35+ Best Telegram JOB Group Links to Join in 2022 [HIGH PAYING JOBS]

Are you looking for some Telegram JOB Group Links? These days freshers are unable to find suitable job opportunities due to competition and lack of knowledge.

This is why I have made a list of 35+ Best Telegram JOB Group Links!

Generally, graduates struggle to get a decent salary job due to many factors such as high competition, fewer opportunities, lack of skills, etc.

However, that does not mean there are no openings for new candidates. In fact, most of India’s top leading companies prefer fresh graduate students and even offer high salary packages!

So, it is best to look for a niche telegram group that will provide all this.

Also, in today’s blog post, I will share many tips and benefits that will help you get the best job opportunity!

Benefits of joining a job telegram channel

There are many important benefits of joining a specific telegram channel for jobs. Let’s look at them one by one.

  1. Get free study materials for interviews, exams, and the best job opportunities from India’s top companies.
  2. You will get direct links for applying, where you have to fill in your details and resume.
  3. Join a specific group that provides jobs for only a few degrees, such as BBA/MBA or B.Tech/M.Tech
  4. You will receive relevant job alerts only from authentic portals where you can explore other openings.
  5. There is little to no spam in these channels, so you do not need to mute them.

So without further ado, let’s begin the list of Best Telegram JOB Group Links!

Join Telegram Channel


Telegram Job Group Links

Channel Type – Medium
WRGAbout: This popular telegram channel provides the best off-campus drive jobs and internships. If you are a college student, this group is quite helpful for you to find out relevant company placement drives. Even so, the competition in such drives is high, but if you showcase your talent and skills, you will quickly get hired.

Channel Type – Medium
WRGAbout: If you want to join a telegram channel that actively shares job alerts, this group is one of the best.  They provide job alerts with links from top companies such as Cognizant, Capgemini, Accenture, Amazon, Wipro, TCS, etc. If you have a BBA/B.Tech/MBA/BSC/MSC/MCA/Diploma degree, this group is for you!

Channel Type – Medium
WRGAbout: This is another upcoming famous telegram channel that shares off-campus jobs and internships. They majorly provide job opportunities for IT and engineer graduates, so if you are a student with such qualifications, you will get multiple postings to apply for.

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MBA Telegram Job Group link

BBA Jobs, MBA Jobs, Management Jobs
Channel Size –
WRGAbout: This relatively small telegram channel focuses on job opportunities for BBA/MBA fresher candidates. You will get job postings from various on-campus, and off-campus placement drives India’s leading firms like TCS, Infosys, Deloitte, etc.

Mechanical Telegram Job Group link

Mechanical Engineering Jobs Only
Channel Size – Small
WRGAbout: This is a discussion telegram channel where subscribers can ask their doubts or look for relevant job opportunities. Also, they share several job openings for Mechanical Engineers in many departments or specializations. So, if you are a fresher graduate with this degree, you will get a good range of work postings.

Software Telegram Job Group link

Job Search Web
Channel Size – Small
WRGAbout: You can join this channel if you are an experienced software graduate or a fresher. You will get sources of the job posting and links from where you can apply for this position. There are multiple opportunities given here that you can explore. The best part is it is a strict channel, and no spam content is shared here.

1111+ Telegram Group Links

Educational Career Finance
MPSC Fresher Jobs Stock Market
Current Affairs Private Jobs SEBI Registered
Hindu Newspaper Government Jobs Intraday Trading
GK  Business Option Trading
Study NDA Bank Nifty
Crypto Trading
NEET Preparation Crypto Signals

CAMPUS DRIVE – Placement Jobs & Materials
Channel Type – Big
WRGAbout: This popular and big telegram channel shares job opportunities and resources. You will get free study materials for the job exams that you can refer to and prepare. There are many work postings given here that you can apply for. Also, they share interview hacks or tips that will help you get hired.

Private Telegram Job Group link

Opportunity Cell
Channel Type – Big
WRGAbout: This is another famous and beneficial telegram channel that provides the best job opportunities and internships. You will see many openings you can apply to with the links. The best part is they share crucial details such as salary range, eligibility, and last date to apply. In short, it is an ideal group for freshers and professionals.

Off-Campus Drives
Channel Type – Medium
WRGAbout: This group is the best if you are looking for relevant off-campus placement drive jobs. You will find job details along with the links to apply. They share all the work postings in this channel and their site link containing complete information about the job.

Jobs net
Channel Type – Medium
WRGAbout: This unique telegram channel shares jobs, internships, coding competitions, fellowships, courses, etc. You will also get the best job postings from top companies through their links redirecting you to their Geeks Adda website. Overall, they give many informational articles that you read there.

Maharashtra Telegram Job Group link

Marathi Naukri
Channel Type – Medium
WRGAbout: This official telegram channel with a blue tick shares the best job opportunities in Marathi. You will get free study materials for civil service exams like MPSC, mock test links, and the latest exam updates. This is a must-join group if you aim to work for a government position in Maharashtra.

Channel Type – Big
WRGAbout: This is another telegram channel that provides job opportunities in Maharashtra and free study resources for MPSC. You will get the exam updates and notes that will help you secure a high rank in the exam. If you are an MPSC aspirant, this group is helpful for you.

Channel Type – Big
WRGAbout: This is another helpful telegram channel that provides all the essential details of government jobs in Marathi. You will get exam notifications, links to apply, and results. It is an active group for Maharashtrians looking for relevant government job opportunities.

Government Telegram Job Group link

Government Jobs Sarkari Results
Channel Type – Very Big
WRGAbout: This huge telegram channel provides the best government job postings in India. You will get all the details about how to apply and which exams you must appear. The links given here will redirect you to their official website, which contains complete information about eligibility and deadlines.

Target government job
Channel Type – Big
WRGAbout: This big telegram channel actively shares relevant government job alerts in Hindi. You can join this group if you want all the details about the exams, eligibility, and link to apply in Hindi. They have their website called Acchi Taiyari, where you can find out about many government job positions for free with all information.

Sarkari Jobs Notification
Channel Type – Medium
WRGAbout: This is also a beneficial telegram group that provides job alerts for government positions in Hindi and English. They cover a wide range of industries and share the latest exams’ latest updates. There are many opportunities for students from Uttar Pradesh, so if you are a college graduate from UP, then this channel is the best.

Gujarat government Telegram Job Group link

Gujarat government job
Channel Type – Medium
WRGAbout: This telegram channel is quite helpful for candidates in Gujarat. You will get video lecture links about the latest recruitment alerts and exam notifications. They provide complete details for the government job posting in their videos that are in Gujarati. So, if you are a fresher graduate looking for a relevant job, you can join this group.

Gujarat Government Bharti
Channel Type – Medium
WRGAbout:This telegram channel also shares helpful study resources for candidates in Gujarat that want to apply for government jobs. You will get the latest news about the exams, results, the last application date, and video lectures for preparation. To know the best government opportunities, you can join this group.

Central government Telegram Job Group link

Channel Type – Small
WRGAbout: This small telegram channel shares free skill courses and government job alerts. However, the links given here are incorrect, and it is a new group, so it will take time to establish.

Government Jobs Sarkari Naukri
Channel Type – Big
WRGAbout: This is another popular telegram channel that is part of the Government Jobs Sarkari Results franchise. They share many job openings for various fields that you can apply for; simply click on the link that will redirect you to their official website, which has all the critical information.

Disclaimer: This post is just for educational purposes. We are strictly against piracy. We are not connected with the channels mentioned in the post. Please browse and join the above channel on your own responsibility


So, these were some of the best Telegram Job group links. You can easily apply to them by clicking on the given links. Remember to prepare well for the exam and interview so that you can beat other candidates. The best part of all these telegram groups is they share a wide range of opportunities for graduates without work experience. Also, try to develop in-demand or industry-related skills that will help you gain work experience. Another helpful way is to do internships to learn about the industry and practical skills


What is a Telegram channel?

A Telegram channel is a way to broadcast messages to a group of people. They are similar to WhatsApp groups, but they can have unlimited members and are easier to set up and manage. For free, you can use Telegram channels to share news, updates, study materials, video lectures, or financial advice. Hence, users prefer joining these channels to get free resources and notifications instead of searching for them themselves.

Are there Telegram groups or channels that are exclusive to job search?

Yes, all the telegram channels I have posted in this blog provide job postings from various portals where you can apply. There are many specific groups as well that only share work opportunities for a particular degree.

What are the best telegram channels for a job search?

Many Telegram channels provide the best job opportunities, and some of them are as follows:

  • Off-Campus Placement Jobs
  • Opportunity Cell
  • Jobs net
  • InternFreak

How can I get a free book on Telegram?

There are many ways to get free books on Telegram. Here are some of the most popular methods:

1. Search for channels that offer free books. Many Telegram channels offer free books on a variety of topics. To find these channels, search for “free books” in the Telegram search bar.

2. You will get lots of Telegram channels in the search results. You can explore each of these groups by previewing it and see if there’s any valuable content for you.

3. Select the group you want to join and press the “Join Group” button to become a subscriber.

Which are the best Telegram Channel/Groups for job Exams?

If you are looking for telegram groups that give free study materials for job exams, then you can join the channels given above.

Where can I find the best Telegram Job Group Links?

If you are looking for the best telegram job group links that give the latest job notification, then you can join the channels given above.

How can I find good Telegram groups?

If you’re looking for Telegram groups to join, a good place to start is by searching for groups that are related to your interests. For example, if you’re interested in technology, you can search for “technology Telegram groups” or “Telegram groups for tech enthusiasts.”

Once you’ve found a few exciting groups, look at the group descriptions and member lists to get a sense of the group. If you think it is a suitable channel, click on the “join group” button below in the center.

What are the best Telegram channels or telegram groups for fresher IT job updates?

I have listed many Telegram channels that give the best job opportunities for freshers. You will also get remote work or freelancing openings from these groups.

How do I find groups on  WhatsApp or Telegram that post jobs for freshers but don’t have spam content?

Generally, finding a proper Telegram channel that does not contain spam or promotional content requires lots of research. However, you can search online for relevant groups and check the channel’s activity. There will be some channels that share paid ad content but occasionally can be ignored but avoid groups that send daily spam messages.

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