25+ Best UPSC Telegram Channels to Join in 2024

Are you planning to appear for the UPSC exams and want the Best UPSC Telegram Channels to Join in 2024? How would you like it if I provided you with free premium content notes and study materials? Read on to find out more!

One of India’s most important and challenging exams, the UPSC is a gateway to a career in civil services. The Union Public Service Commission conducts the exam, and minimum eligibility includes having at least a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.

Every year lakhs of students compete with each other to get selected. Still, only a few genuinely become IAS or IPS.

 You can ace the exam with proper dedication and preparation, but you will need study resources. Don’t worry; I will share the list of the Best UPSC telegram channels today! Let’s begin.

Best Study Tips for UPSC aspirants

The first step to cracking the UPSC exam is understanding what it entails. There are three stages: Preliminary Examination, Main Examination, and Interview. To crack this exam, you need to organize accordingly for all papers. 

Now, let’s quickly look at some beneficial tips

  • Make a study plan according to the syllabus 
  • Prepare for Aptitude and Theory papers separately 
  • Follow a strict timetable for studying 
  • Keep solving mock tests 
  • Revise efficiently 
  • Develop writing skills
  • Read newspapers

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Best UPSC Telegram Channels

1. Current Affairs

About: This is one of the biggest UPSC Telegram channels for current affairs and has a huge subscriber count. It is quite popular since it provides the latest current affairs notes and questions in both Hindi and English. You can thoroughly practice solving the quiz questions and enhance your knowledge. Make it a habit to regularly refer to these notes so that you retain them in the exam or interview.

Join Channel: Link

2. Study Questions GK Quiz UPSC

About: General knowledge is a big aspect of UPSC exams and interviews, which is why you must prepare well. This telegram channel actively shares several general knowledge quiz questions that you can practice. You will also get important current affairs, but all content given here is in Hindi only.

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About: This is a quite helpful UPSC telegram channel to get free mock test links and quiz questions. You will get practice questions for History, Geography, Science, Polity, static, and current General Knowledge. After studying a topic, you can test your knowledge here.

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4. The Hindu NewsPapers GK GS UPSC PDF

About: This is one of the biggest UPSC telegram channels for UPSC aspirants. They give daily must-read current affairs news links, notes, past papers, and other telegram group links for study materials. Overall, it is a resourceful channel to prepare for the exam.

Join Channel: Link

5. UPSC Topper Notes NCERT

About: This is another UPSC telegram group with a big subscriber count. This is because they actively share practice questions for subjects like Science, History, Polity, General Knowledge, etc. It is an excellent channel to revise and practice solving quiz questions to improve your logical reasoning skills.

Join Channel: Link

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6. E-Books

About: E-books are a popular telegram group that provides quiz questions. You will get various resources from this group, such as YouTube links, other telegram groups, free webinars, brief notes, and current affairs and practice questions. If you are looking for more beneficial groups, you can join here to learn about them.

Join Channel: Link

7. Vision IAS (Official)

About: Are you aiming to be an IAS officer? Then this is one of the best telegram channels for you! They share proper current affairs notes, quiz questions with solutions, e-books, and other study materials. You will get premium content notes to help you prepare thoroughly and ace the exam.

Join Channel: Link

8. SSC to UPSC Prelims & Mains

About: This vast UPSC Telegram Channel provides free mock test links and quiz questions. You will get them in English and Hindi, but notes are mostly in Hindi only. Since it is an active group, you can practice daily from here and test your knowledge.

Join Channel: Link

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9. Vajiram & Ravi Official Channel

About: This is one of the most valuable telegram channels for UPSC candidates. You will get current affairs, questions along with details from which paper it is, brief notes, a guide for newspaper reading, etc. Their newspaper guide will help you quickly search for the highlight news that will enhance your knowledge.

Join Channel: Link

10. UPSC Prelims Mains IAS Notes

About: You can join this group if you are looking for handwritten notes and e-newspapers. They provide English and Hindi editorials, so you can choose to read anyone. Also, you will get a short and long form of handwritten notes for various subjects. Altogether, these resources will help you understand concepts more clearly.

Join Channel: Link

11. UPSC Material Prelims Mains PDF

About: You can join this group if you are looking for UPSC material in PDF Format. These resources will help you understand concepts more clearly.

Join Channel: Link

12. PDF Basket UPSC

About: This is a unique UPSC Telegram Channel that gives multiple study materials. You will find textbooks, answer formats by toppers, and notes. There are many subject books that you can download and refer to solutions to learn how to frame an answer and score high. However, they share promotional content as well, which can be ignored.

Join Channel: Link


About: This is another famous UPSC telegram channel that provides helpful notes in Hindi. You will find the best one-line questions and answers, important dates in History, the definition of science terms, and quiz questions. All of this content will help you study and revise before the exam.

Join Channel: Link


About: This is a beneficial telegram channel for candidates looking for daily quiz questions. You can click on the link given in the group. Also, they provide a topic-wise syllabus and practice questions that you can attempt and improve your score. Sometimes you could find other telegram group links that share PDF notes.

Join Channel: Link

15. GK Quiz Arena

About: This is an excellent telegram channel for aspirants looking for GK quiz questions in Hindi. The daily share a good range of these questions that you solve quickly every day. You will get helpful YouTube channel links and free webinars as well.

Join Channel: Link

16. Online GK Quiz

About: This is a big telegram group with a huge subscriber count. You will get free quiz questions and links to practice questions for general knowledge, Math, Science, English, logical reasoning, etc. You can join this channel if you want to gain problem-solving skills.

Join Channel: Link

17. General Knowledge Samanya gyan

About: This is another active telegram group that focuses on General knowledge. You will get a good range of quiz questions that you can solve. Also, they share brief one-liner notes and importance that you quickly refer to brush up your knowledge.

Join Channel: Link

18. Mission IAS IPS UPSC

About: If you want to prepare thoroughly, it is crucial to study concepts well so you can join this group for that purpose. You will get good study materials in that Group.

Join Channel: Link

19. Political Science (PSIR) Upsc

About: This is another subject-specific telegram channel for the UPSC Political Science paper. You will get handwritten PDFs and revision notes in long and short forms. It is an excellent channel to refine your knowledge about this subject and ace it in the exam.

Join Channel: Link

UPSC Telegram Channel in Hindi

20. Let’s Crack UPSC CSE Hindi

About: This is a niche-specific telegram channel for UPSC CSE in Hindi. You will receive a lot of free video lectures from YouTube that will help you learn complex topics and clarify your doubts. If you want to prepare thoroughly, it is crucial to study concepts well so you can join this group for that purpose.

Join Channel: Link

21. Target UPSC

About: Target UPSC is a telegram channel focused on sharing content in Hindi for UPSC aspirants. You will get lots of helpful notes, one-liner questions, answers, definitions, quiz questions with solutions, etc. If you want to get the importance of subjects, then you can join this group.

Join Channel: Link

22. Drishti IAS

About: This is the official telegram channel of Drishti IAS, where you will get lots of helpful content. You will find current affairs, notes, quiz questions with answers, and motivational quotes. Their detailed news PDFs will help you gain knowledge about the latest happenings worldwide.

Join Channel: Link

UPSC Telegram Channel English

23. APPSC TSPSC Groups Materials and News

About: Are you looking for a helpful telegram channel for APPSC or TSPSC? This is one of the best groups to join. You will get the latest exam notifications, handwritten notes in Telugu, and answer scripts. There is a good range of valuable study resources that will improve your answer-writing skills and knowledge.

Join Channel: Link

24. UPSC Prelims 2024 MCQs Quiz

About: This is another upcoming popular telegram channel with a big subscriber following. They share video lecture links, essay questions with solutions, textbooks, and long-form notes. There are various types of study materials that you can explore and refer to for preparing for important subjects.

Join Channel: Link

25. Khan Sir GK UPSC IAS Tricks

About: This is another popular telegram channel made by Khan Sir. You will get quiz questions and brief notes in English and Hindi. He also gives free question bank PDFs and the importance of specific topics. Overall, this is a pretty helpful group for studying tough subjects.

Join Channel: Link

26. UPSC Dream Group

About: This is a unique discussion telegram channel where UPSC aspirants can interact with each other. If you ask, you can also get guidance and free notes from other subscribers. Also, if you have any queries, you can clarify them here.

Join Channel: Link

27. All Competitive Exam Group

About: This is a small yet valuable telegram channel for solving questions. They daily conduct a quiz where you can participate for free and check your score. If you solve them daily, you will eventually improve your knowledge and be confident in certain topics.

Join Channel: Link


Overall, the UPSC exams are tough to crack, and one needs years of practice to ace them. However, if you work hard in the right direction early on, you can fulfill your dreams. Focus on practicing diligently to develop problem-solving skills and a habit of answering specific questions. Also, every paper of the Prelims and Mains requires either time or intelligence, so manage them according so that it is easier to crack. Lastly, avoid stressing about the syllabus of the exam since it has a lot of content that you may have already studied in your degree college.

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Who is eligible for the UPSC exam?

The minimum qualification required for the UPSC civil service exams is a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. 

Which degree is best for UPSC?

Generally, suppose you dream of being an IAS officer. In that case, you will need a related degree in this field to crack the UPSC exams easily. The following bachelor programs are considered ideal for UPSC:
– Political Science
– History
– Economics
– Geography 
– Sociology 
– Public Administration.
– Philosophy

Is the UPSC exam tough?

Yes, the UPSC entrance exams are one of the most challenging ones in India. However, if you prepare well for a long period and regular practice, the paper will seem less tough than usual. Also, it is best to study each paper differently to attain a high score.

What is the best channel for UPSC?

There are several telegram channels for UPSC aspirants, and some of the best ones are as follows:
– Vision IAS
– Online Gk Quiz
– Pdfbasket UPSC

Which subject is most important for UPSC?

The UPSC paper has many important subjects, but not all of them carry the same marks, weightage, and difficulty level. The important topics include the following:
– History
– Geography
– Polity
– Economics
– Science & Technology
– Current Affairs

Where can I get UPSC notes for free?

Telegram is a great form to join channels that provide free UPSC textbooks and notes. However, many contain spam content since it is a free group. So, here are the best channels that you can join to get PDFs:
– Vision IAS
– UPSC Prelims Mains IAS Notes™
– Pdfbasket `UPSC`
– General Knowledge Samanya Gyan
– Political Science(PSIR) UPSC
– Khan Sir GK UPSC IAS Tricks

Is math compulsory for UPSC?

No, mathematics is not a compulsory subject for UPSC and is an optional paper. However, it is not that difficult since you only need to learn certain basic concepts.

What are the best current affairs channels?

There are several telegram channels for current affairs, but not all are great since they may contain advertisements. I have given below the best groups to get daily current affairs:
– Current Affairs
– Khan Sir GK UPSC IAS Tricks
– Vision IAS

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