBI-registered Research Analyst, a professional trader, and has more than 20+ years of experience in investing. So, this is her official group where you will get free investment calls, tips, webinars, market updates, etc. Plus, if you are a beginner, then you will learn a lot of practical knowledge by joining their live trading sessions. 


  • Free investment ideas, webinars, and market updates
  • 2 Lakh+ subscribers
  • Best for beginners
  • SEBI-registered channel

Join Channel: Link

3. Equity99

About: Equity99 is another well-established community on Telegram that shares informational content for traders. You will receive free trading tips, stock news, suggestions, etc. The best part is that they clearly mention the analyzed price movement along with every investment call to give traders insight. Apart from this, their investment ideas contain proper details such as stop loss limits, current market price (CMP), test levels, etc. Overall, it is an active channel that guides users to trade after researching. 


  • 1 Lakh+ Subscribers
  • Free technical analysis
  • Investment ideas with SL and CMP
  • SEBI-registered community 

Join Channel: Link

4. Minish Patel 3MP

AboutMinish Patel is another famous professional trader who has around 28 years of experience in investing. This is his official channel where he posts free investment tips with a buy/sell call. Plus, you will get trading ideas along with price targets and a stop-loss limit. Generally, Mr. Patel focuses on the Nifty market so there are several trading calls from these stocks. Although, it is important to research before investing and avoid blindly following tips without analyzing the market. 


  • Free Nifty market calls
  • Stop loss and price targets posted
  • SEBI-registered group

Join Channel: Link

5. Stock Gainers Training

AboutThis SEBI-registered Telegram group is managed by Kapil Verma who is also a Research Analyst. On this channel, Mr. Verma shares quick investment ideas with the stop loss limit and price target. Even so, there are only a few trading calls posted here. The majority of the posts are regarding their premium community on Telegram which requires a paid subscription. 


  • 60k+ subscribers
  • Get trading ideas with SL
  • Lots of promotional activities posted
  • Offers paid services 

Join Channel: Link


About: This group on Telegram is handled by Mr. Harinder Sahu. He is a SEBI-registered Research Analyst that has about 15 years of experience in this field. Plus, he even educates students through his mentorship program. On this channel, he shares stock suggestions and calls based on his research. Besides, the admin posts his YouTube links and a few market movement updates. 


  • Get stock recommendations and ideas
  • Informational YouTube videos and market updates
  • Paid subscription available

Join Channel: Link

7. RBI NABARD SEBI Grade A B Notes

AboutIf you are interested in becoming a SEBI-registered trader then this channel will help out. The admin provides free YouTube lectures where he explains the format of SEBI exams. Also, they send useful notes that will assist you to revise content that you have learned. However, there are many promotional advertisements posted that you can ignore. Still, it is a valuable group to get crucial study notes. 


  • SEBI exam notes
  • YouTube lectures
  • Lots of revised content

Join Channel: Link


AboutThis Telegram community is managed by a SEBI-registered company that offers services and consultation. They have created this group to assist traders to get insightful stock market updates and investment ideas. You will get a pre-market analysis which will give you an idea of the price movement. Even so, I will recommend you do your research and use these channels for reference purposes. 


  • Get stock market news
  • Free investment tips and analysis
  • SEBI-registered firm

Join Channel: Link

9. SharesNservices.com

About: As the name suggests, this is a SEBI-registered website that provides free market analysis. If you are a professional trader and would like research materials, you can join here. The admin often shares brief market and technical analyses of stocks. Moreover, there are a few investment tips posted but they are just suggestions and should be used as references only. In short, it is a useful channel for traders that want to gain more practical insight. 


  • Technical analysis and marked updates
  • Some investment ideas posted
  • SEBI-registered site

Join Channel: Link

10. CA Jagadeesh

AboutThis channel on Telegram is made by a SEBI-registered Research Analyst. He shares several stock suggestions, important market news, investment tips, etc. It is a beginner-friendly group that requires no paid subscription as it is not offered by him. Moreover, the admin provides some market analysis with respect to popular stocks. So, if you want to gain trading skills at a steady pace, this community will be quite helpful for you to join. 


  • Quick market news and trading calls
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Only free services available 
  • SEBI-registered group

Join Channel: Link

11. ValuerupeeSUNIL BEHKI

AboutThis is a simple Telegram group where you will find lots of trading ideas for the Nifty market. It is handled by Sunil Behki who is a well-known columnist in a Gujarati newspaper. There is no technical analysis posted but you will get some briefing on the market behavior in short. However, the investment tips are not regular but the admin shares them often. 


  • Free Nifty trade calls
  • Short market behavior updates

Join Channel: Link


About: A1 Free Intraday Tips is a growing channel on Telegram and it is SEBI-registered. The admin simply provides buy/sell calls along with price targets and stop-loss limits. They even clearly mention if a trade idea is risky or not, so you will get an idea of that investment tip. Still, I will encourage you to do your analysis and refer to the materials here to improve your skills. 


  • Buy/Sell trade ideas
  • The stop loss limit mentioned
  • SEBI-registered

Join Channel: Link


The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is a regulatory body that protects investors in India. In short, it is an authorized trusted source and hence, it is best to join SEBI-registered telegram channels. They provide proper trading tips, market news, trading ideas, and learning materials for investors. You can also understand how to interpret chart indicators by reading or referring to their technical analysis. Plus, a certified research analyst of SEBI shares beneficial investment ideas for short-term or long-term trades.


What is a certified SEBI-registered research analyst?

A certified SEBI-registered research analyst is a person who makes research reports, content, or price targets regarding the stocks listed on the market. Hence, they are qualified to share their opinions made by technical analysis and share them with the public but responsibly.

Is SEBI private or government?

SEBI is a regulatory and non-statutory body that was created by the government. It was made to protect the interest and rights of the investors so that it becomes a safe place for people to trade in. This body was introduced on April 12, 1988. They are also responsible for making guidelines, policies, and rules to ensure the safety of the market.

Is there an interview in SEBI?

Yes, the SEBI Grade A exam requires candidates to appear for an interview on the third and last phase of the hiring process. It is a crucial stage since it has a weightage of 15%. The questions can tricky but if you answer them smartly, you will be able to clear the interview.

Is SEBI under RBI?

Yes, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) comes under the Ministry of Finance which is controlled by the government. So, it is a regulatory body that ensures the safety of the Securities and commodity market in India with the power to introduce laws or policies for trading.

How many times can I give SEBI exam?

There is no limit to how many times you can attempt the SEBI Grade A exam since it is not mentioned. So, you can give the SEBI exam multiple times without hesitation. You can apply for the exam and prepare for three stages:

  • Screening Exam
  • Online Exam
  • Interview

Is there any exam for SEBI?

Yes, candidates can apply for the SEBI Grade A exam where aspirants can secure an entry-level manager job. It is one of the most reputable bodies to work for hence, thousands of applicants register for it. The salary package of this role ranges from 1-1.4 Lakhs Per Month.

Can a graduate apply for the SEBI exam?

Yes, candidates that are graduates in Engineering of any field or a Bachelor’s Degree in any field + Post-graduate degree in IT/ Computers are eligible for the exam.

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