15+ Best Nifty 50 Telegram Channels for Free calls [Updated 2023]

Are you searching for the Best Nifty 50 Telegram Channels to invest in the Nifty 50 Market? Then you have come to the right place! As we know Telegram messaging app is very popular nowadays. Because of that many investors and traders are using telegram for finding the latest news and analysis of the Stock Market.

In this blog, we will talk about the Top 15 Nifty 50 Telegram Channels based on their quality content, experience, accuracy, and reliability.

These Channels will provide you with better insights that help you to make better decisions on trading. So without wasting time let’s explore the list of Best 15+ Best Nifty 50 Telegram Channels.

What is Nifty 50?

Nifty 50 is a list of all the top 50 stocks that have the maximum market capital on the National Stock Exchange (NSE). It is a popular stock market index that represents the performance of popular companies in India within the NSE.

They are seen as the most suitable stocks to invest in for long-term profits. However, since their market capitalization is high, they tend to fluctuate a lot in price so you need to be careful.

Generally, traders invest in Nifty 50 to diversify their portfolio and minimize risks which is a clever way to manage losses.


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Nifty 50 Telegram Channels

Nifty 50 Telegram ChannelsLink
Options Analysis WizardJoin Now
Market Master (Recommended)Join Now
Trading WallahJoin Now
ProfitWaveJoin Now
Tech Intraday TradingJoin Now
Bull’s ThriveJoin Now
NSE Stock ProJoin Now
Jackpot TradexJoin Now
IET – The Algo TradersJoin Now
Stock MasterJoin Now

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Nifty 50 Telegram Channels

1. Options Analysis Wizard

About: This Channel is a great source for free Nifty investment signals. They often send short-term calls based on their research. Although you may not receive them daily, you can track the performance of these ideas. Apart from this, you can even get helpful chart analysis, trading tips, or strategies. Beginners can refer to them and try to invest in small or less risky trades but it would be best to consult a financial expert.


  • Free Nifty market calls 
  • Helpful trading tips
  • Beginner friendly
  • Short-term ideas posted

Join Channel: Link

2. Market Master

About: Market Master mainly shares free and paid investment calls. Generally, they focus on Nifty stocks and give buy/sell signals with targets. It is a beginner-friendly channel where you can learn about price and chart movement. This will help you to understand market behavior. They also offer premium services for more detailed stock market knowledge. 


  • Nifty stock calls only
  • Recommended Channel
  • Gain analysis skills

Join Channel: Link

3. Stock Master

About: Stock Master is a famous Telegram channel that regularly shares free trading ideas. Every day you will get approximately 2-4 calls based on their research. This active group also provides relevant market news that will help investors make better decisions. To get more detailed ideas or reference material, you can join their premium group.


  • Free Nifty investment calls
  • Relevant news reports
  • Provides premium package 

Join Channel: Link

4. IET – The Algo Traders

About: IET- The Algo Traders are a growing channel in the niche of the stock market. This is because they send specific investment calls with buy/sell signals. You will also get the target price for that particular stock. They even check the performance of their trading ideas posted to keep track but it is best to refer them for research purposes only.


  • Growing channel
  • Free investment calls
  • Transparency on ideas posted
  • Clear trade calls

Join Channel: Link

5. NSE Stock Pro 

About: NSE Stock Pro is a well-known Telegram group that focuses purely on NSE (National Stock Exchange). It actively offers free investment ideas for short-term trades with buy/sell price targets. You can use them to analyze and research stocks but if you are looking for setups, it would be helpful to join their premium services. However, I would suggest you fully utilize the free signals for reference.


  • NSE stock calls only
  • Short-term trade ideas 
  • 60,000+ Members
  • Provides paid services 

Join Channel: Link

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6. Stockpro online

About: Dr. Seema Jain is a SEBI-registered Analyst with more than 20+ years of experience. She has created a Telegram channel to teach core knowledge about trading. There are several Nifty investment calls backed by technical analysis. Also, beginners can utilize the free video content to learn strategies or chart indicators.


  • SEBI-registered
  • Free Nifty calls
  • Proper technical analysis
  • More than 3,00,000+ subscribers 
  • Live trading sessions for beginners 

Join Channel: Link

7. JackPot TradeX

About: If you are familiar with stock market telegram channels, you would have heard of JackPot TradeX. It is a popular group that provides free equity calls for intraday trading. You will receive around 2-4 ideas daily with price targets mentioned. They also share important news bulletins to update their audience.


  • Free Intraday calls daily
  • 60,000+ Members
  • Important news bulletins
  • Offers exclusive premium membership 

Join Channel: Link

8. Swing Trading Club

About: As the name suggests, this group focuses on swing trading. If you want to invest short term, you will get sufficient investment ideas from here. It is an active community that provides Nifty swing calls based on current market movement. Moreover, you will get tailor-made news reports of national and international stock markets to make better decisions. Overall, this channel is quite helpful in guiding new traders. 


  • Swing trading calls 
  • Active Nifty community  
  • Tailor-made stock news 
  • Gives free ideas

Join Channel: Link

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9. Shree Ganesh Stocks And Investments

About: This is another useful Telegram group to get free trading signals. You can join here to receive short-term equity or Nifty calls. However, they are not quite active when compared to other big channels on this platform. Even so, the admin provides proper investment ideas with price targets and SL (Stop Loss limit) which is not available in major groups.


  • Equity and Nifty calls posted
  • Performance transparency
  • Targets and Stop loss mentioned
  • Tie up with brokers’ company

Join Channel: Link

10. Tamil Nifty-50

About: This is another Telegram group that shares Nifty investment calls. You will get only a few ideas from here with Stop Loss and price targets. However, majorly this channel promotes its premium services here.


  • Free Nifty stock calls 
  • Stop loss mentioned
  • Promotes their paid channel

Join Channel: Link

11. CapitalVia

About: CapitalVia is a reliable Telegram group since it is SEBI-registered. They are independent investment advisors and have a YouTube channel as well. You will get relevant global stock market news, tips, books, etc. If you are a beginner at trading, you will learn a lot of fundamental basics. 


  • SEBI-registered channel
  • Verified group
  • Free trading tips and video content
  • Best for beginners

Join Channel: Link

12. StoxMaster Stocks Banknifty Intraday Index

About: This is a famous telegram group that provides consistent trading ideas based on their analysis. They also have a website where you can enroll in their stock market online course. In this channel, you will get many positional calls. The format lists Stop Loss limits and a range of price targets to guide members. However, they do not post them every day so you need to subscribe to their premium course to learn about investing techniques in detail.


  • Get trading ideas frequently
  • Performance is checked
  • Range of targets 
  • Limited promotions

Join Channel: Link


About: This channel is handled by Jayesh Thakkar a trade enthusiast. He provides free investment calls for educational purposes and tries to give less risky ideas. All trading calls are posted with Stop Loss and Price targets. If you want to understand live stock market price changes and behavior, you can join this group. However, he does not provide any premium services. So, you can take advantage of their free reference calls and refine your analysis.


  • Free calls only
  • Stop loss and targets provided 
  • Active community
  • Improve trading strategies

Join Channel: Link

14. Badshai Trading

About: This is a relatively new channel with only a few subscribers but it actively shares investment ideas. You will get buy or sell calls based on their analysis with screenshots. So, beginners can correlate them and learn how to use charts to understand the market movement. They also add details such as CMP (Current Market Price) and Stop loss. Also, you can read their disclaimer clearly that states these ideas are for educational purposes only.


  • Free Trading ideas
  • Calls with CMP
  • Investment Tips in Hindi
  • Charts provided

Join Channel: Link

15. Share Market Equity Calls

About: Share market equity calls is a simple telegram group that also shares free investment signals. All of their calls are monitored and you can check if the targets were hit or not. Their accurate analysis can help new traders to improve their strategies. Although they do not give these ideas daily, it is a great source for reference to understand the live market movement. Also, you can learn about risk management with the help of Stop Loss limits posted here.


  • Equity market calls  
  • Targets are monitored
  • Learn about risk management
  • Provides free services 

Join Channel: Link


Nifty 50 contains popular stocks since they have the most market capital. They are ideal to invest in but you must first research them. Also, analyzing their movement and c b  hart patterns can provide great insights that can help you to determine possible entry points. Regardless, Nifty 50 is suitable for long-term investments and so swing trading strategies could be appropriate. However, it is always best to consult a financial expert who can guide you and assist in building a strong portfolio. 

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How can I trade in Nifty 50?

Nifty 50 has the top best companies on NSE (National Stock Exchange). You can opt to directly buy these stocks in the given percentage or invest through mutual funds. However, it would be best to consult a financial advisor to help you trade appropriately.

Which is the biggest stock exchange in India?

National Stock Exchange or NSE is India’s largest exchange if we look at the trading volume. There are around 1900 companies listed and has an index called Nifty 50. This benchmark contains the average performance of the top 50 firms in NSE to indicate stock price movements.

Is it good to trade in Nifty?

Nifty is a good source of trading but you have to properly research the stocks. There are several stocks available in NSE but not all are worth investing in. With the help of technical analysis, you will be able to determine suitable stocks for short-term or long-term trade.

Can I buy Nifty 50 for long-term?

Yes, the stocks listed in Nifty 50 are suitable for long-term investment. They contain the top companies in the National Stock Exchange hence, will be profitable for long term but still need to research. One of the best ways to decide on a stock is by reading the news and identifying chart patterns.

What are the advantages of Nifty?

Nifty 50 is a popular index that represents the performance of top firms on the National Stock Exchange. You can refer to its data to understand the market movement and invest accordingly. In short, it helps investors to check the prices of the top companies on average.

Which is best BSE or Nifty?

Generally, investors trade in BSE if they are looking for long-term stock but for short-term they choose NSE. Although both exchanges have plenty of suitable shares of companies you need to research thoroughly to gain profits. You can invest in BSE or NSE according to your preferred trading style.

Is Nifty good for intraday?

Yes NSE stocks are good for intraday trading but you need to do a proper analysis. To invest in the right stock, good research is a vital aspect to gain profits. You can refer to investment calls for reference and understand how they interpret chart patterns.

Which are the best nifty 50 telegram channels?

As we already curated the list of the best nifty 50 telegram channels through our own research.

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