13+ Best Youtube Channel For IELTS Preparation

Are you finding the Best Youtube Channel For IELTS Preparation? Then, you must try the below youtube channels for getting quality study materials. Watching videos on youtube is a much more effective and convenient way to prepare for the test. It will be quite difficult to know which channel is best for IELTS preparation. So for this reason I have come up with 13+ Best IELTS Preparation YouTube channels.

The International English Language Testing System or better known as IELTS is a globally recognized test that is taken by lakhs of students who want to migrate to a native English-speaking country.

So, this test comprises four papers which are English writing, reading, speaking, and listening. Each of these sections carries different marks weightage and their difficulty also varies.

To ensure you get a high band score on the overall IELTS test, you can refer to fruitful YouTube channels! I have researched and looked for the best ones that will assist you to ace each paper.

Here are the top 13 Best IELTS YouTube channels! Let’s begin!


Best IELTS Test Preparation Tips

As you that the IELTS papers are divided to check a candidate’s overall proficiency in English so you will need certain exam tricks to crack this test. I will list a few tips that you can explore.

Be accurate in your answers

In the English speaking and writing papers, try to be as coherent as possible. You need to frame proper sentences that are grammatically accurate and sound fluent. To boost your confidence, it is best to practice and evaluate yourself.

Ask for doubts

If you do not understand the question asked by the examiner in the speaking test, there’s no harm in clarifying it. It will only help you answer appropriately. So, don’t hesitate to politely ask the meaning.

Practice listening to videos

For the listening paper, you can watch various online content to understand the accent and dialogues. There are many discussion videos that are brief so try to see how well you can interpret what they are saying.

Now, let’s start with our channel list!

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Youtube Channel For IELTS Preparation

1. IELTS Liz

About: IELTS Liz is a quite famous channel on YouTube with more than 2 million subscribers. It is managed by Elizabeth, an English teacher who shares effective IELTS test strategies. She has previously shared several educational tutorials regarding the IELTS exam and divided them into playlists. Although there is no new content on her channel, it is still relevant for IELTS aspirants. Regardless, her videos are brief and cover all the important parts of the exam. I will still suggest you stay updated with the latest changes in the IELTS test to prepare thoroughly.


  • Informative lessons on IELTS
  • Beneficial exam strategies and topics covered
  • No recent uploads so the paper pattern may not be the same as it now

2. IELTS Official

About: This is the official Youtube Channel For IELTS Preparation and they have shared several useful tutorials. You can watch these guides and also learn about the new changes in the IELTS exam. Apart from that, there are some valuable exam tips shared that you can go through to prepare for the test. It is best to watch these lessons for understanding the paper format and pattern.


  • Official channel of IELTS
  • Exam news and helpful tutorials posted
  • Learn the format or paper pattern from the guide

3. Crack IELTS with Rob

About: This is another popular community on YouTube for IELTS preparation. It is a simple channel that posts various lectures to represent the actual test. So, you can watch these videos to practice solving English reading, writing, and listening. All the answers to the questions are shared by the admin. They also have a website that has effective IELTS exam tips and free resources.


  • Practice from mock tutorials
  • Solutions provided by admin
  • Download free resources from their website

4. IELTS Ninja

About: IELTS Ninja is a beneficial Youtube Channel For IELTS Preparation that provides brief online lessons. They cover all the main sections of the IELTS test such as speaking, writing, reading, and listening. The best part is that their video lectures are short and be watched quickly to get insights on how to approach the test. Apart from that, they give some useful exam tricks and suggestions that will help you avoid making common mistakes.


  • Brief tutorials on all IELTS papers
  • Get insights on the style of answering each section
  • Learn key exam tips

5. English Speaking Success

About: As the name suggests, this channel focuses on a particular section of the IELTS paper that is English-speaking. So, you can join this community if you significantly want to improve your proficiency in speaking. The admin is Keith O’Hare who is also the owner of Keith Speaking Academy. He has posted several explanatory video lessons to teach how you can speak accurately on the test along with sample answers.


  • Video lessons on sections of the English-speaking paper
  • Answer samples shared
  • The best channel for English-speaking paper

6. IELTS Daily

About: IELTS Daily is an active channel on YouTube with almost a million subscribers! This community provides comprehensive and detailed lectures which are made by IELTS experts to guide candidates. Right from the latest exam changes to effective exam strategies and practice sessions, you will get tons of resources to prepare.


  • Comprehensive lessons posted by IELTS experts
  • Get recent news and test tries
  • Active community

7. Asad Yaqub

About: Asad Yaqub is an IELTS trainer and educator with a whopping 1.27 million subscribers on YouTube. He has created multiple playlists for all the IELTS papers, for example, English speaking, writing, listening, and reading. However, there is limited content for English writing. Even so, you will find several study plans that you could follow and learn from the video lessons.


  • Proper training lessons posted for all papers
  • Best for English reading, listening, and speaking papers
  • Get study plans to start preparing for the exam

8. IELTS With Simon

About: If you simply want to get advice on how to increase your brand score then this channel on YouTube will, be suitable for you. It has short and insightful lessons teaching the approach of answering and providing practice tasks. Plus, you will learn how to get a good score in each section with the help of certain tips.


  • Get quick lectures to improve your score in IELTS
  • Learn how to answer certain question s
  • Paper-wise tips shared


About: E2 IELTS provides complete online lectures along with mock tests to guide candidates appearing for this English proficiency examination. They have numerous tutorials with beneficial exam tricks that will help you get a high band score. Moreover, all the sections such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening are covered thoroughly.


  • Full IELTS lessons and mock tests posted
  • Many exam strategies and tips are available
  • Resources for all IELTS papers

10. The IELTS Coach

About: The IELTS Coach is a community handled by Lee who gives free study materials to aspirants. He has a website that contains all these resources that you can access. For understanding the paper-solving section, you can watch their detailed lessons. Since their lectures are easygoing and in small parts, candidates can learn or go through them fast.


  • Download free preparation materials for IELTS
  • Detailed lessons are divided into parts
  • Easy to watch

11. BestMyTest

About: BestMyTest is an online community on YouTube that aims to share preparation materials for TOEFL and IELTS. You will find relevant lectures on IELTS General and IELTS Academic papers which makes it a resourceful channel. However, the admin has not posted any video classes in the past 2 years. So, you can still check out their lessons but stay updated with the new pattern of the exam.


  • A great resource for TOEFL and IELTS tests
  • Paper-wise lectures available
  • No new lessons posted


About: IELTS By IDP is another official Youtube Channel For IELTS Preparation. It comprises a wide collection of webinars, exam tips, video lessons, etc. You can watch these detailed lectures to understand how the paper is checked and improve your performance. There are even some videos on key mistakes that IELTS candidates should avoid.


  • Official channel of IDP for IELTS
  • Good range of exam tutorials and webinars
  • Best to learn common mistakes made by candidates

IELTS Preparation Youtube Channels

IELTS Preparation Youtube ChannelsLink
IELTS LizWatch Now
IELTS OfficialWatch Now
Crack IELTS with RobWatch Now
IELTS NinjaWatch Now
English Speaking SuccessWatch Now
IELTS DailyWatch Now
Asad YaqubWatch Now
IELTS With SimonWatch Now
E2 IELTSWatch Now
The IELTS CoachWatch Now


So, these were some of the best collections of Youtube Channel For IELTS Preparation. You will get both detailed and brief video lessons explaining each section of the paper. Also, there are useful live practice sessions that you can join. However, it is key to stay up to date with the latest exam patterns to prepare accordingly. Even so, YouTube communities are a great resource to access free lectures from experienced tutors and trainers. All the best!

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What is the best Youtube Channel For IELTS Preparation?

The best Youtube Channel For IELTS Preparation is E2 IELTS. It is an active community that shares detailed lessons for the papers. Also, they post key exam tricks, recent pattern changes, and mock tests.

Can I study IELTS on YouTube?

Yes, there are plenty of YouTube channels that post daily online classes to teach how you can ace the IELTS exams. In short, they are a useful resource that is totally free to use and learn from.

How can I get content for IELTS speaking?

For the English-speaking IELTS exam, it would be best to learn from video tutorials an explain it. You can watch YouTube channels such as.. to improve or get a high score on the test.

Is IELTS very difficult?

If you prepared for the exam then IELTS is not a tough test. All you have to do is study for English writing, reading, speaking, and listening papers. However, it will best to first learn that paper format and solve mock tests.

How can I improve my IELTS by listening to YouTube?

IELTS listening paper has many people having a conversation so you can watch discussion videos on YouTube for practice. Try to watch a short 5-7 minute long lecture to prepare.

Which IELTS part is easiest?

The speaking paper of the IELTS exam has a very first part where you are asked simple introductory questions. Although, you need to prepare for this as well to not fumble or speak incoherently.

How can I pass IELTS on the first attempt?

The key thing is to learn about the paper pattern and study from resources like e-books, video lectures, mock tests, etc. Also, to ace the speaking paper, you need to practice talking in a fluent manner. This will help you pass the IELTS test on the first attempt.

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